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Inumaru Dashi 10

Fight to the Death!! Yamata no Orochi

+ posted by 4649 as translation on Apr 1, 2017 16:04 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 10

Page 123

Tamako: Whoa, Principal what are
Tamako: those cards!!
Principal: You aren't allowed to bring these things to school so
I just confiscated them from some students.
Tamako: Aww, poor kids. Those are treasures to the children.
Principal: Of course I'll give them back later
Tamako: But boys really love cards don’t they.
When I was a kid the boys had a lot too.
Tamako (background): Dragon Ball Carddass and such

(Note: Carddass are trading cards from Bandai trading card vending machines)

Principal: Older men like cards love cards too.

Top (from right to left): Credit Cards
Top Old man: This is my status!!

middle: common
Super Rare

Bottom: Business card
Membership card
VIP card
Bottom Oldman: Girl's email address get ❤

Bottom: Hostess Bar

Kids: ...Umm....Principal...
Kids: .....
Kids: Our cards...
Principal: .....
Principal: You absolutely won't bring them anymore?
Kids: We won't!!
Principal: You will respect the rules of kindergarten?
Kids: We will!!
Tamako: The person on the left isn't respecting any of the rules though...

Chapter 10

Fight to the Death!! Yamata no Orochi

Page 124

Ken: Today after this lets go to the supermarket and play cards!!
Kids: Ah, me too, me too!!
Kids: Inumaru-kun are you coming?
Inumaru: Ya!!
Tamako: Eh... You have to go somewhere to play?
Ken: Ya!! You scan them and then battle.
Tamako: ...S...scan?
Narration: Arcade trading card games!!
top game: Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road
middle left game: Yu☆Gi☆Oh Duel Terminal
Middle Right: Data Carddass Series
bottom right: Reborn 3x3 Cross Battle
Narration: Trading card games and arcade games combined into one super popular game!!
Inumaru: If I was a machine, the cards barcode data can be read like this.
SFX: Scan
Tamako: It's annoying but that was super easy to understand.
All of a sudden I was like "Ah"!!
Tamako: But I'm going to warn you not to overdo it
Tamako: You'll end up using all of your allowan...
Tamako: In...Inumaru-kun.
Tamako: Because of you simple to understand explanation your bum is bleeding!!

SFX: Running

Page 125

Kids: Ah, what is this
A new one came out!!
Kids: Everyone let's play this one!!3
Game Name: Ultimate Monsters
Ken: I'm first!!
Kids: I'm fir. guoooo
Kids: I'm guoooo
Kids: Ahh, let's just decide it with rock-paper-scissors!!
Kids: Rock, Paper, Scissors!!
Kids: Inumaru-kun what is that?
Inumaru: .....scissors!!
Ken: Alright then, Me and Inumaru are the first battle!!
Ken: Is it alright if I get a card first?
Inumaru: Go right ahead.
Narration: Feeling guilty because his pose was for rock
Ken: Alright!! I wonder if I'll get a rare card.
Kids: Oooooh, it's shining!! It's Yamata no Orochi!!
Kids: What is it, what is that!!
Kids: Aweso-ome!! This must be rare!!

Card: Yamata no Orochi

(Note: Yamata no Orochi is a mythical 8-headed serpent from Japanese mythology)

Kids: What card did you get Inumaru!?
Card: Old Man Yamada

(Note: In Japanese Old Man Yamada sounds very similar to Yamata no Orichi)

Kids: Who is that?

Page 126

Kids: He a super weak looking monster
Background: And it's a really bad pun too...
Kids: Monster? This is just an old man isn't it?
Kids: Ah, Inumaru-kun, he looks weak but he might actually be really strong.
Ken: An...Anyways lets try a fight.
Screen: Yamata no Orochi vs Old Man Yamada
Kids: The Old man is small!!
Kids: It's useless!! He's even saying "A,wa,wa"
Background: Ah,wa,wa
Game: Stop the wheel to decide the attack!!
Wheel from top down: Strong Attack
Weak Attack
Medium Attack
Kids: Ahh, it's the weak attack
Game: Stop the wheel to decide the attack!!
Wheel from top down: Medium Attack
Strong Attack
Kids: Oh....it's his strong attack!!
With this just maybe....
Oldman: Uooooooooo

Page 127

Ken: ...He was weak after all
Kids: And he ran like a girl
Kids: And it was a wig
Kids: That's probably the weakest monster... Ah.
Kids: I-Inumaru-kun... Let's try one more time!!
SFX: Beep
Kids: What did you get, what did you get!!
Kids: Hm? It's not a monster card.
Ken: Ah, Equipment Card. If you scan it after a monster his attack moves will increase!!
Kids: Whoa!! Lend me that Orochi card then!!
Card: Golden Fang
Instructions: How to play.
Kids: Inumaru-kun, what did you get?
Card: Sock (left)
Kids: What is that? Uwa it's dirty...
Kids: Why only one side?
Kids: This is definitely that old man’s sock...
Kids: Ah... Its defense strength might be really big Inumaru-kun...
Kids: Th... The toes are separated too so it looks really warm in winter too.
Kids: The old man’s wounds haven't healed!!

Page 128

Game: Stop the wheel to decide the attack!!
Wheel: Weak Attack
Medium Attack
Kids: Nice!! He's going to use his item move!!
Game: Stop the wheel to decide the attack!!
Wheel: Weak Attack
Kids: The old man is becoming defiant!!
Screen: Use item!!
Screen: Golden Fang Attack
Screen: Use item!!
Screen: Sock Memories
Screen: Five year old daughter Sachiko
Screen: Hey dad, when I get older can I marry you.
Screen: Eight years old
Here you go Dad. Happy Birthday!! Eh? What is it? A pair of socks!!
Screen: 12 years old
Wait mom. I told you not to put dad’s laundry in with mine!! When did those socks get in there?
Screen: 16 years old
Socks? Ha ha good one.
Kids: Was that a move right now?
Kids: Wasn't that just his life flashing before his eyes?
Kids: I-Inumaru-kun, you can do one more!!

Page 129

Kids: Oh, I got an item too, Golden Tail.
Ken: Eh!? Gold!?
Ken: It says here if you scan cards from the same series you unlock the ultimate combo!?
Background: Golden Fang + Golden Tail = Ultimate Combo
Ken: Maybe Inumaru-kun..
Ken: If you get the right sock you might unlock the old man’s ultimate combo!!
Kids: Am...Amazing, Inumaru-kun you got the sock in one try!!
Kids: Speaking of which, why does Inumaru only get cards relating to the old man!?
Card: Sock (Left)
Kids: Ah, this is the left sock again
Kids: It's a double
Kids: The old man's mental damage hasn't healed yet!!
Old Man: Sachiko
Game: Stop the wheel to decide the attack!!
Wheel: Weak Attack
Ultimate Combo
Medium Attack
Kids: Ahh stop it already!!
Game: Stop the wheel to decide the attack!!
Wheel: Go Home
Go Home
Go Home
Kids: The Old Man just wants to go home!!

Page 130

Wheel: Go Home
Go Home
Go Home
SFX Ken putting money into the machine: clink

Ken: Oh!! It's not a monster or an equipment cars!!
Card: Dragon breath
☆Skill Card
The dragon breath which burns everything!!
Kids: Skill Card? It looks like you can use a special move!!
Ken: ....
Ken: I-Inumaru-kun... What are you going to do? Do you want to fight?
Narration: Last 100 yen of allowance
Card: Tightly Bound
☆Skill Card
The power to tightly bind magazines and cardboard!!
It won't fall sideways and scatter!
A father’s ordinary skill.

Page 131

Ken: In..Inumaru-kun look, fighting isn't everything...
Kids: Th-that's right. When's it's time for recycling it's a hero, this skill!!
Kids: Even when my dad ties magazines they fall apart right away!!
Scream: Raawwwr

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