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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (90)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jan 24, 2019 14:36

Dr. Stone - Chapter 90 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: New World Map

Senkuu,Chrome and Ryusui have returned to Ishigami Village from their adventure in the Skies,as they land they're welcomed by Kohaku,Ukyo and some of the Villagers. As they briefly celebrated their return time flew by quickly and night had begun,in a tent,Ryusui starts showing his gratitude for the hospitality of these Beautiful Women as a few of the Senior Women carry food for the Banquet celebrating Senkuu's return to Ishigami Village. They can't help but giggle at the young man's comments,as they do Chrome is seen drolling over the various dishes set on the Table asking what they did to deserve such a feast to which a Villager responds by telling him that it is a Banquet after all.

Ryusui overhears this Conversation and immediatly starts fantasizing about the most fanciest foods and liquor he can think of,however,his expectations are quickly trampled over as he is presented with various Fish dishes such as Grilled Fish,Grilled Fish Salad,Grilled Fish Soup,Grilled Fish Dessert and the Star of Ishigami Village's Menu: Grilled Fish Something...Ryusui visibly stunned by this presentation looks on as Senkuu praises Turquoise and Jasper,the 2 Warriors that stayed behind in Ishigami Village to protect the seniors,who tell him that they didn't had to stay behind as nothing happened the entire time not even a bear attack which they would've welcomed since they could've gotten it's meat but instead they had to eat Fish the past weeks.

Ryusui,still shocked by what he's observed,asks Senkuu how long they plan on staying in this Village to which the Scientist responds that he can't give an exact amount of time but they can only leave when they found Oil which could take at least 1 or 2 years. Ryusui seems to have an epiphany as he shouts out that before looking for Oil they should make sure that they find some Food Ingredients as well,they ABSOLUTELY have to. Ukyo surprised by Ryusui's suggestion praises his desires by claiming that being greedy and desire driven in a World as the one they live in isn't necessarily a bad thing,i concur since while on the surface it may look like Greed and selfishness in their World it may as well mean the same as being enthusiastic and ambitious.

Said and done,they take to the skies once more but with a slightly different team this time. Instead of Chrome they took Kohaku along,who just like Chrome,is absolutely mindblown by the scenery before her eyes but her beautiful moment is cut short as Senkuu tells her to stop daydreaming and get to work now. He teases her as a Lioness to which she backfires by denying to be any such thing and that she didn't daydream at all,Chrome calls them over the Cellphone and reminds them that Kohaku is only with them for her good eyesight otherwise it'd be him up there instead of her. Ukyo tells Chrome that the Ground Survey Team also has an important role to play.

Kohaku asks Senkuu if they'll be able to see the Oil they're looking for from up in the Skies to which he replies that the possibility isn't Zero but if they were to rely on luck that wouldn't have anything to do with science anymore. He announces that they'll keep in touch with Chrome and Ukyo over the Cellphone as they look over their surroundings from the skies,while searching for the Sagara Oil Field is their goal looking for Ingredients for the Village's Food Supply isn't a bad thing either. Senkuu plans on drawing a Map of this New Stone Age-like World that he'll see with his own eyes,Kohaku spotted a Forest in the meantime. Ryusui's only concern is if there is anything edible to be seen.

As Chrome and Ukyo spot the Forest it is revealed to harbor many Japanese Cedar trees,which is great construction Material,Chrome tells them to leave finding a walkable Route to him as he is the King of Materials. Senkuu compares their trip to an open world video game as the more they proceed on the Map the more treasures and helpful items they find,Kohaku voices how enjoyable this adventure is and asks if they should consult Chrome for finding some Mines. Ryusui rather wants to find Food Ingredients instead,as he finishes complaining he looks down to a nearby hill and notices some movement.
He wonders if it is a herd of wild animals,as his Sailor hunches are never wrong.

Ukyo confirms this,after hearing the Animals steps and sounds he clarifies that it was a herd of Wild Goats,he shoots an Older one that strayed from the herd and apologizes to the Animal but reassures it they'll be leaving nothing of it behind. The Map is making steady progress as the Ground and Sky Team exchange their findings with another and keep making new discoveries,as they show the Map to the Village Elders they are met with nothing but wonder and happiness as the Elders have never seen a Map like this one before,Ryusui tells them that thanks to this Map their meals will not have to consist of just Fish anymore as he offers a meat leg to an elder.

An elder Lady is seen crying as she praises the achievements that Science can bring,and perhaps with this new Map and knowledge nobody in the Village will ever have to die of Starvation again. The other Elders start crying and discuss that it's good that they didn't have a famine in awhile,Senkuu and Ryusui look on with serious faces,As they prepare to leave for another trip with the Balloon Ryusui asks if Ishigami is so few in numbers because of food shortages. Kohaku reveals that before she was born their Village was high in numbers but a single year of famine reduced them to their current Numbers,Turquoises entire Family died of starvation as well.

Senkuu says that you can only survive on hunting for so long,they need to rely on agriculture as well otherwise their resources will eventually dry out.
Ryusui starts ranting about Humanities desires and goals,if all living things are just meant to grow and multiply for all eternity,he says only God would know that and stomps loudly as he doesn't care about any of those desires because the only thing he wants is to never see another Beautiful Woman cry again. They will find their means to start an agriculture so the Villagers can live without any worries,as the World's Greediest Man that is his current wish for Ishigami Village.

Senkuu and Kohaku smile wistfully at this,but this moment is cut short as well as Senkuu points out that with Agriculture the Rise of the Food Market is inevitable which means Ryusui will wind up swimming in Money. They Sailor laughs at this briefly,Kohaku wonders if Ryusui is a saint or just a scumbag but is also surprised that there is someone just as twisted if not more than Gen. Ryusui replies that he has never given up once,be it on himself or anyone else. Shortly after Chrome and Ukyo are notified that something is growing near the Coastline which is revealed to be Golden Colored Foxtail Grass,everyone looks on happily as the Ground Team discovers an entire field of wheat which enables them to make bread.

Ukyo happily announces that from now on Humanity will grow and create its own food supply. An agriculture can begin.

Personal Thoughts
This Chapter was great,infact i think this was the one i enjoyed the most out of all my reads this Week. Ryusui was a clear winner this Chapter and as a Character he is just getting better and better. Initially portrayed as a greedy guy only wanting to party (Which he is to an extent!) he is now doing and wishing for things others can benefit from as well,he is also really relatable in some regards. I think his behaviour towards Women and his wishes for no Women to cry are somehow connected to his past,maybe his Mother? I'm not sure but something must've brought him to it,his greed is justified given his background i think. It is not an admirable quality but as Ukyo said in a World such as theirs it is definitely helpful. I still don't think he wants everything to himself but rather wants to give,because instead of asking for any Money or rewards he just shared the Food with the Village and he expressed genuine happiness at finding wheat. Having him notice the shortage in Food was a good move by the author especially since you wouldn't have expected it from him, Kohaku was adorable in this chapter. I think we'll see the starting line of their newfound agriculture next Chapter but i wouldn't be surprised if we went and saw them go on a trip to find the Oil Field next. We'll see.

I'd rate this Chapter a 9.5 out of 10,till next time everybody!

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