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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Rosario to Vampire II 26

Weak Point

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Jan 26, 2010 04:01 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

-> RTS Page for Rosario to Vampire II 26

Reserved for FrankyHouse:

txt on left: A look into Moka-san's private life!? And a closer look at the dormitory rooms!!

moka: I'm home~

moka: I'm so tired~ ...Ahh, It's so late already.
moka: Guess I was working too hard distributing the newspapers~

moka: I should hurry up and take a bath and get changed, // Ah- but I also need to make dinner.
moka: No way~ There's nothing in the refrigerator.

moka: Oh well! For now, I guess I'll just
moka: go to sleep!

ura: No way!
ura: How lazy can you get!? // Get up, Omote!!
tl note: How the Mokas refer to each other:
Omote = Outer
Ura = Inner

ura: O-mo-te~
moka: Wha- What is it, Ura-chan? // And stop calling me that.
ura: Be quiet! And more importantly why are you going to bed right after coming back!?
moka: But...

ura: Look, we aren't just separate personalities, your body is, at the same time, my body as well.
ura: I'm not going to let you ignore your own health! // Take a bath! Have a meal! After you have done everything you need to do, then you can go to sleep!

moka: Guu...
ura: Listen!!

moka: ...Recently, you sure seem to be coming out more, Ura-chan,
moka: Before, you'd only talk to me once every two or three days.

ura: If our minds aren't synchronised, we can't talk like this. // I've only just recently gotten the hang of synchronising us.

moka: I see.
ura: Eh, wait! You're having cup noodles for dinner!!?
moka: Yep, it's my favourite tomato flavour <3
ura: Who cares about that!?

ura: You need to have something with more nutrition! What will you do if your skin starts to go dry!? // Take in more vitamins and fibre, and stay away from carbohydrates!
ura: Eat things with a lot of salt like ramen and you're gonna end up with edema!
moka: Aww, be quiet~

moka: It's only gonna happen today.
moka: I might just be tired, but recently I'm always feeling sleepy...

ura: What do you mean, 'only today'? Your personality itself is full of openings.
ura: I have no idea why Tsukune thinks you're some kind of perfect student.
moka: Guu...

moka: Wh- Why are you bringing Tsukune in to this!?
moka: What about you!? You've never helped me with cleaning, and I'm always the one cooking....

moka: Ah-

moka: Ah, I'm sorry...
moka: That's because you're sealed up...

moka: Well how about this? // Tomorrow, for the entire day, you can use this body?
moka: I'll tell Tsukune to remove the seal!

ura: the... entire day!?
moka: Yeah! Let's do that! // I've also been feeling tired, so this is perfect.

ura: You idiot...! If we do that, who knows what will happen to the seal...
ura: It's too dangerous!

ura: And furthermore, if we want to keep the seal released for a long period we need to borrow the Belmont-
moka: It's only one day, it'll be alright. // Besides, because last time you borrowed it without permission, we aren't allowed to take it anymore.
ura: Ugh...

moka: And also, don't you want see what life is like as a high school student?
moka: Yeah?

ura: A... high school student...?
ura: No way... why would I want to...

tsukune: Ehh, therefore,

tsukune: it seems like today, Moka will stay awakened for the entire day.
everyone: No way!!?

= In some way, it's like her first day at school!!

#26 Weak Point

student: Whoa! Big news!
student: The thing that's been a just a rumour all this time: Moka's real form has finally been revealed!!

student: And yet, she's so beautiful!
student: I know, I saw her. Normally, she's already pretty, but her real form is even more intense!
student: Her beauty is at the level of Gods, she's like the goddess of beauty.
student: Then I should start worshipping her!
student: Yeah, yeah.

kurumu: Hey!!
kurumu: What's going on, Inner Moka?

kurumu: Look at all those people. You sure it's okay? Exposing your real identity to everyone in the school.
ura: It's not like I've been trying to hide it, and I don't really cares about what happens in the school. // It's just that the outer one kept urging me to try this once...

ura: And the promise was only "until sunset"... I'll just spend the time and 'nothing' will happen.
ムリムリ = No way.
kurumu: But I already have an uneasy feeling about this.

tsukune: Calm down, Kurumu-chan. // I'm enjoying the change.
kurumu: Tsukune.

tsukune: And besides, the reason behind this was so that the inner Moka could also enjoy a high school life.
tsukune: She's always saving us in fights, so let's return the favour today and support her.

ura: Hmph... I don't need anything like support.
tsukune: Don't say that.
kurumu: Mu... Muu...

mizore: Well, it might be interesting...

mizore: It's rare that we get a chance to see inner Moka's daily life...
mizore: And we might even find her weak spot.

kurumu: Mizore... You're spying on us again?
mizore: Can you call it stalking?
right of kurumu: I was wondering where you went,
left of kurumu: And you're in a place like that again...
kurumu: Come on, be serious.

kurumu: If you ask me, I don't like it. There's something suspicious about her.
kurumu: It's like she doesn't seem to hate Tsukune as much as I would've thought.

mizore: I also noticed that.
mizore: As I expected, it looks like Inner Moka is the final boss.

mizore: That's why we need to find at least one of her weak points.

box: 1st period: English

* - moka is reading an extract out of "The Lion and the Unicorn" (1941) by George Orwell

teacher: Magnificent!
txt in box: English Teacher: Excellent Maki

teacher: That was splendid, Akashiya-kun. You're always splendid, but today you are even more splendid! It's like you're a different person...
teacher: Excellent!
students: More like you can't see anything but a different person~ // but that's alright~

yukari: I'm so impressed~ // Your pronunciation was so fluent it's as if you were a native speaker~
yukari: Not only is Inner Moka-san the strongest, you're also so smart~

ura: But I'd lose to you, Yukari. // I just studied a little of it through the five senses of the outer Moka.

ura: Besides, my mother used to teach me English so I've been able to speak it since I was small.
yukari: Ahh~nn Then that must mean you're bilingual~

kurumu: So... how are we gonna find a weak point?
mizore: Even she would have things she's good at and things she's bad at... // Just wait till the next thing...

box: 2nd Period: PE


student: Incredible, Inner Moka-San!
student: Nice spike!

kurumu: Well, it's PE, so I guess that was expected...
mizore: It's probably one of the things she's best at...
kurumu: I don't want to die in a game of volleyball...

box: 3rd Period: Social Science
4th Period: Maths
省略 = Removed.

students: Incredible! // I can't believe she solved that legendary problem which is said that only Yukari-chan could solve, and in her head as well!
students: She's perfect! // Surely she's Miss. Perfect!!

students: I heard people call her "Inner Moka".
students: Inner Moka-sama~~

kurumu: Now she's popular among the girls as well?
mizore: And it looks like even the boys have taken a step back. Guess she's out of their reach...

ura: It looks like // I was able to spend the morning with 'nothing' happening...
box: Noon: Lunch (In the Canteen)

tsukune: As if that's true. You caused a huge commotion, Moka-san~
yukari: If you call that 'nothing' does that mean you aren't actually serious yet~?
ura: It isn't about being serious. I'm only at school for today. // I'm seriously trying to pass today with 'nothing' happening so that the me tomorrow won't have a hard time.

tsukune: The you tomorrow...

tsukune: I see... In other words you don't want to trouble the outer Moka-san?

yukari: You're so kind, Inner Moka-san~
ura: Don't be ridiculous, in the end, I'm just doing this for myself...
yukari: The way she tries to hide it is another one of her charms as an adult.

kurumu: Somehow... She looks like she's having fun... Inner Moka...
kurumu: She's laughing quite a lot. // I'm just starting to see this, but if she's not fighting, she's actually a nice person...

kurumu: Actually, aren't we, the ones who're trying to find our friend's weak point worse?
mizore: Not only is it sad, I'm getting hungry...

kurumu: But having said that, as long as she's hanging around Tsukune, we can't leave her alone.
mizore: Of course! It's not like we've lost yet!

mizore: Next! We'll definitely find her weak point next time!
kurumu: What was it that we have this afternoon!!?

thought: Home...
paper: 5th Period
Girls - Home Economics
(Boys have a dodgeball game)

thought: Home economics?

rubi: Does everyone have their ingredients?
rubi: Since it's already the afternoon, I thought we'd try making some sweets in today's class.

rubi: And we are making everyone's favourite: pumpkin pie <3

rubi: Let's just take things slowly and enjoy ourselves today.
txt: Home Economics Substitute Teacher: Rubi-san
(Maid Uniform: Handmade)

rubi: Even though I told you to enjoy yourself, don't start rubbing yourself with the cream~
あはは = Ahaha

rubi: This is no laughing matter! Something that dirty is too hardcore to enjoy at school!
students: What kind of play is that!!?

yukari: It looks like Rubi-san is enjoying herself today as well.
txt above yukari: Though she's such a masochist wherever and whenever.
ura: Making sweets... huh...

yukari: Are you good at making sweets, Inner Moka-san?
ura: I'm not sure... // I'm always sealed away... so I've never tried.
yukari: Eh...

ura: But I'm always watching the outer me cook...
ura: So I understand most of the basics.

yukari: Ura-san...
ura: Who are you calling Ura-san? // Now then... shall we start by cutting the pumpkin..?

yukari: Well, Moka-san is good at cooking~ // So I guess Ura-san should also be pretty good...
yukari: U- Ura-san?

kurumu: Yahoo~ It's here~
kurumu: The time for me to shine is here--!!

kurumu: I'm the best at making sweets! I'm so good that I have my original recipes published in the newspaper!
kurumu: That and my breasts are two things that I'd definitely not lose to Inner Moka!
mizore: But you'd lose in everything else...

kurumu: This is a battle! Today's the real match, Inner Moka!!

yukari: Ughh...

kurumu: Yu-
kurumu: Yukari-chan!?

kurumu: What happened!? Who did this to you...
yukari: Never point cutlery at yourself... or other people...
kurumu: Yukari-chan!!

ura: Hmm... Pumpkins are unexpectedly hard...

ura: I guess I underestimated cooking. // I guess I should hold it down before cutting it...

ura: Here we are.
kurumu: That's so dangerous!!

ura: What? Is something wrong?
kurumu: Stop! Stop! Don't push so hard! // Are you trying to commit seppuku!!?

ura: Seppuku?

kurumu: Mi... Mizore,
mizore: Yeah... There's no mistaking it. // At last...

kurumu: we've found one of
kurumu: Inner Moka's weak points!

txt(right): But now isn't the time to be saying that.
かたいな = This is hard.
box: Ura-chan, trying to strain the pumpkin while it's still raw.
txt(left): I have a feeling someone might die from this...

kurumu: ...And so, // what should we do, Rubi-san?
hw txt: To tell the truth, we don't want to have anything to do with that.
rubi: Ehh?

はっ= Hahh!

kurumu: How about we leave things here to Yukari-chan?
rubi: You're right! You can teach her how to cook.
yukari: You guys are so mean!! I don't want to die yet!!!

rubi: And I'll give you a hint: the secret behind making sweets is 'following the recipe'~

yukari: The process, the measurements, the temperature, and the time. // In order to avoid unnecessary steps, please follow everything according to recipe.

rubi: And the last thing is love. // Think of the 'person who you want to give it to' and put your heart in to making it.
ura: Person who I want to give it to...?

yukari: Please stop! You don't have to be so serious about making it!
yukari: That's wrong! You boil the pumpkin and not the pastry! // Help!!

rubi: Alright stand back! // It's getting dangerous, every one immediately evacuate the area!
someone: What is that!? What the hell were you making, Inner Moka!?
ura: Err... pumpkin pie, right? // I baked it and it started expanding...
someone: This is expanding on a totally different level!!

someone: What was Yukari-chan doing...
someone: Ahh!! // Yukari-chan!!

ura: Well... It looks a little strange, but I think it should taste alright. Try some.
someone: Try that!? Is that even edible!?
ura: Mizore?
mizore: Well, I'm interested in how it would taste, but I'd rather die than eat that,

kokoa: O~nee-sama~~ <3
kokoa: Is it true you're staying awakened today!? // I've come to visit you~~ <3

kokoa: Eh? What...? What happened?

everyone: Try that.
kokoa: Whoa! What is that giant piece of sludge!? // Eh? Onee-sama made it!?
everyone: Anyways, just try it.

ura: I can't believe it... // I'm actually bad at cooking?
everyone: A little slow! You only just noticed!?

everyone: And why are you feeling sad now?
everyone: That's unexpectedly feminine of her.

ura (thought): "You have to make it while thinking of the person who you want to give it to"

kurumu: Ahh, that's not like you. // Look, girls need to fail a few times to get better at cooking!
kurumu: There's no way you'd get it right the first time! // Try again! Try again!
ura: Kurumu...

rubi: That's right... Well, how about we have a special supplementary lesson and start from scratch?
mizore: And if you remain depressed, I'll start to feel sad too.
ura: Rubi // Mizore...

yukari: Auu...
ura: And even Yukari...

This time, we'll work together
and make a delicious pumpkin pie!!

classroom sign: Cooking Room

student: This is terrible!! The cooking rooms are on fire!! // What in the world happened!? And everything inside is a mess!
student: Water! Everyone go grab some water!
student: I've found a survivor!

ura: No... way... // Why did this happen... why...

fong: Wah

fong: Ahh.. huh? Moka-san?

fong: Huh? Did I just hear a slight creaking noise from Moka-san's choker...?

ura: Sunset...
ura: I guess it's time for me to return my body to her...

tsukune: Wait, Moka-san!

ura: ...! // Tsukune...

tsukune: Glad I made it in time... I heard what happened from everyone...
tsukune: I've been looking for you, Moka-san.

ura: ...It's a joke, right? Look. // I even had a lot of help from the others and this is all I could make.

tsukune: It- It's...
ura: It's like charcoal, right? // I guess the only thing I can really do is fight...

ura: ...And today was my only chance...

ura: Wha...

ura: You idiot! As if someone would eat that!? // No matter how you look at it, it's just charcoal!
ura: You'll die!

ura: See? Look.

ura: Are you alright!? Hurry up and spit it out.
ura: I'll go get you some water, // don't die Tsukune.
バカめ = Idiot
このバカめ = You idiot

tsukune: Delicious!
tsukune: What're you talking about? That was perfect!

ura: Eh...?
tsukune: Only the outside was burnt black! // The inside is... look! It's a perfect pumpkin pie!

ura: Are you alright?
ura: You body doesn't feel strange?

tsukune: It's delicious. // It's delicious~

ura: ...I see....
ura: That's good...

ura: I'm glad...

tsukune: Moka...san...

kurumu: Wait... // Why are they getting along so well~ And we helped with the pie as well~
死にかけたのに: We almost died too!
mizore: Shall we interrupt them?
ウラさんかわいい = Ura-san's cute...

yukari: Let's just stay here. // Ura-san's gonna be sealed up again soon.

tsukune: Moka-san...
ura: Don't make that kind of face. // I had plenty of fun today.

ura: And can you tell the outer me,

ura: Thank you for lending me the body... today...

ura: Huh...?

tsukune: Eh...? What's wrong Moka-san?
ura: This is strange... I didn't switch places with the outer one... // The rosary is attached, yet the seal is...
tsukune: Eh...

kurumu: What // happened?
tsukune: Everyone!?
hw text above tsukune's head: Why are you here!?

someone: EHHH!!?
someone: Outer Moka's seal isn't working!!?

ura: Well... I can't be sure of it yet but...
someone: Then what happened!? So you gonna stay like at from now on!? // You already caused so much trouble in just one day!!
rubi: Huh...? Then what happens to outer Moka?

tsukune: Yeah...
tsukune: If we can't seal you up again, then what happens to the other Moka...?

fong: Just as I expected... So that's why I heard that "creak" from Moka-san. // It seems like the seal is getting a little unsteady.

fong: The greatest weakness of this type of seal is that it's only "momentarily". // At this rate, if you stay like that, the seal really will break.

tsukune: Ehh...? // How... do you know that...?

tsukune: Wong Fong-Fong!?

txt in upper right: An unexpected(!?) key person!!


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