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Kuromori Climb Oneshot : Kuromori Climb

Kuromori Climb

+ posted by 4649 as translation on Apr 16, 2017 21:31 | Go to Kuromori Climb

You can use the translation if you want, just message me to tell me you are. The translation is pretty poor in spots. Especially in the cycling technical areas.

Page (page # of chapter) (page # in Jump)

Page 1 (169)

Narration: 6 years ago, Northern France
Guys: Do you want a bet on who is going to win?
Guys: It's not even going to be a close bet.
Guys: It's just going to be...
Guys: those two again!

Page 2 (170)

Noboru: Anne!! Today's the day, I'm get excited just thinking about seeing your losers face!
Anne: Nonsense! Noboru!! You need to work on your humor more!!
Cyclists: They've completely broke away...
Cyclists: It's the same as always.
Cyclists: But those two are really fired up, aren't they?
Cyclists: I can't blame them

Page 3 (171)

Cyclists: Today is... the last showdown for those two.
Anne: I won again today, Noboru!!
Noboru: Dammit!! I lost again!!
Noboru: In the first place, I'm going back to Japan tomorrow, you should have let me win.
Read the situation, the situation.
Anne: Are you stupid? This is fate.
Noboru: Ha!!!?
Anne: The fate of you to go through life without ever beating me...
Anne: Look in a mirror, there you will see the reflection of a loser
Noboru: Devil. There is a devil here!!
Anne: Truthfully, I don't want to leave it like this either.

Page 4 (172)

Anne: Let's make a promise. I'll become a pro rider here in France.
Anne: You become a pro rider in Japan. And then...
Title: Kuromori Climb
Author: Hidetoshi Miyata
Artist: Yusuke Nishi

Page 5 (173)

Narration: Present day, July. Japan
Announcer: Very soon we will begin the Tanuma PCT team tryout
Butler: What!?
Butler: The young misses still hasn't arrived!?
Butler: What a troublesome lady... I hope she arrives on time.
Narration: Bicycles are machines packed with the intelligence of mankind.
Narration: Anyone can be captivated by it in their childhood.
And then one day they pass through the captivation.

Page 6 (174)

Narration: But there are some people too, who don't pass through it
Narration: They choose to live their entire lives as its partner.
Noboru: Crap, crap, crap
Noboru: I'm going to be late for the team tryout!!
Noboru: Hm?
Tanuma: Wait a sec!!
Noboru: Ehh
Noboru: Oy!! What are you doing!
Are you suicidal!?

Page 7 (175)

Tanuma: You're a participant of the team tryout, aren't you?
That's perfect. Let me get on and ride together please!! Hurry!! Hurry!!
Noboru: Why am I getting ordered nonstop from a high school girl I don't even know?
Noboru: Sorry, but that’s against traffic rules right?
And if you want to commit suicide, do it away from people in the forests around Mt. Fuji.
See ya, super crazy high school girl!!
Tanuma: Actually, I'm the Tanuma PCT....
Tanuma: Oy, listen!!
Butler: You are going to be late!?
Butler: That's going to be a problem young misses!!
Tanuma: Try and stall somehow please!!
Noboru: Please get on.
Noboru: No way, you were the Tanuma PCT owner!!
Noboru: Geeze!! Please, hurry up and say so, Uhehehe....
My name is Noboru Kuromori.
Please remember when selecting team members
Tanuma: He's so desperate. It's kind of gross!!!

Page 8 (176)

Narration: Tanuma PCT
Narration: The professional cycling team funded completely by great electronics company, and pride of Japan, Tanuma
Narration: Equipped with their large budget equipment
Narration: They have amassed achievements.
Narration: Road racers across the country dream of entering the team.
Narration: Consequently,
Narration: Just knowing the owner, it is completely natural for one to change their behavior!!
Noboru: That’s the Tanuma PCT owner for you. You could feel the presence in the air!!
I understood from the beginning... this person isn't an ordinary person!!
Tanuma: You're amazing...
Tanuma: Do you normally go this far!?
Noboru: Eh really? I made the team? Really?
Nice. I'm glad I sucked up. Uyoo ooo
Tanuma: This is the time I've heard someone so carelessly let loose their true feelings, you really are amazing!!
And, I'll be damned if the team is decided like this, idiot!!
Tanuma: ! I'll get off here
Noboru: Eh? Why?
Tanuma: You're asking "Why?"....

Page 9 (177)

Tanuma: When you see this slope you understand right?
Tanuma: Let's walk
Noboru: Naw, that's a pain in the ass.
Noboru: Let's climb it.
Tanuma: You idiot. Forget about the team tryout, you'll be totally exhausted...
Tanuma: Ehh!?
Tanuma: What is this!?

Page 10 (178)

Cyclists: Oy, Get on with it!!
Cyclists: It's already been an hour!!
Worker: What shall we do!?
Butler: I'm reluctant but... We have no choice except to begin the team tryout with out a greetings from the young misses
Crowd: !?
Crowd: That’s...
Noboru: We made it Miss Tanuma!!!
Tanuma: Thank you
Tanuma: Kuromori-kun!!
Announcer: We shall now begin the opening ceremony

Page 11 (179)

Tanuma: I am sorry to troubled everyone
Tanuma: My name is Anko Tanuma. I am the owner of Tanuma PCT.
Tanuma: First of all
Tanuma: Let's discuss the mission of Tanuma PCT
Tanuma: Japan is called an undeveloped nation for cycling
Tanuma: There was this episode online with a video which caused an uproar...
Tanuma: In the middle of the bike lane a concrete parking divider was installed!
Tanuma: And this was even sanctioned by the government!
Tanuma: Isn't this an expression of Japan's cycling culture throughout the country?
Tanuma: Worried about that, the first President of Tanuma launched Tanuma PCT...
Tanuma: Sparing no capital funds or technology. This, that, everything...
Tanuma: was to raise our cycling level to that of Europe!!
Tanuma: That is the mission we Tanuma PCT are charged with...

Page 12 (180)

Tanuma: That is just whitewashing. Frankly,
Tanuma: it's our polite face towards our noisy stockholders.
Anne: Let's make a promise. I'll become a pro rider here.
Tanuma: I'll quote for you the remarks left by the first President.
Anne: You become
Tanuma: "Culture? Who cares!!"
Anne: a pro rider at home
Tanuma: "What I want is glory!!"
Tanuma: "I want that road race trophy!!"
Anne: And then...
Tanuma: Our mission is very simple!!

Page 13 (181)

Tanuma: In the vast fertile lands of France
Tanuma: A total distance of approximately 3500 km and....
Tanuma: a vertical distance of over 2000m!!
Tanuma: Cycling through that in 23 days!!
Tanuma: A festival for Super-human-like pro riders!!!

Page 14 (182)

Tanuma: The victory of Tour de France!!!

Page 15 (183)

Noboru: Bring it on! The more ridiculous the better...
Noboru: I'm fired up!!!
Anne: Let's meet in the Tour de France.

Page 16 (184)

Tanuma: The victory of Tour de France
Someone able to make this extraordinary dream a reality.
Tanuma: Tanuma PCT has been searching day and night for such a person.
Tanuma: Today's team tryout is for that purpose too!!
Tanuma: I'm expecting great results!!
Butler: Your introduction was magnificent
Tanuma: Jiiya, please tell me the candidate for winning.

Familiar way of addressing an older man. I left it as it is in Japanese because it's less formal than Sir but more formal than just calling him Butler and we don't know his name. I changed Ojou-sama to Miss and young misses so I think this should be in English too but can't think of a term for it and ended up leaving it

Butler: Here is the information.

Page 17 (185)

Cyclists: Seriously... He's participating too?
Cyclists: The winner's already decided, isn't it!!
Narration: France pro rider
Narration: Pascal Bécaud!!!
Pascal: Kukuku... I couldn't cut it in France but here in the low level of Japan I can reign as the ace!!
Pascal: My paradise starts here!!
Tanuma: Him, huh....
Tanuma: After all he couldn't cut it France and came running to Japan. He's second rate isn't he.
Pascal: Oy, oy what is this?
Pascal: Incroyable, Incroyable!!

I changed it to French instead of the English in the manga, because English in an English translation doesn't have the same effect as English in A Japanese manga

Page 18 (186)

Tanuma: Do you want something Old-man?
Pascal: .... Aaa, I'm sorry.
Pascal: You can speak French, can you!
Pascal: No matter how much this is an open competition...
Pascal: There is no way someone would use that frame, right?
Pascal: That distinct long and thing body!
That dull shining exterior.
There is no mistaking it, it uses chromium molybdenum steel as the main material.
Pascal: That's a chromoly Frame!!!
Pascal: Presently there isn't even one pro who uses it.
Pascal: It's an antique!!
Pascal: The people in Japan really are low level!!
Cyclists: That's rude!!
Cyclists: Laughing at someone’s frame like that...

Page 19 (187)

Noboru: This brings back memories! I was told that a lot back then too.
Kids: Chromoly frame?
Kids: The Japanese don't understand road bikes after all.
Noboru: But with my own ability...
Kids: Amazing!!
Kids: It's our loss.
Noboru: I shut them up!!!
Pascal: What are you saying? I can't understand you at all.
Pascal: Speak in French you yellow monkey!!

Page 20 (188)

Noboru: Do you get my
Noboru: Message
Noboru: Fufufu.... Kuhahahaha!!

Page 21 (189)

Pascal: That's good!! That's real good!!
Pascal: It's worth it to tame you!!
Pascal: I'm going to break your yellow monkey pride and tame you!!

the above exchange could be translated better

Noboru: See if you can... you fool!!
Announcer: Sorry to keep everyone waiting
Announcer: Will all the participants please line up

Page 22 (190)

Announcer: From the starting point take the prefectural road!!
Announcer: The goal is to race to the summit of the mountain!!
Announcer: Alright then, take your marks!!

Page 23 (191)

Announcer: START
Cyclists: What!?
Cyclists: He's fast!!
Butler: Miss Tanuma it looks as if time
Butler: there are no unexpected results

Page 24-25 (192-193)

Butler: There is a genuine big skill gap...
Miss Tanuma please look
Butler: He is opening his arms!!
Tanuma: He's making an appeal to the crowd
Tanuma: But I wonder if it will go that well?
Pascal: Look at me!
I am fast!!
Pascal: I hear Tanuma PCT salary is extraordinary...
I'll strip it to the bones!!
Pascal: Even so this easy!!
Pascal: This is too easy!!
Pascal: In this country
Pascal: I am king!!!
Pascal: !?
Tanuma: Right? Noboru Kuromori!!!

Page 26 (194)

Pascal: Wh...What!?
Pascal: That stupid brat with his chromoly frame!?
Noboru: The pedals are light!!
Noboru: I'm overflowing with power!!
Noboru: I've never felt better and it's perfect weather!!
Noboru: Wait for me Anne!!

Page 27 (195)

Pascal: Victoryyyyyyy!!!

I was thinking of changing this to French too to be consistent. I left it as it is because I don't put any more of my influences on the translation than I have to. If you decide to put it in French it's victoire.

Pascal: Not bad for a yellow monkey. I'll show you my serious ability!!
Noboru: Not bad... Sorry, I underestimated you!!

Page 28 (196)

Cyclists: There a 21 minute gap between us and the two in the lead!?
Cyclists: That’s reckless!! They are going to collapse, it's obvious!!!
Cyclists: B... But for them... What if this is normal...?
Cyclists: Th... This would be unbelievable...
Cyclists: They would already be attacking the mountain!!

Page 29 (197)

Page 30 (198)

Butler: Miss Tanuma why are those two not shifting down gears?
Tanuma: Even if they wanted to they couldn't
Tanuma: If they shifted down gears at this incline they wouldn't be able to shift up again...
Tanuma: because it cause an extraordinary burden to the body!!
Tanuma: In order to beat their opponent, they are both
Tanuma: have no choice but to overcome their current gear.
Tanuma: This is simply a fist fight between their wills!!
Butler: ...
Tanuma: Now
Tanuma: It's about time!!

Page 31 (199)

Tanuma: Give the body a rest with honking.

(Note: Honking in English (dancing in French) is standing up and riding the bike out of the saddle.
It uses more energy but it uses different muscles than when sitting and gives them a break)

The manga had originally refresh dowsing. I am almost certain that this was a mistake and that he meant to write refresh dancing. I went with dancing because dowsing makes zero sense here in a cycling context. Then I changed dancing to honking which is the English name for it

Tanuma: It is one theory when climbing an incline
Tanuma: But opposite way of looking at it,
Tanuma: it's becomes a huge opportunity to open a gap!!

Page 32 (200)

Tanuma: Ehh!?
Tanuma: What is this!?

Page 33 (201)

Pascal: So that's it.... He's a climber!!
B...but what’s with that huge lead!?

Page 34 (202)

Tanuma: Noboru Kuromori beloved machine is the chromoly frame.
Nowadays the frame is treated as if it heresy though...
Tanuma: It has a unique function which other frames do not have.
Butler: Flexibility right?
Tanuma: Correct!!
Tanuma: The chromoly metal used for materials has the ability to absorb shocks.
Because of that, when the bike is moving quickly
Tanmua: It acts as a spring!!
But ...

Page 35 (203)

Tanuma: even more than the comfort provided by the shock absorption, it absorbed speed!!
But for riders who craved to go faster than anyone else that was useless.

the above is poorly translated

Tanuma: And then before anyone noticed, as a machine,
it fell behind the times and disappeared from the pro riding scene.
Tanuma: Because the chromoly frame literally bends from the shocks from the ground
Tanuma: it softens the impact...
Tanuma: That is something that absolutely won't lead to speed.
Tanuma: But, what if Noboru Kuromori could take that flex...
Tanuma: and turn it into speed!?

Page 36 (204)

Tanuma: Noboru Kuromori
Tanuma: The man who knows the soul of the chromoly frame!!!
Pascal: Why!! Why is he extending the lead that much!?
Tanuma: It's.... over, isn't it!!

Page 37 (205)

Anne: That’s some nice riding Noboru
Anne: But Noboru?
Anne: In the promised place it is not going as easy
Anne: as this cheap hill.
Noboru: That's right Anne!!

Page 38 (206)

Tanuma: Ehhh!?

Page 39 (207)

Tanuma: Why!?
Tanuma: Why is he shifting up gears here!?
Tanuma: He's completely ignoring theory!!
Tanuma: A fierce burden is going to rush into body!!
Pascal: You're shifting gears up on this incline?
You idiot! Haha you are ruining yourself!

Page 40-41 (208-209)

Anne: It's my win again, Noboru!!
Noboru: You don't have to say it every time, I got it.
You really do have a bad personality!
Noboru: This time, I'll beat Anne at our promised place!!
Noboru: And then in front of her dumbfounded face!!
Noboru: I'll laugh my ass off!!
Noboru: So step!!!
Noboru: and turn these pedals!!

Page 42 (210)

Noboru: This level of incline
Noboru: is nothing!!!
Pascal: ...

Page 43 (211)

Guy: Pascal I heard it!
Guy: You're stepping down from the team!?
Pascal: I'm a realist...
I have no intention of being buried here to die in obscurity!!
Pascal: I'm going to Japan.
Tanuma PCT is looking pretty tasty
Guy: I see. So you'll become king of the low level place.
Guy: But Pascal, what if there is a monster there?
Pascal: There is no way there is one.
Pascal: If there was one in the low level Japan I'd want to see...
Pascal: that monster!!

Page 44 (212)

Pascal: You monster!!!

Page 45 (213)

Tanuma: Amazing!! His speed is still going up!! He's a natural climber!!
Tanuma: It might not just be a dream... winning the Tour de France!!!

Page 46-47 (214-215)

Annoucer: A shock has run across the Tour de France!!!
A young unknown 18 year old girl has taken first overall!!!
Narration: At that same time in France
The Tour de France award ceremony
Anne: I'll wait
Anne: Until the day you
Anne: Come to this spot!!

Page 48 (216)

Noboru: Ehh!?
Noboru: That's not what I heard!!
Tanuma: I'm surprised you though you would be a regular right away....
It's normal for new riders to start in the second squad...
Noboru: No, I didn't know that! How do you become a regular?
Tanuma: There is around 50 people in the second squad
In there you have to have top results and then you must surpass a regular team member
Noboru: Dammit, what is this. Who cares! I have to participate in a contest against a regular? Ahhh what a pain
Tanuma: You, you're taking Tanuma PCT lightly.

Page 49 (217)

Tanuma: So, are you declining the Tanuma PCT team invitation?
Is that OK?
Narration: Right now in the not to distant future
Narration: A boy from the East and a girl from the West
Noboru: Bring it on! The more ridiculous the better...
Narration: are in a unfolding hard fought battle
Noboru: I'm fired up!!
Tanuma: What an easy to use person.
Narration: But that is another story

Towards another unknown peak!!

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