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Chapter Review: Black Clover (189)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jan 20, 2019 11:27

Black Clover - Chapter 189 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: A Trustworthy Human

The Chapter starts with an inner monologue of Gauche,he questions wether Humans can be trusted or not to which he concludes that they can't since Humans may be able to get close with others and form bonds but at the end of it all they still trust into themselves the most. That's why many can betray each other so easily. He,Gauche,is no different from that since as long as it means for Marie and him to be happy together he'd be willing to do anything. No matter what it is or what it takes. The Base of the Black Bulls appears in his inner world and he repeats his resolve...he'll do anything...

Back in the Present,Asta while in Black Form managed to strike both Gauche and Marie with his Demon Slayer Sword, Gauche visibly angered from the Blow is pushed back from the force behind the strike. Noelle,Kirsch,Mimosa and Zora look on as their possessed Comrade falls to the ground with his also possessed Sister,as they land Asta leaves his Black Form and readies himself to break the Reincarnation Magic cast upon his fellow Magic Knight. Droite,the Elf possessing Gauche,appears to be in shock as he laments that a mere Human was able to overcome him. A Flashback starts to when the Humans from the past betrayed the Elves.

The Elves were caught by surprise as the Humans used a Powerful Magical Artifact to seal away their Mana effectively rendering them helpless while at the same time taking away their Magical Powers for themselves to become more powerful. Multiple individuals of Royal heritage appear to be standing on a not too far away rock looking down on the Elves as the Magic enters their bodies,they celebrate that the Elves Magic is finally their own and that only Human Royalty should have access to powerful Magical Abilities. It is wishful thinking to say that beings like the Elves could Co-exist with Humans of their Class,claiming themselves to be the Gods of the Lands.

A Human Princess carrying an Elves Child is mentioned as well,i'm sure this will get further relevance later on in the story.
Recalling these Events,Droite laments his fate and angrily wonders how the Humans could've been so cruel towards them just for their own selfish desires of becoming more Powerful than they are meant to be. They laughed and ridiculed them as they suffered and cried in anger and fear for their lives,Droite was left unable to comprehend what drove the Humans to do something so evil and cruel to them. He will never forgive them,unless he destroyed everything they care about he would never feel complete again.

As he finishes thinking about his anger towards the Humans of the Past he realizes that the Humans of the Present right in front of him aren't the same as their predecessors,he apologizes to his comrades and finishes his monologue. He warns Asta to dispel the Magic cast on them quickly before his anger and rage towards the Humans boils up again and he'll start destroying things. He continues by apologizing to Ecra,the Elf that possessed Marie,who replies that she's fine with whatever is going to happen as long as she can stay by his gentle side forever. Asta steps towards them ready to dispel the Magic,but before he does he apologizes to them for ending their Dreams and Ambitions right here but he'll be taking his Friends back.

As the Demon Slayer Swords touches his Body Droite realizes that it really can dispel the Reincarnation Magic cast on him and his comrades,he wonders why Licht's Sword would have an ability like that if they were planning to be together forever. Making peace with his fate Droite apologizes to Patri and Rhya for letting them down but he thinks it's for the better to let him die and rest in peace,as he finishes the marks on his hosts face start to fade away.
Droite tells Asta that he posseses quite the convenient power,a power able to make everything disappear as if it never happened in the first place,however he continues by warning Asta of the consequences that go along with such a Power. Telling him to engrave this picture onto his heart.

Asta responds to the fading Elf that he'll never forget him and his friends as well as what they fought for,shortly after Gauche's comes back to his senses and awakes to Grey and Gordon's faces resulting in him backing of frightened. Marie having also awoken starts crying,because she is relieved nobody got seriously hurt by them to which Asta responds that he is glad that she and Gauche are safe as well. Gauche questions if Asta really means all that when the Bulls base got destroyed and he could've died just because he wanted to save someone else when he should just be fine with his own safety not being endangered. He continues telling Asta that he never trusted him or any of the Bulls the entire time,nor did he care for their safety. He joined the Black Bulls to protect and care for Marie.

As Gauche mentions that they should've left someone like him behind his fellow Black Bulls ridicule him for saying such things,since they already knew all that from the beginning. They ask him to look at them and tell them what he really wants to say to them right now,Marie urges him to follow their wish and Gauche who seemingly wiped away a tear or two responds accordingly. He looks at his Comrades and thanks them for saving him and Marie,right after Asta,Gordon and Grey jump right at him for a group hug. But just as they celebrate their friends return the Black Bulls that were trapped in the Dream Dimension appear above them which means the entire Black Bulls are back together as Noelle and Zora arrive as well.

The Black Bulls ready themselves to join their Captain in the other Dimension in his Fight against the Followers of Sepirah,but before they leave they'll replenish their Stamina and Mana with Charmy's help. Meanwhile Finral seemingly regained his consciousness as he mentions that he missed out on joining in on something fun.

Personal Thoughts

I'm glad that we finally wrapped up the fights between the Black Bulls and their Elf adversaries to be honest,so far it felt like the Arc was being dragged out a bit here and there as we got the revelation of another dimension kept at Clover Castle but instead of everybody joining Yami and fighting an all out battle against the Elves we remained in the Real World and had them fight it out among their Fellow Black Bulls mostly. I didn't really like that,especially after seeing that a possessed Dorothy pretty much showcased that her Magic isn't all that impressive even with Elf Boost but i also felt let down to see her Magic being shown when she was "boosted" instead of in her normal state first. But it seems things will go up again now,as everybody will get ready to enter the other dimension we might finally see Yuno again or move to Yami and Jack's side to observe their Battle and who knows maybe get some focus and attention on the Child mentioned in this Chapter. Honestly that has me hyped at the moment,i love Flashbacks,Background infos as long as they promise story development or character development. We'll see.

I rate this Chapter a 7 out of 10,till next time everybody!

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