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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (526)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Mar 16, 2017 07:16

Fairy Tail - Chapter 526 Review by Nemispelled


August vs. Gildartz and Cana
  • The battle starts with August and Gildartz clashing, with Cana supporting her father by using Card Magic
  • August proceeds to dodge Cana's cards, but doesn't make any intention to dodge Gildartz's Crash Magic
  • August attempts to strike Cana with his staff, but Gildartz blocks it and explains to August that he has figured out the nature of his magic
  • August is surprised and Gildartz uses his prosthetic arm to counter August's magic and hit him with Haja Kensei-Zetten

Precht and August

  • Precht discovers there is life in Mavis' body while she is in a stasis
  • Precht is troubled with the decision of whether to kill the baby or not, who will eventually be known as August
  • Precht decides to let the baby live, but will abandon him
  • Kid August struggles to make a living by scavenging for food, but runs into his father, Zeref, along the way
  • Zeref tells the child that he reminds him of Mavis and decides to take him in so that they can build an empire together

Zeref vs. Larcade

  • Zeref is angry at Larcade for interrupting his fight with Natsu, which leaves Larcade confused
  • Larcade tries to reason with Zeref by explaining that he is his child, but Zeref reveals that Larcade is just a demon from the result of an experiment
  • Larcade only obtained the last name of "Dragneel" because he was the best prototype prior to the creation of END
  • Larcade is beaten up in shame by an angered Zeref

Chapter's Scoring: 8.5 / 10

Chapter's Conclusion

Not bad. I enjoyed most of the chapter except for the fact that August was Zeref and Mavis' child.

In my opinion, August being Zeref and Mavis' child doesn't make much sense. August claimed that he had memory of Zeref being his father, but that's practically impossible since Precht was the only human being alive when he was born and he abandoned August without telling him of Mavis or Zeref.

I also didn't really care much for the Zeref and Larcade part either. It seemed like unnecessary family drama and was really quite a bore..

But apart from Zeref vs. Larcade and August figuring out the identity of his parents, the rest of chapter was not so bad and actually enjoyable for this arc's standards.

I thought that both Gildartz and August were badass throughout their whole fight. The reveal of August's magic actually made some sense and fits with his title as "The King of Sorcery", even though it was a generic type of magic. Gildartz being pushed to his limits was also cool to see and his fighting technique/strategy is excellent.

Unlike most fights in this arc, Gildartz actually used intelligence to his advantage here.. and his relationship with Cana really reminds me of the old Fairy Tail days. It was good to reminisce the father-daughter dynamic that they shared since the beginning of the series.

Overall, I don't understand why people disliked or hated Gildartz and Cana. Contrary to popular opinion, those two were actually one of my favorite parts of this entire chapter.

Regardless, it was a relatively good chapter and I'll be looking forward to the battle's conclusion next chapter, which hopefully, will continue down the same path.

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