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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Rosario to Vampire II 25

Ishin Denshin

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Jan 26, 2010 03:59 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

-> RTS Page for Rosario to Vampire II 25

Reserved for FrankyHouse:

txt on left: The genius witch's working time~!!

yukari: I wonder if it'll work~ I wonder if it'll work~
yukari: Stick this here and... fufu~

yukari: I wonder~
yukari: if it'll~
yukari: work~ <3

yukari: Magical Item:
yukari: Ishin Denshin
* - "Ishin Denshin" roughly translated means "from heart to heart"
yukari: It's finally complete~!

txt box: "Ishin Denshin" // Just as the name describes, it is a Yukari original magical item
txt box: which allows a person to relay their feelings without the use of words.

伸びる = Can be extended
スイッチ = Switch
主電源/出力調節 = Power Button/Output Control Knob

yukari: With this people confess // through just their feelings!
yukari: I can easily make Tsukune-san and Moka-san fall totally in love with each other <3

yukari: And when the two of them are together, I can join them in the same bed.
yukari: And I'll be on top of them, under them, or between them... <3

yukari: Ahh... It's been so long
yukari: but finally my dream will come true...

yukari: Let's try it right away!
yukari: Tsukune-san~, Moka-san~

yukari: ...I'm a little early...?
yukari: I guess no one's at school yet.

yukari: ..ahh I can't wait~
yukari: I wonder how they'll change once they become a couple. // I hope they get here soon~

yukari: ...Everyone's so slow.
yukari: I pulled an all-nighter and now I'm sleepy...

fong: Good Morning! Wong Fong-Fong's here!
fong: I've come here to have Tsukune-san join the mafia~

fong: ...No one's here yet, I guess I'm too early...

fong: ...She's asleep.
fong: If I remember correctly, this girl is Tsukune-san's mistress, Sendou Yukari-chan.

fong: Wow... What a cute sleeping face.
fong: As expected, the quality of Tsukune-san's harem is so high... // Hmm?

fong: Whoa! What's this?
fong: It's so cool!!
box: Guy who loves things like mecha.

fong: I wonder if this the witch's secret weapon or something. // Hmm? What's this dial?
yukari: Ughh // Who's there...? Be quiet~

fong: Ah, I'm sorry. I was so immersed in this and just...
machine: *click*

fong: ...Eh?
fong: "click"?

tsukune: Good morning!
tsukune: Everyone here yet~?

fong: Garrgghhh
yukari: Uwwaahhh!!?

tsukune: Yukari-chan! // Fong-fong!!
tsukune: What just happened!!?

fong: Ughh...
yukari: Guu...

fong: Hey, Wong Fong-Fong
fong: What did you just do with my item?

yukari: Whoa! It's actually came out!
yukari: A beam really came out! So cool!!

fong: ...huh? Fong-Fong?
yukari: Huh... Yukari-chan?
fong: Huh...?

box: Please wait a moment
sign: Cheese

fong: Ahh... Umm~ We need to go to the bathroom...
tsukune: ...Ahh, OK. // You guys seem close.

fong: Why am I in this body!? // My body's become Fong-Fong~!
yukari: A girl... My body's become a girl...

fong: It looks like... our personalities have switched places.
yukari: They're small, but they are surprisingly light~
fong: Hey! Stop touching my body!!

私がアイツでアイツが私で!! = I'm him and he's me!!?

rosario to vampire season ii #25 Ishin Denshin

fong: I see... // it seems like this happened because the dial here was turned to "maximum".
fong: Which means that instead of "conveying" each other's feelings, // the output was so strong that it "switched personalities"...

yukari: That's incredible! It's like the greatest invention of the century!!
box: The one who turned the dial.
wong: Who's fault do you think it is that we ended up like this?
何をノンキ = Why are you so calm...

yukari: Now that we know the reason behind this, shouldn't reversing it be easy?
yukari: We just have to use the item again...

wong: It looks like the output was too strong and it overloaded... I'll need to fix it first.

yukari: Well... think of the benefits of this disaster. // Be glad that you switched with me.
wong: Eh?

yukari: It may not look like it, but I am the successor of the proud Wong family. // I'm used to dealing with women.
yukari: I definitely won't do anything to this "innocent" body of yours.

wong: ...eh~ That's surprising.
なれてるなんて = You say you're used to it?
yukari: Don't you feel relieved?

yukari: So, with that settled,
wong: Wait a minute!

wong: Where do you think you're going? That's the toilet!
yukari: Yeah... I'm going to the toilet.
wong: As if I'd let you go!! Even after saying all that, you're just thinking of something perverted, aren't you!?

yukari: I'll just do what I need to do! // I won't look at your body or anything...
wong: I can't trust you!
yukari: It's better than having it leak out, right?
wong: Ughh...

yukari: Don't worry, I'll be quick.

wong: Hey.

yukari: I'm sorry. I lied when I said I was used to it. // I haven't even held hands with a girl before.
wong: Next time you try something, I'm gonna get a sex change with this body, alright?
yukari: Please don't do that~

box: The embarrassment of having someone else see your body: // however at that moment, Yukari started to realise that
box: that wasn't the only dreadful thing that could happen when personalities are switched...

fong: Damn... This is bad...
fong: I didn't think it was this bad....

fong: I didn't think that I looked this childish...
fong: I look like a primary school student...
ぺたんこ = Flat
すとーん = Straight
足首なし = No ankles
(at the bottom) * - She's 12.

box: The terror of looking at yourself from someone else's point of view.
box: It's like the pain from hearing yourself sing from a recording.

box: The more pride you have in yourself, the weaker you are against this. It can ruin your entire life in an instant.
fong: And I thought I was second after Moka-san in terms of attractiveness...
box: And by the way, the writer has experienced this in the past and quit playing the guitar...

fong: Anyways, we have to keep our personality switch a secret form everyone.
fong: I'll fix the item right away so we can return to our own bodies and forget this ever happened.

kurumu: Huh~? Yukari-chan and Fong-Fong?

kurumu: This is a surprise~! I never knew the two of you were such good friends.
fong: Kurumu-san!

kurumu: Hmm~ You two are a surprisingly good match <3
kurumu: Why don't you just go out with Fong-Fong, Yukari-chan? // It's a good opportunity to give up on Tsukune.
fong: What?

kurumu: When compared to everyone else, you're still just a child.
kurumu: Unlike me who has huge breasts, you're still flat~

kurumu: And Tsukune probably just thinks of you as his "little sister".
fong: That's not true!

kurumu: That hurt!! What was that for, Fong-Fong?
fong: It's a comical jab!
kurumu: But I never said anything about you to deserve that!!
fong: It's a comical jab from the heavens!

mizore: "~desu", "~desu", you're so annoying... // Did you get that from Yukari?
* - I should mention that Yukari ends the majority of her sentences with "~desu".

mizore: Go away! I hate it when people talk like that.
fong: You've never said that before, Mizore-san!

mizore: It just get irrated when you say it.
fong: That's mean! How can you say that to a friend, Mizore-san?
mizore: I don't remember being friends with you!
fong: Uwaahhh!

tsukune: ...Fong-Fong?
moka: Looks like today's gonna be quite busy again~

sign: Newspaper Club

fong: They're so mean! They're so mean! // Does that mean that I'm not really their friend?
fong: I'm starting to all confidence in myself!

fong: "And Tsukune probably just thinks of you as his little sister."

fong: ...in other words...
fong: I'm not considered to be on the same level as Tsukune-san and the others...?

fong: It's true that in terms of beauty, I can't be compared to Moka-san and the others,
fong: And even when I look at myself, I see nothing but an immature child...

yukari: Which means that when Tsukune looks at me,
yukari: there's no way he'd consider me to be a woman~

rubi: Nyan
rubi: Good morning to all students~

rubi: Apologies for doing this all of a sudden,
rubi: but today we're going to be taking body measurements of everyone~

rubi: Could all male students stay in their classrooms // and all female students make their way to gymnasium.

rubi: I repeat..

fong: Why...

fong: Body measurements!!?
fong: Of all days, why does it have to be today!?

rubi: Could everyone please change into your PE clothes,
rubi: and line up according to your student numbers.

rubi: And by the way,
rubi: at Youkai Academy taking your body measurements isn't just about measuring your height and weight, // we will also be checking every detail of your body to see how well your human transformation is.

rubi: Those who perform poorly will have to take part in a transformation examination when they graduate.
sign (right): Height & Weight
sign (middle): Physique
sign (left): Body Fluids

rubi: So good luck, everyone~ <3
back of their shirts: Rubi-san Fanclub

tsukune: So you're our nurse today, Rubi-san?
rubi: Tsukune-san!

rubi: How do I look? I made this myself.
tsukune: Made it yourself!?
rubi: I think that my appearance is most important at work.

rubi: Today,
rubi: you can measure my body however you like, Tsukune-san.
tsukune: I'm the one measuring!? Isn't that round the wrong way?

rubi: Using this measuring tape, you'll go round and round...
tsukune: I can't even measure anything anymore! // Please get to work, Rubi-san!

rubi: ...Tsu- Tsukune-san~

fong: Please help me, Tsukune-san!!
tsukune: Waahhh!! Fong-Fong!!?

fong: This is bad! Fong-Fong... // I mean, // Yukari-chan is going somewhere she can't go...

tsukune: Isn't Yukari-chan at the gymnasium?
fong: That's the problem! // Just come with me~!

rubi: Wong Fong-Fong, what are you doing!?
rubi: I won't let you disturb others taking (my) body measurements!

fong: Hurry up!
rubi: Ahhh The measuring tape's all tangled up and I can't move... // Tsukune-san~
bottom right of box: Please measure us first <3
bottom left of box: Measure us, measure us <3

yukari: ...what... what am I gonna do...

yukari: Isn't this really bad?
yukari: I'm approaching a paradise of women where all men are prohibited, // just entering feels like a crime...

moka: What's wrong, Yukari-chan? // We need to go inside and change.
yukari: Ye... Yeah...

yukari: We- Well, I guess I can't help it, right now I <i>am</i> Yukari-chan~
yukari: I'm going in~
yukari: Excuse me-...

students: Look~
students: Whoa! You've grown~

kurumu: I'm looking forward to the measurements, Yukari-chan // I wonder if your flat chest has grown~
kurumu: Ahahahaha

yukari: Tha-...
kurumu: What?

yukari: Thank you very much <3
kurumu: Kyaahhh!!?

yukari: Mother, I've finally grown up.
kurumu: I'm not your mother. What's wrong, Yukari-chan!?

moka: Hey... Don't you think Yukari-chan is a little strange today?
mizore: Well she doesn't keep on saying "~desu ~desu"... // it's like she a different person...

tsukune: You need to see Yukari-chan now?
tsukune: You can't Fong-Fong.

tsukune: They're having their measurements taken right now. // They'll get angry if the guys go even close to the gymnasium, you know?
fong: I just need to her to come out! It'll be suspicious if I go in alone...
tsukune: It'll still be suspicious if two people go in.

tsukune: Anyways, what's the problem? // Tell me what happened first.
txt at bottom: And what are you carrying behind your back?
fong: Umm...

fong: I... I can't say it! That "I've actually become Fong-Fong"...
fong: But at this rate, the real Fong-Fong is going to see me and everyone else naked...

fong: Anyways... I just need to see her!
fong: Even if it's just a moment, everything will be fixed!

haiji: Fuu... those burning feelings... // I understand them as well...

haiji: Yukari-chan is cute, isn't she...? // And you just can't hold back those feelings of love...
fong: Eeehh!? Why are voices coming from underground!!?

haiji: Alright. Come with me. // I'll let you meet with your angel.
tsukune: Haiji-senpai!!?

tsukune: Where... // Where are we?

haiji: We're in a secret underground tunnel passed down by our senpai. // By going through here, we can get close to the gymnasium without anyone noticing.
haiji: It's a "shining road" that only the chosen ones can travel on...

tsukune: Which means you're going to peek!!? This road was made so you could peek...
haiji: Hmph... It's like a dream-come-true for all men, right?

gin: I'm surprised to see you here, Tsukune. // In the end, I guess you're a man as well.
tsukune: Gin-senpai!?

gin: "No matter how popular a guy gets, being perverted means they are perverted." (by Ginei)
tsukune: Wait a sec, peeking is a crime...
fong: There are more important things to worry about right now... just keep your eyes closed.
fong: I'm going to fill this up tunnel later.

haiji: If you're into the 2nd year girls, then go that way. // If you're lucky, you'll see Yukari-chan.
tsukune: Where are you going, Haiji...?
haiji: I'm going to the 1st years. Yukari-chan's great, but the little girl of my destiny is waiting for me.
tsukune: Kokoa-chan...?

haiji: God bless you!
fong: This guy's the worst...

tsukune: This... This is the storeroom under the gymnasium?
fong: It's like a hidden passage in a spy movie. // It's too perfect for something like this...

tsukune: But... it's so narrow in here... what are we gonna do?
fong: Umm... Tsukune-san? // We're in the middle of an important mission right now, so can you stop pressing against me?
tsukune: Ahh... sorry.

fong: ..It's just that being in such a dark place alone with Tsukune-san, // I'll get in the mood for...
tsukune: Mood? What kind of mood? Hey?

fong: It's alright if you want to touch me a little... <3
tsukune: Where am I gonna touch, we're both guys!!?

fong: I hear voices from above...

kurumu: What are you looking at?
kurumu: Hurry up and change.

fong: It's me...! // And it looks like I'm little late...
tsukune: Eh?
fong: I can see through the gaps in the floorboards. // Yukari-chan's right there.

fong: This is good!
fong: At this distance, I can just use this and...

tsukune: ...Wait a minute! What are you gonna do...?
tsukune: Don't tell me you brought a camera and you're gonna take photos of Yukari-chan and the others...
fong: No, of course not! This is...

tsukune: Anyways, this is wrong! // We're going back, Fong-Fong.
fong: But we've come all this way~

fong: It doesn't really matter, does it?
fong: And it's not like a little peek would hurt them, right!?

tsukune: ...what!?
fong: And I understand...! When other people look at Yukari-chan, // all they see is someone unattractive and childish...

fong: And anyways, Tsukune-san, when you look at her, you probably think of her like a little sister or something,
fong: you don't even consider her a woman, right?

fong: Kyah!

fong: Tsu... Tsukune-san?
tsukune: That just means that you don't know how to look at others.

tsukune: Do you know how many times we have been saved by her? // By her knowledge and her magic...
tsukune: She never tries to make herself stand out, // and she's always the one supporting us from behind.

tsukune: Yukari-chan is
tsukune: one of the people that I trust most.

fong: ...Tsu- // Tsukune-...sa...

kokoa: Hmm... There it is again...
kokoa: I've been sensing a strange aura for a while now...! And I've felt this unpleasantness before...

kokoa: ...Kou-chan...

kokoa: Miyamoto Haiji!
kokoa: You're watching us, aren't you!

haiji: Ahahaha... as expected of a vampire.
haiji: Her senses are so sharp...

haiji: I might just die from this.
gin: You let your guard down because you were too excited! // We're getting out of here, Haiji!

kokoa: Everyone! Underneath us! Insurgents are underneath the floorboards!
kokoa: They're here to peek on us! Catch them and kill them!

tsukune: ? It's getting noisy... // Is something happening above us?

fong: Now's my chance!
fong: Ishin Denshin: Modded
Bazooka Form

tsukune: Fong-Fong, what is that!?
tsukune: And what are you going to do to Yukari-chan...?

fong: This is the "Ishin Denshin".
fong: I made this for Tsukune-san and Moka-san.

fong: ...But... It seems like the one who really needed this
fong: was me.

fong: Even though he's always by my side, I've never conveyed my feelings to Tsukune-san.
fong: In the end, I guess I'm still a child...

tsukune: Huh? That's strange...

tsukune: I wonder if it's because of the darkness, but Fong-Fong looks like...

yukari: Thank you, Tsukune-san.
yukari: After hearing what you just said, I'm so happy I could cry...

yukari: Someday... tell that to the smaller me as well...

tsukune: ...Yu...
tsukune: Yukari... chan?

yukari: As I thought, I...
yukari: really do love you, Tsukune-san.

tsukune: Yukari-chan!!?

yukari+fong: Aaahhhh!!

moka: Eh!? Yukari-chan!?
kurumu: What's wrong, Yukari-chan!!?

tsukune: ..! // Hey... Get a hold of yourself, Yukari-cha...
fong: Ughh... Tsukune-san!? // Eh...!? Where am I!?

tsukune: Huh!? // He's back to the normal Fong-Fong...?
tsukune: Did I just see an illusion...?
おや? = Huh
下着の女のコは? = Where are the girls and underwear?

tsukune: ...wait... that means Fong-Fong just told me that he "loved" me...
tsukune: And I'm getting nervous from that...?

tsukune: Oh shit!! We're getting out of here, Fong-Fong. There's something wrong with this place!!
fong: What's wrong, Tsukune-san? You're covered in sweat...

gin: Run!!
tsukune: Hmm?

kokoa: I found the peepers!
kokoa: I'll kill you when I catch you!!
tsukune: EHHH!?

kurumu: Ah! She's waking up!
moka: Are you alright, Yukari-chan?

yukari: Huh? I'm...
moka: You just fainted all of a sudden. // The teacher asked if you had anaemia or something...

yukari: I'm back in my own body.
yukari: That's good...

neko: You're awake, Yukari-chan?
neko: It's your turn next, but do you want to do it later?

yukari: I'm alright! I'll get changed right away!

moka: Ah... She's back to the normal Yukari-chan.
mizore: and the "~desu ~desu" is back as well... // I guess Yukari is best when she talk like that.

yukari: Didn't you say you hated it, Mizore-san?

kurumu: Oh? As I thought, you're scared of measuring them, aren't you?
kurumu: It'll be a shame if they haven't grown~

yukari: ...it's alright! I'm not in such a rush anymore.

yukari: I'm
yukari: happy with staying as a child for now!

kurumu: Huh? // Does it seem like Yukari-chan has gotten more mature?
moka: I wonder if it's puberty...

fong: Hiii!!
fong: Why is this happening!!?

neko: 71cm.
above neko: They're AA <3
yukari: I can't believe they really haven't grown at all!
side txt: For now, she's satisfied with only having "trust"...


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