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MH Birthday + Public Beta now here!

+ posted by Nimloth in Site News on Nov 15, 2008 06:24

Greetings everyone!

In our development update, we told you about our “super secret” development that has been going on for the past 8 months following the release of MH v2 in March. Well, some time has passed since then, and we have finally arrived at the stage we know some of you have been waiting for!


Before we let you all loose in our beta site, we would like to remind you that this is in fact a BETA product. There *will* be some bugs, and there *will* be some unfinished design and templates. Please note that at the current time of writing, there has been no IE7 css written, so bugs with IE7 are pretty much expected.

Also, it is important to note that we will NOT be supporting Internet Explorer 6 anymore. If you are using this web browser, please upgrade to a newer web browser in order to experience this website as intended. Our recommendation is Firefox 3.0.x!

Lastly, PLEASE NOTE that the FORUMS on beta do not require testing. Bugs and synchronization issues with forum posts, avatars, passwords and the like exist on beta SOLELY because the database and forum files were duplicated and copied to a separate location a few days ago. Please do not report bugs with the forums missing your avatar, your password is changed, you get errors using the forums or whatever else. Keep testing to the website and its features mainly! Thanks! :-]

Now, with that said;

Welcome to the Public Beta of MangaHelpers v2.3!

Manga Section (/manga/)
Meet our manga section! This is a comprehensive manga resource database with everything from official information to syndicated data aggregation from our other new website sections (listed below). Additionally, this section houses manga series ratings and reviews which you may find very useful when looking for interesting manga to read. Browse, search or filter your way to the manga YOU want to read! You can even subscribe for notification on new manga releases of various forms for your favorite series!

Translators Section (/translators/)
The ultimate manga translator resource. Translations no longer take place as unorganized and cluttered forum threads, but rather in our new database that organizes and syndicates translations between releases, raws and manga series. With features such as Translator profile pages, translator's tips and notes as well as the possibility of subscribing to alerts from your favorite translators, this resource will allow you to find the translations you want in a fast and accessible manner!

Scanlation Groups Section (/scanlators/)
Are you part of or do you own a scanlation group? Be sure to register your group in our scanlation groups database here at MangaHelpers. Until now, publishing scanlations on MangaHelpers has been done via forum threads, and finding older scanlations could be somewhat of a hassle. No more! Scanlation groups now have their own profile pages here at MangaHelpers, featuring both group statistics and project tracking, a news system for scanlation groups as well as a powerful scanlation release database. Once a group has been created, only members of the group in question (or optionally leader only) may submit releases on behalf of that group. Once a scanlation has been uploaded and is stored on our MangaHelpers media servers, it is additionally decompressed and converted into a read online version within the group's profile pages. Optionally, you may choose to not host with us and provide an external download link, though this is not recommended as scanlations hosted offsite lose their thumbnail/online viewing functionality.

Members can in turn interact with all their favorite groups at MangaHelpers by subscribing to notifications on new releases and registering as fans of the group. Which group will become the most popular? YOU can decide this in a fair way!

Quick Downloads Section (/downloads/)
To a new visitor, Mangahelpers might have been a bit confusing when it came to finding something to download. Not anymore, with our download section you no longer have to spend your valuable time searching for manga just to find broken links. As long as the group decides to use us for hosting you'll easily find what you're looking for to either download or to read online right then and there.

Miscellaneous features
We have also added some new custom options for members such as:

- Subscribe to notifications for Manga
Get a PM sent to you the moment a manga is released, be it a raw, trans or scanlation!

- Customize Shoutbox display
Were you tired of seeing other things on the shout box that just took up too much of your screen space? Well choose to hide what you don't want to see with our new customizable shoutbox display.

- Reading list
Having opened the doors to easy access of so much manga, you might find yourself overloaded with things to read. So in order to help organize that burden we provided an easy to use reading list. Know what you're reading, and the status of it so you can spend less time sorting and more time reading!

- And much, much, more!
The amount of features going into this release of MangaHelpers is enormous. A comprehensive feature list will be created at some point in the future, but for now we will allow you all to explore on your own!

So what can you expect?
Well, as mentioned, it is a beta. While we feel we have the framework and back-end working at such a level where we are comfortable with letting you all play around with it, we would like to point out that there are some templates that are *considerably* more polished and done than others. Over the next few days and weeks we will finish mopping up the rest of the templates for an amazing user experience around the board.

What do we ask from you?
Read THIS THREAD and follow the instructions there!


Aaaand last but not least......

Happy Birthday MangaHelpers!

Now for the icing on the cake! This year we've included more members that regularly contribute to MH in the Birthday Bash!

Those that decided they wanted to join in on the fun sent an image and a few comments and then the staff used some magic (Read: Lots of sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears) and made an amazing set of playing cards! Unlike having to go out and find them like in Pokemon, we've collected all of them for you! So with your deck, maybe you can rule MH! Get yours now! Before it's too late!

We've also created another yearbook! This one has messages from the staff, a time line of who's worked here, an introduction of our new mascot and much much more!!! This lovely yearbook took many many hours to complete so do try to take the time out of your busy day to check it out ;).

Have you shown your appreciation today? Click the thanks button or write your appreciation below!

#1. by Sai (THE MH FOODIE)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
#2. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
*parties* :D
#3. by Agrias (Holy Knight)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
*dances around*
#4. by Assymilum ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MH!!

And I agree, njt. We should party! :D
#5. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
WOOTT!!! *parties with njt*
#6. by sahugani (Now 20% Cooler)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy b-day, MH!!!
#7. by kaylee (mousou mashiin)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
*throws confetti* \o/
#8. by Slashout ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Yipeee ! Happy birthday MH !!
I'm so glad, this was an awesome year, let's wish for another awesome one.

I must say that the year book is AWESOME. I loved everything in it. Special mentions to all the drawings... so awesome...
#9. by KaNx ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MangaHelpers!!!!
#10. by Crayola ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
WOoo happy birthday
#11. by kirimi ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Congratulations and Happy Birthday!! What a great milestone, and a gorgeous yearbook and card set to accompany it. BIG BIG thank you to all the contributors. Hip hip hooray!
#12. by Oni_James ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy 3rd birthday MangaHelpers! ^^
#13. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday! All these new functions look great :nuts
#14. by zidane ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MH...
#15. by Sasori ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
#16. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday to MH! ^^

Much love to Agrias' fantastic drawing of the admin/global/blackop staff <3
#17. by Schwindelmagier ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
#18. by zeddin ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy birthday MH!
#19. by S2S4 ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MH
#20. by siljemarie ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
#21. by Elkin ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy birthday :)
#22. by hunter71485 ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
happy anniversary!
#23. by THE KING ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday...
Can't wait to see the yearbook & cards
*curses the slow download rate*
#24. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
happy birthday and congratz
#25. by Goji ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MangaHelpers! Let this community have some more awesome years!!! ^_^
#26. by ShyGuy ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MH!!!!!!!!!!
loved the year book, it was just plain awesome.
and cant wait for the new layout, looks intense
#27. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MH!! ^_^
#28. by harrmd ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MH!!!
#29. by Cipo ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy b'day, MH *ç*
#30. by Hayashida ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday MH!
#31. by LadyHatake (Aristocratic Assassin)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Yay! This so exciting~! Happy birthday MH <3333
#32. by nxlouco ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
#33. by Succubus ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday!! MH
#34. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Glad you guys are enjoying it :D
#35. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday!

Lets drink and have fun ;)
#36. by patedecarne ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
snif... snif...

The feelings are flowing through my body...

I'm so happy!!!!
#37. by baboysai (Pink Warrior)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
kyaaaa I can't believe I missed the ribbon cutting!!
#38. by emer ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy brfday!!
Beta looks awsum!
#39. by gokusgirl ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy B-Day! MH! You rock!
#40. by ssjohn ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy birthday guys,

You have done a amazing job :)
#41. by Tsukisama ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy birthday! The cards and yearbook look wonderful.
#42. by Luciana ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy birthday MH!
the Yearbook is awesome xD
#43. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy belated birthday to the place where i can get translations and scanlations all this time..

Omedettou Tanjoubi Gozaimas

Wish u all the best

~The Zombie Empress~

Where's the cakes and drinks? did i miss the party?
#44. by Gaara_dono ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Hohoho... Santa Klause before its time ^^

Happy Beurrezdai MangaHelpers!!
#45. by Godaime_Raikage ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
I guess I gotta say it too then ^_^"
Happy Birthday mangahelpers!!!
#46. by Farfalla (The Witch of Drama)
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Birthday^^
#47. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
happi birthday MH :D
#48. by ◆ T.D.A ◆ ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Where was the suprise party?
#49. by rykarreolacr ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Awesome!!!! Happy Birthday MH!!!!!!
#50. by sabret00the ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy Happy Birthday!
#51. by caesarpk ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy B-day, MH!
#52. by tubeyo ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Happy 3rd birthday MH!
The yearbook is suuuuuuper awesome
#53. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
"How does a manga fall in the top rated categories? So it's you guys who decide which manga is top rated and which one is not?

That's not very considerate. "

There is a rating at the bottom of every manga. We decide, the fans.
#54. by Blabble ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Alright I see it.
#55. by Imitorar ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
I missed all the fun... Either way, happy 3rd birthday, MangaHelpers!
#56. by Gecko Moria ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
happy birthday MH!
#57. by nat ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Happy birthday ;)...Love all the new stuff, like always we appreciate your hard work and applaud you for it...Thnx!

Ps: Yearbook FTW!
#58. by abcdefghijkL0L ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Habby b-day, MH! It's been a great year here. :p

The yearbook was awesome. @_@
#59. by axez_az ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Happy Birthday!!!!
#60. by moks ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
happy birthday !!
#61. by safame ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Happy Birthday MH !!! Beta looks cool .
#62. by rpl001 ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Happy Birthday MangaHelpers! XD
can't wait to download the MH yearbook & MH cards XD
I'm so happy to join this community... :D
#63. by Yabe ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Damn @_@ everything looks so cool... Thanks a lot for everybody's hard work on the cards, the yearbook, all the drawings/artworks & the BETA! and also for the consecutive past effort/support through these 3 years!

Banzai!! Kampei!!

That feels good!
#64. by Epul ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Maybe I'm late to say this, but better late then never rite? ^^;

#65. by byteeater ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
otanjoubi omedeto!! happy birthday MH
#66. by Sportgal1 ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2008
Happy belated Birthday MH!
#67. by MadDog ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2008
A wicked pissah birthday to the Mangahelpers crew. Like a fine cheese, you guys get better with age. Looking forward to checking out the new beta. Thanks for all the great work.
#68. by Eagle ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2008
Happy Birthday ^^ I'm glas to be there for the 3rd anniversary!
#69. by kiddo7 ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2008
Happy birthday manga helpers! even though I have deevolved into a leecher over time i am still proud to be a member of the greatest manga site on the net. Anyone who reads manga and is not part o manga helpers is only getting part of the experience! Thank you for being the best there is and always improving yourselves.
#70. by Misury ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2008
omg, this is amazing! you guys are awesome,
so happy I found you <3
oh, yeah, happy birthday :P
#71. by Pollux ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2008
Happy birthday ! And long live Mangahelpers !
#72. by dsr ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
Happy Birthday!
*please remove the Bleach banner, this manga doesn't deserve that place anymore :p *
#73. by Nimloth (よろず屋 / Yorozuya)
Posted on Nov 18, 2008

We have our new MH Mascot/Branding in the header :)

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