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Manga to Keep You Busy Through Sept - Oct

+ posted by njt in Manga News on Sep 10, 2009 09:53
Got some extra money to spend? Want to read something new? Deb Aoki from manga.about.com has written up a nice list of new manga(we're talking first volumes, reprints and one shots here~) to check out manga this Fall and Winter of 2009!!

Our first post covers September through October. Highlights of these months consist of Tegami Bachi, MariaHolic, Yotsuba&!, Moyasimon, Akira, The Ghost in the Shell, What a Wonderful World! (<333333333) Soul Eater, and Hero Tales!!

Releases in September

Tegami Bachi Vol. 1
September 1, 2009
Publisher: Shonen Jump / VIZ Media
Amberground is a land cloaked in perpetual darkness, where only the very rich get to live in (artificial) sunlight, and the only communication is conveyed by letters that are hand-delivered by letter bees. Gauche Suede is a letter bee sent to pick up and deliver a parcel, only to discover that it's not a package, but a little boy named Lag Seeing, who has a special gift of his own.

Manga Kamishibai: The Art of Japanese Paper Theater
September 1, 2009
Publisher: Abrams
History of the Japanese traditional way of telling story using Kamishibai, or stories told by a story teller only showing the audience pictures.

MariaHolic Vol. 1
September 8, 2009
Publisher: TokyoPop
Kanako has a fear of boys -- so much so she breaks out into hives if a guy even touches her. To fulfill her yuri fantasies of finding a cute girlfriend, Kanaoko enrolls in an all-girl academy. There she meets Mariya, a cute girl who fits the bill, but much to her surprise (and dismay!), Mariya is actually a cross-dressing boy with sadistic tendencies.

Shoujo Art Studio
September 8, 2009
Publisher: Watson-Gupthill / Random House
Manga artist Yishan Li provides aspiring artists with the tools to create shojo manga stories on their computer. The CD included with the book provide page templates, screentones, poseable characters and ready-made backgrounds to create a shojo manga stories.

Only One Wish
September 8, 2009
Publisher: Del Rey Manga
According to the legend, if you look in the mirror at midnight, you'll see an email address. Send your wish to that address and an angel will make your wish come true. Four girls get their wishes granted in the four short stories included in Only One Wish -- but in addition to that, there's also a bonus story featuring some of the characters from Tokyo Mew Mew making a cameo.

CSI: Intern At Your Own Risk
September 8, 2009
Publisher: TokyoPop
The story is set in Las Vegas, as new CSI intern Kiyomi tries to solve a murder that may have been committed by one of the other teen interns in her group. How do you catch a killer who knows all the tricks of criminal forensics?

Tale of the Waning Moon Vol. 1
September 15, 2009
Publisher: Yen Press
Ryuka got jilted by his girlfriend -- so after drowning his sorrows at a bar, he makes a plea to the heavens for true love. Ixto, the spirit of the waning moon appears before Ryuka to tell him that his wish is granted -- and gives him a selection of men to choose as his next beau. Ryuka is beyond horrified that his wish has been misunderstood -- and more than a little uneasy that Ixto is also attracted to him.

Yotsuba&! Vol. 1 - 6
September 15, 2009
Publisher: Yen Press
Green-haired Yotsuba is new to the neighborhood, but sometimes this 5-year old acts like she's new to this planet! With each hilarious new discovery, Yotsuba reminds all of us to "enjoy everything!"

Silent Mobius: Complete Edition Vol. 1
September 16, 2009
Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Silent Möbius is a sci-fi action series that focuses on an all-female police force, the "Attacked Mystification Police Force" (AMP) that's charged with protecting Tokyo from an invasion of extra-dimensional creatures called Lucifer Hawks.

Cigarette Kisses
September 23, 2009
Publisher: Deux Press / Aurora
Yusuke and Soji have been pals since junior high -- but what Soji doesn't know is that Yusuke is in love with him. When Soji announces his marriage, Yusuke is crushed and the pair part ways. Cut to years later, as these two young men discover that they both work at the same company. As they rekindle their friendship over smoke breaks, things get complicated when a new (male) rival for Soji's affections appears.

Moyasimon Vol. 1
September 29, 2009
Publisher: Del Rey Manga
Tadayasu Sawaki is just your everyday college freshman, starting his first semester at an agricultural university. However, unlike his fellow students, Tadayasu has a secret: he can see (and talk to!) bacteria. As his professors and classmates find out about his abilities, Tadayasu discovers that he's not the oddest oddball in his college.
*special note* Stephen, a well known translator from MangaScreeners translated this */special note*

A Distant Neighborhood Vol. 1 & 2
September 30, 2009
Publisher: Fanfare - Ponent Mon
A middle-aged business man finds himself transported back to his middle-school days, with all of his adult memories intact. As he relives his past, he discovers new information about his family, his classmates and himself that just might change his future.

Releases in October

Karakuri Odette Vol. 1
October 1, 2009
Publisher: TokyoPop
Karakuri means "puppet," so Karakuri Odette is about a female robot who goes to high school to learn how to be human. Odette is a lot stronger than your average schoolgirl, and a little dense to the ways of high school life. Needless to say, she hasn't quite got that "ordinary school girl" thing down, so of course, hilarity ensues.

The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga

October 1 , 2009
Publisher: Abrams ComicArts
This luxe, oversized hardcover book presents tons of artwork by the master and insights on his life and his work for manga and comics fans, old and new.

Yu-Gi-Oh R Vol. 1

October 6, 2009
Publisher: Shonen Jump / VIZ Media
Mutou Yuugi defeated Pegasus at Duelist Kingdom. Now Pegasus's heir, Tenma Yakou, wants revenge. He takes over Kaiba Corporation while Kaiba Seto is in America. He challenges Yuugi to a duel and wins using a spectacular but mysterious god card, and then kidnaps Anzu! Thus, Yuugi has no choice but to accept Tenma's challenge. He must duel against and pass thirteen duel professors at KC to reach Tenma and beat him.

Akira Volume 1
October 13, 2009
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
In a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, a gang of biker punks live on the edge, looking for the next thrill. But they're playing with fire, as they learn that the destruction of Tokyo has its roots in a government experiment gone wrong and a mysterious boy named Akira.

The Ghost in the Shell Volume 1
October 13, 2009
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
In the 21st century of Ghost in the Shell, machines are an integral part of everyday life, to the point where cybernetic components enhance the abilities of humans to create a new breed of superhuman beings. But where there are machines, there are hackers; including one who seeks to take control of the man/machine interface.

Oh! My Brother Vol. 1
October 13, 2009
Publisher: CMX Manga
Masago is shy and quiet. Her brother Shiro is popular and outgoing. When her brother sacrifices his life to save her from an oncoming truck, Masago is devastated. But when her brother's spirit decides to take up residence in her body, Masago must deal with his outbursts and unwanted "advice" from beyond.

Boys Over Flowers: Jewelry Box
October 13, 2009
Publisher: VIZ Media
After 36 volumes of Boys Over Flowers, Yoko Kamio bid goodbye to her poor but spunky heroine Tsukushi, her headstrong and rich boyfriend, Domyoji and the rest of his super rich, super suave pals, the F4 posse. But Volume 36 wasn't the end of this story. Boys Over Flowers: Jewelry Box picks things up a year later -- how have things changed for these characters? Find out in this sequel to this long-running shojo series.

The Rough Guide to Manga
October 19, 2009
Publisher: Rough Guides
Honolulu Star-Bulletin columnist Jason Yadao takes on the challenge of introducing the wonderful world of manga to newbies with The Rough Guide to Manga. Besides explaining the history and the terminology of Japanese comics, Yadao has also selected his choices for the 50 Must-Read Manga. This should be interesting!

Rin-Ne Vol. 1

October 20, 2009
Publisher: Shonen Sunday / VIZ Media
Sakura Mamiya has always been able to see ghosts -- but when she meets red-headed Rin-Ne Rokudo, she finds that she isn't the only one with this talent. The difference is, Rin-Ne comes from the land of the afterlife, and while he's very much alive, he's got his work cut out for him as he tries to send stubborn spirits to the great beyond.

What a Wonderful World! Vol. 1 & 2
October 20, 2009
Publisher: VIZ Signature / VIZ Media
A college dropout gets shaken out of her twenty-something ennui as a series of strange and wonderful events occur around her. Mysterious, humorous, magical and tragic all at the same time, What A Wonderful World offers a series of short stories that remind us that living can be the greatest adventure of all.

Soul Eater Vol. 1
October 27, 2009
Publisher: Yen Press
Maka is a weapons meister in training -- her goal is to turn her scythe Soul Eater into a full-fledged weapon worthy of Death himself. But to accomplish that, she and Soul Eater must gather 99 tainted souls and 1 witch's soul -- and needless to say, that ain't all that easy...

The Official xxxHolic Guide
October 27, 2009
Publisher: Del Rey Manga
The Official xxxHolic Guide provides fans with a companion guide to this supernatural manga series. Discover the secrets of the magical world of Yuko, Kimihiro, Dômeki, learn about the origins of the series, meet the characters, the creators and see sketches and full-color illustrations created by this super-star manga-ka collective.

Hero Tales Vol. 1

October 27, 2009
Publisher: Yen Press
Stubborn and a little rough around the edges, Taitou is the last of his peers to complete his coming of age ceremony -- and for his troubles, he is presented with an ancient sword that he'll only be able to unsheathe if he becomes a true hero. He'll get his chance as he encounters seven celestial beings who hold the balance of peace and chaos in their hands.

Age Called Blue
October 28, 2009
Publisher: NetComics
Nick and Billy have been pals, roommates and bandmates for years, but Nick has been quietly hoping that his relationship with Billy could be something more. One day, the other bandmates give Billy a heartbreaking ultimatum: he must kick out Nick, or give up a rare chance at stardom.

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#1. by wccrawford ()
Posted on Sep 10, 2009
The 'Shojo Art Studio' isn't what I thought it would be at all. When they say 'everything you need to make your own shojo manga', they aren't exagerating. Even the ART is included on a disc. I thought it was going to teach you to draw it yourself, but it doesn't. It's a -very- high quality book, though... If just making a shojo manga (with no drawing, or minimal drawing of your own) is what you're looking for, I definitely recommend it.
#2. by Revilenigma ()
Posted on Sep 10, 2009
Akira and GITS are getting re-released? fucking sweet!!!
#3. by Mr. Death ()
Posted on Sep 10, 2009
TB FTW.,....
#4. by futari ()
Posted on Sep 10, 2009
I didn't know MariaHolic was licensed, time to buy that volume :D
#5. by Doragon ()
Posted on Sep 10, 2009
What a wonderful World! <333333
#6. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Sep 11, 2009
Juushin Enbu (Hero Tales) got released!? \o/
I never though it'd be popular enough!

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