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Chapter Review: Black Clover (202)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 24, 2019 15:40

Black Clover Chapter 202 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: From Another World

This week continues with Nero urging Finral to open a portal that would take them to the statue Demon Bones. Finral is still in shock over the fact that Nero talked, but Nero warns him they must hurry or they won’t be able to save the humans trapped inside the elves and that’s not even the worst of it.

We switch back to the fight between The Devil, Yami and Charla. Yami realizes that the Devil is able to manipulate spells and matter simultaneously when he uses Storm of Blades, and is shocked at this because it puts him on a whole different level from what they’re used to. The only silver lining is that Yami realizes there is a limit to the Devil’s power since he hasn’t straight up asked them to die. Charla realizes the Devil has a limited range because all her briars didn’t wither. While she tries to figure out how the Devil’s magic works in relation to the distance and amount of magic used by his opponent, Yami knows for a fact that the Devil can’t block his Dark Magic with his Word Soul Magic and launches an attack. This is proven when instead of blocking, the Devil dodges the attack Yami sent at him. Licht attempts to reflect Yami’s Dark Magic back at the Devil, but he dodges that as well, marveling that even half asleep Licht moves very well.

Yami continues his deductions stating the Devil is too overpowered. He considers some of the persons in the vicinity and works out a power scale with The Devil, Licht and Charla on the high tier, then the Royals, himself and Nozel, just below them. Then we have Nobles like Sol after them, followed by commoners like Magna and Asta on the low tier of the scale. If things stay the way they are Yami knows they won’t last much longer, noting that the Devil isn’t even flustered. This is confirmed by the Devil laughing at them and calling them a nuisance. He also thanks them for helping him acquire the grimoire which he now prepares to use. He calls on the magic of his own words, his Word Soul Magic, and casts a spell in what seems to be a different language, possibly the Devil’s original language. Yami is shocked that he still had magic that nasty up his sleeve. The Devil tells him that as creatures there is a big difference between them and that’s their dimension of origin. The effects of the spell he casted before suddenly manifests and something from the otherworld starts invading their dimension. Yami, Charla and everyone in the palace begin to panic, not knowing what sort of magic it is.

We are then taken back to the Demon bones where the statue of the First Wizard King resides on top of the skull. Nero tells Finral to place all the magic stones into the statue. After he does this, the statue begins glowing.

Great chapter. 8/10. The Devil is definitely too overpowered. So much in fact that it looks like the First Wizard King is about to be resurrected, at least for a little while, in order to help deal with the Devil. It’s not a route I expected this war to take, but I’ll keep an open mind and see where this goes. If the First Wizard King is indeed back, I expect him to fully awaken Licht and then they both take on the Devil. They do have experience with fighting Devils after all. Also there is the possibility of getting some answers in regards to Asta and Yuno’s origins. So I can definitely see the potential here.

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