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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (94)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Feb 23, 2019 00:15

Dr Stone Chapter 94 Review by Emperor Spriggan
The chapter's title is 'The Scent of the Black Jewel'

Carrying the camera that they managed to finalize last chapter, Senkuu states proudly that they will use it to find the oil. How will they do this? Basically combining the hot air balloon they made, plus the camera enables them to get pictures from the sky. This would need to be done before it starts snowing in the earnest though.

Using aerial photography, they are also able to further enhance their agriculture. This is because it helps them be able to store up supplies for winter. The wheat that had been planted recently is also ready to harvest.

Ryuusui proudly states that since agriculture has been finalized, it was time to start the restaurant. Francois states that she would move to working on a menu. The ingredients would be obtained from the aerial photos. Senkuu tells her to make the menu as top class as possible.

The pilot starts salivating at the prospect of making truffles, caviar and foie grass. Gen states all those dishes are impossible since they dont have ingredients. Francois states that they will make black truffle wild boar rilettes. That is....a meal I have never heard of before. It sounds like something that would be in Shokugeki no Soma though.

Francois summons Suika, who is well aware of the surroundings and animals of Ishigami village. Looking at one of the photos that were taken earlier, Suika identifies that there is a family of wild boars nearby. To this effect, Kohaku goes out to look for them. They rear the boars in a pen, with Ryuusui fantasizing over the thought of feasting on wild pork.

Gen asks what will be done in order to acquire the truffles. Francois tells him that they grow naturally in Japan. Kohaku, who has super human vision (Touted at 11.0), takes a look at another of the photographs. She obtained this gift from her time in the wild.

At first, she manages to locate a black botch on the photograph. Something that catches Gen and Chrome by surprise. Senkuu bluntly states that mushrooms cant appear in an unfocused photograph. Upon closer inspection of the photo, he realizes that Kohaku has actually discovered the Sagara Oil fields.

Together with Kohaku, Ryuusui and Chrome, the four immediately venture out to the oil fields in order to lay claim to the oil. Back at the village, Francois and Suika use the boars in order to track down the mushrooms. Being from the wild, they know the scent of mushrooms. The mushrooms themselves contain the same scent as a wild boar's love pheromones, which is an additional plus in tracking them down.

Ironically, the experiment does work out. A little too perfectly though. The boar does find a black jewel, but begins feeding on them. Suika suggests that she will use her dog Chalk to do the rest of the work. This time, they do manage to find the truffles successfully.

Back to Senkuu and the others, they have made no ground in discovering the oil. The forest is too big to be able to use a single image successfully. Senkuu immediately starts brain storming about solutions. He thinks back to how oil was discovered in 1872. One wild boar accidentally basted itself in oil, and the people who followed it back to the source discovered the oil.

Just as Francois is about to start carving up the boar, Senkuu barely makes it back in time and shouts at her not to cook it. The boar has a frightened expression on its face, and the chapter ends there.

This chapter was a bit dull, in comparison to the content we have been getting over the past few weeks. Aside from the group finally discovering oil, nothing else particularly stands out in comparison. But I will admit the part with Kohaku carrying the boars and the end of the chapter were humorous in a way.

7/10 rating.

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