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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Rosario to Vampire II 27


+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Feb 15, 2010 14:48 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

-> RTS Page for Rosario to Vampire II 27

Reserved for Franky-House. Feel free to use for international scans.

p1 (useless advertisement)

p2 (colour page)
(white txt at the top - small): Though they are connected,
(white txt at the top - big): they cannot come into contact with each other...

Chapter 27 Title:
#27 Reverse

p3 (advertisement for tegamibachi and various other manga)

fong: Akashiya Moka-san,
fong: the seal in your rosary is beginning to break.

fong: If you do not repair it soon, you will never be able to use it again.

tsukune: ...! // Wa... wait a minute, Wong Fong-Fong.
tsukune: How do you know about Moka-san's seal-...?

fong: As a matter of fact, we, the Wong family are a family that excel in the usage of the black arts,
fong: and in particular, we specialise in sealing and barrier techniques! // Therefore, even someone like me would have an idea about the condition of the seal.

fong: So, how about it, Tsukune-san?
fong: Does that make you want to accept my "invitation"?

fong: Come, join the Wong family!
fong: And our family will take responsibility and repair Moka-san's seal.

tsukune: Will it fix itself if we leave it alone for a while?
(outside bubble): Ahaha
moka: Stupid, it isn't an injury.
fong: Totally ignored

moka: It's just... thinking back now, there were signs.
(bg moka): "Recently, you're coming out more, Ura-chan."
(bg moka): "Before, you'd only talk to me once every two or three days."
moka: There were signs that the seal was weakening...!!
(bg moka): "I might just be tired, but recently I'm always feeling sleepy..."

moka: At this rate, what will happen to her... // to the "outer" personality that's inside the seal...

(bg moka): "Let's talk, Ura-chan."

moka: ... // Omote...
TL: Omote = Outer
I'll stick to the Japanese when they talk to each other.

outer: Did you call me?:

outer: Ah, you can hear me!? That's good... you can finally hear my voice. // It looks like something terrible happened~

moka: ...O... Omote...!? // Is that you, omote!?
kurumu: What is it!? What happened, Ura Moka?
box: Everyone else can't hear.

outer: Ahaha, you don't have to look so surprised.
あはは: Ahaha
outer: Weren't you always talking to me while sealed as well? // I just tried it and it worked.

tsukune: Eeehhhh!? The outer Moka is talking to you from inside you!?
ほら: Look
ゲンキ: Lively
ゲンキ: Lively
moka: Yeah // She said she's fine, so don't worry.
tsukune: Really? That's great~

mizore: So even if the seal is broken, it doesn't mean the outer Moka will disappear.
kurumu: Come on~ Stop making us so worried~
yukari: Yeah~

rubi: Okay then, we'll go discuss this with the headmaster, and if she can repair the seal, everything will be back to normal.
* - i don't think schools tend to have a 'chairman', so i used 'headmaster' instead.
fong: Ehhh~ Then where's my turn?
(txt next to fong): So mean

ling: No... that may not be possible.

rubi: Ling-Ling-san!?

ling: This is just my analysis, but this seal is terribly complicated, // and it has weakened to a state where repairing it will not be simple.
ling: This may be too much even for the headmaster.

rubi: You have to be joking! In the past, the headmaster was one of strongest creatures who were called the <b>Three Great Dark Rulers</b>.
rubi: There's no seal she cannot fix--

ling: I see... then let me ask, <i>who do you think it was</i>
ling: <i>that taught your headmaster sealing techniques?</i>

rubi: !... Surely it isn't...
ling: Yes, it is.

ling: And it was that person who founded the Wong Family, // Touhou Fuhai.
* - 東方不敗 (Touhou Fuhai) literally means "The East are invincible". But since I'm guessing that's his name, I'm leaving the bubble in Japanese.
ling: He was considered to be the world's greatest black arts user, and one of the Three Great Dark Rulers.

rubi: The founder of the Wong family was one of the
rubi: Three Great Dark Rulers

moka: I understand... Then it looks like you are the only one I can depend on this time.
moka: And? Where do I have to go to meet this great person?
tsukune: Moka-san!

ling: To the city of evil: Hong Kong,
ling: the headquarters of the Wong family.

kurumu: Hii! Scary! Aeroplanes, scary!
mizore: This is absurd. We're going to die! // As if this chunk of iron can fly!?

yukari: No, there's this lifting power that pulls the aeroplane up...

yukari: But despite saying that, scary things are still scary!!

rubi: Ahhh
box: Rubi-san who couldn't get the time off.
rubi: I wanted to go too... // and I even stayed up all night making a stewardess's uniform~~
headmaster: Get to work.

headmaster: Besides, the time has finally come... how frightening fate is~
rubi: Eh!? What do you mean by that, headmaster?
headmaster: Kuku...

headmaster: More importantly, things are getting nasty here as well... Recently that Fairy Tail has begun moving again.
headmaster: I want you to investigate that.

rubi: Fairy Tail...!?

kokoa: Onee-sama~
kokoa: I'll definitely catch up to you later~
box: Kokoa hospitalised after eating Ura-chan's handmade pie (poisonous).

(above yukari): clatter clatter

kurumu: We're... flying?
mizore: It looks like we're alright...

kurumu: Ya... Yahoo~ It's a holiday!!
kurumu: It's our first ever overseas holiday!!

mizore: Because of the human's immigration control, travelling overseas is a dream among dreams for us monsters...
(hw txt near mizore): And we have no passport.
kurumu: Who would've thought that dream would come true so quickly~
yukari: We aren't going to have fun, Kurumu-san~

fong: What do you think?
fong: It's comfortable, right? It's our family's private jet.
someone: Fong-Fong.

fong: There's a special barrier setup around the exterior, so we can't been seen by humans and radars.
fong: In other words, with this machine, we can enter and exit any country we want.

fong: And above that, the interior is also wonderful, with facilities like a bar, karaoke box, and mini theatre!
fong: It'll take around 5 hours to reach Hong Kong, so please enjoy yourselves.
someone: Wow~ Amazing~

kurumu: Fong-Fong, you're such an Obocchan!
TL: An 'Obocchan', is usually the son of an extremely rich or royal father. Didn't know what to say in English -.-''
mizore: Leaving Fong-Fong aside, the Wong family is incredible.
yukari: Leaving Fong-Fong aside, I've got a whole new opinion of them.
fong: Hey, do you guys, by any chance, all hate me?
(hw text): And why put me aside?

speaker: We've left the barrier around the school.
speaker: Even if we are up in the air, from here onwards, don't let your guard down, Fong-Fong. // We do have a lot of enemies.
fong: Nee-san.

kurumu: That reminds me... where's Ling-Ling? I can't see her anywhere.
ling: Of course.

ling: That's because I'm the pilot.
kurumu: Ehhh!?

kurumu: Then Ling-Ling is the one flying the plane!?
mizore: That's amazing.
yukari: That's respectable.
(next to speaker): I'm blushing.
fong: And you openly praise nee-san...
(below fong): Why am I the only one put aside?

tsukune: Haha... it seems like things have gotten more serious than we expected, right Moka-san?
tsukune: ?... Moka-san?

tsukune: ...hey, // as the "inner" Moka, would you by any chance, be happier for things to <i>stay like this</i>?
moka: Tsukune?
tsukune: You seem to be having so much fun now, but once the seal is fixed, you'll lose your freedom again...

moka: Who- who says I'm enjoying this!?
(outside bubble): Idiot.
moka: Besides, if we stay like this, the outer me would never come back, // are you alright with that!?

tsukune: No! That's bad! // Not being able to see Moka-san (outer) is too painful!!
moka: See?
(outside bubble): How can he say that so shamelessly...

tsukune: That's why one day... regardless of inner or outer,
tsukune: I hope that the two of you will become one.
tsukune: For me, both of you are just as important.

kurumu: Tsukune~? What're you doing? Hurry up and come here~
tsukune: Ah, OK! // Huh? Moka-san?

moka: geez... that natural ladies' man,
moka: saying lines that would set one's teeth on edge so fluently without hesitation...

moka: But I should've already told him before that he'll never get through to me.

(bg): "Both of you are just as important..."
moka: ...Tsukune.

omote: ...what's wrong, Ura-chan?
omote: Sighing like that...

moka: Uwahh! Omote!?
(bg txt right of moka): I forgot about her.
moka: No! There was no real meaning to that just now...
omote: Why are you panicking?
moka: Ugh...

moka: ...I can't stay like this... // I need to fix the seal as quickly as possible...!
omote: Eh?

moka: Now that we've switched places, I realised... // As I thought, I have to be the "inner" one.
moka: After awakening, as I'm around Tsukune and the others more and more, I get more careless, I lose the will to fight, and I'm turning into a normal woman.

moka: If I'm not sealed, I get weaker and weaker.
moka: And I'm scared of that happening...
outer: Ura-chan.

moka: Anyways, until the seal is fixed, I'll try my hardest to stay away from them.
outer: But that's...!

outer: I'm sure you're worrying too much! Rather than getting weaker, you're just becoming more flexible...

moka: ...Hmm?

tsukune: What's wrong, Moka-san?
moka: Be careful! There's this weird creature that came in here! It went that way!

kurumu: Kyaahhh!
tsukune: Kurumu-chan!?

kurumu: What is this!!?
kurumu: It's rubbing against my breasts so hard!!

kurumu: ...by weird creature, you mean...
moka: It's that... It was biting at the door leading to the cockpit.
mizore: Where did it come from...?

???: What is it...? It's got long ears... so is it a rabbit...?
???: It's probably some kind of beast. // It definitely followed us when we got on the place.

kurumu: I.. I'm sorry~ for hitting you with all my strength.
mizore: It's not moving... Is it dead?
yukari: Hii~~~

kurumu: Kya!?

mizore: That's good. It looks it's fine...
yukari: Though it's a beast, it really is persistent for breasts.

moka: ...I felt this really strong thirst for blood for just a moment, but was that my imagination? // But besides it's lust, it seems harmless.

moka: Then I'll leave the rest to you.
tsukune: Then what about you?
moka: ...Sorry, but please let me be alone, I want to get some rest.

tsukune: Ehhh~ It's a rare opportunity, so let's play together. // Like karaoke or something...
(bg tsukune right): How about cards?
(bg tsukune left): We were just playing baba-nuki, it's fun!
TL: baba-nuki is the Japanese version of Old Maid, but instead of a card being removed, a Joker is added.
moka: Didn't you hear me? I told you not to follow me, Tsukune.

tsukune: Moka-san...?
(BG): Huh?

outer: Ura-chan...

kurumu: Nooo~~~ It's gone inside my skirt!!

kurumu: This is bad! This is bad! This is definitely bad!
kurumu: And you guys stop watching and help me!!
kurumu: Or rather, don't look!!

mizore: You're completely broken, Kurumu... // how about you keep this guy?
kurumu: No way... my body can't take it.

ling: What happened, Fong-Fong? Things are getting noisy.
fong: Nee-san, // actually...

ling: A beast is inside the plane?
ling: No way... Surely it isn't an assassin, right? // Because there are a lot of enemies who are after our lives.

fong: Even though I said beast, it's just a small rabbit.
fong: As if there's such a cute assassin! // Right?

rabbit: No, no, what are you talking about?
rabbit: Assassin, assassin, // I am an assassin.

rabbit: I was sent here to crash the plane!!
mizore: E... ehh~ // Stop it with the bad jokes~
tsukune: Huh? Or rather, did that guy just talk!?

monster: Nevertheless, your breasts, they were the best~ Because of that, look, // my body's aching.

monster: Kyahahahahahahaha
tsukune: ...! That guy, it's actually...

monster: It's such a shame to have to kill you~ // but I was ordered to make sure you don't reach the Wong family.
monster: Therefore, die~

monster: I'm a Gremlin.
gremlin: An assassin from Fairy Tail.

box: The Brief Youkai Encyclopaedia
Creatures who caused mischief on machines feared by the American Air Force in World War II. They were originally fairies created to help guide human mechanics, but due to the development of civilisation, humans gradually forgot about them, and they started to do bad things. Loves sweet snacks.

tsukune: Uwahh!! It's...
tsukune: splitting up into so many!!

yukari: Fairy Tail...! Then its target isn't the Wong family, but us!?

ling: Oh dear, didn't I tell you...
fong: ...This is bad! These guys are eating the fuselage! // They want to drop the plane by eating it!

mizore: You...!

gremlin: Kya
gremlin: Kya

mizore: It's no good! These guys are like mud dolls! If we defeat one, it splits in to smaller ones and then there are even more of them!
yukari: There's no use in defeating the clones! There should be a host somewhere that's controlling all of them--...
kurumu: That's impossible! How are we meant to find the host among all of these!!?

moka: ...! // This... This is...

moka: Damn it...! It's my mistake.
outer: Ura-chan!
moka: I noticed this guy's thirst for blood right at the start, and yet...

moka: I just ignored it! If it were in the past, I would've instantly killed it without hesitation!
moka: How could I be so soft? // Since when!? Since when was I like this!?
outer: No! Calm down, Ura-chan.

tsukune: Look out, Moka-san!

moka: Tsu... Tsukune!

moka: The cabinet fell!? // You idiot! Sustaining those injuries to protect me...
moka: Hold on, Tsukune!!

fong: It... It's too dangerous here! To the next room!

gremlin: Kya // kya

outer: Wait, Ura-chan, something's strange...!
outer: The gremlins don't even look at us even though we're running away. // The only thing in their head is eating.

moka: Omote...? What are you saying at a time like this...?

outer: When you think about it, controlling this many clones at the same time is impossible, right? // If that were the case, then the clones would run in auto while the host runs in manual... In other words, there is a "difference" between the two. // And since there's a difference, there must be a way to find the host!

outer: ...so calm down. If you really have become soft, then I'll fill in those gaps!
outer: Tsukune said so, right? He hoped that the two of us could become one.

outer: I'm sure we can do it. I mean... both of us share the same feelings of wanting to protect Tsukune.
moka: Omote...

Inner and outer as one
Let's scatter those gremlin together!

gremlin: Hyahaha, that's impossible. // You're too late.

gremlin: Look
gremlin: we've already taken over the plane.

kurumu: Kyaahh! The air pressure is-!
fong: Those guys chewed through the fuselage and are heading outside.

gremlin: Kya // kya
gremlin: Kya
gremlin: Kya

kurumu: ...! Now they're devouring from the outside!?
mizore: How are we going to find the host...

ling: ...This is bad, they've entered the cockpit as well.
ling: There's nothing more that can be done...

yukari: Kyahh!

mizore: We're falling... We're falling...!!
fong: I can feel my stomach coming back up!

yukari: We... we need to escape!
kurumu: We can't... I'm the only one that can fly. // And I can't even fly long distances...

yukari: Then don't tell me... we're going to...
yukari: die...

kurumu: Ura-Moka!?

kurumu: Don't be so reckless!
kurumu: What are you doing, Ura-Moka!!?

gremlin: Kya // kya
gremlin: There's nothing you can do anymore~
gremlin: Nothing~

moka: Whether we win or lose will be decided in one moment... I'm counting on you, Omote.


gremlin: Kya
gremlin: Kya // kya

gremlin: Kya

gremlin: Kya

outer: There it is!
outer: One o'clock, right in the middle!

gremlin: Beauty!

gremlin: Shit!!
gremlin: She saw through that only the host would react to her naked body!?

gremlin: But that's ridiculous... in that short moment...

moka: You may look like many, but you are only one creature. // However, I look may like one, but there are two of us.
moka: You just had the wrong opponent.

moka: Know your place!

kurumu: Moka!

moka: I thank you, Omote.
moka: I was saved thanks you this time...

outer: No... the reason we won was as expected, because of your strength.
moka: Haha... what Tsukune said: for the two of us to become one.
outer: Yeah.

outer: Please take care of me in future as well, Ura-chan.
moka: Same here, Omote.

tsukune: ...Ugh // Ughh...

tsukune: Ah! // Oh yeah, the enemy!!?
tsukune: What happened to the gremlins!?

tsukune: Moka-san... bra...
moka: You idiot! Stop looking, Tsukune!!

ling: Thank you for the hard work, everyone.
ling: Thanks to you, it seems like we'll somehow be able hold on until Hong Kong.

ling: ...but having said that, those guys got to the cockpit,
ling: so landing is impossible, and we still have no choice but to crash.
ling: Don't think badly of me.

everyone: EHHH!?

???: Ahhh...
box: Beast Fong-Fong summoned.

fong: Father is really going get angry at us.
ling: Don't worry about it, our lives were at stake there. // Even though I'm already dead.

???: ...But we're arrived here // safely.
???: Yeah.

???: Welcome to Hong Kong!

txt on left: Go... to stabilise the seal!!

p45 (PoT Tribute p1 - useless)


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