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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (113)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jul 15, 2019 21:17

Dr. Stone Chapter 113 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Cryptography Science

This week’s chapter begins with Kohaku thinking she’s found the ultimate key to victory for the Kingdom of Science, which is in The Master’s Giant Tree. The only problem she has now is getting the information to Senkuu and the others since the communication device is only one way, and that’s receiving not sending. Ginrou suggests Kohaku try yelling like she did before when he was on the ship but she dismisses that idea because they were now in the harem and it would be too risky. Amaryllis agrees and cautions them not to blow their cover. An older lady hits Ginrou as punishment for what she thinks is idling. She reminds them they only have a week to learn the correct posture and manners before joining the harem for real so they have to commit themselves.

Senkuu contacts Kohaku through the earpiece and tells her they’re about to send a Science Mouse her way. The mouse cuts a path through the soldiers who are freaked out by it, to Kohaku who scoops it up quickly. She’s scolded for stepping out of line but Amaryllis covers for her by saying how grateful she is that Kohaku caught the big mean mouse since they were scared. Kohaku receives a message from Gen telling her if they run into trouble to send an S.O.S letter with the mouse to them. Amaryllis and Kohaku are confused by what a letter is, and Ginrou has a flashback to when Kinrou was studying to read and write letters. He tells Ginrou it’s a way to communicate without being face to face and the village would do well to learn it. Ginrou settles down to learn beside a proud Kinrou who calls him an upstanding fellow. Back to the present, Amaryllis is relieved by this and thinks they can use it to send a letter with Kohaku's discovery to Senkuu via the mouse. Kohaku crushes her optimism by calling out Ginrou’s lie. It turns out he didn’t settle in to learn with Kinrou but did the exact opposite in dismissing it which he now bitterly regrets. Kohaku comes up with a plan however so all is not lost.

Back at their camp Suika intercepts the mouse, surprised that Kohaku and co. already sent an S.O.S. written on a piece of cloth. When they open it, it’s nothing but a crude drawing that they try to decipher since they know no one in Kohaku’s group can write. Gen takes the lead in trying to decipher the picture Kohaku sent. He tells the group they need to consider the psychology of the sender, basically saying they have to look at it from Kohaku’s perspective. They take time to go through many different possibilities.

We finally find out what Kohaku found. Within the roots of The Masters’ Tree she spotted a strange man-made object, a mysterious machine strengthened by science to withstand the elements for thousands of years. It turns out to be the treasure chest left by Senkuu’s father and his friends that they were searching for. The Soyuz Time Capsule. We switch back to Senkuu and the others who have now deciphered the picture. Kohaku spelled out the word “Platinum” for them and Senkuu understands this to mean she’s found it. He’s excited because with this they can now revive the entire Kingdom of Science.


Chapter Rating: 7/10

This chapter basically confirms what Kohaku found and getting the message to Senkuu. It was fun reading about them trying to solve the puzzle of Kohaku’s letter. Other than that nothing much really happened. Mostly a set up chapter since now they have two goals. Recover the chest and get the necklace from Kirisame. They will most likely have to modify the original plan since this is now a spanner in the works. I’m looking forward to seeing how these events unfold.

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Dr. Stone section.

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