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Popular Shounen Sunday Titles Now on iPhone!

+ posted by njt in Manga News on Jun 16, 2010 09:02

In Japan, Shogakukan has released an iPhone application that allows you to download popular Shounen Sunday titles on your iPhone with an iPad version in the works! "Wooooot!" is what I'd like to say, however, their price range needs a SEVERE amount of tweaking.

They're thinking 450 yen is appropriate for titles like "Case Closed" (otherwise known as "Detective Conan"),"Urusei Yatsura", "Major" and "Ushio to Tora." These titles can all be found at used book stores for 100 yen a volume or perhaps even less through set packs and can be bought new for 440 yen or less.

2ch considers this to be a HUGE ripoff and wonders if they mistakenly wrote 450 yen, but actually meant 45 yen. We'd however, like to ask you all: What price do you consider to be reasonable for a publisher to charge for digital volumes of manga?

Say, if a popular series you read was available, what would be your limit?

Source, Shounen Sunday Page.

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#1. by kuropop ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
Apple and ripoff, that always goes together.
#2. by BokoLife ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
The limit for me would be the value of the actual book divided by 4 times 3. Anything higher and that is just too much for a digital copy...
#3. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
can i say free?

i buy new volumes for about 10$(sometimes more, depending on the series), including ship to.
yeah, i actually buy manga so anything less than that seems cheap to me.

I wouldn't really want to pay money to virtually get manga but i think apple has an obsession with 0.99 $(90 yens or so). They should use that price.
#4. by Cooper ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
Clever, very clever, OM guys =]
#5. by lexx ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
50% of cover is fair. 75% of cover is realistic. And there should be similiar discounts on buying tankobons and sets.

I just bought a kobo (cheap e-reader in Canada) and the online bookstore here has a decent selection of books that are $6.99 vs the $8.99 to $9.99 charged for paperback. Considering that the media, storage, distribution, and retail markup vanishes with digital distribution, a 25%-33% discount seems like the least they could do.

//would like to see the publisher networks dissappear altogether and artists collect 50%+ of sales earnings. It's ridiculous that the actual creators of these great titles support such a huge industry yet live like paupers.
#6. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
We shall see. It isn't bad in concept...except once again this: it's driven by what the manga company wants to see out there as opposed to just letting everything have fair share. I understand Shogakukan probably want to start with their "most popular series" but all this tells me is that Shueisha will probably start their Jump service (if they ever do) with DB or "the big three" while a few series I may want to read may never (or take a long time) to be covered by this concept.
#7. by joshua019 ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
£1 probably
#8. by noob3d ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
If you can find it used for 100 yen,obviously you can't charge more than 100 yen....
#9. by joshua019 ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
just say 75% of the original price
#10. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
think about it..they don't pay for paper, they don't pay for ink..you just host it
#11. by spartydragon ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
Damn, 450 yen? That's insane, doesn't Jump cost that? Not to mention tankobons? I hope that's a typo. :X the $4.00 price tag on the Hellboy serials is why I don't buy it month to month.

I'd rather subscribe to a series digitally then buy the tanks when they come out (which is more or less what I'm doing now... just without the subscription since it doesn't currently exist).
#12. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
Why launch with such ancient series? Why charge more for iPod/iPhone versions then you do in bookstores? If they charged the same as for paper copy it would be semi reasonable. Having a portable version for the commute makes up for part of the price.
#13. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on Jun 17, 2010
I... I read all of my manga free, like a horrible dreg of society.

But I used to be fine buying manga at the full, completely ridiculous US prices, $10 per volume.
#14. by caesarpk ()
Posted on Jun 17, 2010
Yeah that's totally a ripoff. Heck, they aren't even paying for the ink, the paper, the shipping, the middlemen, or their employees who handle the printing and distributing...

Per volume I'm not willing to pay more than 1 dollar. But for price (this is a suggestion for OpenManga), why not charge for the amount of time accessed by the reader or the amount of digital data transfered for reading? Since we are leaving the book format, why does manga have to divided up into volumes or even (in some cases) chapters?
Also, question, how much can ad contribute to the revenue of the website (and in turn the revenue for mangaka and publishers?)

I also suggest a sort of point/credit system that, say, if you clicked an 100 different ads, u are rewarded with some points with which u can spend with. Or, if you were a fan translator/scanlator who assisted in the process of making a copy available in another language, you are rewarded some points to read new series. I see lots of complications with this idea but I think viewers should be able to pay in forms other than just money. (i.e. contribution/time)
#15. by fraktal ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2010
the issue will never be the quantum .. but as promissory note, the vast majority of readers are young Westerners who do not have easy access to credit cards ... if it gets any easier prepay, the price and becomes a secondary factor.

el tema nunca sera el cuanto.. sino el como lo pagare, la gran mayoria de los lectores occidentales son jovenes que no tienen acceso facil a tarjetas de credito... si se consigue algun metodo de prepago facil, el precio ya pasa a ser un factor secundario.

google translator ... Gomen!
#16. by Hard Core Rikki ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2010
Forget the price ripoff, the restrictions and limitations on that are insane, for that price. Readability and quality are reportedly low.
At least, physical books can be lent, shared, read everywhere, and inherited by your kids.

For a full volume with good visual quality, no more than 3-4 dollars. Anything higher than 40-50% of the realworld pricing of books is a ripoff
Oh, and files definitely need to be recoverable and transferable one way or another, like by tying them to customer accounts for online viewing and redownloading either from your phone or from PC.

'Kindle for PC for manga', anyone ?
With how strong e-readers have been going, adding mangas to the library of Kindle or Amazon would be good, especially as Amazon already has mangas on sale.
Don't know about you, but checking out the latest manga chapters on a Kindle DX would be a pretty nice experience.

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