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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (143)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jul 24, 2019 12:24

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 143 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Obliteration

This Week's Chapter of Neverland begins with Emma repeating her Wish to the Supreme Leader of the Demons,she wants every Cattle Child to be sent to the Human World as well as the gateway between the Worlds to be closed for good afterwards. The Leader announces that he will grant her Wish,he however will have his compensation too: "What i want is your-" his desire is cut off for a moment and we're unable to see what he asked of Emma with her only response to it being: "Oh..." with a surprised expression on her face. Suddenly the scene switches back to Don and Gilda looking for Musica and Song Juu,it's been several days since their conversation with Ayshe and her having spoken human language,it is also revealed that they told Hayato about the footprints of Musica's horse they found before meaning they're closeby. Don and Gilda are full of energy and enthusiasm as they'll get to see their friends soon,and that a lot earlier than expected by them,they didn't tell Hayato the truth about Ayshe because they respected her desire to remain distant towards Norman and his Allies until she can get back at them. The days continued with them finding and checking on clues and tracks together,which isn't easy as their friends are experts at covering their tracks,suddenly one of Ayshe's dogs discovered a lingering smell and more footprints implying that they are not too far away now from them. Don reveals that this time they have found Musica's footprints, a new track which they'll follow from here on.

As Don and Gilda celebrate this new finding,unbeknownst to them,Hayato stands behind them with a scary expression on his face the reason for this is immediatly revealed to us as he has a flashback to before the begin of his mission when he and Hayato were called into Vincent's office. Hayato was given a certain device,very small and compact in order to contact Jin's group once they found Musica,since he can't make anything suspicious or alarming like a smoke signal so they won't run away from them. It's a Transmitter,if Hayato presses the button on top just once it transmits a signal to Jin and he immediatly knows their location,if they approach Musica and Song Juu then he is supposed to press the button in quick succession to give a clear route to their target. Which back in the present he actually commits to, he keeps pressing the button while following Don and Gilda hoping their attack will be over as soon as possible. Once Jin's Squad sights Musica and Song Juu they will surround them and immediatly kill them with the "Power of Lambda" also known as the Adam look-alikes,Hayato has absolute faith into Norman's plan and silently swears to himself that Ayshe,her dogs,Don and Gilda will not be harmed and that this is for their sakes as well. Norman needs Musica dead at all costs! A bit ahead of our friends we see Musica giving her horse some Water to drink,as the horse drinks she asks wether Song Juu wants to rest as well which he refuses as he is up and well.

In the middle of his sentence the Demon notices something behind a tree,a sign of life so to say,he tells them to show theirselves only to be met by Don and Gilda happily running towards them for a touching embrace. Musica recognizes her Don and Gilda and tells them how much she missed her friends, even Song Juu takes off his Mask and smiles so it really feels like a moving reunion as Musica realizes how much they've grown and the time that's passed since they last met. Ayshe and Hayato look on as they reunite with the latter remembering that Jin asked him to press the button 3 times once he see's them,which he does immediatly. As he presses the button Ayshe notices quick,multiple footsteps approaching them and as she does she screams to Musica and Song Juu in demonic Language. Probably a Warning. They're all immediatly surrounded by Jin and his Squad from above in the tree tops, Ayshe is threatened by Hayato with a Knife while Jin apologizes to Don and Gilda for what he is about to do but there is no choice: Musica has to die here and now. Suddenly Sung Joo appears right behind Jin,similar to Archduke Lewis and Emma in Goldy Pond before their fight was about to begin. Everybody ends up shocked at this,with Song juu holding his spear next to Jin's throat mocking his declaration from before by asking who exactly he thinks will get eliminated here.

Personal Thought's
This Chapter was loaded with Hype, 9/10, very solid developments and insane cliffhangers on both ends: Emma and the Supreme Leader,Song Juu vs Jin's Squad. I'm really curious what the compensation for Emma's Wish will be,because from her initial reaction in this chapter it felt like she would not have to give her Life or her friends up so it's still anyone's guess at this point. Over at Don and Gilda's side it's hard to say what comes next,Song Juu could wipe the floor with Jin and his Squad if he wanted to because that's some mad speed he's been showing here. If he's anything like Lewis in battle too,then they're in for a rude awakening. Norman underestimated Song Juu and Musica,and now he's paying the price for it most likely. Their shocked expressions and fear prove that they weren't ready for this,and if they can't keep up then the Lambda Clones cannot do anything about this situation either. I'm looking forward to this for sure! Till next time everybody!

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Erinyes, hmatyko, Woodlock90

#1. by hmatyko ()
Posted on Jul 28, 2019

look forward to the next :) nice writing
#2. by Woodlock90 ()
Posted on Jul 28, 2019
Thank you

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