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Chapter Review: Nanatsu no Taizai (206)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Feb 13, 2017 15:18

Nanatsu no Taizai - Chapter 206 Review by eefrit

Nanatsu no Taizai 206: The Beast Roars


Chapter 206 begins with the main man Gowther continuing where he left off in chapter 205, mind jacking Nerobasta and pretending to be Ludociel, one of the 4 Archangels. He commands her to lead to him to the Celestial Realm, to which she happily obliges.

The scene shifts to Ludociel flying towards the battle with the 10 Commandments, while Nerobasta drops some exposition for the audience, giving us insight on Ludociel. She describes Ludociel as the strongest Archangel and describes how he abandoned his friends and family in order to assure victory for the Goddess Clan in this Holy War, basically, throwing away everything he had. Gowther reveals that, he too, knows of such a man, whom we can assume refers to Meliodas. It should be noted, however, that Nerobasta is biased towards Ludociel, so while Gowther is making her tell the truth, her truth might be embellishing Ludociel's capabilities. There is still one more Archangel left to be revealed and their strength is unknown at the time.

Nerobasta and Gowther finally arrive at the gate to the Celestial Realm, however, there is someone else in tow. The sexy, sexy Merascylla, who makes her presence known by critiquing the design of the gate to the Celestial Realm. Gowther asks how the prison rescue went and Merascylla explains that it was a trap. Well, she tries to explain. Gowther does his mind reading thing and basically reads the rest of the information in her mind, much to her annoyance. He learns of the other 2 Archangels on the battlefield and explains to Merascylla that Ludociel is also on his way to the battlefield. Gowther then states that the 10 Commandments are at a disadvantage as the scene shifts back outside, where the battle between the Archangels and the 10 Commandments continues on.

The fight goes back in forth, but the 10 Commandments manage to hold their own against the 2 Archangels. However, this comes to an end with the arrival of Ludociel, who easily wrecks the 3 fighters. Nerobasta comments that the 10 Commandments are nothing but beast and that Ludociel is the Celestial Realm's greatest hunter, stating that Ludociel never fails at a hunt and basically implying that the 10 Commandments are screwed. Merascylla then calls her stupid and tells her that those 10 Commandments on the battlefield aren't your average beasts.

On the battlefield, Derriere and Monspiet suddenly rip out 6 of their hearts and crushes them in their hands, apparently performing some strange ritual. Merascylla explains that the ritual, which is only available to a select few, transforms the demon into the "Indura", beasts that are "the evilest existance". Even Garan flees from the field once he sees this. Once the ritual is done, Derriere and Monspiet are now changed into more demonic forms, with Derriere becoming some sort of Scorpion Crab Woman and Monspiet becoming Slenderman's multilimbed cousin. The chapter ends with an unimpressed Ludociel getting...chopped? I guess? In the the face by Derriere.


This chapter was decent enough. Everything is progressing along nicely as we begin to get drops of information about the final two clans. Nakaba has basically made this a full blown flashback arc however, which is a bit lame. I felt that him directly involving King and Diane in it was the more interesting aspects of this arc and why I wasn't cool with it at the start, but since they aren't around, well, it's just a flashback. While they are obviously coming back, it would've been nice to keep it from their perspective, rather than abandon it midway.

The Indura forms are a nice addition and leave something to look forward to, however, I wish they would've kept Monspiet's and Derriere's forms hidden. Instead, I wish we would've gotten this reveal from Merascylla and Garan, the two Commandments who have already been taken care of in present time. In my opinion, it takes away from Monspiet's and Derriere's future fight as we know what their trump card already is. It would've also showed how lucky the Sins were in present time since Merascylla and Garan wouldn't have gotten a chance to activate it, still keeping the threat of the Commandments somewhat in tact.

A small nitpick I have is that Gowther making himself look like Ludociel was pointless. She only recognized Gowther as Ludociel for the first page, but then she immediately treats Gowther as if he were another person...which he is, but she shouldn't know that. Later in the chapter she directly addresses Gowther and Merascylla, while still under Gowther's control. Would've been more interesting if she were still under the impression that Gowther was Ludociel and Merascylla just waltzed in and the two started having a conversation.

In conclusion, it wasn't a bad chapter. It was action packed and had a decent reveal at the end, but I felt it could've been smoothed out a bit better for the grander story. Chapter 207 will hopefully mark the arrival of King and Diane, so they can be folded back into things. I also suspect that Gowther and Merascylla will meet some opposition on their end as well. Things should be getting ready to turn sour in the forest and we still need the remaining 10 Commandments to show up.

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