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Issue : Forum Updates

+ posted by Nami in Site News on Jan 27, 2008 03:43

[sizeptpt=5]Keita Ibuki, a young programmer stumbled upon an unsuspecting reality of this world. Who would have thought his usual visit to his favorite ramen stand would change his life and put him in danger. That night, his meeting with Kuro caused him to lose his left arm. But when he wakes up the next morning, he found that his arm is fine but it's not his! It's Kuro's!

Kuro is a Mototsumitama, the guardian of the flow of life on earth, who exists to keep balance of Terra. With the world of Mototsumitama is now in chaos due to some unknown forces trying to force human to meet their Doppel Liners and die. Kuro had to make contract with Keita to save his life, thus dragging him to a violent world which the fights are usually ended up with deaths.

Black God (Kurokami) is an excellent read for Seinen lovers who like action packed storyline with dramas and comedies. Read it! You can discuss about the series HERE.

[sizeptpt=12]ADDITIONS A cosy [b]Manga review[/b] section is created. Let’s hear a word from Mooncrow.

" The goal of the Manga Review section is really two-fold:

First, to provide an information resource for people interested in reading a new series. Most manga download sites only offer a short blurb lacking any details, while other places, like wikis or fansites, can’t seem to keep spoilers from even the opening summery. So, this section strives to provide detailed information, while remaining spoiler-free.

Secondly, we hope to provide some exposure to less well known series. While we started off with some of the bigger names to generate initial interest, it is my plan to mostly do more obscure titles in the future.

How can people get involved? Well the most obvious answer is to write some reviews, of course I even offer proofreading services for those who aren't confident in their English^^ However, even people who aren't interested in writing full reviews can easily contribute. Suggestions for new reviews, comments on existing reviews, ideas for new features; all of these are are welcome

Well! If you have a flair of writing and want to express your views about certain manga series, remember to pop by the Manga Reviews Section. And not forgetting this, we have also created a [b]Otaku Cafe[/b]!!! Chit chat away on the latest Table of Contents (TOC) for your favourite Shonen Jump series, share your favourite manga covers or raws, and talk about anything under the sky that is manga-related.

[sizeptpt=12]MERGERS Firstly, the [b]Shojo & Josei section [/b]is merged for now. The Josei section will be back once we catch up with more series. And next, the Fighting & Sports and Adventure sub-forums have been absorbed into the main [b]Shonen Section[/b]. In order not to feel disorientated, the threads belonging to these 2 main sub-forums have been prefixed as "Sports" and "Adventure" for the time being. More information can be found here.

[sizeptpt=12] RELOCATED! Wondering what happen to your favourite boxing series? Hajime No Ippo now has its own sub-board and you can check it out here! As for Air Gear and Death Note, the sub-forums have now been closed. You can find there at the Air Gear Discussion Thread, and the Death Note Mass Convo.

[sizeptpt=12]ISSUES CONCERNING EVERYONE! There is a revision in the [b]Signature Guideline Rules[/b], mainly on the height, number of characters allowed, reduction of file size to 300 kb, and the use of the spoiler tag in your signatures. Remember to read about it!! You have till 14 Feb 08 latest to change your signatures! And of course with your comments, we have a revamp of the [b]New Icons[/b] for the threads and manga series, all wonderfully done by Bax and Hermie.

That’s all for now folks! Till then!

[sizeptpt=7] *Black God article contributed by Bax.
*All images are copyrights of Park Sung Woo & Umino Chika.

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#1. by njt ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2008
>.> looks around >.> Thanks for the post Nami :D I've seen Black God before but never read it, is it pretty good?
#2. by Mooncrow ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2008
It's pretty decent. It reminds me quite a bit of Sekirei at first, though I think it's the superior of the two. It's worth checking out the first couple volumes at least. You should be able to tell by then whether you're into the style by then or not.
#3. by njt ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2008
sweet :D and mooncrow, come onto irc more often :p
#4. by Mooncrow ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2008
been stuck on an extended trip since 1/21 :p I'll pop in when I get back on Monday :D
#5. by Hollow Kurono ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2008
Man this "Black God" manga is very interesting,i love readin it,just 7 chapters and im gonna catch up,thanx for da introduction.
#6. by  ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2008
but where can i download plzzz i need link i've looked but I found nothing

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