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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Rosario to Vampire II 31

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Jun 13, 2010 21:26 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

-> RTS Page for Rosario to Vampire II 31

I changed a bunch of stuff while I was typesetting this chapter, but aren't reflected in this script, but this is still readable for those interested.


txt: A single flower blooming in the shadows, // with the moonlight suspiciously shining upon it...

#31 Shinso*
* - literally means "Real Ancestor", read on and you'll know why I haven't translated it.

guy: Who the hell are you!? You've sure got guts coming all the way here!!
guy: We're gonna kill you!!

mum: ... // Looks like we shouldn't make the first move.

dad: Kaa-chan.
mum: That girl in front... she's gonna be a tough one. I'm not even sure I can beat her.

fon: This is bad...! They've already got the entire mansion surrounded...

fon: In that case, we have no choice but to fight! // Ane-san! How are Tsukune-san and the others doing!?
lin: ...It's no good. They're still unconscious.

yuk: Tsukune-san! Please wake up! The bad guys are here!
yuk: Tsukune-san!

yuk: No matter what we do, they're not responding.
yuk: They must still be inside Moka's soul.

lin: ...gh.
lin: I can't believe it, at a time like this...

kur: ...stand aside, Yukari-chan. // I'll go and get them.

yuk: Kurumu-san!?

kur: I've never used <i>this ability</i> before so I can't guarantee it'll work but...

yuk: Eh? // What are you...

kur: I'm a succubus. // My fundamental ability is to <b>"dive into other people's dreams."
kur: I should be able to enter Moka's dream and get everyone.

txt: So unexpected...
yuk: For someone whose only redeeming feature is her boobs... you can actually do that...!?
kur: Don't say "only".
txt: You wanna fight?

kur: Anyways, until I come back with everyone,
kur: you guys hold the fort*, okay?
yuk: U-understood.

kur: Here I go...
kur: Dive into Moka's dreams!

song: Happy birthday, dear Moka,
song: Happy birthday to you.

everyone: Moka-chan, Happy 10th Birthday~~~

kah: Tada~ // This is my present, Moka-chan!
kah: It took me a long time to make~~

moka: Yay~ A hand-made teddy bear!
kah: It's a bunny rabbit though...
txt: ahaha
moka: A bunny rabbit, I'm so happy! A bunny rabbit!

kok: Kahlua-neesan, that's surprisingly boring of you~
kok: Mine is much cuter~

moka: Haha,
txt: I wonder what it is~
moka: since we're always fighting, receiving a present from you is kind of embarrassing...

kok: It's a bake-bake bat I caught, Kou-chan!
kok: It's specialises in transforming into weapons! // You can have it Moka-sama!

kok: Too bad it weighs 100kg though.
txt: And it eats a lot.
moka: So heavy!

moka: I... I think I'll pass.
kok: Ehh! Why!?
moka: It's much more suited for someone who has superhuman strength like you, and besides, it's already so fond of you.

aku: Hmm~ // Then I wonder if you'll like mine?

moka: A scarlet dress...

aku: From around the age of 10, our powers start to increase as we enter the world of adulthood. // So you need to change you clothes too by wearing sexier ones.
txt: Aiya~

aku: So cute
aku: It looks so good on you Moka!

moka: Akua-neesan,
moka: everyone...

moka: Thanks, I'm so happy.
moka: Thank you so much...

tsu: ...haha
tsu: That's nice.

tsu: As expected, she looks so happy, // being treasured by everyone in her family.

miz: Yeah... but don't you think something's strange?
tsu: Mizore-chan?

miz: It's should have only been around one hour since we entered Moka's memories.
miz: However, when we first saw Moka, she was eight, but now's she's having her 10th birthday...

tsu: Huh?
miz: It seems like time flows in fragments in this world. // Akua's already been in the Shuzen family for over a year now.

tsu: B... By the way, are you sure it's alright for us to just sit around like this?
tsu: I think everyone would be quite worried about us by now...

fuh: It's too late for you to say anything now.
tsu: Touhou Fuhai-sama?

fuh: Escaping from this world without contact from the "outside" is almost impossible... You won't get anywhere through rushing things.
fuh: And moreover, Moka's mother, Akasha, is my old friend... so I'm also interested in these memories.

miz: !... By the way, Akasha disappears after this, right?
tsu: I wonder why... Judging from things now, it really doesn't seem like anything would happen...

fuh: At any rate,
fuh: it looks like all of us need to continuing watching this memory...

txt: ahaha
txt: It's heavy~

iss: You've taught them well... They're getting along with each other much better than I expected.
aka: Issa-san.

iss: Can you come with me for a sec, Akasha?
iss: I have something to tell you.

mok: Mum and dad?
mok: I wonder what happened... they making such a serious face...

iss: ...I wanted to talk to you about them taking "custody" of her. I mentioned it before... // I talked to the other family about it and they agreed immediately.

aka: I see, that's good...
iss: Gyokuro is coming back to this mansion soon, // and as she's Kahlua and Kokoa's birth mother, it seems like she hates you and Moka... If she's going to leave, it'd best be as soon as possible.

aka: Yes... // and also,
aka: I want that girl to live a life where she doesn't have to deal with <i>that thing</i> in the basement...

mok: What're they talking about? I can't hear properly...
iss: Yeah... about that...

iss: I received some worrying information today. // It seems like the oldest one, Akua...

mok: Neesan!? What did Akua-neesan do...?

mok: A-Akua-neesan!?
aku: Mnnn~? What're you doing here?

aku: Anyways, come with me.
aku: Now that you're an adult, I have one more present for you.

sfx: open

aku: This is funny~ // no matter no many locks you put, none of them will stop me~
mok: ...Neesan, // didn't mother tell us not to come near here no matter what happens...?

aku: Are you scared, Moka?

mok: ...Even inside the Shuzen family, Akua-neesan is a little different to the rest of us...

mok: Rather than following our family's rules or the rules as a vampire, she only obeys her own rules. It's as if she's a cat free in the wild.
mok: And she's cold-hearted and cruel, // no matter who the enemy is, slaughter them with no mercy.

aku: It's slippery here, Moka, watch your step-
aku: Ah!

a+m: Pff!

a+m: Ahahahahaha!!
mok: And yet she's cheerful, // and unconditionally spoils those close to her...

mok: I guess I was originally fascinated by that "devil" inside her...
mok: Jeez... I'm no match for you, Neesan.

aku: Come. // I'll show you...
aku: my secret place.

aku: Moka, do you know who "Shinso" is?

mok: Yeah... He was a vampire, one of our ancestors, right?
txt: Although there are many versions of it...
mok: And I heard that those who directly inherit his power are also called Shinso...

aku: Yeah... but even though you said "inherit", it isn't through heredity.
aku: Only by carrying their blood can you inherit the Shinso name.

aku: In other words, the one who absorbs a Shinso's blood and takes their power will become the next Shinso.

mok: Wh... why are you telling me this?

aku: ...<i>Then</i>, did you know this?

aku: In the past, one Shinso tried to wipe out the entire human race by himself. // He took the powers of numerous ayashi into his own body and became a giant monster.
aku: And his attack engulfed the entire continent in a sea of fire in just seven days...

mok: So? What are you saying...
aku: Before long, he was defeated, but...

aku: what if I told you
aku: his corpse was in the basement of the Shuzen residence?

mok: Wha... What did you say...?
aku: It's surprising, right? I didn't even fully believe it at first,
aku: that was, until I saw <i>this</i>.

mok: No way...
mok: Th... Then <i>this</i> is

aku: Alucard, a shinso.
aku: This is what became of the man who is said to be the oldest vampire.

aku: Don't be scared. It's alright. // He's dead.

aku: But you can feel it, right? // He's dead, yet his presence is still so overwhelming.
aku: Both a shinso's power and abilities far surpass that of a normal vampire. // I want to get a hold of this power no matter what it takes.

mok: Become... this?
mok: What is it that you want...?

aku: The world.

aku: fufu... You're the first one I've told about this.
mok: W-Why are you telling me this...?

aku: Don't know... I wonder why...
aku: Probably because, // I wanted you to know more about me while you still can.

mok: The world...? I've never even thought about that...
mok: And more importantly, we're sisters yet I had no idea....

mok: Akua-neesan and I are far too different.
mok: The way we see things, our ambitions, everything...

aka: Moka!

mok: M-Mother?
mok: What's wrong? You look so-

mok: Eh...?
aka: You saw it, didn't you, Moka? // That <i>thing</i> in the basement...

aka: How could you to that!?
aka: That's... // <i>That's</i>...!

mok: M-Mother!?
mok: What's wrong!? Why are you packing my things!? // Hey...

aka: You can see what I'm doing, Moka.
aka: First thing tomorrow morning, you are leaving this mansion.

mok: Y-You're joking, right!? Why!? // Is it because I saw that thing underground!? Because I didn't listen to you!?
mok: No, I don't want to...!
aka: That's not it.

aka: This is something Issa-san and I had decided before you saw it.
aka: And the people that will be taking care of you have also agreed to this. // You were eavesdropping on us last night, right?

mok: Why...? Why...?
mok: Is it bad for me to be here...? // Am I in your way, mother?

mok: ...What's this?
aka: It's a charm. I made it with a rosary and a choker. // I'm sure it'll help you in future.

aka: Believe me when I tell you this Moka, // I want you to become happy living life as a normal girl...
aka: So we need part ways now. // Until the day where I can tell you everything, please don't ask me why.

kok: Ugaaaahhhh! // Don't leave, Onee-sama~!!!
kok: Don't leave me!!!

kok: What about our battles!? // Quitting while you're ahead, that's unfair!!
mok: Kokoa...

mok: I can't do anything about this either... Please don't make this harder for me.

kah: Moka-chan...
mok: Kahlua-neesan, please take care of mother and the house.
txt: It's kinda scary when you cry, neesan...

mok: Mother and Akua-neesan both aren't here to see me off...

guy: Come now, it's time for us to go, Lady Moka.

mok: Kokoa...

mok: Kahlua-neesan, // Akua-neesan,
mok: Father, mother...

mok: Mother...

aku: ...You sure you don't want to say goodbye?

aka: ...If I go and see Moka's face now, I'll regret my decision.
aka: Isn't that the same for you too...

aka: Akua...?

aku: Aiya~ So I guess you already know who "I really am".
aku: And father also left for work early, // perhaps you were trying to lure me out?

aku: A long time ago... // there was a shinso who tried to wipe out the human world.

aku: That shiso's name was Alucard.
aku: However, // his ambitions were ruined by the appearance of <i>another shiso</i>.

aku: That new shiso and was accompanied by two comrades, and the three of them fought and won against the enchanted Alucard.
aku: And before long, those three people were given the title of the "three great dark lords", // and to this day, they continue to watch over the sleeping corpse of Alucard.

aku: I want the blood of the shiso in that legend. // I want that huge power.
aku: In other words,

aku: what I'm after is you,
aku: leader of three great dark lords, // shiso - Akasha Bloodriver.

mok: Stop!

mok: ...oh yeah... I forgot something.
mok: the rosary, // Mother made it for me, so I need to get it.

guy: Ah! // My lady, no!
guy: Lady Moka!

txt: Clash of the kind mother and the respected sister. The key to why Moka lost her memories, will finally come to light...!!


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