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Inumaru Dashi 9

9.1 Violet Class's Clay Creations, 9.2 Torii-kun's Sad Story

+ posted by 4649 as translation on Mar 30, 2017 21:52 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

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Page 113

Kid: Ah, Mo...
Kid: T..teacher
Tamako: ...What is it?
Tamako: Ufufu... Right now he just mistakenly called me mom.
...It happens.
Kid: Ah, my mom, umm, you see.....the other day.
Tamako: Oh, he's covering it up well.
Inumaru: Ah, Kobuhei.

(Note: Kobuhei is a rakugo artist, TV personality, voice actor, and university professor. He is an older man, born 1962)

Tamako: Kobuhei!? I was just mistaken for Kobuhei!?

Chapter 9.1
Violet class's clay creations

Page 114

Tamako: Everyone's is well done.
Tamako: Now let's present them to the class.
Kid: Umm Tamako-sensei I'm not really confident in mine...
One of Mr. Bunny's ears is bigger than the other.
Tamako: It's okay!! It is cute this way!!
Kid: Teacher, I don't have confidence in mine either...
Is this going to be okay with Shueisha?
Tamako: I-it's fine. Kids don't have to worry about that.
We will fix it with mosaic power.
Tamako: Who-o was it!? Who made the poop-kun?
Tamako: It was Inumaru right? Because it's naughty.
Kid: Teacher that’s my poop-kun!!
Inumaru: ....
Tamako: Eh!
Tamako: Ah... Sorr...
Tamako: Uwaaa. I'm sorry I doubted you Inumaru.
Tamako: I'm sorry. D-don't be angry.
Inumaru: I want to make a poop.
Tamako: Ya, ya, ya a real one right?

Page 115

Tamako: Ah... Wh-ose is this?
Kid: Mine
Tamako: It's really good!! It's like the real thing!!
Inumaru: Who-se is this?
TV: A man who is still fine sending texts even though they are broken up
Kids: There are some. There are some.
Tamako: Don't make an ado about that!

(Note: Inumaru is dressed up as comedian Sanma Akashiya host of TV show Much Ado About Love.
A comedy show where women discuss their love lives)

Tamako: Alright who is next?
Tamako: This is definitely Inumaru-kun's...
Tamako: Aahh, this high quality wasted on a perverted direction must be Inuma...
Tamako: Wait... I can't make the same presumption as last time... It might be a different kid...
Tamako: That's right... It might be someone else who made a nude statue as a serious piece of art...
Tamako: Ha...
Takamo: Who-se is this?
Inumaru: Mine!
Tamako: Da... Damnit

Page 116

Tamako: Wai… Wait… It's still too early to get mad...
Tamako: Inumaru-kun... Why did make this?
Tamako: He might have made it with pure intentions as a work of art...
Inumaru: It's erotic isn't it!!
Tamako: Da... Damnit
Inumaru: Hey sensei, at first I wanted to her an E-cup but there wasn't enough clay.
The right side was an E cup and the left side was an A cup. I had no choice but to make it two c-cups.
Tamako: I didn't ask for the making of erotica!!
Inumaru: Next time I'd like I'd like to make it so I don't have to compromise on the distribution of clay.
Tamako: I didn't as for your enthusiastic reflections towards your next work either!!
Tamako: Ah. No way… This can't be…
Kid: Hehehe... It's Tamako-sensei.

Head of statue: Tamako-sensei

Kid: You said to make what we like.
Tamako: No way....
Tamako: Alright then! Let's decorate the front of the classroom with them!
Kids: Let's display them! Let's display them!
Tamako: Everyone's painstaking work is the Violet Class’s treasure!!
Narration: That night
Narration: The city had a magnitude 4 earthquake.

Page 117

Tamako: I-is everyone all right!? No one got hurt!?
Kid: We are all right but... sensei.
Kid: Wuaaaaaaaaa
Kid: sniff sniff
Kid: Th… the clay…
Tamako: ...
Tamako: … That's unfortunate but we can make them again.
As long as everyone is okay we can make them as many times as we want.
Tamako: I'm happy everyone is all right!!
Kid: Ah. Mine is fine.
Kid: Mine is sort of ok.
Inumaru: Ahh. Half of mine is still good.
Tamako: Remember to look out for aftershocks!!
Kind: Ya....
Narration: That aftershock was clearly man-made but the children pretended not to see it.

Page 118

Chapter 9.2

Torii-kun's Sad Story

Inumaru: Manga loving Prime Minister Asō!!
Tamako: Hey!! Don't make an appeal!!
Tamako: What are you going to do if we get designated as a harmful book!!

(Note: PM Aso was PM from Sep 2008- Sep 2009 he was outspoken about his love for manga)
(Note: Harmful material is a special designation in Japan)

Tamako: Inumaru-kun!!
Tamako: A-are you okay?
Tamako: W-wait a second!
Tamako: You just tripped Inumaru-kun right now, right.
Tamako: Why would you do that!?
Tamako: W-wait!!

Page 119

Tamako: You are Torii-kun from the Lily class, right? Did something bad happen?
Torii: Bad? Only bad things happen... That's why
Torii: when I see someone peacefully waving their penis around I get angry.
Tamako: Never mind peacefully rather it's a problem any way, waving it around.
Tamako: Even so. It's still wrong to trip him right....?
Torii: Hey sensei... You see... ever since I've been born I've been unlucky.
Inumaru: Y.....You’re a girl!!

(Note: lucky and attached are homonyms in Japanese. Inumaru hears "ever since....it hasn't been attached")

Tamako: Inumaru-kun!
Tamako: I know you're mad Inumaru-kun, but be a bit patient.
When people are serious trying to talk it’s not nice to joke about it.
And that was low...
Inumaru: Fine then I'll just retort!!
Tamako: That's not the problem.
Torii: Sensei
Torii: Just today, I've stepped on poop 4 times....
The fourth time it was already flat... I didn't even notice.
That happened and I just wanted to vent my anger...
Inumaru: Was it all the same piece of poop!!
Tamako: Inumaru!!

Page 120

Torii: This is why kindergarten isn't fun. And I don't have even one friend...
TOrii: Every day I just finish my quota.
I make the trip between home and kindergarten...
I'm just a cog the machine called kindergarten student.
Torii: Are you a middle management worker complaining!?
Tamako: Inumaru-kun!!
Torii: Of course it happens at home too. Bad luck knows no bound and doesn't stop for unlucky people’s private life....
Torii: My dad's company went bankrupt.
Inumaru: Is supposed to be a bad pun!!
Tamako: Inumaru-kun!!

(Note: Dad and bankruptcy are homonyms in Japanese)

Torii: Because of that, my parents don't get along... When either of them opens their mouth its
Torii: Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money,
Inumaru: Are you Brain Maker!!
Tamako: Inumaru-kun stop forcing retorts. And falling over is old!!

(Note: Nounai Maker (Brain Maker in English) is a site where if type in your name it tells you what you are thinking with a simple picture and kanji)
(Note: http://maker.usoko.net/nounai/ )

Torii: Sensei, I get it. Even though it's only been four years since I've been born, four years is more than enough to understand
Torii: In life there is much more hardships than good times waiting for you.
Tamako: That's not true!!
There a lot more good times.
Tamako: I've had a lot of hardship too... But right now I'm having fun.

Page 121

Tamako: After some bad happens something good always happens.
Torii: But I only have bad things happen.
Tamako: That's because you do bad things.
For every bad thing you do, a good thing won't happen.
Tamako: What did you just do to Inumaru-kun?
Torii: .....
Tamako: Properly say sorry!! If you do that something good will happen!
Torii: There is no way something good will happen right away.
Tamako: It will!! It will!!
Tamako: You'll surely make your first friend...!!!
Torii: Um...
Torii: Sorry about before.
Torii: What is this? Is this good?
Tamako: No.... It's... Probably bad.
Narration: Inumaru-kun is still pretty angry.

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I may have missed a pop-culture reference when Inumaru is reflecting on his work. The background changes which he usually does for pop-culture references but I don't recognize the reference.

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