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Ai Kara Hajimaru 3

Ai Kara Hajimaru

+ posted by ~Brianma~ as translation on Nov 1, 2009 19:00 | Go to Ai Kara Hajimaru

-> RTS Page for Ai Kara Hajimaru 3

Chapter 3

Reserved for "Manga Release Scan only"

Proofreader: Nicky
I really appreciate your help buddy. Thanks for your dedication and time.

Page 1:

Page cover

Page 2:

Upper column: It’s the summer holidays.

1st bubble (Maimin): It’s summer holidays you know!!

Page 3:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): Un..It seems so…..
2nd bubble (Maimin): Hey, what is with that expression!? Don’t tell me that you…
3rd bubble (Maimin): Haven’t even mailed him yet!? It is already the 8th day of the summer holidays don’t you realize that!!
4th bubble (Sakura Ai): Bu…But I still have some fear in me.
5th bubble (Sakura Ai): If I try to get myself more involved with Tokuzawa my hands will start to shake and I can’t think straight.
6th bubble (Sakura Ai): I am still 100 years too early to even try mailing Tokuzawa.
7th bubble (Maimin): What an incompetent girl!!

Description on the lower left panel (Sakura Ai sulking):
You are right…I am really incompetent.

8th bubble (Sakura Ai): Come on…You were able to confess to him but you can’t even mail him at all…

Page 4:

1st bubble (Maimin): He gave you his email and you must put some effort into it too.
2nd bubble (Sakura Ai): I wonder if that is possible…
3rd bubble (Maimin): Yep, it is….That lion will yield to no one you know.

Description in the upper middle column (Sakura Ai):
So it seems…..

4th bubble (Maimin): Back then, during your elementary school years…Aren’t you guys close together?
5th bubble (Sakura Ai): Hmm
6th bubble (Maimin): You couldn’t even make a decision on your own.
7th bubble (Maimin): You are always following behind me.

Description on the upper left panel (Maimin):
What are you gonna do, Ai?

Description in the middle right column (Sakura Ai):
If Maimin does something, I will do it too.

8th bubble (Maimin): I was taken by surprise when you actually confess to him all by yourself. So you should be more confident of yourself.
9th bubble (Maimin): Recently, the Ai that I know is shining brightly from within.

Sakura Ai’s thoughts: Maimin….

Page 5:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): Unn…
2nd bubble (Sakura Ai): I am gonna mail him!!
3rd bubble (Maimin): Way to go!! Keep it up!!
4th bubble (Sakura Ai):………..
5th bubble (Sakura Ai): Click…
6th bubble (Maimin): ~~~grr
7th bubble (Sakura Ai): Instead, I will just do it tomorrow…
8th bubble (Maimin): This is unacceptable!!!!
9th bubble (Sakura Ai): Ahh !!

Page 6:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): Wa..it…Maimin!!
2nd bubble (Maimin): She is fast…
3rd bubble (Maimin): The beach..
4th bubble (Maimin): is absolutely for the summer break you know.
5th bubble (Sakura Ai): Ehh!!!

Page 7:

1st column (Maimin): Hello everyone.

2nd column (Sakura Ai): Why….

1st bubble (Random Boy A): I think we need not introduce ourselves right? [Even thought we are not from the same class].
2nd bubble (Maimin): Both of us came together since Ai said that she will be nervous. (Do excuse us)
3rd bubble (Random Boy A): I see...So she was the one who confessed to Taiyou.
4th bubble (Sakura Ai): Everyone knows it now….

Description on the upper left column: The mail was sent by Maimin.

In the mobile:
Mail received.
Sub: It’s Ai.
Message: Thanks for sending me the mail. The long awaited summer has finally arrived. Let’s go to the beach with all of our friends.

1st column (Sakura Ai): What should I do?

Page 8:

1st column (Sakura Ai pondering): I have no idea what kind of expression would be ok….

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): He is looking at me….

Description in the lower right column (Maimin): My…My…Their eyes met….

2nd bubble (Maimin): Let’s get started!

Page 9:

1st bubble (Maimin): Hiyaa!!

Description in 1st panel on the right: You are amazing, Maimin.

Description in 2nd panel on the left (Sakura Ai):
I think it is just my imagination.

3rd column (Sakura Ai): Tokuzawa…

2nd bubble (Tokuzawa and Sakura):………….

4th column (Sakura Ai): Is he angry?

3rd bubble (Sakura Ai): But why!?

3 points: A)It could be that the mail was kinda late.
B) It wasn’t me who sent out the mail….
C) He might not be tempted to come to the beach.

4th bubble (Sakura Ai’s thoughts): There must be a reason for it….!!

Page 10:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai’s thoughts): He is getting impatient….
2nd bubble (Tokuzawa): If I do wait for you…the day will be over.
3rd bubble (Sakura Ai): I am so sorry…
4th bubble (Tokuzawa): Nah, don’t worry.
5th bubble (Sakura Ai): It is not about the floaty.
6th bubble (Tokuzawa): Let’ go and swim.

Page 11:

1st bubble (Maimin): The beach is really nice isn’t it…..
2nd bubble (Random people): It is really nice.
3rd bubble (Random people): Yeah..Nice.

Description (Maimin): Fuu…I am sweating.

4th bubble (The Girls): Maimin already has a boyfriend…
5th bubble (The Girls): The same goes for us.
6th bubble (The Boys): Then why the hell did you girls come here for!!?
7th bubble (The Girls): We came for Ai.

Description (The boys): How about our summer?

8th bubble (The boy): What an affectionate friendship…
9th bubble (Maimin): I wonder how they are doing at the moment?
10th bubble (Random Boy A): Shouldn't we just leave the couple alone?
11th bubble (Random Girl B): I knew it, we have the same thoughts.
12th bubble (Random Boy A): It is really unusual for Taiyou to have an interest in girls. (It could be his first time)
13th bubble (Maimin): She will be pressured because
14th bubble (Maimin): she is Ai after all…..

Page 12:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai):…………..
2nd bubble (Tokuzawa): Are you even having fun? [Haven’t moved a bit]
3rd bubble (Sakura Ai): Ehhh…Ahh…errr…
4th bubble (Sakura Ai): Please do go ahead and swim!!

Description on the upper right panel (Sakura thoughts):
I can’t swim so please do not worry about me.

5th bubble (Tokuzawa): I wanna talk with you about “You liking me”.
6th bubble (Tokuzawa): It wasn’t you who sent me the mail.
7th bubble (Tokuzawa): Just when I thought you are the one who sent me the mail….it became clear that I was mistaken and with the sudden beach excursion.

Page 13:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): You are angry at me right?
2nd bubble (Tokuzawa): I don’t even understand what you are trying to do.
3rd bubble (Tokuzawa): You..
4th bubble (Tokuzawa): Just what do you want me to be!!
5th bubble (Sakura Ai): Even Taiyou too….

Page 14:

1st bubble (Random Boy A): You know….He is a little bit thickheaded.
2nd bubble (Random Boy B): He just follows his instincts.
3rd bubble (Maimin): Ah..What about the rumors? (Him and the girls)
4th bubble (Random Boy A): It is just a rumor isn’t it? In reality, most girls are so afraid of him that they don’t dare to approach him. (It has been like that since Junior High School)
5th bubble (Random Girl A): It seems Ai has taken a liking towards him.
6th bubble (Random Girl A): Ah…Both of them are returning.
7th bubble (Maimin): Oi !! (Over Here, Over Here)

Description (The arrow): A distance between them.

8th bubble (Maimin): Eh?
9th bubble (Maimin): Aren’t you guys standing rather far apart?
10th bubble (Maimin): Ai, mind telling me what just happened?
11th bubble (Sakura Ai): Maimin….

Page 15:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): I….I am going to buy some drinks…!!
2nd bubble (Maimin): Ehh…wait…Ai!?
3rd bubble (Tokuzawa): I didn’t do anything…
4th bubble (Maimin): Then, why is she crying!!? [You made her cry didn’t you!!]
5th bubble (Maimin): I wanna hear about it right here!!!

Lowest left panel: You…Just what do you want me to be!!

Page 16:

1st bubble (Sounds of the can): Gong…

Upper right panel (Ai’s thoughts): I wanted to go on a date with you.

1st column (Sakura Ai): Why didn’t I say it out?

Middle upper panel (Ai): This was because the mail didn’t even come from me.

2nd column (Sakura Ai): Just what do I want Tokuzawa to be?

2nd bubble (Sakura Ai): Ehh…I think I brought too many?

Lower right panel (Sakura Ai): This time for sure, I will convey my feelings to him. With my courage……I was able to utter the word “I like you”.

3rd bubble (Sakura Ai): But……that wasn’t sufficient.

Page 17:

Upper right panel: That is right…

1st bubble (Sakura Ai’s thoughts): I am not yet……..
2nd bubble (Sakura Ai): Sor…..
3rd bubble (Random Boy C): Ouch!!
4th bubble (Random Girl C): Kyaa….Yoshi…are you alright?
5th bubble (Sakura Ai): Sor…I am sorry…..!!!

Description (Sakura Ai): Are you alright?

6th bubble (Random Boy C): This is bad……damn you….My bone just fractured.
7th bubble (Random Girl C): How are you gonna take up the responsibility?
8th bubble (Random Boy C): You better compensate for the bills.
9th bubble (Sakura Ai): That is…No way!!

Page 18:

1st bubble (Tokuzawa): Aren’t you making a big fuss about it?

Description on the lower left panel:
Please do not use a watermelon to hit a person.

2nd bubble (Random boy C): What the hell do you think you are doing?!!
3rd bubble (Tokuzawa): To hell with the compensation.

Page 19:

Tokuzawa (Description): Maximum displeasure / Maximum anger

Upper right panel: You wanna try me?

1st bubble (Tokuzawa): For god’s sake…what were you doing?
2n d bubble (Tokuzawa): You are kinda dense you know..
3rd bubble (Tokuzawa): As expected of you, Granny Ai.

Page 20:

Upper right panel (Sakura Ai): I have yet to…..

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): There are still a lot of things I wanna convey to you…
2nd bubble (Sakura Ai): I am so sorry…
3rd bubble (Sakura Ai): I have tried many times to mail you but…
4th bubble (sakura Ai): I became too nervous to do so….I am so sorry for being so incompetent.

Description (Sakura Ai): What do I want from him?

Lower left panel (Sakura Ai): I came to realize after thinking about it.

5th bubble (Sakura Ai): However…

Page 21:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): I…
2nd bubble (Sakura Ai): Want to spend more time together with you.
3rd bubble (Maimin): Ehh…
4th bubble (Maimin): Both of them are over there…!

Page 22:
Both Ai and Tokuzawa kissed.

Page 23:

Upper panel (Everyone): Kyaa….Ahhh !!!!

1st bubble (Tokuzawa):…..If that is the case..
2nd bubble (Tokuzawa): Let's go on a date.

Page 24:

1st bubble (Tokuzawa): I like you too, Ai.
2nd bubble (Maimin): Ai!!!!!
3rd bubble (Maimin): Wah!
4th bubble (Tokuzawa): This is like a date too right?
5th bubble (Random boy A): You are right but that was kinda too fast…
6th bubble (Maimin): The boys are so sneaky…
7th bubble (Random girl A): I agree..

Lowest left panel: Things such as love…..

Page 25:

1st column (Sakura Ai): I will be as ease if I don’t think about it…
2nd column 9Sakura Ai): That was what I thought some time back.

1st bubble (Maimin): That was really fun.
2nd bubble (Maimin and Girl A): They became closer…

Middle left panel (Sakura Ai): I wanna go on a date with him right now..

Lowest left panel (Sakura Ai): And to fall in love with him.

Page 26:

Lowest description (Sakura Ai): As of now, my world….

Page 27:

Is radiating brightly.
And the happiness.
1st bubble (Tokuzawa): You are so sneaky…
2nd bubble (Sakura Ai): Ehh…Why so?
3rd bubble (Tokuzawa): Ai

Page 28:

1st bubble (Tokuzawa): Your mail was long…
2nd bubble (Sakura Ai): Tokuzawa, I am aware you would always use short sentences. [Just like 1 single sentence].
3rd bubble (Tokuzawa): Please stop calling me Tokuzawa. (The summer holiday is about to end too).
4th bubble (Sakura Ai): Ehh…
5th bubble (Tokuzawa): You can just call me “Taiyou”.
6th bubble (Sakura Ai): Ta….

Page 29:

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): Ta….Tata…Taiyo….
2nd bubble (Tokuzawa): Ah….Forget about it…
3rd bubble (Sakura Ai): !!
4th bubble (sakura Ai): Ah..
5th bubble (Tokuzawa): The sunflowers
6th bubble (Tokuzawa): I see…you really like the sunflowers a lot
7th bubble (Sakura Ai): Yep.

Lower right panel (Description for Tokuzawa): To be frank….My granny was the one who gave me this name.

8th bubble (Sakura Ai): I even grew them at the school.
9th bubble (Sakura Ai): About that…..
10th bubble (Sakura Ai): It was for you, Tokuzawa.

Page 30:

Upper right panel (Tokuzawa): In English, I will be known as Sunflower…

Upper left panel (Tokuzawa): This was the first flower that my grandpa presented to my granny…..and she would often talk about this flower.

Middle panel (Sakura Ai): You are the only one that I will set my eyes upon….

Page 31:

Upper right panel (Sakura Ai): This is because you will always look straight back at me.

1st bubble (Sakura Ai): Taiyou

Upper left panel (Sakura Ai): Undoubtly, I will keep on shining brighter than ever.

~~~The END~~~

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