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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (524)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Mar 1, 2017 18:28

Fairy Tail - Chapter 524 Review by natsulucy

Chapter 524: "A Black Future"​

  • The chapter cover has a beautiful cover of Cana indicating that she will have some role in this chapter.We also again have the image of Natsu Dragonised from the Fairy Tail Movie "Dragon Cry".So i think we may see this form soon enough in the main series too.

  • The chapter begins with Acnologia landed in front of Erza and Wendy and is smirking there. Wendy and Erza are scared just by sensing the immense aura of magic power coming from Acnologia.Wendy should have recognized him from his smell.He then brushes past Erza.Well Acnologia is following his own maxim here that normal humans are "insects".Erza wonders what he is but also recognizes that she has sensed his magic power somewhere before.

  • Acnologia goes towards Irene and tells that so she is the one who gave DS Magic to humanity.He calls her "mother" due to this and tells that she is her sin.So this means that somewhere in his heart he feels guilt in killing the Dragons and hates what he has become.I think this will become important later.He then stomps on Irene's dead body maniacally and keeps on laughing to which Erza is shocked and Wendy is terrified and probably felt vomiting. The last laughing face of Acnologia in this chapter is same as in Zirconis's flashback.Acnologia is probably letting out his pent up frustration of not being able to kill Irene with his own hands.Feeling sad for Irene,She is the most tragic.But by not killing Wendy right now he is actually allowing Wendy to live.

  • We now come to the Guildhall where the fight between Natsu and Zeref has started.Gray is injured so he should stay out of this.Lucy and Happy look a bit surprised too. Zeref and Natsu land a punch on each other infused with magic.The fight is equal until Natsu forces his right hand to push Zeref down and tries to hit him with his left hand to which Zeref counters by moving up and hitting a kick. Despite Natsu's blocking , he is sent off backwards crashing the table.

  • LUCY looks worried(i think Lucy will have a huge role in saving Natsu) while meanwhile Zeref remarks that it is just as he had thought. Power of Igneel within Natsu is gone and without his powers,Natsu can't defeat him as it is now.Happy feels guilty that if he did not stop Natsu at point of time,then the outcome probably would have been different. But Natsu replies that despite Igneel's powers being gone, he still has his own power.Now the question is does he have END powers too.

  • Suddenly a the people in guild senses Acnologia and Zeref says that Irene did buy them a time.Zeref realises the gravity of the situation and decides tht he doesn't have time to play with NATSU.So this signifies that Zeref was holding back till now and Natsu too as he is inside the Guild hall and didn't use any large attacks.Zeref asks to Natsu to die for the sake of humanity.Now this is contradictory.Zeref said he intends to eliminate humanity and now he wants to save humanity.

  • August too realizes that they are out of time while Cana and Gildarts recognizes the magic power and wonders whose it is. August tells them that it is Acnologia.August continues and says if only Zeref had absorbed the FH before, then situation would have been different.Gildarts comments that August is giving up easily to which August replies that Acnologia is the monstrosity that pitches humanity with darkness.This reference has been made to Acnologia before too in Tartaros.Gildarts sarcastically says that Alvarez is doing the same thing to which August replies that Zeref is doing this for the sake of the humanity.I wonder if Zeref wants to create a new humanity by destroying the previous one.When Gildarts protest,August says he does not expect Gildarts to understand.

  • Cana disagrees with August to which he says that he is enough to support Zetef. Cana gets furious and says that this is forceful subjugation that Alvarez is doing and both sides have suffered losses which includes Master.So this signifies in contrary to most fan speculation that Fairy Tail didn't suffer losses apart from Makarov which is wrong.Cana says she does not care about either Acnologia or Zeref.What she wants is the time she can spent with her friends at the guild. She prepares FT's third magic Fairy Glitter and a book is shown there with a cover of cross similar to Larcade's.She uses the magic on August and creates a huge explosion.

  • August took the full brunt of the attack and emerges unscathed. August asks Cana whether he loves his father and we see some humourous interactions of Cana being embarassed and Gildarts acting goffy.AUGUST asks the same question to Gildarts to which Gildarts replies Yes.August says despite him mastering all the magics in the world , he still doesn't understand the love between a father and his children.He asks Gildarts in a sadist manner what kind of emotion will he feel if Cana will die before his own eyes.Gildarts is shocked by the question.I think this is a huge mistake August is doing.Most Spriggans suffered due to this.August will probably join this list now.

My Analysis
Overall,the chapter was good and i give 8/10.

My predictions for next chapter
As the next chapter is called "Why His Majesty's son was not loved" i think we will finally get the backstory of Larcade.Looking forward to it.

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