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IMPORTANT- Forum Rules Update

+ posted by goldb in Site News on Jan 7, 2017 19:25

Hello all,

First of all we'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This is just a short post to inform you of the recent update we've done to the Forum Rules and Spoiler Rules.

Now these changes were made to take into consideration our change of forums and also some general observation and otherwise to just clarify some points.

We appreciate that this might take some adjusting for everyone, so please contact a Global Moderator/Admin if you have any questions regarding the recent changes or are uncertain about anything written.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to make the forum experience as enjoyable as it can be for our whole community.


MH Staff Team.

EDIT: Below are the changes made to both forum and spoiler rules. The respective threads also includes previous version of the rules in spoiler tags if you wish to look back at them.

Updates Include:

Forum Rules

  • Expanded on the general etiquette of engaging other members and the previous No Bashing policy.

  • Specified the primary language of the forum and where one can engage in discussions in other languages (International Hangout)

  • Explanation on backseat modding, handling of personal matters/"beef" on the forum, reporting unfair staff treatment.

  • Expanded on post structuring, one liners and spam.

  • Courtesy posting of manga spoilers in anime threads.

  • Added media etiquette and use of gallery.

Spoiler Rules

  • Change to 24h spoiler rules; members are now able to carry on discussion outside chapter threads, as long as said discussion is spoiler tagged.

  • Explanation on thread posting during the 24h period and members' responsibility in following to the previous point.

  • Dismissing the use of videos as spoilers/post in chapter threads.

  • Removed 5 pics limit in spoiler threads; larger images to be spoiler tagged to account for users with slower broadband/data quota.

  • Prohibition of posting rips of official scans

  • Removed paragraph on for profit download links

  • Removed line regarding international translations in spoiler threads

Links: Forum Rules [HERE] // Spoiler Rules [HERE]

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#1. by Gradonil_Ral ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2017
It's too bad there is no "what changed" section/post, since that would make it much easier to remember the new rules. IMO.

BTW - you provided a link to the avatar & signature guidelines instead of spoiler rules.
#2. by Evil3ye ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2017
This post is just as informative as the pop-up that leads to it, namely not at all. Classical mh
#3. by Farfalla (The Witch of Drama)
Posted on Jan 7, 2017
I second what Gradonil said^^'
#4. by Spirit (Certified Sensei)
Posted on Jan 7, 2017
Yeah Rai's got a point. Maybe you could highlight the changes in policy as red?
#5. by Static ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2017
I agree with Spirit, Gradonil and Farfy :]
#6. by goldb (Strongest Under the Sun)
Posted on Jan 8, 2017
I've updated the post to include changes as suggested and added the previous versions of the rules to the threads for any wishing to look back or compare.

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