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Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (109)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Jan 26, 2017 14:36

Tokyo Ghoul:re 109 Review by WithYouInSpirit

Chapter Title: Even the Pen

The latest chapter has shaken the Tokyo Ghoul Community a little with a bold move. A totally unexplained outcome that no one was expecting. But it’s no surprise right? This is Tokyo Ghoul we’re talking about. One of the most thrilling manga of the modern age. Some of this week’s highlights are as follows:

  • Donato’s Flashback to when Mikato Urie and Kuroiwa captured him
  • Urie’s Transformation into a Full Blooded Ghoul
  • Kaneki’s Arrival at the CCG’s Lab
  • Kuro being cheered up by Kaneki
  • The Clowns Army revealed to be Humans
  • Uta’s Appearance and battle with Suzuya

The chapter opens with a flashback to when Urie’s Father and Kuroiwa originally battled Donato at his Orphanage and the events leading up to his imprisonment in Cochlea. As he is subdued, he calls out Amon’s name and smiles. A young Amon is later found beneath the Orphanage and is placed under Special Class Urie’s care.

Why do you have to do this to us Ishida? I mean we already know that despite his hatred of the former father figure in his mind, Amon really does still love Donato somewhere within his heart. This scene proves that Donato cared for Amon just the same. Why did he eat the other Orphans but not Amon? That should raise some questions right there but I feel like Amon has only asked those questions unconsciously. The fact that Donato does care for Amon may also be a factor behind his reasoning’s for torturing Urie right now. Revenge? Information on Amon’s whereabouts? We don’t know yet but it seems pretty obvious at this point.

As we leave the flashback we’re hit in the face with the scene in real time before us. Donato is just brutalizing Urie now. Throwing him around and even scraping his head along a shattered glass windowsill. That’s sheer brutality, and boasts Donato’s very unpredictable nature. You just don’t know what he’s going to do next. Urie is thrown atop the corpse of Higemaru’s uncle and wonders if he’s about to suffer the same fate. He has a tear jerking memory of wanting to work with his father Mikato and look up to him before a great wrath comes over him at the thought of being beaten by the ghoul that his father sacrificed so much to capture. Despite his grave injuries he gets up, the RC Cells in his body overloading. Donato smiles and re-dons his mask with his frightening Kagune splayed out behind him claiming that at least Urie could still provide him with some entertainment. Urie’s rage causes him to release all of his frames, shattering the Quinque frame encasing his Kakahou altogether. He says “Goodbye” and opens his eyes, which are now both Kagugan.

What? How? How can an artificial One Eyed Ghoul, a Quinx, become a Full Blooded Ghoul? The Tokyo Ghoul Community here on Mangahelpers have some theories on the matter, but at the end of the day we’re stumped on just how this kind of thing could occur. While One Eyed Ghouls are said to be stronger than Full Ghouls, Urie already had a good grip on his Kagune which is likely to be deadly even to Donato in this situation of Urie going berserk. I don’t think that Donato will be defeated here though. He’s only just become more relevant in the series, finally taking an active role after being released from the Ghoul Detention Center Cochlea. But this battle might not be so one-sided anymore. However, Urie will need backup I’m sure of it. Either in the form of Special Class Investigators, the rest of the Qs, or Black Goat.

Once again we switch scenes, this time to Kaneki arriving at the CCG’s Research Lab. Kuro scolds him for being late and with the help of Takizawa, they enter the facility successfully disguised as maintenance workers. On the way there, Kuro reveals her own self-doubts about being considered a failure by Kanou to Kaneki. Kaneki debunks her statements, saying that the time in the Ghoul Restaurant when they fought gave Kaneki a real challenge. He tells her that someone who doesn’t respect you has no right to value your worth.

Kaneki coming right in with the Big Brother talk and I love it. This shows how far he has come, how much bad stuff has happened to him, but he is still possessing the soul of a saint. However, I can’t help but feel like this is raising death flags for Kurona…

The final scene in the chapter cuts to the CCG’s Headquarters where Suzuya decides to test a gut feeling that he has. He slices the mask of one of the Clowns, revealing their face. It’s a human whose lips have been sown together and he’s crying silently. Uta and the others are using captured Humans as cannon fodder… Suzuya is about to cut open the thread binding the man’s lips when a Kagune appears out of nowhere, killing the man instantly. Suzuya’s new opponent is none other than No Face, Uta. Remarking that he hasn’t seen Suzuya since the Auction and dubbing him “Doll-kun”, Suzuya retorts saying that he’s going to draw the Clown a face of his own in blood. Next chapter is assumed to cover this battle.

Now let’s slow down a second. Most of the Clowns “Ghoul Army” are actually Human? That’s so messed up, and even more messed up with the amount of them that have been unknowingly been slain at the hands of fellow humans in the CCG and the Ghouls and Black Goat. However this comes as no surprise to me. It’s just the kind of thing the Clowns would do after all. I’m really looking forward to the Rematch between Suzu and Uta, because apart from Hirako, Suzuya is the only character we’ve seen who has been able to even lay a scratch on the No Face Ghoul. I also don’t like Uta’s new mask and really wish he has just repaired his old one destroyed by Hirako…

My predictions for the next chapter are that Urie will be able to last longer against Donato, but not majorly press him. Kaneki and the others will find Amon being harvested, or another Subject being experimented on. As for Uta vs Suzuya, I can only look forward to it.

I give this chapter an 8/10 for the heart-warming moments, the unexplainable event, and the upcoming major battle.

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