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Promotion: Ninja Blade Final Chapter

+ posted by Nimloth in Promotions on Apr 7, 2009 15:50

Enter Ninja Blade the game. For the past few weeks, we have been running an awareness promotion for this game by gradually releasing mini chapters for a small comic based around the game. This week, we bring you the final chapter of the comic, and also a presentation of the game - in original Japanese at that ;)

The gameplay looks compelling, fast paced and action packed, - just the way I love my video games. I'll be giving this a shot when I get back to Europe later this month! In the mean while, you can read a full review of the game at IGN.

To Download Chapter 5 of the Ninja Blade comic, as well as all the other chapters, please follow the links below:

Right click/save as to download Ninja Blade Chapter 5.
Right click/save as to download Ninja Blade Chapter 4.
Right click/save as to download Ninja Blade Chapter 3.
Right click/save as to download Ninja Blade Chapter 2 .
Right click/save as to download Ninja Blade Chapter 1.

And that, as they say, th-th-that's all 'folks!

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#1. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2009
I can't help but think you're kinda phoning in the promotion. I mean i don't sense any honesty out of you when you're promoting it. I mean sure you have to say some good things, but the comic's been sub-par and the game looks like derivative arse plugged full of the enemy of good games quick time events. I mean you can't honestly feel this stuff is that good....

still promotion's promotion, so i shouldn't slam ya for being too positive
#2. by Nimloth (よろず屋 / Yorozuya)
Posted on Apr 7, 2009
I dunno, I meant what I said - I think it looks like it could be fun and I'm gonna give it a try when I get home.

I try to not over analyze things too much - if it's fun that's all that counts right? ;)
#3. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2009
I suppose you carry a very fair point. perhaps i'm too jaded to just look for fun over substance nowadays XD
#4. by triggerc ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2009
looks like a generic hack and slash with pretty graphics...
#5. by Qbanboi ()
Posted on Apr 8, 2009

It doesnt even have pretty graphics. I'd seen better, much better. From Software is a studio that havent make a game worth buying in a while, and so im not buying more of their games. And dude, Get Ninja Gaiden 2, if you really want to play a real ninja game.
#6. by Blabble ()
Posted on Apr 8, 2009
fromsoftware made tenchu z which was crap
#7. by Folly ()
Posted on Apr 8, 2009
So...the entire game looks like one long cinematic, which occasionally prompts the player to press a button so it can keep going. I've never been more glad that I do not own a X360.

Though I will say in support of FromSoftware, they made Demon's Souls which I am very much enjoying right now.
#8. by da_rippa ()
Posted on Apr 8, 2009
"God of War" with a ninja.
Nice :).

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