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Win One Piece Volume #0 Day 4

+ posted by njt in Site News on Dec 27, 2009 06:38

Another day closer to New Years, another day for a topic to tweet about :D.

As you can see, it's Usopp! And as his name portrays today's topic, it's about lying! (uso in japanese = lie)

Now on the internet, I'm sure everything you say is the whole truth, so why not go on the edge a bit and say a little fib; I'm sure no one will mind :D. Like your loyal followers :D.

Here's how you could say it:

Usopp has nothing on me; I've got 100 MILLION people in my crew :D.

Now, if you want your lie to be more believable, you could cut out the whole Usopp part and go:

The winner of the @mangahelpers contest is already over! I won!! #mhgiveaway

Remember to update the thread or there's no point in tweeting :p.

If you think you've missed out on your chance to win the volume because you weren't online to see the first news post, you're not too late! Just go read the previous news post, follow the directions and be entered for a chance (or 5 now) to win!!

Good luck!

(p.s. remember to include @mangahelpers and #mhgiveaway~~~)

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#1. by BinkyChan105 (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
haha!!first comment!! i notice that the themes are going in order that the straw hats joined.
hmm... does that means sanji will be next,right?
#2. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
*gaaaaaaaaaasp* you figured it out ><
#3. by Helltroll (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
Lol, Ussop got nothing on me. My crew is composed of at least 1000 people who'll spam @mangahelpers and #mhgiveaway for me.
#4. by BinkyChan105 (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
Hahahaha! i knew it *cross arms and laugh superior*i wonder whats sanji's theme going to be? this is going to be AWSHUME!!!
#5. by JapanmanXV (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
Usopp got nothing on me, as i got more than 300 million people to suport me as i am the leader of the world and i'll force mangahelpers and #mhgiveaway for me.
#6. by skjoldd (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
I hacked @mangahelpers #mhgiveaway and deleted all other entries!
#7. by kaizoku king (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 28, 2009
i stole someone's socks with their shoes on ( did this just for fun0
#8. by dancore13 (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 28, 2009
FAF (Funny as F@#$) Ussop has nothing on me for I run Apple and have the new Iphone
#9. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Dec 28, 2009
I hope you guys know that you're supposed to write these replies on twitter and not on the news post. ^_^

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