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Warner Bros to develop Live Action Bleach movie

+ posted by Hermie in Manga News on Mar 22, 2010 19:37

News have surfaced that Warner Bros. have started development on a live action adaptation of Bleach.

The director producer they've attached to the project is Peter Segal, who is an obvious fit for Bleach, having previously directed such "masterpieces" as Get Smart and The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.

Details are sparse, as this project is still in the planning stages, but suffice to say, they will have to work hard if the fans of the manga are to be pleased.

As far as the storyline goes, they will probably go with something like "Introduce Ichigo, Introduce Rukia, switch power, they both get in trouble from the Soul Society, but in the end, Ichigo saves the day by killing a big Hollow, The End." I can't see how they could cram the establishment of all the captains, not to mention any espada, in one movie. However, we might still see them if this is a hit, and they make this into a franchise.

What I'm more worried about, is if they can pull off the style Bleach has, at least in the early volumes. Bleach has always had a unique art direction, and I'm not sure if it can translate to the screen very well.

Another big concern is of course the casting. Who do you cast as the Bleach characters? Do you go for the young, white stars, ensuring more money at the box office on account of big names, or do you cast Asians, which probably means more accuracy in character and culture, but, according to the studios, doesn't attract as many movie goers. (This so called "white-washing" has happened before, with the upcoming The Last Airbender adaptation, and the atrocious Dragonball Evolution)

And if you do cast white people in these roles, do you then keep the character names? Or do you change them? What's worse, a character named "Ichigo" played by a white guy, or "John the Shinigami (or, more likely, 'Reaper')"? Hey, maybe they'll name him Strawberry...

Of course, it is entirely possible that this will never come to fruition. The same studio has long been working on a "Akira" adaptation, but it seems to be dead in the water. Maybe they can get Nick Simmons to write it, he seems to have a nack for adapting Bleach...

source: Heat Vision

[edit] I realize I may come off as overly negative towards this, but I was mostly just trying to imagine and flesh out the choices/problems of this production. ^^;

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#1. by dHEKU ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
#2. by Organizized (Pirate King in the North)
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Normally I'd get pissed and hate the fact that they keep making these damn live-action adaptions, but since I'm a big fan of both Bleach and a lot of Peter Segal's movies like 50 First Dates, The Naked Gun 33 1/3 and The Nutty Professor II, I am really excited about this! This can't go wrong! :D

No, really, they should just quit it with the live-action adaptions already.
#3. by Spartacus ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Honestly, this movie will most definitely turn out different from the original manga/anime script. Especially when they have chosen a "Caucasian" male character to play as Ichigo.

'Warner Bros' are known to make allot of live action movie titles (both good & bad). When they go for live action movies that were mainly created or influenced by asian authors or artists, it is 'very hard' to tell whether the movie will end up being like Dragonball Evolution until you see the trailers.

I am not going to bring up the upcoming events of the movie called "The Last Airbender" because I believe we've heard enough critics on directors & character castings...

Everyone should look at the "Warner Bros" attempt at the movie called "Transformers 1 & 2" The movie and story setting and lines were amazing due the casting picking and the graphics applied to the movie. This is what Bleach needs.

If they are not going to put the story setting in Japan, then I wonder what state or city they would choose as the new "Karakura Town", since Tite Kubo has been using that town from chapter one as only part of the world that Bleach sets in. My bets on New York or Washington DC, or Los Angeles...but it won't feel the same (especially when they'll be using a kimono as the "shinigami custom" since it is located at a different region and country) My thoughts on the new "shinigami outfit" should be based on the movie trilogy called "THE MATRIX"!!!! They should use black glasses and shiny black outfits as their new clothing styles if it would be based in America or Canada.

I don't want this to turn out being like a "Bleach Filler" in live action style because that would suck big time.

Maybe this could be a chance to give Bleach a "new story line" and different characters based in different parts of the world, different Soul Societies, enemies etc. But I have a feeling that whatever comes out from this idea, it'll turn out epic because "BLEACH" with a touch of "American Action Movie" and personally produced by "Warner Bros" and given some detailing info from "Tite Kubo himself...that ALONE is EPIC RESULTS.

And Nick Simmons? I'm not even going to go there...lol
Can't Wait Though!!!

#4. by Strider's♥Death ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
For hermie's sake he better have had copied and pasted this article from somewhere else, because if he actually typed it up himself. Then oh man oh man xD horrible, Get Smart and Nutty Professor 2 were far from masterpieces, not even close. xD Stick to something else dude.
#5. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
@Strider's♥Death Or, I might have been sarcastic... :p
#6. by Agrias (Holy Knight)
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
I guess you need a sarcasm sensor. :p

[edit]geez,posted together xD[/edit]
#7. by undyingstorm ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Don't do it!!!
#8. by fosskers ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Bahahaha I would fund that shit if Nick Simmons was the writer.
#9. by eni (MH's Socialworker ٩( ᐛ )و ♡)
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Oh god.... oh god... oh god.... >.<
#10. by JoannaDesu ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
god no...Just please -_- I thought the live-action Jigoku Shojo was good and so was the Death Note but... In English??? No.No.No.
#11. by rotarydialz ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
It's weird because most anime charachters are Japanese but they have weird colored hair and huge eyes. Would they set the story in Japan or in a semi real Japan. It could end up like Showdown in Little Tokyo or Big Trouble In Little China.
#12. by wccrawford ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
The characters is anime almost never look 'Asian'. The colorful hair and eyes, the facial features, etc... They all look 'caucasian'.

So casting them as 'white' characters isn't out of line. Though, I think Rukia and Byakuya do tend to look more Asian than caucasian due to their eye color, hair color, and hair styles.

As for making it like the manga and anime... No live action has -ever- come out like the original. And very few anime are close to the manga. To expect it is to invite disappointment. Instead, hope they get the spirit correct and ignore the fact that Ichigo's spikey hair isn't quite the right shade of orange.
#13. by Rinslet ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Please do it, i love crappy movies <3
#14. by Nonlife ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
And here I thought Naruto would become a live action film before Bleach. Oh well, who knows what's going to happen. I mean, I'm white, but I could never imagine U.S. producing a live action film from an anime-oh wait, there was Dragonball Evolution. Hopefully, if they do get squared away with making a U.S. movie adaption of the manga, it won't set such another stereotype for white people screwing up anime adaptions. People are smarter nowadays; we should be able to do better than screw up more.
#15. by sener ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
the same thing like with dragonball evolution-it will be LAME
srsly we fans maybe will go to the cinema to watch this- but who else?
#16. by roku-sky ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
My eeeeyes >_<
After Dragonball Evolution I can't be excited for this sort of thing. Ugh.
#17. by noob3d ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
I'm putting my money on DBZ-like success for this one...
#18. by marktwain ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
At least it's not Uwe Boll.
#19. by XiongMao-kun ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
I'm excited for the orange hair. They really should look for a natural. And it has to be solid orange hair. Wouldn't work if the spikes didn't stay spikes all the time.
#20. by gphjr14 ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Oh boy I can't wait!!! /sarcasm
#21. by Bugzee ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
I don't think this is a good idea tbh.
#22. by Mike050 ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010


Maybe Justin Bieber as Histu, can't go wrong with that...

But I'm so seeing Robert Downey Jr. as Isshin.
#23. by Quetzal ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Chow Yun Fat as Yamamoto, LOOOOOL!
Topher Grace as Ichigo!

If this ever gets made, I expect it to be as good as the old Fist of the North Star live action flick...
#24. by Tsuna ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Please dear Kami-sama, do not let this happen.
What they did to Dragonball was enough to warrant death penalty to all of the people involved, in all of their lives, present and future...

Bleach cannot be translated into american-setting-mindset.
I'd rather watch an asian casting Bleach than some gringos who caught a case of yellow fever...
#25. by Mana ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
damn they are really getting short of ideas... if the mess this up (probably) like DB, i'm guessing we can say a good by to japoness manga on american actors, so lets hop for the best??...
#26. by hhv94 ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Isn't it to early for april fool jokes?! This is not funny man! :p
Never mind, this horrible news is on superherohype. OMG...WTF! Are they freaking crazy! Hollywood sucked at making any anime into a movie. DBZ and even now Priest graphic novel is a great and terrible example of how US companies mess it up! OMG....the HORROR!!!
#27. by z3kka1 ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Let face it. I dont even want to think about it. Last time someone from Hollywood want to make a Live action movie from an anime turn out to be a big failure. Big time.
I rather bet on something else rather than this crap .
#28. by Mike050 ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Edit. Wow...I swear I didn't see that was Shia's face on the cover :D
#29. by Evil3ye ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
I so will not watch it :)
#30. by Xman ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
#31. by ghostexiled ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
The sooner people realize that Hollywood has COMPLETELY run outta of any ideas for new material and they will not be stopped until everyone has had their hopes and dreams destroyed by them... the better we will be. :)
#32. by merru ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
hopefully it didn't go wrong ....like other hollywood's LA "shittypiece"
#33. by Helltroll ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010

Bad movie for a bad manga :D
#34. by kanamechidori ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Dragon Ball Evolution, now Bleach: The Whitening...

Is Hollywood trying to provoke Japan into launching another attack on pearl harbor?
#35. by [Ju-Ni]Vicissitude ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Sometimes you just have to step back and say "What the fuck, man?".
#36. by Saint Markus ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Nick Jonas-Ichigo Kurosaki
Miley Cyrus-Rukia
Gerald Butler-Isshin Kurosaki
Ben Stiller-Urahara Kisuke
Daniel Radcliffe-Uryuu Ishida
Jon Cryer-Mayuri Kuroshitsuji
Max Von Sydow (voice only)-Grandfisher
Hollows-(Lucasfilm Ltd. special effects)
Jake Gyennehal-Renji Abarai
Judd Nelson-Zangetsu
Kiefer Sutherland-Aizen Souske
Jason Scott Lee-Gin Ichimaru
Jada Pinkett Smith-Yoruichi Shihouin

*that's who'd i'd like to see at least. lol.

#37. by Yusaku Jon 3 ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Well, when you consider the recent adaptation of Dragon Ball, I can see your point of view. Something's off when you're trying to get a non-Asian actor to play the role that an Japanese character has in a story. It does take a bit of a stretch to pull it off.
#38. by El-Thor ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
IF this ever gets made (which i hope it doesn't), all I want to know is who will be cast as Zaraki.
#39. by Oxwivi ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Lame! One thing I believe & is that anime & live action don't mix - they just don't have the same essence.

On a lighter note, how are they gonna get appropriate actor/actresses? Get Ron Weasley to play Ichigo? And what about Orihime? How are they gonna find someone of... ahem... her figure?
#40. by Oxwivi ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
By the way, nice face lift!
#41. by HumanoidInterface ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2010
Hell, at least he can't make the source material any more terrible.
#42. by Paccu-Jay Official ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
seriously , this is soo annoying !! i hate it when hollywood just ruin manga by making irrelevant adaptations. it really really annnoys me !!! when my manga gets published ill make it a point they dont make live action adaptations :P
#43. by Drmke ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Get Smart is a masterpiece!!!!!! And I would totally watch this, bad or not.
#44. by monkeyhobo ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
They might as well call it Dragonball Evolution 2.
#45. by Jet_Alone ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
It must be at least as good as dragon ball evolution.
#46. by sayaman ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
#47. by Raichu ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Ahahahah loooollll???

Hollywood isn't so good when it comes to adapting cartoons(anime styled) to realismuuu

lol xD

Didn't watched any of this maaaybe I'll tryy?
lol Nick Simmons lol.
#48. by Kizo ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
The article you source states that Segal is lined up to produce, not direct. Very important difference.
#49. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
actually peter segal won't direct it he will be the main producer
and about your negativity i do understand it and after DBE i support it with all my heart, is like the series "priest" they change from zombies to vampire and from a priest who is out for revenge after his love was killed they change it into a priest who's niece got kidnap and now he is trying to rescue her HAHAHAHAHA an entirely screw up, this is why i hate American writers, i still say that they just racist and to show their hatred towards Japanese culture and proof their rednecks they just screw over their stories hahahahahah
#50. by Mr. Ninja ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
"Peter Segal, who is an obvious fit for Bleach, having previously directed such "masterpieces" as Get Smart and The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps." just to clarify, BLEACH is an ACTION filled manga, what are they turning this into... a comedy movie?

i know bleach has funny parts but hey, you cant direct a movie which is wayy out of your range of genre. [Peter Segal on Comedy Genre]
#51. by Oblivion ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
first of all: be glad its Warner and not FOX

-of course they will 'white-wash' the main character o.O why shouldnt they.

-even though the chosen director has only worked on stupid projects i will give him the benefit of doubt coz as the original news says he's be seeking out a darker, action oriented script

-i'd love it if the movie has the 60's colour style art direction, but probably not so.

how good a fantasy/action movie turns out is mostly up to the director's vision and how well the script is written. It could turn out to be dragonball: evolution and the legend of chun li or sincity, ironman and dark knight.
#52. by candy ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
its one of those things where you want it to happen but then again you dont want it to happen...all i can say is that i hope its not as crappy as dragonball evolution... i liked the manga and anime for it but i didnt like the live action i hope bleach will be better
#53. by ayafreya ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
#54. by TennyoAkana ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Well, Ichigo/Rukia will probably get together and Orihime will be the hot girl on the side.

...I"m sorry but this movie is going to fail.
#55. by dosukoi7 ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Maybe they should let Gene Simmons son direct it... oh wait he already did a Bleach adaptation! ZING
#56. by Ardeau ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Only the Espada characters can be played by caucasians, hispanics and africans. All the other characters have japanese names: so they have the same ethnicity.
I think live action series would be the best option: but such a project is almost impossible.
#57. by Lee-tyme7 ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Why Bleach? why doesn't Naruto get pick up to live-action moives or One Piece? They've been out longer. Maybe it's because Hollywood thinks it's another japanese horror flick that'll bring in big buck. wassup with ppl and horror flick?!
#58. by Lee-tyme7 ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
I know right?...don't forget "The Nutty Professor2", say what?!
#59. by Helltroll ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
It sounds like you want those movies to be made...
#60. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
@Kizo Ah, you're right, my bad. I wrote that because many outlets have been saying it's not unlikely he will direct as well.
#61. by Shake ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Mmmmm I will wait, I feel a April's fool coming up :P
#62. by thornofcarrion (The Original)
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
A manga into a live action movie = total disaster.

And Hermie you are not overly negative, there are some real issues and problems when live action movies are being discussed.
#63. by Xerous ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
wth this is the third series(Akira,Bleach,Death Note) they said they are gonna turn into a live action film i don't know what phase they are going through but they should quit while they are ahead.
#64. by Tabaro Foka ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
This move can to be good if the budget is at leat 300 milion dollars.Bleach will nead form very special effects.It will be better if the movie is made like avatar!But please not like Dragon Ball please...
#65. by Arvael ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
John(ny), the shinigami & Nick Simmons... lol xDDD
Now I'm curious what'll come of this - if worst comes to worst, we can always get a good laught, right? :DD
#66. by benelori (The Hero MH Deserves)
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
I think these adaptations will always turn out to be ugly and a disaster...good example with dragonball...how the heck will they show the leak of reiatsu, or showing byakuya's bankai...they can do, but I'm afraid of the quality...thx for the news, though, but it's more like bad news
#67. by Javiersansano ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Unfortunately, there is such a huge cultural gap between continents, that there is simply no way that Warner Bros., or any other production company in America (or in any continent other than Asia) can make a good adaptation of any anime series......even more if said Anime has been on the run for so long.
#68. by dikidera ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Tha guy=At least 30
#69. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Oh no...don't exactly enjoy Nutty Professor and Naked Gun which is full of silly spoofs. Bleach should be something more action packed and lots of effects, and just one movie can't do the series justice.
#70. by kempaichi209 ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Bleach is actually my favorite manga right now so needless to say I am a big fan...I don't know how Hollywood is going to pull that off, I mean a white dude playing Ichigo...come on!!!
It might have been better if they decided to do a Fullmetal Alchemist movie, it's one of my favorite also but the setting of the manga makes it a bit easy to produce a live-action movie...
Anyway, I hope they are not going to give us some shitty movie like Dragonball Evolution (my eyes bled so much I was blind for 5 freaking days...XD)
No seriously folks, this can only go wrong...
#71. by Weapon_X ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
God no... >.> The characters of Bleach only look epic in their own manga, I don't see how a live action would be able to meet the designs of such characters in the live action. It would be dead hard.

LOL@ the picture.
#72. by avantasian ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
I've seen a theatrical musical play of bleach on YouTube and i have to admit the cast and costumes we re pretty amazing!

Be sure to check it out!
#73. by Savi ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Early April Fools' Day? xD :luffing:
#74. by avantasian ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
#75. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
I...have a bad feeling about this. -_-'
#76. by eikichi00 ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Pictures a white dude playing as Ichigo..... Epic fail!
#77. by Saint Markus ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
well of course the characters will not be "japanese", they'll obviously be white because the characters mimic a more "suburban" lifestyle, because it sure as sh*t ain't ghetto. and Chad isn't close too it either.
#78. by SuperShuter ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Bahahaha this films a fail to add some humour they should just call ichigo the sherminator and get the ginger kid out of American pie to play him
#79. by bax ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
They should've go with CGI like FF:AC instead of live action >.>;;
Fantasy manga especially involving some super magic/powers isn't a good choice for live action. DB was the good example.

Granted CGI will depends much on the voice acting, but then again, voice acting has lesser chance to fail than live acting with costumes >.>;
#80. by Salvadora11 ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
Hum... Will Ichigo's hair be orange, or blonde? I mean, it is supposed to resemble "bleached" hair. And blonde is much easier to believe irl than orange.

Anyways, I can't say I'm looking forward to this much... Any Americanization of any manga/anime is doomed. Doomed, I say!
#81. by jdvr10 ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
There are things that can only be portrayed in manga and anime. A movie would just plainly suck.
#82. by merol_lord ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2010
When I think of this, Dragonball evolution comes to my mind x_x
#83. by Saint Markus ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
it would just sound major corny to hear in a live action film of this, "Ban Kai". they'll change it to something else guranteed.

"Super Sword" or "Ultimate Blade Transform!!". lol.
#84. by shinseikoiti ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
eeeeeeeeh... WTF???
#85. by Akiyama ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
Yes, I will go see the movie!!!!!

So much Bleach hate and the movie hasn't even been made yet. >.<
#86. by elitefox ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
if they were to make this

I would like this to be someone like avatar
virtual world but real people driving the character lol

some photoshop to the hair might be good since it is hard to have spiky hair all the time lol and ofcourse the undying getsuga tenshou
#87. by FeZ14 ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
I thought I read somewhere that Tite Kubo never intended for a live-action adaptation of his manga??!!

I don't know, the director's awesome but still... Dragonball Evolution put a sour taste in my mouth with live-action adaptations.. Don't ruin our beloved Bleach!
#88. by mestizo311 ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
I'm not even going to get my hopes up on this one. The only anime I can see being made into a good live-action film would be Kenshin: Trust/Betrayal. The transition would be easy because the storyline isn't so unbelievable. I think there is more profit in making a film that can be liked by both kids and adults. For anime's like Bleach or Naruto, I think making those into CGI films would be better. I was blown away when I saw FFVII: Advent Children. I wonder why more producers don't go that route.
#89. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
Thanks for the laugh near the end... yeah, Nick Simmons would be perfect. He can cast his dad as Ichigo, wouldn't that be great?

I ~might~ be vaguely tempted if they cast Christina Ricci as Rukia. But if they do the expected and "bleach" the cast and storyline... fuck 'em, and best wishes to anyone who goes Kenpachi on the lot of them.

@ghostexiled: DAMN straight. Hollywood knows people have gotten sick of their repetitive drivel, so what do they do? They buy (or steal, like Disney) other people's good stories... and start "improving" it with the same stupidity people are sick of! They're like a 3-year-old that got bored of playing with his own shit and wants to come smear his fingers on everyone else's toys.
#90. by minixvan ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
#91. by candy ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
lol thats funny but not
#92. by Weapon_X ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
I don't get why Marvel/ comic movies looks good, they actually look like the characters etc and looks real but manga movies look like shit budget films.
#93. by lutsurugi ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
ok, let's be honest and fair. bleach charakters don't look thaaaaaat asian als charakters in other manga. but that's all.
I didn't watch dragonball evolution and I will NEVER watch it. so won't I watch the bleach movie, which maybe will be called... let's see...
strawberries adventure
or... hollow fighter
maybe even... grim reapers!

oh god... those people should die... no really, they should die for doing something like this
#94. by Katea ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
OMG that pictuere scared me for life......... ......
#95. by voicemix ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
I'm sure the movie if it ever appears will look as ridiculous as that preview at the top of the page XDDD No, I think it's a really silly idea - the movie will probably look like bad cosplay or smth
#96. by Shinou ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
That intersting point also is ichigo asian?
Also bleach is one top 3 that has stuck close to the manga
#97. by nonky ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010

and i can't wait to cursing the (most likely will be-) crappy movie after watching it! LOL

and I, too, vote Nick Simmons to write the movie!!! ROFLMAO XD
#98. by kempaichi209 ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
I have to add a little something...Hollywood can produce any kind of movie they want when they are base on comics. Because if you look at X-men, Ironman, Hulk or even transformers...these movies are just outstanding, I mean they are great if you ask me.

The reason they succeeded with them is only because the comics or their adaptions are already Americanize and as such it's not a difficult task for them to accomplish plus they really want to please the comics fan so they have a big budget to back it up. With that said, Bleach is something else, even it is popular to a certain point just like dragonball is or was whatever... I doubt they are willing to invest a lot in it. If they did they wouldn't have pick Peter Segal as the producer (did I mention that that guy is a specialist in COMEDY MOVIES). Last time I check, Bleach is a freaking ACTION anime with a little bit of comedy...Anyway, my point is they could have pick a better person for the job like Spielberg or the guy who produced the Harry Potter movies if they wanted to show they were serious. So for now I can only see a grim future for that movie

Anyhow, I am a big fan of Bleach and I will always be a big fan of Bleach, however no matter how I look at it, some series should just remain on paper or animated series on TV. So in other word Bleach should just remain a manga and anime. I really dont have big expectation for that movie, though I will be here to see how it goes (Hollywood has enough technology to produce some marvelous and breathtaking stuff for the big screen). I can only hope that they don't f**k it up so much that it blinds me permanently after Dragonball had done it temporarily...
#99. by yukilove21 ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
I really don't know what to feel. Bleach is one of my favorite mangas of all time, I really don't want it to be ruined, I live in L.A and I have seen mostly American movies, Warner Brothers is a very good movie company, from what I have seen. And Peter Segal has funny movies (Like 50 first dates!! love that movie!) But, if they mess up bleach I will go and kill them (no I won't!) I will be very disappointed, I will watch it, even if it is bad. I have never seen Dragonball Evolution, (nor do I want to.) But I heard it was horrible! For some reason in my mind I want to believe that they will do a good job but who knows... I mean it might even not come out. Just like the Death note movie (That is probably never going to come out...) And you would of thought that Naruto or one piece would have been it heck when I heard about this I didn't know it was bleach and people on the Kateikyo hitman reborn fourms on mangafox were saying that they would like to see KHR tured into a live-action movie (I would to!!) Who knows. It should be Nick Simons who does it *Roll's eyes*. Lets hope they do a good job.
#100. by fujitofu ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
God please kill me!
#101. by matias067 ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
oh christ... should this even existed!?
#102. by mlyb1 ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
not another disastrous dragon ball movie hollywood version -_-"
#103. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
Hope it's not gonna like that Dragon Ball thing
#104. by z3kka1 ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
yup i agree with bax...
If its a CGI movie like FF:AC, i would bet all of my money that it would be a a smashing hit. But a live action movie? give me a break :(.
#105. by nat ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
I vote for strawberry the reaper...Sounds very promising.

As long as they get some Disney teen sensation for Ishida and porn stars for all the ladies with big boobs, the movie should be a hit.

Or not .
#106. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
I've got it!

For Ichigo, they can cast... CARROT TOP!
#107. by Pyrogunz ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
If they cast Ichigo as a white person, I wouldn't care. I've always thought of Ichigo as white, I've never thought of him as an asian in my life. He looks, sounds, and acts like a Western person. So I think, on the contrary, it would be a miscasting to cast him as an ASIAN person.

Yeah however, I don't have high hopes for this movie. I would never trust Peter Segal with this.
#108. by Name-Undecided ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
Pfft, this movie will never come out. It will go into development hell for another 10 years and then finally get scrapped once the Bleach fad passes. You heard it here first.
#109. by CannedJam ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
Might make me interested in the sloppy mess known as Bleach again.
#110. by Reiiko ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
This better not suck, that's all I have to say about that.
#111. by Belisar ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2010
#112. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2010
. . .

Well, at least I can say that the plot will move faster than the original.

But that's the only positive thing I can think of....

#113. by xKiyori ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2010
OH GOD! Please don't!

If the cast are Japanese, and they stick to the manga/anime and everything, I don't mind. Other than that it's a no, no and NO!

Just the idea of it disgusts me.
#114. by abelini4 ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2010
Esse filme vai ser uma coisa bem ruim assim como o do dragon ball.
#115. by Lelo ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2010
dammit, why not Naruto?
#116. by Mizukodomo14 ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2010
Oh god... I'm definitely NOT looking forward to this, IF it comes to fruition... having seen Legend of Chun li, and Dragon Ball Z, I have lost any and all faith in the movie companies abilities to take MUCH BELOVED anime/manga/video games, retain ANY of the original story and or character development, and turn it into something good, watchable, and something the fans would like =_=;
#117. by petspaps ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2010
if this movie is good can we ask warner bros to reboot dbz ;)
#118. by mayoi ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2010
Gah! Epic Fail!
#119. by Zaft ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2010
Shia Labeouf in a fat-suit. Do eet!
#120. by Janina07 ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2010
Please tell me its all one fat, big lie and they are not going to americanize my Bleach.


I really hope the project sinks.
#121. by Hyacai ()
Posted on May 5, 2010
Personally I think that it's stupid to attempt live action movies based on anime. First most anime is too long to do just one movie of anyway. Then, as you pointed out there are the actors to consider. Asian, American, it's gonna be bad no matter who you cast. Asains are better in this, however. Then if you do make the movie you have a lot of angry fans when it turns out different then what they expect it to be.

In the long run though they'd make money off of it there'd be a lot of angry fans. Well that's just my opinion anyway. I can say this though, there is one live action movie that I did enjoy and that was Death Note.
#122. by Alistir ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2010
i couldnt believe this when i found out like 5 mins ago and i had to register to give my thoughts about this...After wat they did to dragonball i would have to say OMG NOOOO to this. Atless if they are going to use the main cast of bleach. I could understand and would prefer if they did like a new cast and story line or something along that line with reference to the original bleach. Then its understand about so that the original bleach doesnt get ruin if it goes bad. Becus honestly after Dragon ball Evolution the Dragon ball world just came crumbling down...
#123. by Alistir ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2010
i couldnt believe this when i found out like 5 mins ago and i had to register to give my thoughts about this...After wat they did to dragonball (i know it wasnt them in perticular) i would have to say OMG NOOOO to this. Atless if they are going to use the main cast of bleach. I could understand and would prefer if they did like a new cast and story line or something along that line with reference to the original bleach. Then its understand about so that the original bleach doesnt get ruin if it goes bad. Becus honestly after Dragon ball Evolution the Dragon ball world just came crumbling down...

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