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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (97)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Mar 16, 2019 06:33

Dr Stone Chapter 97 Review by Emperor Spriggan

The chapter cover has Ryuusui on it, who is increasingly becoming one of the core characters in the series. Quite an incredible thing when you realize how recently he was introduced. As for the chapter title, it is 'Fun with Kingcraft.'

Using the sonar from the last chapter, Senkuu and the gang find a way to travel to the other side of the earth and discover the mystery person who is behind the strange voice. Senkuu is excited at the prospect of finally discovering the mystery person, but Gen looks worried about something. He is unusually silent about the whole matter, and doesn't offer his opinion at all.

They head back to the village with a huge overhaul of fish in tow. Francois wastes no time, immediately moving to work as she prepares the fish into something more edible. Ryuusui makes a mention that you can use sonar to see right through anything. That draws the attention of both Ginrou and Chrome.

Ginrou wonders out loud whether it can see through girl's clothes. Senkuu dismisses this, and Kohaku is appalled by how perverted Ginrou is. The pervert believes Chrome had the same thoughts as him regarding perversion, but Kaseki thinks otherwise. There is a concern that the sonar might not be able to be functional for extended periods of time due to the output of power. The need for developing an engine is brought up, something that Kaseki is excited to be part of.

Senkuu explains that they need a massive amount of metal and oil in order to make engines. The river cannot exactly provide that with the iron ore it contains. At this point, we realize that Chrome had previously thought about using the radar in order to see right through the earth. That would help in order to find minerals and gems. He adds some adjustments to the sonar that allow it to emit radio waves, before taking off.

Chrome heads to the mountain where they first captured lightning before generating electricity, intending on unearthing magnetite. After a lengthy and fruitless search, he finally manages to get a response from the pseudo metal detector. Senkuu and the others had gone out looking for Chrome earlier, and he shouts at them to come where he is.

Senkuu is impressed by Chrome's creativity to think of a solution like that. He also praises Chrome for discovering a large supply of magnetite. Good guy Chrome. Compared to what happened when they were on the hot air balloon in the sky, I feel as if this is a more natural and well done way of giving him the spotlight. We always knew he was fascinated by discovering rocks and the like. Having him be the one to find magnetite is fitting especially when he had also discovered it when he was younger.

Without wasting time, construction of the factories commences. Chrome is extremely proud of his achievement, and Senkuu acknowledges his sentiment over how Science is amazing. Ryuusui states that with the society about to be heavily industrialized, one person alone can't bear all that on his shoulders. They need a natural leader who will be able to command everyone's strength. Gen states that the leader of the Kingdom of Science is already perfect, so he would be someone everyone would enjoy. Amusingly, Senkuu, Chrome and Yo are riding a mine cart and relishing at how fun it is.

The chapter was decent enough. Nothing particularly ground breaking happened, well aside from Chrome getting the spotlight. But otherwise, nothing else of note really stood out. In all honesty, I am a bit frustrated that the author decided on yet another detour. Couldn't we just focus on the voyage to the other side of the world? They are making factories, but with Senkuu and the others leaving, who is going to watch over them? None of the villagers are skilled enough to be able to operate factories, so this is a bit silly in hindsight. About why Gen looks pensive in this chapter, I think his thought process is also going along the same path. A bit similar to Tyrion in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. He was worried what would happen if Daenerys ended up dying in war since there would be no one to carry the reigns forward. Gen is probably worried about the Science kingdom's overdependence on Senkuu, since if something ended up happening to him everyone else would be lost. All just speculation though, but let's see what happens next chapter.

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