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Inumaru Dashi 13

My City's Inumaru-kun

+ posted by 4649 as translation on Apr 10, 2017 01:39 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 13

Page 153

Chapter 13
My City's Inumaru-kun

Narration: It's been four months since I moved to this city with the kindergarten school but
Narration: The areas I visit are limit to my neighbourhood and the school
Narration: I don't actually know the city well
Narration: So for that reason I came to this viewing platform.
Tamako: Ummm... There is the kindergarten school...
Tamako: Ah, I can see the ocean. It's a pretty nice city.
Tamako: There is lots of nature. It's a nice place.
Tamako: The shopping district is around here, huh
Tamako: Let's try zooming in some more.

Page 154

Tamako: For a second there, it looked like a butt...
Tamako: It... It was just my imagination, right?....
Tamako: Speaking of which it's over already!?
Tamako: 30 seconds for 100 yen that's expensive!!
Tamako: Inumaru-kun always has me wrapped around his finger
Tamako: I'm tired of it....
Tamako: ...
Tamako: There is no way I would find Inumaru-kun with such precision...
Tamako: I... I must have mistaken balloons for him... Ya...
Tamako: It was around here the last place I looked......
Tamako: Ah, it was balloons after all.
Tamako: Ah, it was a butt after all.

Page 155

Tamako: Inumaru-kun...
Tamako: What does he normally do?
Tamako: D... Does he cause people trouble or something?
Tamako: It would be good if he doesn't...
Tamako: Aahh, Geeze...
You took too many balloons
Tamako: It's one per person right!?
Tamako: He;s floating!!
Tamako: He's losing to the buoyancy of helium!!
Tamako: Is...Is he okay!!
Tamako: Uwaaa!!

Page 156

Tamako: Gaaaaa
Tamako: I-Inumaru is high in the sky...!
Tamako: Ah... It was balloons? ...
Tamako: I thought it was a butt....
Tamako: Where is Inumaru-kun...?
Tamako: Ah...
There he is...
Sign: Street Corner Fashion Check!!
Tamako: What's the Fashion Check doing!?
Tamako: He's super talkative!!

Page 157

Tamako: He was making a face like he was talking about his favourite brands...
Tamako: The he probably made a stupid joke like "My brand is to buranburan." He surely did....
I pretty much understand...

(Note: Buranburan is Japanese to let dangle/hang)

Tamako: Book store?
Tamako: Ah, Hey stop reading without buying
Book: Sunday
Book: Magazine
Book: Champion
Tamako: What about Jump!?
Tamako: ...Now...What? He's really stuck on some poster...

Poster: Book Notice
A must read book about Gay living true to himself!!
"Gay can save you"
By Gay Nakano

(Note: Art is pronounced gay in Japanese. Gay can save you is a play on the Japanese idiom "art saves the body")
(Note: Nakano is known as the gay district or Gay Town)

I would double check my translation of the poster. I'm pretty sure Gay is his name but it could be that they just spelled 芸 in katakana. Or just straight out saying gay

Tamako: Eh... Wait, wait...
I-Inumaru-kun has interest in that area..!?

Page 158

Tamako: You don't have correct it!! Coming Soon is correct there
He certainly is coming out though...

Poster: Special Interview!!
Jun Natsukawa

I have no idea who this is. There is a Gravure idol with the same name but spelled with different Kanji. I don't think it's her since Ooishi hasn't shied away from using real names before

Tamako: Inumaru-ku-----un
Tamako: You can't do that, geeze...
Writing graffiti on posters like that!!
Tamako: On Monday I'll get plenty mad!!
Tamako: N... This times it's a barber...
Tamako: Is he goign to cut his hair...?
Tamako: Th-this store is a super famous salon...
Tamako: Ever since that handsome charisma beautician was featured in a magazine the appointments have been full for half a year!!

(Note: Around the year 2000 hairdressing went through a boom in Japan fueled from media, the hairdresser called themselves Charisma Beauticians)

Tamako: D-Did Inumaru-kun make an appointment!?
Tamako: Ah...Now that I think about it a while ago he said something like "I'm going to get my hair cut by a charisma"...
What a luxury!!

Page 159

Tamako: He got shaved!!
Tamako: Wait, wait. A charisma person for that? There is no way!!
That’s just taking the clippers and going bzzzz, isn't it!!
Half a year for a shaved head!!?
Tamako: Speaking of which is he okay...?
Suddenly getting a shaved head...
Tamako: Well I think next week it will return back it normal like nothing happened though...
Tamako: Ah, The balloons...
Tamako: Aaaa, his sleeve got caught...!!
Tamako: Don't Inumaru-kun, calm down!!
Tamako: Don't get flustered!!
It will rip like that!!
Tamako: It ripped!!
Tamako: Ahhh, Wai-wait....
Tamako: Inumaru-kun... isn't depressed is he...?

Page 160

Tamako: Ah, he's strong!! It's as if he's saying
"Then I'll give you my right side too"!!
Tamako: But, wearing a tank top is November is strange Inumaru-kun!!
Tamako: Well...having your penis fully exposed in November is strange to begin with!!
No, it's strange in any month...
Tamako: What is it this time...?
Tamako: A stationary shop?
Tamako: Drawing paper...?
Tamako: Ah...Now that I think about it
Tamako: On Monday we will drawing pictures so bring some drawing paper.
Tamako: You bought it yourself. That's big of you!!
Tamako: A..Ahh..
Tamako: It's raining...
Tamako: Aah, don't. Your drawing paper you just got will get soaked.
Tamako: An umbrella!!
Tamako: Hurry up and buy an umbrella Inumaru-kun!!
Tamako: Sorry...
Tamako: It's already cleared...

Page 161

Tamako: Hmm...
Tamako: I wonder what happened to that kid....
Tamako: Ah... That kid’s balloon
Tamako: is stuck in that tree...
Tamako: Speaking of which, Inumaru-kun had that many balloons but he's down to his last one...
Tamako: !!
Tamako: Is.. Is that alright? You are giving him your last one...
Tamako: That's big of you Inumaru-kun!!
Tamako: Ah!! For a thank you,
Tamako: you got an onigiri...
Tamako: It's nice you did the right thing Inumaru-kun!!
Tamako: .....
Tamako: ...Hmm?
Tamako: Tank top...
Tamako: Drawing paper...
Tamako: Shaved head...
Tamako: This is the Naked General!!

(Note: Kiyoshi Yamashita is a Japanese artist who often seen in a tank top and umbrella and with a rice ball.
His life was made into a movie 1958 and then made again into a TV drama starting in 1980)

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Areas to check:

I would double check my translation of teh posters.

I am missing a pop culture reference from the second poster. I don't know who it is supposed to be.

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