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Mangahelpers Monthly Anime Recommendations! - January Edition

+ posted by Nii in Site News on Jan 7, 2012 17:34
Hello everyone, welcome to the next Monthly Anime Recommendations!
Here the different staff members will provide you with detailed information regarding Anime/Movies which we think of as worth watching and highly enjoyable.
Our Reviews will feature the Story, Characters, Animation, Music and a concluding Rating.
Now without further ado let's get started. We hope you will enjoy reading it!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
(Heaven-Piercing Gurren Lagann)

“My drill...is...the drill that's gonna pierce the heavens!”

Demographic: shounen
Genre: action, comedy, mecha, sci-fi
Episodes: 27
Airing: 2007
Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Music: Taku Iwasaki
Studio: Gainax

Hey, it's Darjaille here, and I'll be reviewing anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL). I'm here to present it to those who are late with watching it (as I was), or just have this odd feeling that this series is not worth watching. The word that describes TTGL the best is 'epic'. Not only because it's a masterpiece, but because of the proportions and power the series is gradually gaining till the very climax.
Anyway, I hope many of you will enjoy watching TTGL~

Synopsis | Story

"Listen up, Simon. Never forget. Just believe in yourself. Not in the Simon that I believe in; not in the Kamina that you believe in, either. Believe in the Simon who believes in you."

The world isn't exactly bright. Kamina dreams of a world where he can see the sky and starts, and this dream is passed onto Simon, a young boy who looks up to Kamina. That's only a dream though... because they're living in a village deep under the surface. No one really remembers what fearsome things keeps them underground... until a strange, moving statue falls from above, followed by a young (and daring) girl – Yoko - wielding a rifle. Both are dangerous, the statue - gunman - for them and the girl for the gunman. The fight seems lost (thanks to someone being oh-so-wise~) until Simon jumps into a similar, small gunman opened by a spiral key-thing (both found by Simon while drilling – his favorite thing to do and kinda the only thing he can do in the village) and with this, he starts to ride his own gunman. Trying, mainly, not die they fight the big gunman...
...and find themselves on the surface. The sky is like they thought, and even more, beautiful.
But. The dangers are even greater than they imagined, and the world is new for them.

The story really is gradating and expanding, with every episode the gang is bigger, the power is greater and the desire to change things is stronger. Because nothing is impossible, and this is the main motive behind the series.
It's filled with energy, optimism, self-confidence, believes, comedy, emotions... a big package of emotions. There are flashy times, there are times when all seems dark and one have to accept what happens, what has happened and what will come, worse or better.
And I believe this sounds pretty childish to some. It's something in-between, it is presenting us the idea of trying until the very end and believing in yourself and others in somewhat/roughly idealistic (or absurd XD) story, but that's beautiful about it. And yet, characters develop and change (and die, yes) and things and events happen to them, not always brilliant. You'll know when you watch.

Animation | Art

"Go beyond the impossible, and kick reason to the curb!

Through the whole series, animation holds the bar high. Awesome colors is one thing which I adore. The colors really fit the whole image of the story, vibrant colors, dark colors, lightning and shadows are handled very well too. They exactly capture the mood and feeling of a scene. Another great point is character design for which TTGL (the character designer) received an award ("Best Character Design" at Tokyo Anime Awards 2008). Even MH was conquered by 'GAR Glasses' :gar The animation is dynamic and lively and again, I can just say that the whole style fits the idea and the mood of the story. Especially the fights and battles are the-awesome. Only a few early episodes are average. Then, the quality is above heavens.

Characters | Cast


The cast of TTGL.
The amazing cast of TTGL.
I have to say I absolutely enjoy the way the series expands. We start with a duo of protagonists of which one, Kamina, is the star. He drives the story forward, he teaches Simon how to do things. His way of doing things sometimes is interesting... but I'm so, so absolutely sure you'll really love him. He's the 'star on fire'. Simon's personality and character develop as he's slowly (or not so much, maybe quickly) becoming a man. He takes after Kamina and becomes the leader figure and 'grows up', learning about the world. I'd say it's one of the best parts of the whole anime. More and more support characters appear, and every one of them is interesting in some way – and you probably won't see it in the start, but remember that the series has 27 episodes and the characters don't just 'disappear' forever. Also, 'support' characters develop as well and in the end, you'll love them as much as the main characters (or, close enough). You'll be surprised as you discover how the characters really are, because the first sight of them won't tell you that.

Sound | Music

Do The Impossible | See The Invisible
Touch The Untouchable | Break The Unbreakable
Row! Row! Fight the Power!

The voice acting is really somethingl. All the voice actors breath the life into the characters. I'd say their sound captures the personality of the characters perfectly. The character who is loud and self-confident has that voice, and the one that is naïve and innocent and clueless in some things is just... just like that. I can just say that they really did great job on this.
Opening song is beautiful (first opening part features first verse and chorus, the second opening the second verse and chorus) and there are three ending themes. Backround music is really good, especially in battle scenes. Metal, rock, hip-hop, they describe the scene well and help the adrenaline rush XD
Beautiful song – Libera Me From Hell. Just don't spoil yourself by reading comments under the song.

Ending Words | Summary

"Fire! FIRE! FIRE!!!"

This anime re-defines the word 'EPIC' and 'MANLY'. I've heard that it was 'revolutionary'. Just give it a shot and you'll see. I'll believe in you, who believes in.. :D
Some random notes:
Sometimes, you have to throw the reason out of a window. Or better, kick it to the curb.
There's mecha, there's mecha and then there's TTGL.
Believe speeches ARE confusing.
Even if you come across an event that will leave you breathless and in denial, try to believe in what you see.
The timeskip doesn't make anything worse.
E.P.I.C. is the word.

Score: 10/10


The Information

Anime Title: Blood+ (“Blood Plus”)
Wiki Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood%2B
MAL Link: http://myanimelist.net/anime/150/Blood+
Demographic: Shounen
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, and Action
Directors: Junishi Fujisaku and Yuu Kou
Music: Hans Zimmer
Producer: Katsugi Morishita
Episodes: 50
Aired: Oct. 8, 2005 to Sep. 23, 2006
Studio: Production I.G.
Rating: R or 17+ (Violence, Nudity, and Profanity)

The Story/Plot

Hey, it’s HK here, and I’m reviewing an oldie, but a goodie, Blood+ (“Blood Plus”) anime series. If you liked Saya: the Last Vampire (the old anime movie, and/or the “new” redone one in the movie theatres a few years ago now) and or Blood C, then this is a must watch, as it’s really the foundation and main, most epic, storyline. It is though for the most part, a “stand alone”. But, this is good, as it gives you a full plot and story, the history of Saya, compared to the listed other Saya Sagas above. It might start off typical, slow, and/or boring, but please give it patience and watch all 50 episodes, as you won’t be disappointed, as this is one of the best anime series of all time! Saya's Story!

Girls, don't be turned off, as the action-battles scenes aren't too frequent-common, the majority of this 50 anime series is drama, with character interaction and relationships. Hagi is to die for girls, your long legs will wobble, your eye lashes will flutter, your heart races and pounds, your body melting. Haji is a perfect male, he's your "dream guy", except he's not yours, and never will be, as he's the perfect male, unyielding in his fidelity-faithfulness to the female he loves. And Saya, will have everyone falling in love with, guys and girls, alike.

Blood+ starts off intense, brutal, and quite violent, as you’re thrown into the Vietnam War, being introduced to a terrifying Red-Eyed “Samara” (From The Ring movies) like girl with her katana, killing these bat-like monsters, and humans too, alike, and she’s even seen plunging her sword through a mother’s back, out her chest, into the baby that she’s trying to shield in her arms, and out of the poor baby’s back. This Red Eyed girl is seen un-phased by even bullets, superhuman inhumanly, as the human soldiers shoot her. But, this was just a flashback, it’s now 2005 AD.

Saya Otonashi is an ordinary school girl, except for her amazing athletic abilities, as she does the high jump at school, except her bottom is big, and knocks over the bar with it as she goes over it. She’s the daughter of George Miyagusuku with her older brother Kai Miyagusuku, and younger brother Riku Miyagusuku. Saya’s best friend is Kaori Kinjou.

However, some mysterious men in a black car are seen spying upon her while she’s at school .... She lives in Okinawa, near the U.S. base there, but she can’t remember anything further back then a year ago, and so, she has to go to a clinic for her memory and blood transfusions.

Her older brother Kai is a “bad boy”, who Kaori and all the other girls at school too, have a crush on him. Kai was the star baseball pitcher, but he then just quit and started to get into lots of fights. But, he cares greatly for Saya and his younger brother Riku too. However, like Saya as you might have noticed by her different last name, both Kai and Riku are also adopted like Saya is, by their foster father George Miyagusuku.

Kai takes Saya to the clinic on his motorcycle going along the beautifully serene coast with it’s sparkling blue water. But, on her way home, on foot, she encounters a mysterious and super handsome man who is playing the cello. As she listens, she starts to remember something of her past, of a girl in a pink dress, running down a stone hallway towards a locked door with a key in her hand, which she unlocks and opens. Saya suddenly yells, Stop!, and trips over into some plants, embarrassing herself in front of the handsome man. She hurries on home, quickly, her face burning crimson red.

Saya returns home finding Riku and George playing catch. Riku misses and Saya catches the ball to Riku’s amazement, and then throws the ball back to George just as impressively, even though she doesn’t play-like baseball.

There’s been reports of murders in the area... and upon getting home, our forgetful Saya has left her track shoes at school, and she needs them for the track meet tomorrow. On her way out, that mysterious man who was in the car spying on Saya at school, walks in, to talk with George, as they seem to be friends, along with Saya knowing him too. His name is David, and George tells Riku to go upstairs to watch tv, as he and David talk.

Saya hurries back to school, but it’s already night time, and climbs over the school fence, sneaking onto the school grounds to get her shoes. Where she runs into that handsome man with the cello... the serial killer... he walks towards her, taking out a dagger... “Finally we meet”, Saya runs away in terror, and bumps into a teacher. He goes to check for the serial killer, near the tree where Saya saw him, when suddenly he’s yanked up into the tree he’s under, and comes crashing down, dead. A bat-like monster crawls down the tree, and Saya runs from it screaming in fear, as it chases after her!

It turns out that Kaori saw Saya’s shoes left at school, and she just arrives at George’s restaurant and house, to give Saya her shoes... George calls Kai (who’s beating up some people) to go get Saya. Also, David’s talk with George was about taking Saya away, back to the Organization, that David belongs to, and asking if George had noticed any changes in Saya too. Also, there was like a military reconneiscence vehicle looking for escaped “Mice”, with a guy in a white suit, named Van Argiano, ordering around the military guy.

Saya is chased inside the school building by the bat-like monster when she runs into that serial killer with the dagger, the handsome man who played the cello. Our Saya is trapped between the serial killer and the bat-like monster. What will befall our Saya, as her past catches up with her?

Prepare yourself for an epic tale, across the entire world and even time itself, as Saya’s story is just beginning, as she stands trapped between the serial killer and the bat-like monster at school.

Two Species, Two Bloods, Two Queens, Two Sisters, Two Experiments, Two Scientists, Two Families, Two Sides, but only one world. What will be the fate of the world? Who will rule the world? Saya’s Destiny.

The Characters

Lewis, Julia, David, Hagi, Saya, Kai, Mao, and Okamura

Haji, Indulge Girls! (Spoilers): Haji Hawtness!

Saya Otonashi

Diva, (Spoilers: and her "Playfulness")

The Art/Animation

It’s very beautiful and gorgeous. Simply amazing and breath-taking! The battle-actions scenes are excellent, and the characters (the males and the females) are super stunning and super sexy too.

Simply watch for yourself and see !!!

Hypnotically Irrestistable!

Trailers (Spoilers) by Fans


The Sound/Music

Soundtrack 1

Soundtrack 2

Soundtrack 3

Soundtrack 4

Diva's Song

The Overall Rating, My Scoring:

Story/Plot: 10
Art/Graphics: 10
Action/Battles: 10
Relationships: 10
Characters: 10
Sound/Music: 10


Do you have an anime in mind that should be reviewed? Feel free to send me (naruto-niichan) a PM with the name and a basic description why you think it's worth watching.
If you want a specific staff member to make a Review you can send me a PM too, we will take your wishes into consideration :)

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Nuno, Tiranofrome

#1. by blai (Corporate)
Posted on Jan 8, 2012

First I was like "cba" then I was like "meh" then I was like "ooh" then I was like "OOOOOOOOOOH".

#2. by Nuno (Retired Douchemin)
Posted on Jan 9, 2012
Not having watched TTGL is a loss to all those who like anime. It's an indisputable truth.

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