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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (115)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Dec 12, 2018 01:15

The Promised Neverland Chapter 115 Review by Emperor Spriggan

This week's chapter starts with the confrontation between Emma's group and the new kids they met last chapter. Ray is wondering who they are, but Emma immediately beckons to the others that they have to save them. The strange kids try to fight the oversized demons, but to no avail. Suddenly the demons all go down via arrows between their heads, and the kids are left surprised.

Ray appears behind one of them, warning him not to move. He then enquires who the kid is and what he was doing there. He does a quick assessment of the area, realizing that there was no one else around. The kids were all alone, which meant it wasn't a trap from the Ratri Clan. Suddenly, the kid who Ray had his gun pointed to turns around and grovels on the ground at Ray's feet. He thanks him continously for saving them. At first, it does seem like a horrible act. But the kid admits how the demons ate their guns and hiding clothes, and he thought they were goners. If this is an act, I have to admit it is a pretty damn good one. For now though, the kids seem clean.

The kid who was thanking Ray suddenly turns his attention to Emma, grabbing her as he continues his exaggerated appreciation. At this point, the stranger kids seem to realize their saviors are humans. It's a bit of a comical moment. Emma chooses this moment to ask who the kids are, and what they were doing there. The kid who has a mask on his face says his name is Jin, and the one who was thanking them earlier is named Hayato. Jin states that they are on a mission, and can't really say much about it. Hayato notices the tattoo on Emma's neck, and shouts as if realizing something. He realizes that Emma and the other kids there are the Grace Field escapees.

Suddenly, the two kids confess that they were looking for Emma and the others on order of Minerva. The news catches Emma by surprise. We switch sceneries, and all the kids have moved to a safer and more quiet place. Hayato and Jinn's wounds have been taken care of, something that leaves them in awe of Emma and her group. The two kids proceed to thank Emma and her company again, something that leaves Anna at a loss. Emma then switches topics, asking them about Minerva's actions of freeing cattle children and taking them somewhere safe. Hayato and Jinn both confirm this, before admitting how amazing Minerva is. They reveal how in just half a year he's already crushed numerous farms and brought together hundreds of children.

At this point, Hayato reveals a tattoo on his upper chest. It's the same tattoo that Adam had, something that the Goldy Pond kids quickly realize. As far as we know, Adam got his tattoo from the same place we saw Norman earlier in the story. Which would mean Hayato and Jinn are both from there? It is a possibility to explore. Jinn tells the kids that Minerva sent them a message, which Oliver confirms that they got. Minerva was aware the shelter would be attacked, so he sent Hayato and Jinn to offer a helping hand. An odd thing to say after seeing how helpless the two were against the demons from earlier. Jinn offers to lead all the kids there to where their hideout was.

He reassures them by telling them that there was food, medical equipment and a chance for Emma and her group to take care of their wounded. Gilda asks how secure the hideout is, and Jinn reassures her there have been no attacks so far. Maybe a sign that once Emma and the rest get there, the place will experience it's first attack? We'll see. Hayato states that as long as they have Minerva, nothing can hurt them. I find the idolization of Minerva by these kids to be something worrying. What are the odds that he doesn't see them as anything other than pawns, or a means to an end to achieve his goals? Ironically, they are similar to how Emma and the rest of her friends used to idolize Minerva at the beginning of the story.

Emma is heavily relieved about the news regarding Minerva, glad that he's alive. They still had allies after all. Ray asks Jin how far the hideout is. One of the cattle kids says it's near the neck of the unicorn, but Hayato corrects him and states it's actually near the Jaw of the Lion. Jin states it actually isn't as close as Ray was insinuating. The answer makes Ray realize they were actually being honest. It was a test he was putting them through, and they got the location of the hideout right. He apologizes for doubting them, and says they would be glad to have Hayato and Jinn as guides. Anna asks whether that was alright, and Hayato reassures her that there would be no problems. This time, in gratitude, the Goldy Pond kids hug the two.

Jin starts to explain that to get to the hideout, they will need three days. This isn't new information to Emma and her friends though. Ray asks whether Hayato and Jinn can handle guns, and they affirm to this. Emma turns her attention to Chris, in an attempt to reassure him, but they notice his condition has worsened. Musica's medicine isn't working, and he needs emergency treatment. Otherwise, he won't make it to morning. The trip would take three days, so they can't bank on that. Emma despairs, but at that point Hayato informs her about a plantation nearby that they can infiltrate to acquire medicine.

Personal opinion: Something about this whole situation doesn't feel right. At least, I don't see the sense in sending two green horns on what was practically a suicide mission in order to liason with Emma and her group. Assuming Emma and her group didn't have the luck to meet them when they did, they would have just ended up dying a meaningless death. Then what? Minerva would send more and more kids to their death like that?I think the idea that Hayato and Jinn have of Minerva is warped, something that Emma and the others should confirm upon meeting him. Aside from that though, all aboard on the hype train. Infiltration arcs are always incredible, so the next mini arc should be something of promise. Chances of meeting Isabella in that plantation are actually high, this is probably the best time to reintroduce her into the story.

Chapter rating: 7.5/10.

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