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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Rosario to Vampire II 28

Sweet Home

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Mar 9, 2010 06:43 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

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left: The gremlin who tried to make the Wong family's private crash. And who is that person behind him...!!?

voice: No need for excuses.
voice: I don't like people being indirect.

voice: In short, you "failed", right?
voice: You couldn't get the jet Akashiya Moka was on to crash.

gremlin: Ye... yes...

voice: So that means the jet survived your attack and continued flying,
voice: and probably right around now, is arriving in Hong Kong?
gremlin: ...yes...

man: Ahahahahahahaha

man: Now you've done it, thanks to you I've wasted my time.
man: I guess the impact zone, and here I was waiting for the opportunity to capture Moka.

man: As usual, you're such a annoying guy.

Fairy Tale 1st Subdivision Deputy Leader
Yoshii Kiria

man: But despite that, you look like you're having fun, Kiria...
gremlin: I thought he was gonna kill me...

man: You probably thinking something like... "it'll be boring if it's too easy", right?
man: Since you're a guy who judges things by // 'whether or not they're interesting'...

kiria: Ahaha, but it's too bad for you.
kiria: It was a chance for you to warn that Aono Tsukune.

Fairy Tale 1st Subdivision Staff Officer
Kaneshiro Hokuto

hokuto: Hmph... I'll have many more chances.

hokuto: Besides, Tsukune and them were heading towards the Wong Family... // home to the monsters from China, managed by one of the three great dark lords, 'Touhou Fuhai'.

hokuto: They still don't know it yet,
hokuto: how dangerous that place really is, // and what cruel fate is awaiting them...
map - 香港: Hong Kong
香港島: Hong Kong Island
九龍: Kowloon
沙田: Sha Tin
大帽山: Tai Mo Shan
^ First character is slightly blocked off by bubble.
大埔: Tai Po
新界: New Territories
上水: Sheng Shui
^ In the top part of the map, slightly blocked off by bubble.

hokuto: Either way, that place is your final stop, Aono Tsukune...

fong: Alright, we're here!
fong: Welcome to the Wong Family!

txt: A Long limousine!!
A Super Mansion!!
The Rich Wong-kun!!
#28 Sweet Home

fong: We're home~~
wong: Wong Fong-Fong has safely returned home~~

tsukune: Uwahh~
tsukune: Fong-Fong, this is incredible. Is this really your house!?

kurumi: It's so~ big! Isn't this like bigger than out school!?
outside: We're in Hong Kong, but it's a house...
mizore: Rather than the mafia's base, this is more like a royal palace...

tsukune: Moka-san...?

fong: Ahaha, don't be shy and come on in!
bg (white text): Ahaha
fong: Just think of it as your own home.

mizore: What's wrong with that Fong-Fong...
outside: He's spinning around...
yukari: He's in such high spirits, it's makes me sick.

ling: It's because you guys came.

ling: Despite what he looks like, he is the successor of the Wong family.
ling: He grew up burdened by his family, in a lonely environment where he was feared by everyone.

ling: As far as I know, this is the first time...
ling: the first time Fong-Fong brought 'friends' to this place.

kurumi: Ling-Ling-san...

kurumi: By friends, who are you referring to?
ling: Can you just let that one slip by?
fong: Stop that, I can hear you! And it's making me really sad!

fong: It's alright... the fact that you guys came,
fong: it means I'm one step closer to my dream.

tsukune: Dream...?

outer: ...wait Ura-chan, // don't you think there's something strange?
inner: Omote... // <i>You noticed it too...?</i>
* - im getting confused with this inner/outer moka stuff >.>

outer: This mansion... in proportion to its size, I can't sense many people.
outer: There wasn't even one security guard...

inner: ...There's one thing I'd like to confirm, // is the person we've come to meet: Touhou Fuhai, really here...?
tsukune: ? // Moka-san...?

inner: Or rather, in this mansion right now,
inner: is there anyone here besides us?

fong: N-Now that you mention it, no one came to greet us.
fong: And I definitely told them that I was coming back.

ling: ...well... it is a little too quite.
ling: Is everyone out...?

ling: Oh well... I'll go and call someone.
fong: Nee-san.

ling: I'll be right back.
ling: You guys wait in the guest room and enjoy some tea.

However... Those were the last words we heard from Wong Ling-Ling.

tsukune: She's slow...!

tsukune: Even if it is big, this is Ling-Ling's house, // something must've happened or she wouldn't be so slow...

fong: I'll go check things out.
tsukune: Fong-Fong! Now's not the time so be alone. // If you're going, then I...

fong: ...No... you guys are my 'guests'. // I can't expose you to any danger as long as you're in this house...!

tsukune: Fong-Fong...

fong: Nee~san
fong: Ling-Ling Nee~san

fong: As I thought, there's something strange... This is my house, but this tense atmosphere...

fong: ...Don't tell me
fong: "They're" in this house as well...

fong: ...! Someone's there...
fong: I can hear a voice from the toilet...

fong: It's Chinese,,, is it someone from this house?
voices: ...as a start, that's one of them down.

voices: At any rate, it looks like we've got more work.
voices: Yeah... I never thought he would bring that many friends back...

voices: It can't be helped... Anyways, let's just finish our mission.
voices: We'll take them down one by one.

fong: "One down"...? Then those guys already got to nee-san--?

fong: Hiaaaahhhhh
tsukune: Nuaaaahhhhh!!?

fong: Huh!? Tsukune!? // And Kurumu-san? Why are you here!?
tsukune: That scared me... we were worried so...
kurumu: ...ugh...!

fong: ....... // R... run...
tsukune: Eh?
fong: Just run! As fast as you can!

voices: ...hey, just now...

fong: ...! // Th... this is...

kurumu: Moka and them are gone...
kurumu: And they even promised to wait here and not to leave this guest room.

tsukune: There are signs that a fight took place... Something happened and they ran out of here.

fong: Or maybe,
fong: They've been caught by "them"...

kurumu: Explain yourself, Fong-Fong!
kurumu: What do you mean "them"!!? What the hell is happening in this mansion!?

fong: ...they're the Miu Family, // a Chinese mafia group and a long term rival of the Wong Family.
fong: I'm guessing that they probably sent assassins here...

fong: The Miu Family have recently collaborated with "a certain organisation from Japan", and have grown in power.
fong: We're almost at a stage where an all-out war is going to break out. // They probably came here looking for me, the successor.

tsukune: "A certain organisation from Japan"...? Don't tell me you mean...

fong: Fairy Tale
fong: As you already know, they are large terrorist organisation who wants to destroy the world.

fong: ...so I enrolled into Youkai Academy in Japan. I needed to get as much information on Fairy Tale as I could...

fong: And that's when I saw it, someone who destroyed a subdivision of Fairy Tale...
fong: and that was you... Aono Tsukune!

kurumu: So... so that's why you kept inviting Tsukune into the mafia!?
kurumu: But the Wong Family already has the extremely powerful Touhou Fuhai, so why--

fong: Even if he is extremely powerful, Touhou Fuhai-sama is my great great grandfather, you know? I've never even seen fight before...
tsukune: Great great grandfather!?
tsukune: So how old is he!?

kurumu: A-Anyways, you have to be joking!
kurumu: Even if the opponent is Fairy Tale, why did you have to drag Tsukune into a argument between mafias!?

kurumu: If you guys just want to kill each other, then do it somewhere else until you've had enough! // Let's go, Tsukune!
tsukune: Kurumu-chan... // Be we can't just leave Ling-Ling-san and the others...
kurumu: Let's go!

wong: ...wait, Kurumu-san.
wong: What's that... what's that you have in your hand?

kurumu: Eh..? Obviously it's a...

kurumu: door knob...

monster: Gyaaaahh

kurumu: Hi-gyaaaahhhh!!

kurumu: What was that!? // What was that just now!?

wong: ...this is bad! // That was a "Yuusei Hitou", it's a monster who can remove its head to scout out locations! // We have to get out of here otherwise they'll know where we are!!

kurumu: That was so disgusting~ so disgusting~ // My hands are all slimy~
tsukune: Get a hold of yourself, Kurumu-chan.

fong: Up ahead is the kitchen. // Let's go hide in there for the time being.

kurumu: I don't care~ just give me some water~~ // Hurry, I need to wash this stuff off~

kurumu: I need wa--

everyone: Ugyaaaaahhhhhh!!

fong: Uwahh! It's attacking us!
fong: Run!!

kurumu: Fehh! Is this blood!? // I'm covered in blood!!
tsukune: Get a hold of yourself, Kurumu-chan~

guys: There they are! Over here!
tsukune: Ugh!

guys: Down below! I found them!!
tsukune: Hiii!

tsukune: What's happening? No matter where we hide, they're everywhere!!
tsukune: Are you sure the mansion itself hasn't been captured by the enemy!?

fong: There's a weapons cabinet hidden inside the study, // they shouldn't be able to find is back here.
tsukune: Uwahh... as expected of the mafia...

kurumu: Ughh... I never imagined this would happen after arriving in Hong Kong~~
kurumu: I hope everyone is okay... // let's hurry up and find everyone and get out of here.

kurumu: Come on, Tsukune... I know you're worried about everyone, but...
kurumu: I <i>am</i> a girl.

kurumu: I'm scared... and I'm shaking...
kurumu: you could at least hug me a little~

kurumu: Hyaann!?

kurumu: No... no way!? Even if I did want you to hug me...
kurumu: But there!?

kurumu: And he's good~~
kurumu: No... if you rub then that hard, I'll...
あっ: Ahh
あっ: Ahh

kurumu: Ahhnn, Tsukune!
kurumu: Not there too....

tsukune: Eh...?
outside: What?

kurumu: ....Huh....

kurumu: Kyaaahhh!!
tsukune: Uwahhh! What is that!? // Why is there a huge mouth on the wall!!?

kurumu: Kurumu-cha...
monster: Kekeke... and that makes <i>number five</i>...

kurumu: Tsukune...

kurumu: Kurumu-chan!!!

kurumu: !! // Aahhh...

kurumu: Wait! Don't leave! // Wai...

tsukune: ... // Number five...
fong: Eh?
tsukune: It's what that thing just now said... that Kurumu-chan was number five...

tsukune: Then does that mean everyone else was eaten as well!?
tsukune: Just like Kurumu-chan just now...

fong: It... it'll be fine... // That monster just now was a transportation type.
fong: Kurumu-chan wasn't eaten, she was just transferred to another location...

tsukune: Is that true!? Then get them back!
tsukune: Give Kurumu-chan back!
fong: Tsu... tsukune-sa...

tsukune: I've had enough!! If this place was so dangerous, we shouldn't have come!
tsukune: We shouldn't have come here in the first place!

tsukune: ...I'm sorry. // We came here to fix Moka-san's seal...
tsukune: We came here for our own reasons, so I'm sorry for saying something so mean...

fong: ...my mother...
fong: She was born in the Miu family...

fong: In other words, my parents were able to overcome the problems between the Wong and Miu family and get married,
fong: kind of like how Romeo and Juliet did.

fong: And the child they had was like the symbol of peace.
fong: My mission was to end the dispute between monsters and bring peace, // that was what I was lead to believe in since I was small...

fong: But it was a stupid dream...
fong: I'm sorry for dragging you into this... // I didn't think things would turn out this way...

fong: I'll go out and grab their attention,
fong: the one they're after should be me... // so you use that opportunity and run away.

fong: As for Kurumu-san and the others... // ...
fong: I'll be sure to have them return safely...

tsukune: ... // Fu...

tsukune: It really is stupid... You wanted me to join the mafia so that your dream could come true...?
outside: Hahaha
tsukune: Even though I'm not nearly as strong as you might think...
fong: Tsukune-san!? What are you saying?

tsukune: I meant,
tsukune: I'm a human being.

fong: ...... // Eh?
outside: Ahaha
tsukune: We can talk about it later, I mean, everyone else knows already.

tsukune: However... because I'm human, I've also got a dream...

tsukune: I want to create a world where monsters and humans can live together in peace.
tsukune: If it's about the stupidness of our dreams, then mine's not much better, Fong-Fong.

guy: Boss! // I've found the last two!
guy: They showed us their location--

boss: ...I see, this took longer than I expected... // And? Where are they now?
guy: Yeah... About that...

guy: No... no way... That kid... // he wrapped himself with dynamite!
guy: This isn't funny... Does he want to kill himself and everyone here!?

tsukune: Give me back my friends!! // Or else I'll blow every one up!!

boss: Ohh... how nice, you're willing to sacrifice yourself for your friends? // I like that.

boss: It looks like you've gotten yourself some nice friends,
boss: my son.

tsukune: !? // Son!?
tsukune: What're you talking about--

fong: Father...
tsukune: Father--!!?

tsukune: No way!? That's your dad!? The Romeo you were talking about earlier!?
fong: And the one next to him is my mother.
tsukune: And Juliet too? // What's happening!? Why are your parents the enemies!?

dad: It means this.

banner: Welcome to the Wong Family

guys: Welcome!
guys: Welcome!
TL note: These guys are speaking in Chinese.

kurumu: Ah! Tsukune <3

dad: Ahhh~ Actually, we didn't have enough time to finish the welcoming preparations, so we needed to 'stall' you guys.
dad: I didn't think Fong-Fong would bring so many friends.
kurumu: I finally got my shower!

dad: Think of it as a game of tag!
dad: And as you can see, the ones that were caught have been treated well, so please forgive us!

tsukune: Ha... // haha...
fong: hahaha // ahahahahahahaha

tsukune: You gotta be joking!!
fong: Gehh!

tsukune: What was that!? I thought I was gonna die! // And I even cried when everyone was eaten! All that for this!?
fong: I was also prepared to die, I thought it would've been nice since I was with Tsukune-san...
tsukune: No it's not!!

tsukune: And you should've realised! That the ones attacking you were your followers!
fong: You don't understand that it's surprisingly hard to realise!
tsukune: No way!!
あははは: Ahahaha

moka: Hmph... So this is the Wong Family... // Like Fong-Fong, they're a noisy bunch.

outer: In spite of the fact that you were also tricked, Ura-chan.
moka: Be quiet, Omote.

outer: But it's nice...
outer: Before we even realised, those two have become such good friends.

outer: I wonder if something happened to them while we were captured?

???: Fufu... did you have fun? // My acting was also pretty good, don't you think?
label: Getting carried away.

fong: Ah! I knew you were behind this! // That was so mean~~

fong: There's a limit to the kind of pranks your allowed to play,
fong: Touhou Fuhai-sama.

text on left: The legendary man... finally makes his appearance...!!


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