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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (529)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Apr 3, 2017 07:06

Fairy Tail - Chapter 529 Review by XXEliteXXAceXX

Chapter 529: "Teacher"

Not a bad chapter. I kind of enjoyed it even though not much had happened. It was more of a set-up for the future chapters.


This week's chapter starts off with Jellal Fernandes, Erza Scarlet, and Wendy Marvell being rescued. With Acnologia in hot pursuit of Blue Pegasus' magic bomber, Christina, their only choice was to fire the Jupiter Cannon. However, seeing that magic doesn't work on the black dragon who ate most of the attack, they decided to fire the Assault Pegasus which uses 120 mm rounds instead. Again, Acnologia is unaffected as he dodges the bullets and increases his speed. On the ship, a mysterious celestial mage named Anna Heartfilia appears and reveals her identity. She tells everyone that she is Lucy Heartfilia's ancestor and is responsible for opening the entrance to the eclipse gate 400 years ago. In addition, Anna explains that she was the one who raised the dragon slayers and taught them about literature. While her original mission was to travel with the dragon slayers to explain the situation to Lucy's mother, Layla Heartfilia, an accident had occurred causing all of them separate. In the next page, Lucy is seen holding the Book of E.N.D while Gray Fullbuster tries to comfort her. Meanwhile, Natsu Dragneel is still seen clashing with his brother, Zeref Dragneel. The ending shows Anna talking about her plan to seal Acnologia in the depths of time by using an enormous power that one might call a "concept".


Personally, I thought the chapter was decent.

Blue Pegasus and Acnologia - I'm glad that Blue Pegasus made an appearance in this arc. It's nice to see other guilds have an impact on the story once in a while. As for Acnologia, I'm curious as to what his motives are. Is he following Christina with the intent to kill Wendy and eliminate all the dragon slayers? Or has he switched his target to someone like Anna who probably wields an unusual amount of power? Wendy is far too weak for Acnologia to care but then Anna isn't a dragon slayers so it's interesting to see what happens next.

Eclipse Gate - This part is a little confusing. I'm still not sure how Anna and Layla were able to open the gate simultaneously. I mean neither of them could contact with the other. I guess it's possible for both of them to open it on the day of the solar or lunar eclipse but that would be stretching it. Also, it seems there is more than 1 Eclipse Gate. I hope we get more information about that.

Natsu vs. Zeref - It seems like Zeref is getting serious. I think this battle has been drawn out long enough. I really want to see a serious fight between the two.

Anna's Plan - This is probably the part that I am looking forward to the most. Where does Anna want to lure Acnologia? What is her objective? Also, I'm interested as to what Anna is referring to when she says she discovered this "dangerous and enormous power". Personally, I think it sounds quite similar to the description of Fairy Heart. But then Anna calls is a "concept", which many people theorize is the "one magic". I'm still not sure what to make of it but if it truly is this "one magic", then I hope more will be revealed about it.

Power Ranking - Contrary to most, I don't think power ranking has changed much. The Spriggans was where everything went wrong. Since then, Acnologia's hype has not been affected and I don't think we should jump to conclusions yet.


I don't really have any criticisms for this chapter.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought it was an average chapter. There definitely could have been more action. But at the expense of that, we did get some background information which is always nice in understanding the story. As for next chapter, I wonder what the "Neo Eclipse" is. Will there be actual eclipse like in the Grand Magic Games? Or is it referring to the second Eclipse Gate? Either way, I'm hoping it will be a good chapter.

Looking forward to Chapter 530: Neo Eclipse!

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#1. by GB (The OMO King)
Posted on Apr 3, 2017
How do you read fairy tail and not have any criticism toward it?! Nice troll bro

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