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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Rosario to Vampire II 29

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Apr 10, 2010 08:18 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

-> RTS Page for Rosario to Vampire II 29

Reserved for FH.

text on left: Meeting with the legendary man... or it was supposed to be??

box: Here in Hong Kong,
box: there is a person that we had to find.

box: This person is hailed as one of the three great dark lords, // the world's most powerful demon arts user...

box: Touhou Fuhai.

mum: Thanks for coming everyone. // Please enjoy yourselves.
tsukune: Ah... Th- Thanks for having us~

tsukune: Wa... wait a minute, is that person really the head of the Wong family, Touhou Fuhai-san?
fong: That's right.
tsukune: You said he was your great-great grandfather, right?
fong: Yeah.

tsukune: Then why do I see someone in her twenties!?
mum: Oh my~
tsukune: And it's a woman!!

fong: Wait, wait, where are you looking? That person is my mother.
fong(outside): I introduced you guys earlier.
fong: Look down, down!

tsukune: Down...?

fuhai: ...what's with that disappointed look? // Have you got something to say?

fuhai: I'm Touhou Fuhai.

txt on left: Can he... really fix Moka's seal~!?

#29 Fixing the Seal

everyone: Uwahh~~

yukari: Th-that's...
fuhai: I'm sure there's much you want to talk about, but let's eat first. // I'm starving.

yukari: Abalone, shark's fin and bird's nest! // It's a parade of delicacies that's I've never seen before!
kurumu: Yay~ This is what makes coming all the way here to Hong Kong worthwhile~!!

dad: Come on, eat up!
dad: This is the first time Fong-Fong has ever brought his friends home!

fong: Well~ actually they haven't really recognised me as one of their friends ye-- // Guph!
kurumu: Of course we're friends, we are all your best friends~!!
below bubble: Ahaha
mizore: Let's eat~

yukari: It's so good!!
ura: S- So this what it tastes like...
tsukune: I don't think I could ever stop eating this.
ling(outside): Come on, guys.
ling: "Being full" in Chinese etiquette means having some food left over on the table, you know?

dad: Gahaha! That's great!!
dad: I like you guys! So? Can you handle some alcohol!?

tsukune: No wait... I'm underage...
dad: Don't be so serious!
tsukune: Obuhh.

kurumu: Your father is exactly what I expected the chief of a Yakuza to be like...
fong: Really? He's actually a really nice father. // I mean, he fell in love and married the daughter of a rival organisation, they're like the passionate Romeo and Juliet couple.

kurumu: I wonder if Romeo was ever about his looks... // but on the other hand, your mum is surely as pretty as Juliet.
dad's name: Wong Fei-Hung
mum's name: Wong Tim-Tim

fong: No, no, actually my mum's...

fuhai: Hyahaha! An opening!!

fuhai: The food is always better when we have guests~!
yukari: Ahh~!!? The plate in front of me is empty!!
kurumu: Hey you!! Give us back our food...

dad: Even though it doesn't seem like it, but mum is a master of martial arts so you really shouldn't make her angry~
dad(outside): She's stronger than me.
mum: Eat quietly.
fuhai: Yes.
fuhai(outside): *mumbling*
everyone: She's scary~~!! Juliet's the scariest one!!

omote: This is a little unexpected.
ura: Omote.

omote: I expected Touhou Fuhai-san to be more strict.
omote: It doesn't feel like he's the world's most powerful demon arts user.

ura: No... don't be tricked by his appearance, even though it may not seem like it, but he barely shows any openings...
fuhai: Ohh... that's interesting. // You can talk to your rosary?

fuhai: I see... so this is the seal? And it's starting to break. // You should get it fixed as soon as possible.

tsukune: What... since when did he get over there...!? And he knew everything about the seal just from one look!?
ling: Of course. Who did you think he is?
yukari: Even though he's a rotten old man, as expected of the three great dark lords!
fuhai: I'm not rotting away!

ura: As... As expected of Touhou Fuhai-dono. // Then we can cut the small talk, I've come here hoping that you can help me fix the seal...

fuhai: ...Hmph. // Then first of all wear this. We'll talk after that.
ura: ?... What's this?

fong: Touhou Fuhai-sama, don't tell me you're getting her to wear <i>that</i> legendary costume!?
tsukune: Legendary costume?
tsukune(outside): What's that?
mum: It's better if you don't wear that. It's very dangerous.

ura: ...interesting, all I have to do is wear this, right?
fuhai: Yeah... and one more important thing, // once you wear that, don't forget to add "~daccha" to the end of all your sentences.
* - Look up Lum from Urusei Yatsura to understand the joke...
ura: daccha...?
tsukune: daccha!?

ura: ...And?
ura: How is this legendary... // daccha?

tsukune: No way!!
tsukune: This is definitely the legendary costume!!
lower left of frame: God, I'm sorry!

fuhai: You're the best~! Next, call me darling...
fuhai: call me darling when you address me~!

ura: What do you think you're doing-ccha, darling!?
fuhai: Ohoho~ You're like the real thing~!
tsukune: What is this!? What's happening!?
tsukune(outside): Awawa

fong: You see, Touhou Fuhai-sama really loves manga,
fong: especially in these few years, he's gotten into cosplay as well, so have gotten a bit out of hand.
sfx lower right: Ahaha
sfx lower left: I'm sorry

tsukune: Manga and cosplay... that's another unexpected hobby, // why does he...

fuhai: Hmph... You youngsters would never understand...
fuhai: You see, I was really popular back in the days,

fuhai: but as time went on, I got older and older and before I was even aware, women started to leave me...
fuhai: and that was when I realised it, the truth...!

fuhai: 2D girls last forever!! They would never betray me!
mum: Be quiet, you 2D otaku.
everyone: One of the three great dark lords is a 2D otaku...

fuhai: Ahhh, you skin is so beautiful, it's like cel!!

ura: You...
fuhai: It's been so long... now that you mention it, that person's skin was like this too~

ura: That person...?
fuhai: You're Akashiya Moka, right? I knew it the moment I saw you.

ura: ...who... who is it?
ura: Who is that person you're talking about...?

fuhai: Though your auras are different, you've grown up to be exactly like her...
fuhai: exactly like your mother, // Akasha.

box: Meanwhile
box: Back in Japan, in the village of Snow Girls.

kokoa: Ughh~
kokoa: It's so cold~

kokoa: As usual, it's right in the middle of winter here.
kokoa: What do you need here? I'm sick and you still forced me to come with you.

rubi: It's the headmaster's orders.
rubi: We have to contact the leader of this village, the Snow Priestess immediately.

label: The Snow Priestess

priestess: It's been a while, Rubi-san, Kokoa-san.
priestess: I have been waiting for you.

?: The Snow Priestess... has heard a little of what has happened. // Like how the barrier around the village has acting a little strange...
?: Yeah... we think that Fairy Tale may be behind this as well, so we contacted the headmaster...
?: Fairy Tale!?

kokoa: But... didn't we chase them out before...?
priestess: Yeah... but ever since that day, the barrier has gotten weaker and weaker... // and when we realised that something was wrong, we were already too late...
kokoa: too late?

priestess: ...Anyways, please take a look.
priestess: This is the heart of our village, // the central pillar of the barrier.

rubi: Th... that's...

priestess: The place where snow fairies are born,
priestess: the Thousand-Year Frost Tree.


?: It's so...
?: beautiful...

priestess: Giant "barriers" like the ones around our village and your school cannot be created by monsters alone, // they are created from areas where the "vessels" of the land accumulate and "spirit" energy is gathered.
priestess: This Thousand-Year Frost Tree is the spirit that has been protecting this land since ancient times.

priestess: ...however... please look at that.
priestess: There is something strange there...

priestess: See that lump there...? It's stuck to roots of the frost tree. Do you know what it is?
rubi: !... What's that...? // It looks like a seed or something...
priestess: No... it's not a seed.

priestess: It's an "egg".
priestess: It's breathing and has a pulse.

priestess: The ivy-like tentacles around it have dug themselves so deep into the frost tree that we can no longer pull it out or destroy them.
priestess: If we force it out, then we may destroy the frost tree itself.
priestess: The reason the barrier is weakening is because the egg is absorbing the spirit energy.

priestess: And once it absorbs enough energy,
priestess: who knows what will hatch...

rubi: ...! // Then the real reason Fairy Tale attacked this village,
rubi: was to plant this egg here...?

kahlua: Looks like
kahlua: you finally noticed...

kokoa: Wh...
kokoa: Wh- // Why are you here...?

kokoa: Kahlua-neesan!!

kahlua: Oh no Kokoa, I've come here today to tell you something very important.
kahlua: You know that I don't like fighting, right?

kokoa: S- something important...?

kahlua: As you can see... you can no longer stop the egg.
kahlua: And soon you'll find many more of these in different locations around Japan.

kahlua: Using that opportunity, Fairy Tale will start its operations.
kahlua: And we, the Shuzen family have also decided to give Fairy Tale our full support.

kokoa: O- our family!? // Then that means <i>that person</i> as well...

kokoa: ...Akuha-neesan is also with
kokoa: Fairy Tale?

kahlua: ...Please don't delve in to this any further, Kokoa. // And as you should already know,
kahlua: No matter what happens, you must not let Akuha-neesan and Moka-chan meet.

kahlua: You haven't forgotten what happened in the past, right?
kahlua: Please don't let the same thing happen again.

box: Same day, late at night // Away from the Wong Household, in Touhou Fuhai's mansion.

fuhai: ...Your mother, Akasha and I are old friends, // and I've also heard a lot about you from Mikogami, your headmaster.
fuhai: And how several years ago, // your mother disappeared.

tsukune: !!... Moka's mother... // disappeared...!?

ura: So you knew.

ura: But I don't know the reason either. // Anyways, my mother left me all of a sudden when I was small.
ura: And she even destroyed her photos and diaries... everything that was connected to her...

ura: In the end, // all that my mother left for me
ura: was this rosary seal.

tsukune: Moka-san...

ura: So that's why I want to protect this seal.
ura: Even if it costs me my freedom.

fuhai: ...Very well. I shall
fuhai: repair your seal!

fuhai: ...Akasha was
fuhai: a strong, yet sad woman who carried a heavy burden...

fuhai: And the reason she sealed your powers
fuhai: was probably because she didn't want to drag you into it...

ura: Burden...? // What do you...
fuhai: Stay quiet. This is where things get serious.

Seal Release!

tsukune: Wh-What the!?
tsukune: There are lights coming out of the rosary like lasers...

fuhai: Can you see them? The maze of geometric shapes that these lights form,

fuhai: is called the "seal". // This is what your seal is made of, Ayashiya Moka.

fuhai: A seal is a type of "filter", // this is embedded into your soul and "limits" your personality and abilities.
fuhai: To put it in simple terms, if you apply the filter to "strong pervert" and prohibit the "strong", // all you are left with is a normal "pervert".

mizore: I feel like casting that filter on Gin and Haiji...
mizore(outside): I see...
yukari: Then they'd just become normal trash.
yukari(outside): Ahaha

fuhai: ...Anyways, this one looks to be a tough one~ There seems to be some difficult sections here and there.
fuhai: This damage wasn't caused recently, was it? // It looks like it was almost broken once before.
fuhai(outside): Sigh...

ura: ...That was when I was fighting Hokuto-san and Kiria...!
ura: Then... my seal was already getting weaker and weaker one year ago...

fuhai: ...Hmm?
fuhai: What's this?

fuhai: ...what? This isn't what you told me.
fuhai: I didn't hear about this, this is...

ura: Eh...?
fuhai: Mikogami! You hid this from me, didn't you!? This isn't a seal to suppress your power! // This is...

fuhai: Hm!?

tsukune: To... // Touhou Fuhai-sama!!?
fuhai: Idiots! Stay back! // It's a rejection signal! The released seal is closing itself...

fuhai: If you touch the light,
fuhai: you'll be dragged into the seal as well!

fuhai: Uwaaaahhhhh

tsukune: Ow-
tsukune: Ow-
tsukune: Owww!!

tsukune: That hurt~
tsukune: What the!? // What the hell just happened...

tsukune: Where am I!!?
tsukune: Wa-Wasn't I in Touhou Fuhai's mansion just now...? // Is this some kind of bad dream?

??: Hey...
??: Who're you?

tsukune: Eh...

??: How did you get in here? // This area belongs to the Shuzen family.

tsukune: You're...?
tsukune: Haha, you're a little young, // but you look just like Moka...

moka: Huh? How do you know my name?
tsukune: Eh
moka: You're very suspicious, tell me your name.

??: Moka~

??: What's wrong Moka? // You just ran off all of a sudden.
moka: Mother! // It's an intruder! There's this suspicious guy and he knew my name...
??: Intruder?
moka: Here, look-

moka: Huh?

moka: He's gone!? // Now way! Here was here just a second ago...
??: Are you sure you weren't dreaming?
??(outside): Ahaha

tsukune: Ahh... Touhou Fuhai-sama!? // And Mizore-chan!?
tsukune(outside): Uwahh!? We're flying!?
fuhai+mizore: Shhhh...
box: Flying Carpet
One of Touhou Fuhai Demon Arts. Flies in the sky on a magic carpet.

tsukune: ...?
tsukune: Where... where are we...?

fuhai: You're so thick... you really still don't know? We're inside the seal. // In other words, we're inside Akashiya Moka's soul.
fuhai: Just now, when the seal was closing, it seems like it dragged the three of us inside it.

tsukune: In... in her soul!? Then that's...
fuhai: That's probably Moka when she was young, // it seems like this is a world created from her memories.

mizore: Ohhh... so that's what Moka was like when she was young... // then that means the person next to her is...
mizore(outside): She's cute....

fuhai: Akasha Bloodriver,
fuhai: Moka's mother.

tsukune: They're exactly alike! // She's like an exact replica of Moka-san...

fuhai: ...Really? I can tell that they're alike, but only a little.
mizore: No... she's like the "outer" one.
fuhai: Outer?

mizore: The mother... looks exactly the same as when Moka is sealed...

kokoa: Ahh! Moka-oneesama!
kokoa: Where did you go~~!?

kokoa: Today's the day of our battle, right? How dare you run away!?
moka: Kokoa.
akasha: Kokoa-chan, I'm sorry, but today's an important day so...
kokoa: Akasha-san, you stay out of this!

moka: You really have no pride... How many times do you have to lose before you're satisfied.
moka(outside): *giggle*

kokoa: What's that meant to mean? I'll win today!!
kokoa: Moka-neesama, prepare yourself!!

kahlua: Come on~ Are you two fighting again?
kahlua(outside): Seriously, each and every time...
kahlua(outside): can't you help a bit with the housework or something?
kahlua: How many times do I have to tell you that nothing good comes out of fighting~?

moka: Kahlua-neesan
kahlua: Or rather, maybe you should go a little easier on her, Moka-chan.

akasha: It's just as Kahlua-chan says, // you three are sisters, so you should get along with each other.

akasha: And besides, there's one more important person coming to visit us today,
akasha: and I want you all to get along with this person... okay?

tsukune: Huh... isn't that strange? Did Moka-san say was a part of three sisters?
mizore: No... I'm fairly sure they were four sisters with a different mother... This is a little different from what we heard...
fuhai: ...That can't be helped.

fuhai: I said so before, right? That this is the world "inside" the seal.
fuhai: In other words, these are sealed memories. // Moka probably doesn't even remember most of what you can see here.

tsukune: Sealed memories...!?
tsukune: Why would they be sealed....

mizore: The mother... disappears after this, doesn't she...?

mizore: Then I wonder if something happens?
mizore: And it has to be something so big that she would erase Moka's memories...

mizore: What do you want to do? This is a secret that even the owner is unaware of.
mizore: Even though it was just a turn of events, but are you sure we should be watching this...?

kahlua: Oh... that's unusual. Grey is barking...
moka: I wonder if it's visitor mother was talking about.

??: Come, come.
??: Come, come, come.
* - she's speaking Chinese

??: Fufu... you're just a puppy, yet you're so brave.
??: How cute <3

??: So? Do you...
??: want to try biting me?

moka: Earl Grey?
moka: Why are you acting so scared? // You're meant to be a guard dog, that's shameful!

??: Hehh, so he's called Earl Grey?
??: I like that <3 It's always been my dream to own a dog.

moka: Who... are you?

??: Huh? Didn't you hear? I'm gonna be staying here from today onwards.
??(outside): Ahh~ Such a nice house
??: So I guess that means I'm gonna be a new part of the family?

everyone: New...
everyone: family?

akuha: Hello, // I'm Shuzen Akuha.

akuha: Nice to meet you.

text: This is the girl who set fate in motion...!!


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