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Issue: Themes!!

+ posted by WinterLion in Site News on Apr 17, 2007 19:13
What color do you see for MH?

New Art Contest Winner!!

Amateur Winner

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New Art Contest Winner! This week's Amateur Coloring Contest winner is kyubisharingan for a page from Naruto Ch349 featuring Sasuke! Congratulations!!

Don't forget to check out the new and ongoing contests!!!

The FAQs! Long overdue, but finally the FAQs have been completed. :D Find out all you ever wanted to know and more about MangaHelpers and how to use vBulletin!! So where can you find the FAQs? Just click on the button that says FAQ at the top menu bar, or by clicking this link!

New Themes! We have some new and revamped themes!! We have some themes you know and love from the SMF version of MH and then we have some new ones!! So what are the choices?
  • Dark - The same Dark theme as what we had on SMF.
  • Fuzzy - Our forum default theme and well... it's the Fuzzy theme. What more can we say? :smile-big
  • Light - Also one of the SMF themes and a nice counter balance to the Dark theme.
  • Blue - A revamped Blue theme with a nice mixture of soft blues.
  • Blue Glass - The Blue theme with a glassy look.
  • Green - A revamped Green theme with a great mixture of light and olive greens.
  • Green Glass - The Green theme with a glassy look.
  • Terra Glass - The same bright blue theme used at Shannaro Fourms.
  • LH Pink - The revamped Pink theme for those that love pink.
  • LH Pink Glass - The LH Pink theme with a glassy look.
  • Beach - Our newest theme, and has great mixture of light greens, blues, and some darks.

Don't know how to change your theme? Take a look at the How do I change my theme? section of the FAQ!!

Featured Manga!! Our featured manga this month is Shin Angyo Onshi (otherwise known as SAO)! So what's SAO all about? Read on to find out!

After the kingdom of Jushin falled into ruin, a single Angyo Onshi, protector of the commoners appointed by the king, roams the land in search of the man that took everything from him. Shin Angyo Onshi is a seinen about Munsu, an Angyo Onshi of high level that can summon dead warriors, and his bodyguard Sando, powerful and beautiful female warrior of incredible skills, as they wander throughout a ruined country. Great characters, story, epic battle and top-class art make this manga one of the most popular seinen in Japan, and ETC understood it very well given the speed at which they’re scanlating it. And when you’ve caught up to the latest releases, feel free to discuss in our Shin Angyo Onshi thread, it deserves more love!

Thanks for reading this mid-month update. :D See you all next week with an update for the art contest winners!

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#1. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2007
Yay, more SAO love! <333
#2. by agspun7 ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2007
LH pink!!!
#3. by holmes221 ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
yah LH Piink Glass :P
#4. by juUnior ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
Fuzzy's theme will always rocks xD ;p
#5. by LadyHatake (Aristocratic Assassin)
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
LH Pink is my favorite :3 Thanks to Fuzzy for remaking it for vB <3
#6. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Apr 21, 2007
I've started to like the Beach theme.
#7. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Apr 21, 2007
I still like the dark theme best...very cool looking :)
#8. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Apr 21, 2007
I got used very quickly to the Beach Theme, I think I'm gonna keep it :noworry
#9. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Apr 21, 2007
And to update, Terra's done a Marine and Marine Lite themes. ^^ Check those out if you like greeny-blue colors. ;)
#10. by LadyHatake (Aristocratic Assassin)
Posted on Apr 21, 2007
I actually dont see a difference between marine and marine lite >.>
#11. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Apr 21, 2007
Marine has a bit of a glassy look to it. Marine lite doesn't. :p [lh] <.< Coulda fooled me XD [/lh]
#12. by ~Lilium~ ()
Posted on Apr 22, 2007
Dark for me! :XD
#13. by rabb ()
Posted on Apr 23, 2007
I'm with lady h, i cant see the difference between them. i use dark. and i will until they make a black. and ill use that until they make somthing darker XD and ill use that until they have one thats as dark with blood stains :kukuku

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