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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (144)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Aug 2, 2019 09:14

The Promised Neverland Chapter 144 Review by Elusia


The chapter begins with a flashback to Sonju and Musica noticing a presence approaching them. After a short exchange, they plan on luring them out and if their followers are pursuers, they would strike back, as it happened in the previous chapter. Hayato immediately notices Sonju standing behind Jin, but Ayshe pins him down while the tall demon attacks the Adams clones at ease, though Musica reassures him that he won’t kill them. Sonju asks Jin once more to leave before Jin shouts to just kill them all, no matter the cost. Ayshe shouts out to Sonju about the incoming attack and he dodges, saying that anyone who dares lay a finger on Musica would meet their demise. Before a proper fight can break out the Adams clones suddenly stop moving and start falling to the ground, no longer being able to breathe due to spasms and starting to die slowly. Musica orders the kids to get her her medicines and help them get better, but Sonju doesn’t agree to it. But since the current medicine of Muisca is not enough to help them, Jin has no choice but to surrender and give them their own medicine at the cost of being taken prisoner.

After sucessfully healing and tying them up, the rest of the kids inform the two about the recent events. Thinking about all the events since reuniting with Norman, Gilda realizes the truth about him: He intended to kill them from the start and he had a lot of plans to do so were he to fail on his first attempt. All the things he said back then were lies as he would never stray from his own goal, even so far as to not wait for Emma to reach her own approach to save all the kids. She starts crying as she deeply apologizes for the deeds of her sibling and desperately begs them to help them regardless, not only them, but all of the cattle children, including Norman.

Meanwhile at the shelter, Ray is walking around with Emma, getting her completely informed of the situation they are currently in. He asks Emma about the promise and she gleefully announces to both him and the others that it was a success and that they will all be able to leave towards the human world. Everyone celebrates the good news, though Ray asks her about the demon lord’s price. She dodges the question, leaving him fazed, but he is willing to let it slide for now. The kids are now preparing to leave and go towards the capital themselves after hearing that Norman plans to eradicate all of the demons inside the capital city and at the same time, back at the forest, Musica agrees to also leaving for the capital as she doesn’t want the war to start again. Sonju agrees and all of them are heading towards the demon capital.


This chapter is a massive build-up to the big finale of all of them going to the capital. It starts off with portraying what I like Sonju and Musica and them being really cool in this chapter. Then Gilda getting a much needed perspective change and Emma returning home after accepting her deal with the demon. It’s in character for her to not say the actual price of them all going to the human world, as she probably realizes that it would really hurt them. As I speculated before, the price would be about her family, one way or another, though now it is very unlikely that the price will be them stuck in the demon world forever.

In the end, the chapter is great and I look forward to see the big conflict unfolds. I rate it a solid 8/10.

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