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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

KissxSis 37

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Jun 8, 2010 06:33 | Go to KissxSis

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Did this quite a while ago, we haven't stopped... editors just been busy.

Reserved for AnimeSigma
txt: The hot days of summer has reached the Suminoe Household!
box: First Day of the Summer Holidays

r: Okay!? Keita!!
r: If Ako does anything to you, call me right away!

r: Really...
//: Why did our parents have to go on an overnight trip with the neighbourhood association at a time like this...!?
a: Yeah, yeah, that's enough.
//: You need to get to school by 9am, right?

a: Just leave Kei-chan to me.
a: You're gonna be late.

txt: My beloved Kei-chan all to myself~~

37th x kiss: An older sister you should learn from.

k: So the disciplinary committee is supervising a camp now, huh?

a: Yeah, last weekend, when the basketball club held their training camp at school,
//: I heard that some of the members did some perverted stuff in the boarding-house.
a: And now members of the disciplinary committee have to take turns supervising them.

a: Doing perverted stuff during a training camp...
//: you sports club members sure are energetic...
k: Huh...? Really?

a: Fufu... it's just the two of us tonight...

k: Yeah...

a: Now then, seeing as Riko isn't here either...

k: ...huh...?

a: Let's finish all the homework this morning!
k: Ehhh!?

a: It's always the best to do all the bad things first!!
//: And then it'll just get hotter in the afternoon, and you'll have even less motivation to do it.

k: Okay...
a: Remember to ask your onee-chan anything you don't understand,!!
outside: Let's do this!!


k: Let's take a break...
outside: And it's hot...
a: We've only been working for one hour!
a: Do some more!
outside: Come on!
k: Even at school, we have a break every 50 minutes...

k: And if I try too hard at the start, I'll lose the will to do more later...
a: Aww...
//: Guess there's no helping it.

a: Then, do you wanna go and get some ice cream or something?

k: Yay!!

k: Ako-nee, still not done yet?
//: My ice cream's gonna melt...
a: Just wait... a little more...
outside: The calories...

k: Seriously, are you a child, or something...
a: I'm sorry.

k: Wahh!?
a: Take this!

k: Wh-what is it?

a: Ufu
a: A neighbourhood date

k: Da...!

k: It's hot!
a: Ah!?

a: What do you mean hot~!?
a: As usual, Kei-chan, you're just...

k: It's not my fault you end up all sweaty.

a: Yep
a: so kind!

outside: There's not much there though...
k: Ugh...

a: You wanted to flirt with me too, didn't you Kei-chan?
k: No way...

a: Okay! Break's over! Let's get back to work!

k: Behhh, I can't do anymore~~
a: Why!?

k: Uhh... umm...
outside: Yeah, yeah!
k: Cos I've sweated so much, I'm out of salt.
a: ...so?

k: Without salt, your brain can't function properly, right?
a: That's sugar,

a: and you just had a refill, right?

k: I... I just mixed them up!
a: Kei-chan, you face is all red

a: You really didn't know, did you?

k: Ah!

a: Come on, Kei-chan!

a: A salt refill.
a: You can lick as much as you want.

k: Th-That's just sweat...!
a: Ohh, you don't want any?
a: It's valuable salt~

k: Damn you... making fun of me!
//: Take this!!

a: Kyaahhhh!!

a: Kei-chan's resisting me less and less these days,
a: I should use this chance and improve our skinship...
a: Ah...

sfx: *suck*

a: Ah! No...!

a: If you suck on it, it'll leave a mark!
a: hahh
a: Lick only!
a: hahh

k: ...heh, you're so selfish...
a: Ahnn!
k: There's no place left to lick!

k: No, wait...
k: hahh
k: hahh
k: Then the place with the most sweat...

a: Eh!?

a: My armpit!!?

a: Huh!?
a: No... Kei-cha...

a: No way... He's serious...!?

a: It's... soaked with sweat.
//: Haahhh...!!

a: It definitely smells there... so embarrassing!
a: This is so embarrassing!!
a: Hyah!!

a: Kei-chan, you idiot~!!
a: Even if I was the one who provoked you...

a: What're you thinking!
//: You're the worst~~!!
a: Ah...

a: ....Eh?

a: Fuhhh!

a: Huh...? What's happening?
a: Mnn...
a: Why...

sfx: hahh
a: Why am I
//: sweating so much!?
sfx: hahh
sfx: *lick*
//: *lick*
sfx: *suck*
sfx: hahh

sfx: hah...
a: Even though he's licking my sweat-covered armpits...
a: and it's so embarrassing, I can't help it,
//: but I'm actually getting turned on...!!
sfx: Mnn
sfx: Ah

all the sfx: 'Hahh' and a few 'Mnn'
a: I'm actually feeling good from the embarrassment...
a: I'm...
a: I'm...!!

sfx: *lick*
a: Mnn!
sfx: *suck*
a: kyuhhh...

a: Ugh..!
a: No more...
a: hah...
a: Ah!
a: I'm starting to go blank~~!!

sfxs: Hahh

ちゅ: *kiss*
はあ: hahh
んッ: Mnn
もっと...: More...
(just make up the rest, lol)

sfx: Pin-pong!

man: It's the mailman here!
man: Suminoe-san, you have a parcel!

a: C-Coming!

man: Suminoe-san!
a: Yes!!

outside1: Please sign here.
outside2: Yes, sure.

outside1: Thank you very much!
outside2: Thank you!
k: ...
//: What was I...?
near k: It's salty...

a: ...It was a parcel for dad.
k: I see...

a: Do you wanna do some homework?

k: Yeah...

a: Hey, Kei-chan,
k: Yeah?

a: Do you wanna have hiyamugi or soumen for lunch?
TL Note: Both are a type of noodle, both are usually served cold.
k: Eh...?
k: Umm... hiyamugi then...

a: You're the worst...
k: Sorry...

a: Kei-chan, go take a bath!
k: Yeah!

k: I guess I got carried away this morning...
k: Ako-nee didn't talk to me much after that,
//: now that I think back...

k: having your armpits licked is really embarrassing...
//: or actually...
outside: I wouldn't want it either.

k: licking your onee-chan's armpits like that,
k: makes me a pervert, doesn't it!?
side: Isn't that nice? He actually noticed that!

a: Kei-chan~

k: Uwahh!?
//: Ako-nee!?

a: Let's go in together!

a: It's our make-up bath!
//: And with this, I can forget what happened this morning.
k: You mean 'water', right?
//: no that it matters...
TL Note: Ako literally said: "~wash away in the bath water", but the actual saying is "~wash away in water", hence Keita's reply.

k: By the way, why are you always in your school swimsuit?

a: This is my way of looking out for you.
k: What do you mean...?

a: It's so that you won't try of anything strange.
k: Then don't come in here in the first place...

a: Huh...?
a: Hasn't it already gotten a little bigger?
k: Don't look!
outside: I just think a little and it'll...

a: Why are you still embarrassed about it?
a: I've already seen your erect penis multiple times.
//: When!?
outside: I've kinda gotten used to seeing it...

a: There's so many that I can't remember all of them...
outside: Like every morning...
k: so many...

a: For example, when we when to the hot springs in Spring,
k: Ahh! That time!!
//: But then I can't remember anything of what happened after we got into that family bath...

a: I see... Kei-chan's forgotten everything
//: that happened while he was drunk...

a: That memory of us where we did something so daring...
//: I'm the only one that remembers it...

a: Have you forgotten?
k: Eh?

a: Back then,
a: you were staring
a: straight into the hole down here...

k: Eh...
k: seriously...!?

The super exciting story continues next issue!


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