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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Rosario to Vampire II 30

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on May 26, 2010 20:59 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

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might as well add this aswell
Reserved For FH

dad: Hi,
//: Thank you for coming.
dad: Welcome to the Shuzen family...

dad: I am the head of this household, Shuzen Issa.
dad: Nice to meet you.

txt: A trip down Moka's memories!!

akuha: Nice to meet you.
akuha: I have been waiting for this day to come.

akuha: I am Akuha.
akuha: It is an honour to finally meet you, father.

#30: The Eldest Daughter of the Shuzen Family

dad: ...as you may already know...
//: this mansion is the only place in Japan that houses vampires.

dad: If you include the guests and the ones that drop by one in a while,
dad: you can say that almost all the vampires in this country are related to the Shuzen family.

dad: This isn't what you'd call our occupation,
//: but sometimes, there are some "worthy people" who will receive rewards after taking care of "certain tasks".
dad: Some would call us the "problem solvers" of the underground world.

dad: Well, from today onwards you are also a member of the Shuzen family, so make yourself at home.
//: Now then... have you talked to your new sisters yet?
aku: Yeah... a little.

aku: Thank you.
aku: My mother passed away when I was little and I've been living with a relative in China.

aku: I thought that I'd never find another family, and I was already fortunate enough to have met your father,
aku: but for him to accept me into this family, I am truly grateful for him.

kahlua: ...I'm Kahlua. Now that you're here, I guess I'm second eldest.
txt below: I wonder if I'm taller though.

moka: I'm Moka. I'll be turning nine soon.
txt below: Nice to meet you.

kokoa: ...I'm Kokoa.
kokoa: I would've much preferred a younger sister though.
txt below: Looks like I'm still the youngest one.

mum: *giggle*
moka: Idiot.
kokoa: What~?

aku: I'm so happy,
//: to be able to get three such nice sisters.
aku: Nice to meet you all.

tsu: Ehhh~
tsu: That's the eldest sister.

tsu: So I guess that
tsu: makes all four sisters.

miz: That's surprising... Moka looks like she's quite enjoying this.
tsu: Mizore-chan?

miz: I thought that...
miz: the Shuzen family would've been a much more terrifying place...

fuh: No.
//: You are not totally wrong there.
tsu: Touhou Fuhai-sama?

fuh: Vampires are a species who thrive on battles.
//: They are strong and are feared, are there probably isn't a single cell in their body that knows the meaning of defeat.
fuh: This is place is where creatures like that gather, in other words, a castle of demons...

fuh: Even in the underground world in China, the name "Shuzen" is very well respected.
fuh: In this country, there probably isn't a more terrifying place than here...

dad: ...now then, Akuha,
//: this may be a bit of rush, but could you show me your powers as one of us?
aku: !... Ehh!? Father?

dad: Kalhua, stand forward.
kal: Ehhh

dad: Well then my daughters, there's no need to hold back.
dad: Kill each other.

fuh: ...See?

tsu: EH!? Wait a minute, he tells his daughters to kill each other...?
//: This isn't funny...!

fuh: No hard feelings even if one of them dies...
//: That's because for them vampires, a fight means death.

fuh: This is just another day in the Shuzen family.

kah: ...I'm sorry.
//: I... really don't like fighting... but...
kah: Forgive me... Akuha... oneesan.

aku: Aiya~*
* - Means "Oh my!", I'm sure that if you have any Chinese friends, you've heard them say this^^
aku: You can cry after killing me.

kal: Ugh...
kal: So strong..!

miz: What's are those movements!?
//: Some kind of Chinese martial arts...!?

kal: Ugh
kal: Shi-

kal: No...
///: Stay away!

mok: No!
mok: It's a trap, Kahlua-neesan!!

aku: Youhosai Shusui
Cross-Step Fist

aku: I guess
aku: the one who should be apologising is me, Kalhua-san.

aku: Wha-

aku: Aiya~
aku: You're really tough...! A normal person wouldn't even be able to stand for three days after taking a hit from that...

kal: Wah...
//: Waaahh...

kal: *sniff*
miz: <i>It's</i> coming...
//: This is where Kalhua get's truly terrifying.

kal: Waahhhh...

aku: Hmm... Looks like I misunderstood you.
aku: Your "tears" aren't from sorrow but are a form of "atonement",
//: In other words, you've "decision" to kill your opponent without hesitation?

aku: That's wonderful.
aku: I have a feeling we're going to become great sisters!

dad: Thank you, Akuha...
//: I now know how strong you are.

dad: It's beyond my expectations. You must be tired from your trip. Rest for the rest of the day.

aku: ...Thank you very much, father.

kokoa: H-Hmph!! That wasn't that amazing!
kokoa: Kalhua-neesan wasn't even serious yet!

moka: ...no... that applies to her opponent as well.
kokoa: Moka-neesama!?

mok: More importantly... she saw through Kalhua-neesan's "truth" after exchanging so little blows...
mok: Such amazing insight... and composure.
//: Just how much of her true potential is she hiding from us...?

guy: Issa-sama,
//: Sorry to bother you at this time, but...

dad: What is it?
guy: Actually...
//: There are signs that someone may have entered the barrier around the mansion. Shall I go check it out?

dad: Intruders...!?

dad: Hmph...

//: Let them do as they please, they're probably just another bunch of fools who have come for my life.
dad: If they can actually make it here, then I will personally be their opponent.

dad: Akasha, I leave things to you.
aka: Yes.

mok: !! Don't tell me it's the man I met this morning...?
tsu: Hey there~

tsu: H-Hey...
//: By intruders, they aren't talking about us, are they?
miz: What!?

miz: N-No way...
//: I rarely get caught while stalking someone.

tsu: What's with that eerie confidence of yours!?
//: Anyways, we need to get out of here! If they catch us, we're dead!!

fuh: Calm down.
//: I said so before, right? We are in the world of Akashiya Moka's "memories".
fuh: What happens here is in the past, meaning it has already happened. Us being here should not cause any disturbance.

fuh: Besides even if we run, there's no place for us to run to.
fuh: To put it simply, right now, the three of us are seeing the same dream...

fuh: Which means, right now, our bodies should be
fuh: lifelessly sleeping in the real world.

box: Meanwhile,
//: at Touhou Fuhai's mansion.
kuru: Tsukune! Mizore!
kuru: Moka-san!!

lin: It's no good... it doesn't look like they wake up just from our shouting.
lin: From what Touhou Fuhai-sama said before,
//: Their souls have been dragged inside Moka and are now trapped there.
side: And for some reason, even Moka won't wake up...

lin: If their souls don't return,
lin: there's a chance that their hearts may die even though the body is still alive.

kur: No way...!
yuk: Then that means they'll be half dead!
lin: Well, that's still better than being fully dead like me.
txt: hahaha

fon: Wh-What!? <i>They</i> did!?
fon: Is that true...!?

lin: What's wrong Fong-Fong? You're being so loud.
fon: It's big trouble, neesan! I just got a call from the butlers....

fon: The Miu Family,
fon: have stormed into Father's mansion!

woman: Aiya~
woman: You're in here, aren't you?
//: Moka.

dad: ...Mother,
mum: Father, you're weak so stay back.
//: You're just going to get more injuries.

lin: It's strange...
//: Why would those Miu guys come in the middle of the night!?

lin: Don't tell me this has something to do with Fairy Tale...
kurumu: Then like back on the aeroplane, they're after our lives!?

yuka: That's bad! Tsukune and the others are still asleep.
yuka: If they attack us here, it's over!

lin: I don't even want to think about it, but if they do get through Father and the others, it won't take them long to reach us.
//: If we are going to run, we need to hurry...

kuru: Tsukune!
//: Mizore!
kuru: Come on! Wake up!!

kuru: What're you doing!? What's happening inside Moka!?
//: Come back!!

moka: Where did I meet that intruder...?
//: ...It should've been around here...

moka: I don't know why, but I can't get him out of my head... Who was that guy...?

moka: Hey~ Intruder~
txt: Come out wherever you are~!

tsu: M-Moka is looking for me?
miz: That's strange...

miz: In the real past, Moka should've never met Tsukune, right?
miz: Did the past change?

fuh: No... what changed wasn't the "past", it's the "memories".

fuh: Just like how you forget things, and how things you remember become more beautiful as time passes,
//: memories are not an everlasting thing.
asterisk: Glorified Image
txt: Touhou-sama~
miz: Who's that...?
fuh: Because the "present us" came into the "past world",
//: we may have cause some confusion in Moka's memories.

tsu: But... then what should we...
fuh: Well, it should be alright. Just because you two met for a little, it shouldn't change much.
fuh: No matter what the reason may have been, right now, Moka is walking down that path.

fuh: Anyways, we mustn't interfere anymore with this world.
//: That is, if you don't want to mess up Moka's memories.

moka: He's not here...
//: Guess I should give up-

sfx: *crumble*

aka: Ehh!?
//: Moka's gone?
kah: ...I'm sorry, Akasha-san.
//: I was still with her a little while ago...
side: All of a sudden she...

aka: Now that you mention it, that girl mentioned she saw an invader this morning...
aka: I hope... she didn't go looking for him...

kah: That's dangerous! All the invaders into our house are always those violent groups!

kok: Huh?
//: By the way, Akuha-san isn't here either...

voice: Huh? It's just a kid.
* - they are speaking Chinese.
voice: What are going to do? Capturing a kid like this..
mok: Ugh...

moka: ...? Chinese...?
moka: No... None of them are the man I met this morning...!

tsu: Moka-san!

fuh: You idiot! I told you not to interfere anymore!
tsu: But...
fuh: Even if we save Moka-san here, it doesn't necessarily mean the real past will change.

fuh: All we can do is stand by and watch,
fuh: Pretend you're watching an anime at home.

mok: Kuhh...
mok: Did they give me some kind of medicine when they smothered me earlier?
//: I can't move properly...

guy: Hey princess,
//: Can you tell me something?
guy: Did a girl dressed in black come to this house this morning?

guy: Her Japanese name is Akuha.
guy: I've come here to kill that girl.

mok: Wha... these guys aren't after our family, but Akuha?
mok: Wh-Why?
//: Who in the world...

voice: Hey... there's no need to talk to her.
voice: We'll just kill all those connected to her.

voice: First of all, we'll dispose of this kid.
voice: And then we'll throw her into the mansion.

voice: Yeah!! Let's do it!!
voice: Do it!!

guy: Really...
guy: you guys are always such savages.
and she's so cute too...

guy: ...But,
guy: if we don't do something that, we'll never get rid of our anger.

voice: hahaha That's what I'm talking about!
moka: Huh!?
moka: What're you...
voice: Let's start with this cute one!!

voice: Take this!
moka: Uwaahhh!!

voice: Ahh...
voice: Huh...?

guys: ...!
//: She's here!!

guys: The devil!
guys: The black devil!!

tsu: She... killed him...

miz: ...no way,
//: what was that move...!?

guy: haha... so we finally meet.
guy: I'm so glad you came.

guy: I won't let you say you've forgotten what you did to us...
guy: I'll have you receive your punishment today...

guy: Devil!!
//: Die!
guy: Die!

aku: ...Are you alright, Moka?
//: Did they hit you? Did they do anything else to you?

aku: I'm so sorry.
//: I finally get a sister...
aku: And because of me you had to go through all this...

guy: Y-You little... stop ignoring me!
guy: When are you gonna stop making fun of us...!?

guy: I'm gonna ki-

aku: ...If you have something against me,
aku: then come after me right from the start.

aku: You guys are weaklings who can't even do that,
aku: So don't you dare touch my sister.

guy: De...
guy: vil....

moka: ...Incredible...

moka: Even though is scary, I'm so fascinated...
moka: by her strength
//: and overwhelming brutality.

aku: I'm so glad you're alright...
aku: Come now,
//: Let's go home.

mok: ...Y-
mok: Yeah...

mok: Thanks for saving me,
//: Akuha-neesan.

txt: Their bonds deepen...


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