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Win One Piece Volume #0!!

+ posted by njt in Site News on Dec 23, 2009 20:58

We're excited about the new year and to kick it off with a blast we're starting a MH New Year's count down!! At the end of it, one lucky member will win One Piece Volume #0!!

Considering these volumes were selling for 150.00 in the auctions, we're not going to give 'em away that easy. No-sir-- We're going to make you work for it :D.

Well, it's not *that* bad. Here's the rules:

1) You must have an account at MH - Pretty easy! Just Sign up.
2) Post in this news post saying why you love One Piece!
3) Follow MH on Twitter.
4) Announce this contest by including this in your tweet - @mangahelpers #mhgiveaway and this http://bit.ly/7L4xlS link. Here's an example of what you could say:

There's a contest going on at @mangahelpers to win the one piece volume #0! more info: http://bit.ly/7L4xlS and #mhgiveaway
5) Post in this thread linking to 1) your twitter account, 2) a link to your twitter post tweeting/twittering about the contest, and 3) a link to your first reply to one of MH's twitter prompts. (Just read the thread, it explains it in detail.)

That's all!

Starting today and lasting until New Year's Eve we'll have a theme for you to tweet about. If you do it, and post again in that same thread, you'll be entered in the contest again for a total of 9 times! Remember, each subsequent reply to MH's twitter prompt should be posted in the same forum as a new reply with a link to the twitter post.

We'll pick the winner by having a random number drawing. If the number drawn is linked to your post in the thread, that makes you the winner!

That's it :D. So it's based completely on luck! But remember, the more days you participate, the higher chance you'll have for winning!

Today's themed twitter post is this:

What Christmas present would make you *this* moved? - to the point of tears?

For those of you who are being stumped on this one you can write it like this:
I'd look like Luffy http://bit.ly/8I2unD if I got~ for xmas. @mangahelpers #mhgiveaway

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#1. by Duval ()
Posted on Dec 23, 2009
One Piece reminds me of all those wild, fantastical stories that my parents and grandparents used to tell me when I was still a child. I would marvel over them as my mind created these unbelievable worlds to traverse. Fast forward to 5 years ago and, all of a sudden, I'm being pulled back into new locations as interesting, if not more so, than the ones I was so fond of as a child. Eiichiro Oda's mind is wacky in the best of ways and so I'm extremely glad that I was able to latch on to the gem that is One Piece.
#2. by lucipher701 ()
Posted on Dec 23, 2009
Oh, i got my hopes up there :/

Well i suppose i'll pass on this event then, good luck to the lucky bastage who does win =D
#3. by lucifell ()
Posted on Dec 23, 2009
I despise one piece. But I'm sure someone would be willing to pay $200+ for it. Does that make me a bad person? I hope it does. *smirk*
#4. by Amida ()
Posted on Dec 23, 2009
I love One Piece for many reasons. I was instantly hooked on this manga from start to where I caught up. It took me a total of 3 days when the manga was around 500 chapters in(Day 1: between 150-200 chapters, Day 2: a little over 200 chapters, day 3: the rest). While that makes me somewhat new to the One Piece fan kingdom, it's because I usually don't pay attention to popular shonen manga. A friend told me I'd like One Piece, so I gave it a try.

I've always loved pirates and treasure stories, and One Piece is the best of them all. The story is amazing, I love how everything flows and characters from 200 chapters past show up and have a huge impact on the story! The characters are all lovable and comedic in one way or another, and none of my favorite characters have died (a rarity in the extreme). The art fits the story perfectly and is very humorous. Pretty much everything (from my critic's standpoint) is perfectly put together in this manga.

From a fans perspective...I love the action and the characters. One Piece is rare in shonen manga's in that the story moves by multiple character's goals, not just one. It also has an ever changing dynamic world that no other shonen can compare to. Bleach and Naruto (it's chief rivals) pale in comparison in terms of lore and information the author has given us pertaining to One Piece. My favorite character is Brook, though I think I'll really like Dragon whenever he comes into the story.

So yeah...One Piece is amazing...and I love it.
#5. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Dec 23, 2009
Ehhh why not do it? :p
Don't want to tweet it up? :3
#6. by dancore13 ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
In the spring of 2009 I Daniel Gilstrap read ONE PIECE. I read the whole series including the original pilot even though I had already seen the anime up until the crocodile arc and had scene several amv's on youtube. I read the whole manga. It's quite hard. The speed of One Piece doesn't pick up until after the crocodile arc but before it's still a good manga.

The first arc where Luffy meets Nami,Ussop,Zoro,Sanjii, and Chopper are great. The backstories are terrific amazing and heart felt. Each arc the character grows and is manipulated a bit to grow into Luffy's crew. Fights are even better. The villains in the first part of One Piece are quite whacky and out there Such as Buggy or the Marines and Kurahadol. Buggy is a clown the marines are kind of flawed in the beginning and Kurahadol has this whole cat theme. Also everyone looks a little funnier in the beginning. Don Krieg is a villain in One Piece I don't care too much about. Unlike the first villains he is not too comedic and unlike the future villains of the series he is not scary or intimidating. Then we introduce Arlong and Crocodile both very fierce Arlong is a fishman all superbeings where it seemed they all might be impossible to beat. Arlong after a tough fight was defeated but Luffy nearly died fighting Crocodile both times, but in the end he one. This portion of the story includes the first two major story sagas Blue Seas saga and the Baroque Works saga.

When One Piece entered the Skypiea saga the artstyle of the story becamed more solidified. The Skypiea saga is amazing. Robin joins the crew in this saga. I love the whole pirate crews surrounded with a monkey theme they look amazing and were quite funny. Then the pirates actually went to the island of angels and gods. Each character is unique and the dials are so much fun i wish we had them in real life. The angle wings are the most unique style I have seen on an angel in a manga ever possibly. More than the design of the characters in this part the scenery is beautiful and quite breathtaking. The fights between Enel and his disciples and the Straw hat crew are nice I enjoyed the pudgy gunmen the most out of the two groups.

CP9 is the best story saga in ONE PIECE. The fights and mystery of CP9 Franky the robotic shipwright. THE FIGHT BETWEEN LUFFY AND USSOP with both parties having the intent of defeating the other. USSOP became one of my favorite characters not the fave but up there after this fight. ROB LUCCI versus Luffy. SECOND GEAR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Robin's secret history. This portion of One Piece is to hard to explain why i love if you. Reading this saga leaves a manga lover speechless.

The Thriller Bark arc was ok I liked nightmare Luffy and Brook's song. Afterwards One Piece kind of winds down the intesity. The Sabaody Park and the return of Hatchan was nice. The idea of the eleven supernovas is also cool both Zoro and Luffy are a members.The current saga has left a lot of questions in the series like why did the crew have to be separated and the Marines. The current story arc is good and I'm happy that ace finally wants to live again and I want Jimbei to join Luffy's crew. The current fight between whitebeard and the marines is cool but I wish for it to end so the crew can be united .

One Piece in word is AWESOME but awesome isn't enough to describe my love for this series. The fights the characters the covers the art the story the pirates. Everything in this series is amazing and at moments breathtaking. Too me this is my number 2 manga underneath my fave manga shaman king. Shaman King will always be number one because it was my first manga love but One Piece i grew too love and still am able to love. One Piece is the master piece manga written by Eiichiro Oda. Because of this masterpiece like any works of Hiroyukei Takeis once One Piece is done I will be happy to read anything he makes even a shojo manga I would read anything he writes this series is that good


#7. by Anti-panda ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
Why do i love one piece?

Because in a world where there are great Drama manga's ... Action Manga's .. Comedy Manga's .. and Adventure manga's..

One piece is on a VERY very short list of manga's that manages to be all of these type of manga's .. and succeeds in doing them all well .. So many times a manga is a awesome Shonen (fighting) / Adventure manga .. but the Comedy seems misplaced or inappropriate .. or simply brings you out of the story.

Or the opposite is true .. a Manga is genuinely funny but trys to add shonen elements that kinda feel out of place or are half assed.

To me one piece doesn't do either of these things .. It manages to keep the action and drama up .. without ever loosing it's silliness or humor.

When the drama's good (see luffy saying "ROBIN say you want to live" or the Death of Going Merry) it's Great.
When the comedy's good (See Brooke saying "May i see your panties to nami") it's great.
When the Action is Good (See the current story arc .. or CP9) it's great.

It's Very hard for a manga to be all these things. And not seem .. odd .. :P but Op does this all ... Also unlike certain manga like Naruto and bleach .. with each chapter .. I'm loving One piece more and more ..

I love the current arcs more than I did anything in east blue when OP first started. And Given the current plot I'm doubting that it will ramp down anytime soon.

Eiichiro Oda is a God of Mangaka. ^_^

In Oda We Trust Follow Me to the Sea of Dreams. ^_^

Now since i don't really Tweet .. I wont be winning Vol 0 ...
But I love OP that much I had to post this ... It's my Absolute Favorite Manga.
#8. by lucipher701 ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
Heh, quite.

Though i am somewhat of a OP fan. The story is phenominal, as is the artwork (if not a little cluttered sometimes). I've read the bonus chapter and am unable to read japanese so owning the volume itself would merely be to satisfy some collecters urge of mine (one i'm currently lacking : p)
I wish everybody who does enter the best of luck ^^
#9. by Higurashi ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009

volumen #0

one piece?!


#10. by xRANDOM ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
why? Because One Piece IS One Piece.
That's why it's so awesome. :-D
#11. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
Why do I love One Piece? - I guess for the very same reason so many people love it: it's not just your regular Shounen Manga but it's a journey, it throws you in a world of adventures and dreams and it captivates and fascinates you to the very core!

Eiichiro Oda realizes so many, many things we have all dreamed of, be it as little boys and girls or nowadays. And it's not just that! Yes, One Piece is fun and adventure but it's also drama and epic on its best. Oda is a master of all those genres, constantly pushing himself to the limits and far, far beyond them. Whenever you feel like you know where that person will lead his story, he'll blow you away with his inventiveness and his sense for dramaturgy. I guess that is the main reason why I love this series so damn much, because I feel like Eiichiro Oda is somewhat the perfect author for it. [It may sound strange but I guess there's just no one who could pull this story like Oda does...that man is a fountain of creativity!尾田っちは最高だ!!]

For that reason, One Piece has been my main fandom for nearly 10 years. I started the German One Piece Wikipedia with three other guys years ago and by now it's turned into the biggest One Piece homepage in Europe. We've reached several thousands of fans and we still do, day by day. I even started learning Japanese on that occasion, so I could read One Piece in its original language and I'd be able to approach the series in a more direct way.

To cut a long story short: I love it because you just have to love it! One Piece combines all a good Shounen Manga needs to offer and combines it in a perfect mix!! Even after 12 years it's still as amazing and refreshing like it's used to be in the beginnings; in fact Oda's just like some crazy Saiyajin boosting it far, faaaar beyond the limits...(to over 9000~)
#12. by skjoldd ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
One piece was one of the first manga's i ever read. and also the thing i read as a little kid and learned to read with. but then when i was about 12 years old i stopped reading manga, until a year and a half ago. and One piece was one of the animes/manga that got me to read manga again. i then later began to draw my self and now I'm a hard core manga reader / anime watcher^^ the reason i like it is because of the way it's draw the whole story and the fact that there are good pirates. and it never gets boring =) (well exept for the fillers in the anime=p)
#13. by chauinc ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I like One piece because the story has never been bland in over ten years.
#14. by Akiyama ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I <3 One Piece because of the epic story telling that Oda comes up with in that genius brain of his. This manga will make you laugh and bring you to tears. The action is well mixed together in smart battles with unique characters. Luffy has to have one of the best fighting spirits of all time. One Piece is a masterpiece.
#15. by BinkyChan105 ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
Hmm.. the reason why i like OP...its a good question but why not like it:).
there are some many reasons why i like it! *takes deep breath*.How can I exlplain
without sounding stupid (a little shy because i am new)^^; .So before i read one piece I watched it, in elementary on 4kids(i didnt know that people hated the dub so much) but thats when they didnt show it no more or i dropped it because i was going to jr high, and that i had cable.lol. i really liked it, i mean loved it! so when i entered high school i was into anime still so i checked it out. i founded the manga and some episodes online too, and really gotten heavy in it!!no really!!so i guess that was the start of my life of OP.

but the reason i love OP is because its so vividly!!! the characters!!the islands!!the battles!!the thills of reading a book of adventures!!the animals!!the art!! Its just that when you read it, its full of adventures and dreams you wish you could do!when i read it i wish i could live a free life like that instead of going to school and doing homework (which is boring.we all went there).It makes me jumps outta my seat for some reason and gets me energizes!!it makes me want to travel more and see the world!!with its well drawn backrounds,originality, and the devil friut's powers too, which i like luffy's and robin's.The way that oda sensei draws is it so epic!! the way he draws his imagination into the pages and giving it to his readers wishing them that his work can help others live their life to the fullest like making freinds and such Which helped me since i am a freshmen. His work is filled with laughter and emotions that could bring you to tears (one or twiced to me). And with a dose of the importance of friendship which is what all the strawhats have in common. It'll never bore you! but what i really love about One piece is that it makes me LOVE all the the things that i usually hate!:).now i dont have a favorite animal, because i like them all no matter what shape or size!! same goes with colors!!(i still like green) and its so cartoony with its art that it influeced my art where i am, like ,actually drawing everyday to top it to the point i feel like bakuman!!XD.i think i wanna become a manga artist if i can pratice japanese more. but whatever the case is! it chages the way i think of life and earth that it is apart of my world.i am srry if
my typing suck but i cant help it .Its soo AWSHUME!!!

and even if i dont win, i want the other people who also try hard to do their best of luck to win too!!;3
#16. by wilstreak ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I love One Piece because it never became so boring especially start from Water 7 arc. There are always an unexpected event happens ,so we can't predict what will happen in the future.
The Story too is very interesting . Sometimes it makes you mad like when Spandine destroy Ohara ,sometimes it makes you cry tear like when Straw Hats give a good bye to Going Merry.
And when its comes to Whitebeard Wars Arc, wow damn,this is the best part I have ever seen in Manga history. Imagine all the Strongest villain and friend lined up in one place starting for a great war. There are many character there who is far more stronger than the main character. Have you ever seen it in other manga? Nope,because in other manga ,the main character is always good enough to defeat all the stronger opponent with just their stupid nonsense spirit or just by luck. In this part,We were told that spirit enough can get you to nowhere if you don't have enough power, as showed that even Luffy with his high unimaginable spirit still can't get him to save his brother. Just try to change Luffy with someone,I just say Ichigo from Bleach or Natsu from Fairy Tail,I'm sure that without Whitebeard's help ,he still being able to save Ace.
In term of power or ability,sure One Piece wasn't realistic(like the other manga ),but in term of story, One Piece is still the most realistic after all. No matter how hard you try to improve yourself,there is still anyone who stronger/better than you.
Other is,in other manga ,the enemy introduced will be the next enemy the main protagonist will fight against. Example,in Naruto,when Jiraiya tell about Akatsuki,not so long after and suddenly Itachi came and they have fight. But in One Piece,some character introduced will remain a mysteries until for about a decades maybe(Dragon part, he was first shown in Logue Town,its about 8years ago I think and up until now that characters is still a mystery).
Well,there are so many great point of One Piece. If I were to give point out of 10 i will give it infinite/10.
#17. by Chibi_Fluffy ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I love One Piece because its One Piece!

If you like Pirates, you just have to love One Piece.

If you like legends and fairytales, you have to love One Piece.

Even if you dont like One Piece, if you really read it you'd like something about it.

Its just one of the greatest manga I have ever read!
#18. by miranu ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
Mhh.. One Piece is my favourite manga.. and I'm very picky, so that must mean it's fantastic XD

Pirates are cool, though Luffy and the gang is not really pirates, they're much like adventurers. But the things they do are making me think: being a pirate is fun.

One Piece has a very good story filled with drama, comedy and breathtaking action.
Funny thing is, on another forum, we're using "OPIC", instead of "EPIC", when we read a great chapter /mostly every chapter was OPIC in the last half year.. I think/
Btw it has good characters too. The protagonsits and the villains are balanced perfectly, and you can love both of them :D

One Piece is the current King of shounen mangas, and that's a fact :)
#19. by SlashNMA ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I love One Piece because of his characters and history, the only manga who can move me from tears to laughs in a couple of pages...
#20. by Raichu ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
Wow at those lenghty comments,
I love One Piece,but I don't have a Twitter and I don't feel like signing up for one,aha.
Argh,I give up,the temptation caught me,so I'll do it >___>--I created a Twitter account just for this ._.

Anyhow,I'll state my reason:

I began reading One Piece not long ago(2 months or so),I was always afraid of those lenghty chapters at first,and of getting lost,but soon after,I was addicted fast.The early art didn't catch my attention,it was kind of weird stylized.But soon after a week of reading,I grew fond of it and thus to me,the art is really unique and great!The comedy shaped there is really--well done!There is not a single time that I wouldn't laugh-And the drawings were suited for it.The world-the organization,everything was really interesting.It's also probably among one of the weirdest and the unique mangas among those that I've read!
#21. by seishi ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
One piece is awesome and I like it so much because it has a well desined plot and it is always so much fun to ready it!! Every character is so much fun =D

I want one piece volume 0: http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1727413#post1727413
#22. by ghaghagha ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
One Piece, teach me to live by my dreams .
i love One Piece, and Oda too .
2 thumbs up for you Oda .
#23. by ryujiikata ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
One Piece is an amazing story that manages to have lots of heart and lots of tough love all rolled into one. Any good story appeals to people of all ages, and OP is one of those. How do I know this? Well, I started reading the series when I was in middle school (8th Grade), and now I'm a senior in college! Most of the stories I started reading then have become shallow or I lost interest in them- but not One Piece. It's always been a big source of entertainment and joy in life, especially with this bleak economy. It's amazing to see a manga like it exist.
#24. by Yuber ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I love One Piece because it has everything a good Shonen Manga must have.
Comedy, action, adventures, a good plot, good twists, and excellent character designs and growth.
#25. by Banana Joe ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
One Piece is a part of my life for more than 6 years now, considering that im 18 now it`s a third of my whole life.
Every time I read a chapter of Oda`s genuis work I simply feel impressed. A reson why I don`t post much about One Piece is that I just can`t say anything bad about it. I`m a fuckin Fanboy.
#26. by KayalhawK ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
The main reasons I love One Piece:

One piece is hilarious and random, but at the same time Oda creates emotionally touching and bonding moments! They delve into the characters' backstories and make it very hard to pick a favorite character out of the bunch because you love everybody soooo much!
#27. by kotelo ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2009
Well, first of all I'm from Chile, so my english is not perfect xD
I love One Piece for many reasons, this story have something special, I feel like a kid every time I read this manga and I enjoy every second reading it.
I have to say something... at first I was a Naruto-fanboy and the first time I saw One Piece was on cable television, but something was not right in this new series, the dialogues were stupid, the soundtrack did not fit and had parts that did not agree. So I rejected this anime, but then I saw the truth thanks to YouTube (God bless that site) the Japanese version kicks ass, then I heard about the bad job of 4kids and began to see this series, for now read the manga.

One Piece sends me to my childhood, where great adventures, brave heroes and fierce enemies face for his ideals, is not even comparable to Dragon Ball (one-eyed king in the land of the blind), I mean, One Piece is just greatest manga ever, long life Eiichiro Oda-sensei.

Please, I want that volume :D!
#28. by Syphilias ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2009
One piece is awesome because there are so many characters. Each of them have their own unique qualities. It's perhaps the most original set of characters that I have seen in any manga. I'm really hoping to win that issue #0 if not for the read, then to collect!
#29. by graficool ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2009
i kinda like something that can make me move to tears, and this manga is one of them.,

not just the manga, but also the anime, movie :D

well, not just that tho, interesting art, unique imaginations, lovely moments, and so on :D

especeially nami and robin <3

this is the best manga ive ever read :D
#30. by RodReilly ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2009
One Piece is a great manga series, with the best characters' background stories that I have ever seen. It's amazing how Eichiiro Oda has brought us so many great chapters in 10 years, and there seems to be a lot more to come. Definitely, a great manga.
#31. by eriko1254 ()
Posted on Dec 26, 2009
i got ONE yesterday!! i watched the movie and i was given~

just show the ticket and they'll give you the manga and one piece battle card!! :)

*pictures @ Facebook~
add me up, if you want to see~
#32. by devilpyro ()
Posted on Dec 26, 2009
not interested

just kidding :D, sure i like one piece but to be honest theres about 10-20 manga i like more than this. i guess hmm.. 6/10 in my opinion hohoho
#33. by 1mustkarleksliv ()
Posted on Dec 26, 2009
I LOVE One Piece because its unpredictable and hilarious. Everything is well thought out by Oda and makes for an incredible manga.
#34. by afromonkey ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
There are a lot of reasons why i love One Piece!

First of all, One Piece teach me about friendship, and teach me how to be a good teenager...

One Piece really shows me the real world, where some people just looking for power to rule their world, they're bad... then Luffy teaches me just to enjoy this world just like an unpredictable adventure... looking for freedom and friends.. not fame. that's cool!

Zorro and Sanji teach me how to be a real man... lot of actions.. less talk.. believe in friends.. do what we can do, just like Sanji said in Enies Lobby Arc.. In a lot of problems we have to understand the situation and do what we can do to help group or organization to solve those problems... Sanji teaches me how to appreciate woman too! that's romantic!

Chopper and Ussop teaches me to be braver, not letting our fear hold us back... they believe that they ara strong too.. in different way... they make me believe that each of us even if we have a lot of weaknesses we still have one strength that we need to dig more inside ourself..


then about the story.. One Piece is really different from other Manga.. i just follow One Piece actually. hehehe.. b'cos it has unpredictable plot.. and the most amazing things is the stories is always connected.. just like Dragon, he actually appears in Logue Town, but Oda tell us who he really is after Enies Lobby Arc.. that's cool..
And now, we know that Mr. 2 saves Luffy again and Buggy the Clown gonna make some history in this war i guess...

One Piece also show us about this world, when human trafficking really happens, discrimination everywhere, conspiracy to take down country, people fight for land, and One Piece also teach me to appreciate transvetite! via Mr. 2 and Iva, because sometimes this world underestimate and discriminate them..especially in my country...

woooow... there are a lot more reason why i love one piece... hehehe..

and i guess one piece is my second Bilble.. hehehe.. it really teaches me a lot

thanks Oda!

Viva La Oda!
#35. by fishbot ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
The Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is to be the greatest manga out there ever. I believe that it's fairly surpassing Akira Toriyama's brilliant work and series said to be the forerunner for the most of modern shounen series - Dragonball. The work is absolutely flawless, for both the plot and an adorable lineart. The plot is parallel which is what makes One Piece such a persistent series. I do have hopes that it will not end until the chap 1000th.
#36. by ramzeska ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
I love One Piece, because of the awesome battles.
Luffy's team members have each various character and that's something you can't see in each manga series.
I mean Luffy and his friends have very special personality, that makes them better than other schematic manga characters.
Another thing is, that you don't know what happens next in Oda's World of One Piece, it makes you look forward to the new chapters.
The point is, the translation groups do have patience and motivation to bring us so many chapters of OP 'til nowadays :-)
When I saw OP on TV I thought: "WTF"?"....but after few eps I loved it XD
#37. by andyprue ()
Posted on Dec 28, 2009
If I were to truly, fully answer the reason to my love of One Piece, it would probably take me days.

It's not only the diverse cast of characters, the smooth but exciting flow of the story, the lively drawings, the beautiful sense of adventure, the hidden meaning behind every actions, the thoughtfulness of the author for us readers, the humor, the suspense and unexpectedness, or any wonderful characteristics of this manga, but maybe all of them together combined with *emotions*. Yes, it is those emotions packed into every page, every panel that completely win me over. Reading One Piece, I can feel love, hate, passion, depression, win, loss, happiness, and pain alike. Never before has any stories moved me so much, touched deep into my soul and made me *feel* with the characters like this. I have read many portraying such subjects before, but with One Piece, the feeling is unique, and strongest. And through them, I can believe and dream too.

It was One Piece that makes me feel "Life is wonderful". It is what has brought me optimism, convinced me to finally believe in myself, helped me stay strong. The great thing is, the lessons taught are not rubbing it in your face at all. They are obvious, yet subtle, so you can understand them slowly but surely; and before you know it you've already imprinted them in your mind. How the author can do such things is still a mystery to my mind.

I find myself a lucky person to have known of One Piece. I feel as if I'd found the light of my life, and I really, really wish it'd keep going strong to spread around this love.

</incoherent rambling>
#38. by lightsaber ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
I love One Piece just because it's the best manga serie in the whole world!!
Luffy has the soul a hero must have!!!!!!!!
#39. by Bugzee ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
I love One Piece because it's the best manga in the WORLD!!!!! :XD The thrills, the joys, the myths, the drama and the list goes on! Omg, so many things within OP world that still have to be explained and revealed to us!
#40. by Blant ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
I love one piece because no one is as awesome as Luffy, not even Bruce Campbell (...maybe).
#41. by staka ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
I wondered why people outside of Japan only loved Naruto and Bleach more than One Piece because One Piece is obviously has the greatest storyline, compiling everything from the past few volumes.

I think this volume 0 is pointless though. Only has one chapter which was already been part of the weekly issue of Shonen Jump, and some brief information about the movie because whoever got this went to watch the movie already.
#42. by ckeci ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2009
I love One Piece because it has the most funnyiest characters and its just funny. I also like it because it has great fights and great bad guys( i like crocodail). Luffy and Zoro are my favorite characters: i love them :D
#43. by terryakipirate ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2009
im going to spend my entire life to make manga so one i day i can meet my hero eiichiro oda sensei!!
#44. by RolfKaese ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2009
Simple Reason:

One Piece is the only shonen manga that amazes me with each chapter. No chapter is boring, almost each cliffhanger lets you off with a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- and lately a very high anticipation for the next chapter.
The only manga able to do that has been Berserk.

If Luffy would be trying to become the King of Shonen Manga, the series would've ended already.
#45. by soDeq05 ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2009
I love One Piece because I started to watch One Piece since 2000. The adventure of Luffy and his comrades always make me feel excited and enjoy to continue watching and reading this series. So far I already collected all One Piece manga volumes from vol 1-56. I love the action and the characters.

So yeah...One Piece is amazing...and I love it. XD
#46. by perroloco ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2009
I love ONE PIECE because it actually is different from every other Shonen title I have read, the plot doesn´t focus in just one character, and the whole World of the series is so diverse, kinda like a Super Mario game.

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