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Translations: One Piece 832 by cnet128 , Bleach 682 by cnet128

Tegami Bachi, Kite: Liberator and Beck sidestory

+ posted by c_k in Anime News on Sep 4, 2008 23:45
Can you Moe reports that the official Tegami Bachi website has updated their website to include new screenshots and character designs of its upcoming anime special, which will be part of Shueisha's Jump Super Anime Tour event which will be shown in ten Japanese cities this fall. Tegami Bachi will be shown along with One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Blue Dragon, Gintama and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's. Tegami Bachi is about the journey of a boy named Lag Seeing who wants to be a Letter Bee or mail carrier and travels with his dingo, Niche, while following the footsteps of his idol Goos. Tegami Bachi currently runs in Jump SQ and has 4 volumes compiled up to date. Viz plans to start serialization of the series in Shonen Jump in March 2009.

In other news, AnimeNation reports that Yasuomi Umetsu is currently writing a sequel to the Kite: Liberator OVA. Kite: Liberator, a sci-fi action thriller about a high school assassin, is loosely based on Kite.

Animenewsnetwork reports that the October issue of Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Magazine has announced that a side story of Harold Sakuishi's manga Beck will get published in the next issue featuring the rocker Eddie Lee. Beck portrayed the life of 14 year old Yukio Tanaka and how his life changed once he met rocker Ryusuke Minami and joins his band "Beck." Thirty-three volumes have been published in Japan with the final 34th volume due out in October. Beck finally ended in June of 2008. Tokyopop has currently released up to the 12th volume. Beck was also made into an anime in 2004 and Funimation has released all 26 episodes.

edit: added Gintama to list thanks to Bomber D Rufi
Sources: Can you Moe | JumpSQ | AnimeNation | Animenewsnetwork

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
You forgot there will be a 10 minute Gintama special too, that will take place before the actual series. It will show Gintoki during the time of the Amanto war.
#2. by Gauche Suede ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008

I can't berely wait until they release the Tegami Bachi anime, this manga/anime is very good and that's why I translate it to portuguese hehehe.
#3. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
oh my, the tegami bachi anime looks sexy.
#4. by sylvira ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
NICE. :D Iegami Bachi is a good manga.
#5. by bigtymer32 ()
Posted on Sep 6, 2008
i been waiting for a tegami anime :)
#6. by shrimpy ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
sorry if this is a dumb question, but i really wanted to see the full-sized ver of that pic above, but when i click on it, it endlessly asks me to log in, no matter how many times i do.

is this a bug? or we don't have access?
#7. by emer ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
Cool, finally some screenshots of the TB-anime : 3

Looks cool : D
#8. by njt ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
Shrimpy, that's the size we have ._. Perhaps c_k will post up another link for a bigger size... if she has one ^^
#9. by c_k ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
Well, apparently the link I posted made the picture slightly smaller- so I changed the link for the last picture, but that's as big as it can get unless you want me to zoom in or something in photoshop and change the pictures, but then they'd just get pixelated... Sorry, but I took these from the official website and they had them this big. You could always go to the official site, which I posted in (sources - JumpSQ) and see where I got it from. There's also another nice picture there, but I didn't post it up.

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