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Inumaru Dashi 12

Goukon Go Go Inumaru

+ posted by 4649 as translation on Apr 5, 2017 15:46 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 12

Page 143

Tamako: Hey, Inumaru-kun
You aren't allowed to read Jump at preschool.
Tamako: Hey.. Inumaru-kun?
Jump: Please give me the right to end one manga I hate.

(Note: This is Niizuma Eiji from Bakuman)

Chapter 12
Goukon Go Go Inumaru

(Note: Goukon is a group blind date or mixer)

Page 144

Tamako: Good-bye everyone!!
Inumaru: Ryuichi-kun bye-bee!!
Ryuichi: Nowadays "Bye-bee"?
Minami: Ah, I forgot, Tamako-sensei
Tamako: What is it...? Minami-sensei
Minimi: Do you have any plans after work today?
Naration: Lily Class
Minami-sensei (31)
Tamako: I do!! I was thinking of watching Friday Roadshow's Ocean 11...

(Note: Friday Roadshow is a weekly TV event that plays movies on TV)

Minami: Oho...You're including TV show plans... No, Um... I thought we could go out for dinner...
Tamako: Eh... that's fine.
Inumaru: This might just be an invitation to a goukon!?
Tamako: Eh
Inumaru: This new character, Minami-sensei, is 31 this year and single. She might be desperate.
Oba-chans 31

(Note: Oba-chan is Japanese for older woman)

Tamako: Hey!! Don't say it like Oceans 11!! And don't say new character!!
Tamako: Aaah, Umm... This isn't a goukon, is it?
If it is, I'll have to refuse....
I'm not very good with those types of things...
Minami: Ahahaha, no way
Inumaru: She might got the ok for the goukon using Tamako-sensei as bait, saying she would bring a young acquaintance.
Tamako: Hey!! Inumaru-kun!!
Minami: No way, no way.

Page 145

Tamako: Minami-sensei is late isn't she...?
Minami: Tamako-sensei, sorry
Minami: Did you wait long? Sorry...
Minami: My makeup took awhile

Background from top to bottom: Eye Putti
Fake eye lashes
Colour Contacts
Push up bra
Tamako: Minami-sensei is late isn't she...?
Minami: Tamako-sensei
Tamako: Oh... N-no way! Minami-sensei?
Minami: Yes way!!
Tamako: Your art ability is huge!!!
Minami: art ability...
Naration: Before
Tamako: That's a huge transformation, isn’t it!! About enough outstanding art ability used aim for the Garyokin Fire, isn't it!!
Background: I'm waiting for
Background: everyone’s painstaking masterpieces!!
Background: Kakiko-chan

(Note: Garyokin Fire is an annual contest were Shueisha looks for new artists)
(Note: Kakiko was the mascot for the 6th year. She was designed by Kousuke Hamada who was Ooishi's assistant)

I'm unsure if Kakiko is the official mascot approved by Shueisha or just kind of declared a mascot between the two of them

Tamako: But you don't have to get so worked up just for dinner with me...
Minami: But, I'm already 31. And I'm desperate. And the other two guys are apparently handsome.
Tamako: Eh... Wai... "Other two guys"....
Tamako: No way!! It's a goukon after all…!
Minami: Yes way!!
After all...I said I'd bring a young girl...

Page 146

Guys: Sorry. We started drinking without you!!
Background: Over here, over here
Guys: You two are cute!!
Tamako: I'm leaving after 30 minutes
Minami: I got it, I got it
Minami: Sorry we are late ❤
Akai: Umm, first of all... We are just regular company employees. I'm Akai, nice to meet you
Akai: I'm 30
Aoki: I'm Aoki, his junior. I'm 28.
Minanmi: We're kindergarten teachers. I'm Minami. I'm 18 and 156 months.
Guys: That’s 31 isn’t it!!
Tamako: What is this pace...
Tamako: Ah... Um... I'm her co-worker Tamako Yamada. I'm 22...
Guys: 22!? That's young!!
Inumaru: I'm Inumaru!! I'm 4!!
Inumaru: I'm a kindergarten student in the Violet Class.
SFX: heart beating
Guys: 4!? That's young!!
Minami: ...No way... Inumaru-kun?
Inumaru: Yes way!!
Tamako: Why are you here!?
Inumaru: I was just normally stalking Tamako-sensei and I ended up here.
Tamako: Stalking isn't normal, ok!?

Page 147

Inumaru: Is it stalking? Is it streaking? Is it Story King?
Just kidding!!
SFX: Ahh ha ha
Tamako: It's not "Ahh ha ha", no one is laughing!!
Background: I'm waiting for
Background: everyone’s painstaking masterpieces!!
Background: Kakiko-chan

(Note: Story King is a contest by Shueisha looking for new story writers run alongside the Garyokin contest)

Guys: Ummm, Is he a child? Is he your child? Which is it?
Minami: No... He's a kindergarten student at our school...
Guys: Oh..Ooooo... Hahaha... Eh... student!?
Tamako: Ah!
SFX: eureka
Tamako: Hey... This isn't a place for children!!
Tamako: Ah, I'll take responsibility. I have to take this child home!! I'll be leaving!!
Minami: Ehhh
Minami: Wait a sec Tamako-sensei. Just wait until things until people spirits rise!! Have a drink first!!
If you leave here I can't do anything about this atmosphere alone!!
Tamako: B-but...
Minami: Look... everyone is making a good face and on standby for cheers.
Tamako: Why is even Inumaru making a good face and on standby for cheers!?

Inumaru: Hey, is it all right if I make the cheers? Hey, hey.
Akai: Hmm… sure
Akai: Oi, is this ok?! With the kid here...
Aoki: W...Well we can just use the kid as a trigger to start the party, can't we?
Akai: I... I guess
Inumaru: Are you aiming for the girl on the left? Or is it the one on the right?
Akai: You're seriously participating!?
Inumaru: Today, with no dirty jokes, let’s have fun and be refreshed!!
Tamako: We are even being told this by someone fully exposed.
Inumaru: All right then everyone OPPAI!!
Everyone: That's a dirty joke isn't it.

(Note: In Japanese Oppai = Boobs, Kanpai = Cheers)

Page 148

Tamako: Speaking of which, I don't drink alcohol...
Tamako: I'm going to be leaving. Hey Inumaru-key let's go?
Everyone: Ehh
Inumaru: We can't get started if Tamako doesn't drink
Dri-ink, Drink, Drink, Dri-ink
Tamako: Don't chant!! Where did you learn that!!

(Note: Inumaru is doing a popular drinking chant in Japan)

Inumaru: A goukon without drinking is like
Inumaru: A Something Else without singing Last Chance
Tamako: Your comparison is hard to understand!!

(Note: Something Else is sort of a one hit wonder folk band)

Tamako: After you finish that juice we are leaving.
Inumaru: (blowing bubbles SFX)
Minami: Sorry it's so frantic
Guys: No, no, no... It’s fun, isn't it.
Guys: People who like kids leave a kind impression, I like it.
Background: Ha ha ha ...
Minami: Ehh, is that it? I love kids.
Guys: I like kids too.
Inumaru: You like kids!?
Inumaru: Or do you like making kids!?
Tamako: What are you saying Inumaru-kun.
Tamako: Okay, you are done drinking. Let's go.
Inumaru: Eh. I want to play the kid game!!
Tamako: K-kid game!?
Inumaru: The game were everyone has to listen to what the kid says!!
Tamako: That's just a selfish kid!!

Page 149

Guys: Ah ha ha. You want to do that, right Inumaru-kun? The King Game right?
Guys: Okay? In the King Game
Guys: Everyone pulls from the lottery
Guys: Like this...
Guys: For example. Everyone let’s give it a try.
Guys: It's just an example
Tamako: Uwaaa. Acting as if teaching a child, they started the King Game
Inumaru: I-I got the red one
Guys: That’s the King
Guys: The king can order whatever he likes
Inumaru: Then, ummm.
Inumaru: Please give me the right to end one manga I hate.
Guys: What are you Niizuma Eiji!!!!
Guys: It's not like that... Ah, I'm the king
Guys: Number 2 kiss the king on the cheek!!
Guys: Ya, like that
Tamako: Are you satisfied now. We're leaving.
Inumaru: Sensei, I want to eat this stew pie!!
Tamako: Nooo way
Minami: I-its fine isn't it. Let him eat one...
Inumaru: EE~AT
Tamako: I got it, I got it
Don't say it like Mihimaru GT.

(Note: Mihimaru GT is an Urban/Pop group)

Page 150

Inumaru: Is there anyone else with orders? I'll go tell the store person for you!!
Guys: Really?
Guys: We will have 2 draft beers
Minami: I'll have a Kyoho-grape sour.That's big of you Inumaru-kun.
Tamako: Wait a second.
Guys: I wonder if he'll be alright. Will he be able to remember it all!
Naration: Draft beer x2
Kyoho-grape sour
Stew pie
Minami: I wonder if he can say it properly.
Inumaru: Ya.
Staff: Can I take your order?
Inumaru: Tw..Two...Na..natural... Bi..big breasted.. Pi...pie
Tamako: Ahh. He couldn't say it at all.

(Note: Draft beer in Japanese is Nama-beer. Nama means natural/unprocessed.
Big boobs in Japanese is Kyonyu which he mistakes for Kyoho a type of grape)

Minami: That was completely wrong Inumaru-kun
Tamako: The staff member must have been confused, right!!
Staff: Sorry to keep you waiting
Tamako: The result of his confusing was two puddings!!
Guys: So... you two seriously don't have boyfriends? You really do don't you?
Minami: No, I really don't
Inumaru: She's desperate but she doesn't want to compromise on looks and income.
But, at this age even when dating, people start to become aware of marriage and she looks serious.
Inumaru: Don't reveal my thoughts!!
Guys: And Tamako-sensei?
Tamako: ...Ah
Tamako: I... have one...
Guys: Eh, you do after all?? What kind of person is he?

Page 151

Tamako: ... He's energetic and cute...
Background: Yaaa, Yaaa
Tamako: He's quick to laugh, quick to cry, and quick to get angry.
Background: waaah
Tamako (Background): Right now....
Tamako: But he always loves me...
Kids: Tamako-sensei
Tamako (background): My head is full of the children...
Tamako: He always runs around with his penis fully exposed......
Guys: T-That guy is just a pervert isn't he!!
Guys: It's probably best to break up with him!
Tamako: ....Then it's about time... Hey... Inumaru-kun…
Inumaru: Ya.
Tamako: Sorry Minami-sensei...
Minami: No I'm sorry. I'll manage from here.
Tamako: Geeze, really
Tamako: You can't be out this late.
Tamako: Inuma...

TV: Take Back the Love!!
Lyrics by Kimiharu Nakamura
Song by Michio Yamashita
Band Crystal King

Minami: Didn't you leave!?
Narration: Inumaru-kun crashed the Karaoke after party.
Tamako: I certainly am.

(Note: Take Back the love is the first OP theme to Fist of the North Star. The first line in the song is You are shocked!)

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Areas to check:

I put the Bakuman reference in there. It's definetely popular enough not to put it in but since I'm trying to reference most the Pop Culture references I left it in anyways.

まさか and そのまさか is a running gag throughout the chapter. I tired keeping it but as best I could. It's pretty much lost in the translation to English in my translation of the chapter though.

In the Mihimaru GT reference I changed the BT initials in the original gag to ET to match the English translation.

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