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Winter 2013 Anime Preview: Tamako Market

+ posted by Kaiten in Anime News on Jan 12, 2013 02:20

Tamako Market
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Kyoto Animation
Director: Yamada Naoko
Series Composition: Yoshida Reiko
Original Character Design: Horiguchi Yukiko
Episodes: 12

Tamako is just a normal young girl whose family has been making mochi for generations. As her birthday approaches, she happens to meet a talking bird who claims to be a royal court attendant looking for a bride for his master. After the encounter, Dera the bird decides to stay around her and becomes a part of Tamako's life and the neighborhood that she lives in.

New From the Writer, Director, and Character Designer of K-On!
  • Preview By Kaiten: One of the new series I was most looking forward to, Tamako Market did not disappoint. New KyoAni is always something to look forward to, and Tamako Market is no acceptation. Beautifully animated, funny and well written, filled with all the quirky characters I have come to expect, episode one was truly delightful. Director Yamada Naoko is fast turning into a favorite of mine, with only her second feature. Like K-On!, her sense of timing and scene composition is unparalleled. Tamako Market reunites the creative core of K-On, this time working on an original story. Highly recommended for all anime fans, Tamako Market looks to be an incredibly fun three months!

  • Preview by Doraku: Kyoto Animation came back again during this winter season with its new series named Tamako Market. I have been a huge Kyoto Animation studio and its Anime since a long time, and rarely they left me unsatisfied and gutted after I watched their Anime. Tamako Market is a KyoAni-esque Anime - colorful, cheerful, and well-written, not to mention it is filled with adorable characters. Dera and Tamako stole the show, according to my opinion. One is a cocky and full-of-himself bird, while the other one is an adorable high school student. The first episode, as usual, does not give us many hints about how the story goes later on, but it was very enjoyable and fun. The dialogues are simple yet you could not help but smiling when you are watching it. The Animation has a nice balance color tone, pretty much the same with the early episodes of Hyouka and definitely K-On!.

    Conclusively, I would make an early call that this series is the freshest series during this Winter season. I feel profoundly entertained by watching the first episode. I’m definitely watching the next episode, since you simply cannot get enough hilarious moments from Dera, Tamako, and other Tamako Market cast.

  • Preview by Josef K: THAT BIRD! Well it seems not every once in a while we get characters like this. Really the anime is character driven, and the characters take center stage in all of the hilarity and awesomeness that this anime has to offer. The voice acting so so realistically done by the adults, that you really feel like you are literally surrounded by a bunch of small business owners, it's just the feel of being and participating in the anime. That is what these characters bring up here.

    The plot is so interesting that you never know what might pop up, the jokes are not forced, they seem to come very naturally with the key trickster the giant noble bird. The first episode does give a feel like you have been watching this for a while, rarely do we see shows that captivate you form the very start, and even more rare are the ones that keep that till the finish, Tamako Market might just be that one.

  • Preview by naruto-niichan: Dera Mochimazzi - A tropical bird on the mission to find a bride for the prince. Sounds weird enough? Ah I forgot to mention that he can speak too... The first episode mainly is about his encounter with Tamako, the cute daughter of an mochi-shop owner. And with this I fell in love with the series after just a few minutes. The show has everything I was hoping for: Interesting and loveable characters, a weird but interesting twist and a vivid + colorful animation style.

    Without spoiling anything, I can say that I roughly know what to expect. You have the obvious comedy (which was just brilliant), the usual but entertaining focus on friendship, some romance delivered through Tamako and the son of her dad's rival, another mochi-shop owner, and the speaking bird twist. The end of the episode foreshadows that his quest probably will play a bigger role throughout the series.
    Obviously that's not everything but the most important features of the first episode and something you can definitely look forward to.
    There's no way I will drop this series at some point, the first episode was just that good.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Producer: A-1 Pictures
Director: Kamei Kanta
Series Composition: Urahata Tatsuhiko
Character Design: Otsuka Mai
Original Creator: Yuuji Yuuji
Episodes: 13

Eita enters high school aiming for the National University School of Medicine. Because of his parents' divorce—and his goal—he shuns anything to do with romance or love. One day, Masuzu, the school beauty with the silver hair who has just returned to the country, enters his life in a most unexpected way. Chiwa, his childhood friend since elementary school, will not let this go without a fight.
  • Preview by Farfalla: Well, agh, I'm not crazy about OreShura. I had this idea that it would probably be like School Rumble, but it's not as amusing as that one. I'm not that big of a fan of those school/harem series, so I was hoping it would be a gag anime (and if it was supposed to be, I hope they'll work harder on it in the next episodes).
    When it started, it was a bit slow and I thought that Chiwa was so annoying, but the anime had good progression, and it entertained me by the end. I enjoyed a bit the idea of the manipulative girl, Masuzu, that decided to use the main character, Eita, and the dialogues got better at that point. I believe that people might like it, specially within time, since it also made me think of Love Hina and, at least here, that serie was really famous. Well, those ecchi series usually get famous anyway, although we have too many of them nowadays. So if you enjoy this genre, check it.
    I like its art a lot, but I dislike the OST even more, hehe, but this genre usually have that kind of songs. I wouldn't mind to keep watching it, though, maybe it would get funnier, and the story could become insteresting, I even felt a bit bad about Chiwa at the end. I just wish the characters would have more personality.

  • Preview by Sai_the_Shaman: Wasn't going to watch it at first, but it was on the top list and I had nothing else to watch while building my MG Blitz. I'm really glad I watched it. At first glance of the opening and the original summary I didn't think I would enjoy this at all. Seemed like the typical storyless moe harem fan service anime which I typically have no interest in. Boy, was I wrong. I really found this quite enjoyable with fun characters and a nice light hearted slice of life story line. It doesn't need an overarching plot line to enjoy this since I found the characters enjoyable enough and the comedy actually made me laugh a lot. While there still is plenty of fan service, it was no where near what I was expecting and not quite as overt as other series have been in previous years. This was probably my favorite of the bunch I watched last night.

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