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Inumaru Dashi 8

8.1 Imuaru is our nii-chan, 8.2 Tamako-sensei's model debut

+ posted by 4649 as translation on Mar 28, 2017 18:38 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 8

Page 101

Inumaru: Tamako-sensei!!
Inumaru: Why didn't I win the Best Jeanist Award this year!!

(Note: annual fashion award in Japan)

Inumaru: S-sensei!!
I-is it because I'm not a celebrity!?
Tamako: No... Um... it's because you don't wear jeans... or anything at all.
Tamako: I wonder if Inumaru-kun will wear underpants before graduation.
Principal: Well, the more work a child takes the more painful it is to see them graduate.
Tamako: Having him fully exposed until graduation is painful in another way.
Principal: But we are kindergarten teachers, so even if Inumaru properly wears pants and graduates...
Principal: eventually Inumaru #2 and #3 will appear....
Tamako: No way. We don't live in a battle manga.
Tamako: All of a sudden #2 and #3!!!!

Chapter 8.1 Inumaru-kun is our nii-chan

Page 102

Tamako: What are you guys doing!!
Tamako: Inumaru what is this!?
Inumaru: It's this.
Tamako: Sorry, I don't get it.
Tamako: Um.. You two are from the younger class, right? Why did you take off your underwear?
Kids: But, ahh, Inumaru, umm..
Kids: Because being bare butt is fun.
Tamako: Geez, look! Because you aren't wearing any underwear Inumaru, the little kids have started copying you!!
Inumaru: They aren't copying. They are inspired.
Tamako: Either way is bad!!
Tamako: Anyways you two, no you three.
Tamako: Put on some underwear.

Page 103

SFX: Stare

Tamako: Look, Inumaru you are 1 year older so you have to put them on first
Tamako: You'll be a role model!!
Inumaru: Role model...
Tamako: Ohhhhhhhhh
Tamako: He's doing it himself!!
Tamako: Inumaru is putting on underwear all by himself.
Tamako: I-is this what is called a chance hit. If Inumaru puts on underwear everything is going to be all right!!
Tamako: Even Inumaru grows a sense of responsibility in front of younger children after all.
Inumaru: Uuuu...
Kids: Uuuu...

Page 104

Tamako: So it's like that!!
Tamako: Ahhh, three of them fully exposed!!
What should I do!?
Tamako: Just one is hard enough.
Tamako: Wait, it might still be okay. These two are just doing it because it's fun.
Tamako: The day is still young. There is still hope. In that regard Inumaru
Inumaru: In that regard I'm doing it because it's sexual.
Tamako: That is disgusting!! Why are you a bit proud!?
Tamako: You two, what are your names?
Mon: I'm Mon-chan!!
Ken: I'm Ken-chan!!
Inumaru: I'm Rola Chen!!
Tamako: I wasn't asking you Inumaru.

(Note: Rola Chen is a model)
(Note: Chen and chan are spelled the same in Japanese)

Tamako: Mon-chan, Ken-chan...
In the future there will be a lot of your seniors who will influence you.
Tamako: Inumaru is a senior who you shouldn't let influence you.
Narration: Other seniors you shouldn't let influence you.
Narration: I've been called a delinquent
Narration: since I was 12.
Narration: I have a job for you
Narration: All you have to do is introduce yourself to people, its easy money.
Narration: Is this your first time in Akiba?
Narration: Fufu... It's alright leave it to me.

Page 105

Tamako: You still don't understand do you?
Tamako: Umm...
Inumaru: Let's play hide and seek.
Tamako: Hah, well those two are surely just temporary. Kids get bored quickly.
Tamako: Wait, No!
Tamako: I have to tell them it's wrong right away or there is a possibility that it might awaken!!
Tamako: I have to stamp out the fire called pervert right away!!
Tamako: Hey!! Everyone stop!!
Inumaru: Then Tamako-sensei is it!!
Tamako: I found you Ken-chan
Tamako: I found you Mon-chan
Tamako: Time to put on....
Kids: One more time! One more time!
Tamako: I'm not exactly playing with you!?

Page 106

Tamako: No matter how times I find the two from the younger class it will never end.
First I'll have to find their head Inumaru.
Tamako: Even if I said head he's just the bum. If I catch Inumaru they should all come out...
Tamako: Hm.. Those are Inumaru's shoes.
Tamako: He used the garbage can as step ladder and went to the other side.
Tamako: Or that’s what he was trying to show and hid in this garbage can!!
Tamako: Fo-und you!!
Tamako: Ah, this peach posing as a bum.
Tamako: He read that I fall for the double bluff.
Tamako: Or that’s what he was trying to show and hid in this peach.

(Note: Momotarou is a famous story about a boy fround in a peach. Momotarou had 3 companions. Dog, Monkey, and a pheasent.
KenKen is the sound a pheasent makes = Ken-chan, Monkey = Mon-chan, Inumaru = Dog (Inu is japanese for dog))

Tamako: Now call out all the other kids from hiding.
Inumaru: Everyone come out.
Tamako: Got it everyone?
Tamako: Absolutely do not copy Inumaru.
Tamako: You have to wear underwear.
Tamako: They are multiplying...

Page 107

Chapter 8.2

Tamako-sensei's model debut

Kid: Mo-m I'm ho-me
Mom: Eh, there is no way I can do it right away!! What, the deadline is today!?
I'll never be able to find a model that fits the image this quickly.
Mom: Ah Hiroko, welcome home.
Tamako: See you Monday!!
Mom: ...
Mom: I found one!!
Mom: Tamako-sensei!! Can you model for me right away!?
Tamako: Eh, Eh.
Mom: You are just the image!!
Tamako: Whoa, wai, I don't understand...
Tamako: Photo model...?
Mom: Yes, and I need a model on short notice.
Tamako: It's ok with me, if I am good enough for you!! I'll come over after I'm done seeing home the children!!
Tamako: B-but I'm bit embarrassed... If it is a poster hung around town I might be seen by someone I know...

Tamako: The rice from our town
is super delicious
Mom: No, you'll be a model for a Shueisha magazine
Tamako: Ah, too bad.
Tamako: ....Wait, Shueisha...
... The company that runs Jump?
Tamako: That's nation-wide isn't it.
Mom: Ya.

Page 108

Tamako: Shueisha fashion magazines.. umm. non-no!? MORE!?
Tamako: BAILA!? The magazine for working women.
Tamako: Seventeen, my age is a bit wrong, right? Hahaha
Tamako: I-it can't be gravure for Playboy..!?
Tamako: U..um... I don't really have confidence with being naked.
Mom: No, you won't have to take off any clothes.
Tamako: Ah, um but I'm wearing an apron and in mostly no makeup
Mom: Don't worry we will assign you clothes and we have a makeup artist.
Mom: She's our model Tamako Yamada.
Mom: This is our makeup artist and stylist Nakano-san.
Tamako: P-pleased to meet you.
Nakano: Hellllo
Nakano: I'm Beauty Nakano!! ufuuuuu!!
No way! Thi girl is Su-uuper Cute!! I have no interest in girls though!!
Nakano: Umm first off.
Tamako: Aren't those fringe in the way.
Nakano: Uwaaa
Tamako: They were in the way after all!!
Nakano: Firstaw (first off) put this on. It's a Japanese-ish casual girly one piece dress!!
Nakano: Ahh, it might be better to change your hair in the widely loved curled ends, you novice.
Tamako: That last part was old!!

Page 109

Nakano: Cuute ♥
Nakano: It suuper suits you ♥
You're in the super look good group.
Nakano: Ah, what a waste. Your raw materials are great but it's like you aren't making any use of them.
Nakano: But I feel like I've found a diamond in the rough!?
Tamako: What is this person? What is this character!?
Nakano: Don't ♥ you ♥ worry. I'll transform that with makeup for you.
That's it, like Snow White.
Ah, not Snow White.
Nakano: You are that right? A person who doesn't really do makeup.
Tamako: Eh, um. I'm not very good with makeup...
Nakano: I got it, I got it, your Goisu.
I was bad at it too long ago. I was lost.
I was a lost lamb,
I was super lambed.
Tamako: Lamb!?

(Note: Goisu is character from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

Nakano: I wonder if it's because of your work, you have beautiful skin but i looks like you spend a lot of time outdoors.
A little whiter skin would be better wouldn't it?
Hm, put in a bit of adult like glamorous red.
Nakano: Your eyes are big and a bit slanted at the ends!! They a super nice, so lets capitilize on that.
Making your eyebrows a bit bigger I think will make you a bit mor graceful.
Nakano: Your mouth is a bit small. Fuu♥
I wonder what that small mouth eats every day!! ufu!!
A little around the edges to bring out your lips.

Page 110

Nakano: Yes!! Perfect!!
Tamako: Can you show me a mirror please!!
Nakano: Look forward to it in the magazine ♥
Nakano: Because, together with the cameraman's skills it will be perfect.
Narration: And like this for some reason, me, a kindergarten teacher, ...
Narration: Is going to be in a country-wide magazine as a model,
Mom: Lift up your left arm. Like you are having a bit more fun!!
Mom: I want to see you full of energy
Mom: Like this... Look up a bit more
Mom: That's good Tamako-sensei
Narration: Of course I'm happy and nervous but....
Narration: More than that I'm looking forward to it.
Tamako: In the end I forgot to ask what magazine it would be in..
Tamako: Oh well, when the magazine is released Hiroko-chan will bring one anyways.
Narration: Me, who is bad at makeup.
Narration: How will I transform from a professional makeup artist.
Hiroko: Tamako-sensei the magazine is out!!
Kids: Tamako-sensei in magazine!?
Kids: Is this really Tamako-sensei!?
Tamako: Wha,wha. It's already out?
Kids: It's like a completely different person!!

Page 111

Magazine: Tools of play are our weapons!!
Do you want to play Kabuki!?
Verticle text right: Take your pose!!
Verticle text left: A total of 140 people will win!!

Prizes (counter clockwise starting top left): ① Nintendo DS Lite 2 winners
② i-Pod Shuffle 2 winners 10 W 2
⑨ Jump original notebook 100 winners
Tamako: It was this thing in Jump!!!!!

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Areas to check:

I don't like the way I translated the second bad influence. The guy with a job.

I may have missed a reference when Mon-chan and Ken-chan were introducing themselves. Inumaru introduced himself as Rora Chen which is a model. Mon chan is also the nickname of the model Megumi Tamon. I think it was just a coincidence from the Momotarou reference though so I didn't include it. Ken-chan is a guys name and no model has that name that I know which is why I think the Mon-chan is just a coincidence.

I would double check anything I translated by Beauty Nakano. My fashion vocabulary is almost non existent.

子羊る. I'm not positive but I think it's slang by turning it into a verb by adding る. I'm not super confident in the translation.

唇の輪郭からはみ出すひちゃいマンモスー. I have no idea what the last part meant. I assumed he meant mammoth with a drawn out suu at the end but didn't could relate that to lips. I glossed it over as "a bit around the the edges to bring out your lips"

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