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Learn Japanese For $0.00! And Keep the Change!

+ posted by njt in Shout-Outs on Oct 14, 2009 17:57

Wanting to learn Japanese but need a guide to do so? Then look no further! For the low low price of FREE you can get started on the language you associate with chicken scratches and, oh yeah, Manga!

Topics featured:

1. Syntax
2. Verb Grammar
3. More Verb Grammar
4. Particles
5. Counters
6. Language Patterns

And the appendices:

1. Set Phrases
2. Conjugation Schemes
3. Glossary

The author, Pomax, is an old friend of mine who has even written an article featured here about the Art of Translation. He has a passion for helping people understand Japanese, as can be seen from taking the time to write a complete 354 (increased from before) page book on learning it, and hopes that his book can help you or anyone you know on your way. So start reading it online, or download the PDF to read it offline. If you have any questions or would like to get to know Pomax hop into irc.irchighway.net and join channel #nihongo and you'll generally find him there.

Anyway enough reading this post and more starting Learning Japanese since any Japanese speaker will tell you, manga is SO much better read in the original language. So what are you waiting for?! Find out what you've been missing in your life, today!

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0 members and 3 guests have thanked njt for this news
#1. by ibn. ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
Thank you.

I don't know when or if I'll have a chance to read this guide. But thank you.
#2. by wccrawford ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
It's a little on the dry side, but all the information I read so far was spot-on and well-put, so I'm sure I'll be reading through and seeing what I can learn from him. Thanks for posting about this.
#3. by y A M A T O ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
thank you so much for this opportunity
#4. by shikamaru9494 ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
I really needed this!
I'm gonna get started right now!!!
#5. by Tahir ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
thanks a lot :D
#6. by leafです ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
Hm... Only one site. D:
I use another site with this one because it is easier and seems better.
The other site is the second link after googling,"learn japanese."
>.> Why am I even commenting this? D:

#7. by garalord ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
#8. by fraugos ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
i´ll try to learn, thanks
#9. by Exodi ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
I like this.
I'll try and find some time to do this.
#10. by Galooza ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
I'm taking beginner's Japanese at the moment so this is gold. Arigato gozaimasu!
#11. by big_p ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
Sweet Deal. Thanks.
#12. by Olthyer ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2009
Hurray! I started to learn Japanese not too long ago, and I 'm serious about it. Thank you very much fot the book! It looks very precise.
#13. by DrPepperPro ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2009
I'll donate the change to this website then- oh.
#14. by coolcola ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2009
many 3ks
#15. by Lyra Belaqua ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2009
I tried reading this book years ago but I just found it to be extremely boring and difficult to understand. In the end it taught me nothing because I couldn't concentrate on it. I much prefer Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese, that one is gold.
#16. by leeyandrow ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2009
Wow! Thanks...:)
#17. by Zyki ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2009
Thank you! Now i can improve my japanese language skills
#18. by KaitoKief ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2009
the guide is awesome
i'm learning japanese for quite a while
#19. by Neku ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2009
Hay Thanks

it's pretty awesome^^

respect *thump up*
#20. by tonidadhaba ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2009
Awesome, I was searching for exactly something like this.
Please if you have some info...keep posted.
#21. by fraktal ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2009
And classes for spanish?
#22. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2009
Very impressive work! It's clear a lot of work went into this and Pomax definitely has a talent for writing educational text.
#23. by kyelina-chan ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2009
oh!! thank you so much!! i hope i can get some free time soon so i can start reading and learning a bit... this is such a great help!!!! so, once more, thank you very much!!
#24. by Harlett ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2009
Sounds interesting.
I hope get some time to read it~
#25. by Cohaku ()
Posted on Oct 17, 2009
Thanks! I'm using it already and I can see that I've made some progress =D
#26. by tonigobe ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2009
Extremely awesome! Always looking for new sources. Bookmarking it for my reference! Thank you!
#27. by jmangeo ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2009
Oh, this is great! thank you so much! I'm learning verbs and grammar so it's very usefull.
#28. by sirius_fasha ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
thanks very much for this! ^___^
#29. by M-F-Team ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2009
Very interresting thanks you so much !!! I always wanted learn Japanese
#30. by Farfalla (The Witch of Drama)
Posted on Apr 29, 2010
Thank you!
#31. by thornofcarrion (The Original)
Posted on Apr 30, 2010
Thanks njt. Quite informative.
#32. by lunacat ()
Posted on Apr 30, 2010
that's awesome, i'll try it out and hopefully come back to translate manga directly from japanese :p. thanks a lot guys^^
#33. by barcelona ()
Posted on May 1, 2010
thank you so much
#34. by dragon132004 ()
Posted on May 2, 2010
Awesome mate... Thanks a lot for the good efforts into making this cool online book, I was searching for something like this.
#35. by digi34 ()
Posted on May 5, 2010
Thanks a lot, not sure when I'll get to read all of it but i will. :]
#36. by Assha ()
Posted on May 10, 2010
*bows* thank you. After all this time picking up pieces and little bits of the language while not being able to figure out how exactly the grammar works, it seems like this will set my poor brain to rest. XD So thank you, and thank you so much to Pomax as well.

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