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Bakuman & Toriko Licensed, Free Manga Chapters on SIGIKKI

+ posted by c_k in Manga News on Jul 25, 2009 08:01
Anime Vice reports that Viz announced at their panel on Friday at Comic-Con International that Bakuman will be published in its Shounen Jump magazine starting in 2010. Toriko will also be published in Shounen Jump as well.

Bakuman, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata of Death Note, is about two ninth graders, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, who dream of becoming mangaka. The series is currently being published in Weekly Shounen Jump and has been compiled into 3 volumes. Torika, created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, is about a man named Toriko who goes on an adventure to find food that would create the ultimate dinner course. The series is also currently being published in Weekly Shounen Jump and has been compiled into 5 volumes.

Discuss the news here or comment below. What do you think of this news? Anyone excited?

Source: Anime Vice via ANN.

Read IKKI Manga Chapters on SIGIKKI for Free
It's not exactly news, but more of a reminder. If you haven't already checked out SIGIKKI, the partnership between the Viz Signature imprint and IKKI, go check it out now since they've posted the first chapter free for the series Saturn Apartments, Doro Hedoro, I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow, and Bokurano: OURS. On July 30th, they'll post the first chapters of Afterschool Charisma, House of Five Leaves, Kingyo Used Books, and Tokyo Flow Chart.

One summer, fifteen kids innocently wander into a nearby seaside cave. There they meet a strange man who invites them to play an exciting new video game. This game, he explains, pits one lone giant robot against a horde of alien invaders. To play the game, all they have to do is sign a simple contract. The game stops being fun when the kids find out the true purpose of their pact.
Read Chapter 1: Here

In a city so dismal it’s known only as “the Hole,” a clan of sorcerers have been plucking people off the streets to use as guinea pigs for atrocious “experiments” in the black arts. In a dark alley, Nikaido found Caiman, a man with a reptile head and a bad case of amnesia. To undo the spell, they’re hunting and killing the sorcerers of the Hole, hoping that eventually they’ll kill the right one. But when En, the head sorcerer, gets word of a lizard–man slaughtering his people, he sends a crew of “cleaners” into the Hole, igniting a war between two worlds.
Read Chapter 1: Here

This is the story of a forty–year–old salary man who quits his job to pursue his dream of becoming a manga artist—and the family that has to put up with him. While not terribly unhappy, Shizuo Oguro can't fight the feeling that something in his life just isn't right, so he walks away from his stable (yet boring) day job to embark on a journey of self–discovery. Unfortunately for his family, this journey also involves playing video games all day while his teenage daughter and elderly father support him. Will Shizuo succeed in creating a true manga masterpiece or will he be just another drop–out living a life of slack?
Read Chapter 1: Here

Far in the future, humankind has evacuated the Earth in order to preserve it. Humans now reside in a gigantic structure that forms a ring around the Earth, thirty–five kilometers up in the sky. The society of the Ring is highly stratified: the higher the floor, the greater the status. Mitsu, the lowly son of a window washer, has just graduated junior high. When his father disappears and is assumed dead, Mitsu must take on his father’s occupation. As he struggles with the transition to working life, Mitsu’s job treats him to an outsider’s view into the various living–room dioramas of the Saturn Apartments.
Read Chapter 1: Here

I only checked out "I'll Give It My All..." but it seems interesting and it's free so be sure to check it out. They're also offering the first 10 chapters of Children of the Sea for free too!

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0 members and 1 guests have thanked c_k for this news
#1. by puremadniss ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
cool news
#2. by ruggia ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
is this going to effect scanlation in any way?
#3. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
#4. by Em_Leingod ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
Awesome, can't wait to buy the volumes.
#5. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
That's cool <3
#6. by Revilenigma ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
@ruggia: not really, viz has never bothered with scanlators anyways.
#7. by Laika ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
All of the Viz Sig Ikki stuff is worth checking out. Unfortunately, they're going to pull the first volume chapters offline for Children of the Sea once the hard copy is published, so I would expect them to do the same for the other series. So if you want to start following these series, now is the time.

Viz Sig Ikki has also licensed some other Ikki series that will be showing up later. Kotae ha Mittsu (Viz English Title: What's the Answer) Kameodoru (Viz English Title: I am a Turtle) and Bob and his funky crew (Bob to yukai na nakamatachi)
#8. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
@jinnoh: have you considered that the complaints about censorship would be a motivation NOT to? if they went with the straight up tank versions it'd have to be AO
#9. by GGpX ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
@Jinoh Keep dreaming. To Love is never going to get licensed for the US without major censorship.

Bakuman & Toriko licenses are irrelevant to me since both are boring and uninteresting.

The Viz-Ikki thing, however... This is gold. I've known about this for a few months, but still. Ikki does so many series that are under appreciated, it's disgustingly silly.

I'll be buying a bunch of those once they hit the stores, guaranteed.
#10. by Laika ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
#11. by CannedJam ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2009
I'm on cloud nine about the Bakuman news, seeing as how much I love it. I don't read Toriko so I'd be lying if I said I was excited. lol

Can't wait for 2010 now..Bakuman has to be one of the most interesting manga i've seen in jump in a while

#12. by Laika ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
4 more series on Ikki, all worth checking out. Hope it makes the front page by itself so people actually get some exposure to these.
#13. by shrimpy ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2009
How impressive that Bokurano made the cut.
Given how deceptively adult the title is, I do hope it does well.
It was a beautiful read IMO, though very dark.

I hope someone will find the special chapter promised after 65(1)...? :)
#14. by Laika ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2009
The special chapter that was slated to be published was actually canceled by Ikki.


TBQH I think Viz Sig knows what they're getting into. They're not going to pull some Narutaru bs with Bokurano. I just wonder how well it has to do for them to keep the Viz Sig Ikki site up.

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