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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 1

Out Code Chp. 001


-> RTS Page for Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 1

This is my first time trying to translate a chapter so I'm clueless. :( What do I do if there's no prefix icon yet? And I hope I'm doing this right. Sorry. :(

Homura: Yes! That person!
Quickly arrest him!

Police: Be quiet!

Kirio: Let go of me!

Text: The start of the outbreak of events
two people,
what will awaken their power?

Kirio: I didn't do it!
I'm not the murderer!

Text: Searching for the boy's track!
Why does he conceal himself in puzzles...!?
Unwrapping the puzzles of the paranormal crimes of terror!

Text: Consecutive mysteries, will the puzzle of explaining who the criminal is be solved!?
There have been crimes where the body is burnt.
Within the neighborhood, there have been a number of high school students who have been victimized.
One of the victims were found on a rainy day. Only the legs were found.
The other one was found in a swimming pool.
The corpses were completely burnt,
a large amount of water has been placed in...

Police: How halfhearted!
How about stop giving such excuses!?
Witnesses have proof that you tried to murder someone!
you tried to hurt that girl!
you should be ashamed of yourself!

Shirogane: May I speak to him?

Police: Huh? But he won't cooperate with anyone.
Uhh, wait a minute!?

Shirogane: I'll be the one to solve these crimes!
On the topic of the mysterious murders by burning,
PSI shall conduct some questioning!
You may leave. Go, go!

Police: You won't get anything from that crude junior high school student!

Kirio: PSI...?

Shirogane: PSI... that is Paranormal Special Investigator.
My job is to solve bizarre phenomenon.
My job is to expose who the criminal is in this bizarre crimes
I'm here on official business,
we have rights to step in.
Kirisaki Kirio-kun
you're protected by me.

Kirio: ...haha, you...

Kirio: I'm expected to believe you?
you're just in junior high.

Shirogane: What's with this attitude?
Well then, aren't you also in junior high?
Kirisaki Kirio-kun.
I think you're the most suitable person to be the criminal
But you would need great strength.
Do you think you have that strength?

Shirogane: At first thought and all suspicions, you're guilty.
but, previous witnesses have said that the hair color of the criminal is a faded red
to put that aside is ridiculous
Moreover, the current victim's wounds were not from burns.
as for these differences, it's impossible that you're guilty of the murders
by burning.
just a minute, why are you sleeping!?
how rude!

Shirogane: Kyaa!
Static Electricity?
Is it an electric current?
Kirisagi kirio's power...
An ability of electrocution...

Kirio: As you can see, it's impossible to touch you.

Shirogane: I apologize for doing that.
I'm so-

Kirio: That is

Kirio: Do you want your heart to go numb?
Since I've been cleared up, I'll be going now!
I have things to do!

Shirogane: Wait a minute.

Shirogane: In regards the wounds on homura sizuku
go with me to the PSI headquarters.

Kirio: So forward...
What's this place? Whoa, the sound of that...

Shirogane: It's expected that you obey a PSI officer.
Don't you want us to analyze your power?

Shirogane: This is homura sizuku
Do you recall?

Shirogane: This, kirisagi kirio-kun, is...
the witness
according to her, policemen came to the scene of the crime
she said that you attacked her with your electricity.
if that is the case, then you're guilty of that.

Kirio: ...I guess
still, I didn't do it. See you.
This person

Kirio: is a fake
therefore, blame someone else
is that enough?

Shirogane: What, that was an important document!
I think you unleash your anger too quickly
really, how about...
I need your testimony
I demand your cooperation with this investigation
What you say will be confidential.

Kirio: Really, your methods...
do you have to go to that extent..?

Shirogane: kyaa!?
what are you doing?

Kirio: you have to go that far for cooperation
that you
say so many things, idiot!

Shirogane: i... i'm depending on you, kirisaki kirio-kun!
that guy!

Man: The light is green
hurry up and get in!

Shirogane: uugh! I need his cooperation!

Text: PSI Meeting Room...

Voice: is that so? he declined to cooperate?
we need to use every method.
in conclusion...
in order to figure this case out, you need a partner, don't you agree?

Shirogane: That would be clever.

Yanagi: haha, I have returned.

Shirogane: kuuuu...

Voice: Back to topic,
you need to solve this case.

Shirogane: Yes.
however, about kirisaki kirio and his power... i wonder...
why did he attack homura sizuku in the first place?

Shirogane: who on earth is that person?

Voice: shirogane
you have to figure out the mystery behind the murder cases, however
this case is also of great interest to Yanagi.

Yanagi: what are the similarities between the victims?

Shirogane: yanagi-kun, we have to search about their families and appearances.

Yanagi: well, for their appearances...

Cover Channel
Immediately leave if you can't handle the truth.

Shirogane: This is a website by students?
how do we know who they are?
this is their
they often come here.
viewing their personal accounts isn't possible
forums use anonymous names.

Shirogane: The murderer is one of these people on this site?
Right now, she may be on of these...
Then, we'll listen to them speak?
How inefficient...

Yanagi: Is it that you have another idea?
Would you want to get in touch with Kirio again?

Shirogane: What do you mean by that!?

Yanagi: Hahaha!
This bulletin board is a practical use to find out more about them.

Shirogane: Hey...

What kind of neckbands are they using that it's clinging right on them?
Uh huh, they look so ugly!
Is there a new mark?
Well then, keep in touch, everone!

Shirogane: Hey, you don't say..?
All they do is talk behind other's backs?
How cruel!
Perhaps, the clue is...
Do you think that "mark" has something to do with the murders?

Yunagi: That's it,
it's suspicious, Shirogane.

Yunagi: We need to watch this conversation.
They're planning a murder.

Shirogane: Wh...
The planning of the murder is somewhere in this conversation?
Then, the serial murders by burning...

Text: The one behind the burning...
It's just a game to them.

Text: Private School of Gantureto

Shirogane: Sigh...
Yesterday was tiring.
Kirisaki Kirio got away.
Yunagi-senpai was incredibly harsh.

Handwriting: Work hard!

Yunagi: Shirogane, simply pay attention to the conversation.
I'm going now.

Shirogane: How am I supposed to get anything from this?
Even if I looked for this...

Text: Gantureto

Hiraga: Hina-chan! What's wrong?

Shirogane: Eeeee!?
Hi... Hi... Hi...

Hiraga: Hi... Hiraga-chan!

Shirogane: You startled me.

Handwriting: Mouu...

Hiraga: Ahh! I did it...!
But I haven't seen you lately.
Because of recent events...

Shirogane: I'm sorry, I've been busy.
Hiragi-chan, you...

Shirogane: You've seen the forum of this school's students?

Hiragi: Heh?
Hina-chan, you like that sort of thing?
I didn't think it was your style.

Shirogane: I... there are reasons...

Hiragi: There's a different way to look for the hidden messageboards.
The reason is that it's not allowed, so you have to type it differently.
You need to change it to this.

Text: Ga Tsureto
See what I mean!

Shirogane: That...
Argh, is that all!

Shirogane: What's this...? What a weird mark.

Hiragi: Ahh, that's the hidden site of the students.

Shirogane: This site is...?
This mark is weird.

Hiragi: This mark leads to a very strange site.
Um, are you sure you want to click on the link..?

Shirogane: I'm going to click it.

Shirogane: ..?
I just have to figure out this QR code?

Hiragi: You can use a cellphone to look at it.
Your phone can decipher the code.
You understand, right, Hina-chan?

Shirogane: Wha...
What's this!?

Text: Come to me and request.
I will kill for you.
Top floor of M-Tower.

Shirogane: The weird mark on the site says this is the place.
The site said that the murderer who takes requests should be here.

Yunagi: You're well informed from the site.
We don't know the true identity of the murderer yet.
Don't do anything foolish.
However, there might be other students.
Finding out who the murderer is a risk.
How will you get water if the murderer tries to use fire again?

Shirogane: These puzzles are exhausting.
I'm going to rely on you to watch my back, Yunagi-senpai.

Yunagi: I understand.

Shirogane: Since I was able to see that site,
to find the murderer, I will pretend to be a client.
To end the murders by burning,
I absolutely need to capture the guilty person!

???: ....Hey.

Shirogane: Is the killer really Homura Sizuku..!?

Shirogane: Kirisaki Kirio..!

Kirio: Shirogane Hinako from PSI...

Handwriting: Geh?

Shirogane: What kind of reason do you have to be here?
Why are you in such a place?

Kirio: You're also here...
I wrote to the murderer as a client named as King Hearts!
Kirisaki is here to capture the criminal.
As a man of valor,
I'm disappointed.
I didn't think you would kill for others!

Shirogane: You've got it all wrong...!

Shirogane: !? Fire !!

Kirio: The real criminal has appeared.
Here comes the surprise.

??: The criminal who burnt the victims to death.
Homura Sizuku

Shirogane: Homura Sizuku!
You really did it?

Homura: You two, who asked to see me.
you pretended to be clients.

Homura: What atrocious people!

Shirogane: Her body's on fire...
You have a similar power to Kirisaki-kun.
Why did you murder those people!?
You killed the weak!

Homura: Ahaha, don't joke around.
You want me to decline their requests?

Homura: Torment, suffering...
People of those nature...
Particularly, they started to get obsessed with that violent website.
How long have they wanted to torment those who hurt them

Shirogane: E-even so, to answer their requests through that website...!
To feel nothing about it...!
That shouldn't be it.
To be bullied, and to look for revenge...
To go to that extent!
Humans can be so sad...

Homura: I understand
Therefore, I...

Homura: Slaughter everyone!
I boil them!

Shirogane: To be able to do something to hateful... until now, I wondered
My job is not to sympathize.

Kirio: Homu...

Shirogane: Homura Shizuku.

Shirogane: Under the code of PSI, you are under arrest!

Kirio: !

Homura: Uhuhu...
You shall be wrapped up in the fire in this place.
I wonder how you will be able to arrest me?

Shirogane: You don't think we didn't prepare?
Just watch!

Homura: Ah...!
My flames!

Shirogane: This tower has been installed with sprinklers.
Incidentally, we gave it some remodifications!
This will defeat your flames!

Kirio: ...Ha.

Kirio: Idiots!
Quickly stop the water!

??: Uwaaaa!

Shirogane: Kirisaki-k...

??: Uhaha, didn't you think this over?

Homura: Being able to touch water...
didn't you know it gives me explosive power?

??: That kind of thing...

Shirogane: Kirisaki, are you alright!?

Yunagi: Shirogane, listen to me.

Shirogane: Yunagi-senpai!

Yunagi: She's able to hold her confidence in that situation.
You can see her power of ignition.
Watch her carefully.

Yunagi: Flames cannot be ignited without moisture.
SHe uses the water in her body to use her power
You need to get rid of the water
in order to defeat the flames.

Shirogane: You mean!?
We have to get rid of the moisture...
but how do we do that?
Her flames won't stop.

Yunagi: It's too late to stop her with your bare hands.

Shirogane: Eh?

Shirogane: Kyaaaaaa!?
What's this...
At this kind of place...

Yunagi: Sand can be used against fire and water.
Ah, this is why we needed a lot of preperation.

Shirogane: Yunagi-senpai!?

Yunagi: You owe me, Shirogane.

Shirogane: What a bad personality...

Homura: Hu... Hu...
This thing...
How can it defeat my flames...!

Shirogane: Are you tired now, Homura Sizuku?
It's just natural that your flames are gone.

Homura: Uhuhu... uhuhuhu.
I wonder?

Shirogane: Firing bullets of sand...

Homura: Tonight's heat is comfortable.
Even if you come at me with your full strength, my flame will not be defeated.

Watch as I get rid of this sand!
Did you think I wouldn't be fine?

Shirogane: Damn!
How could it have backfired!?

Shirogane: The full strength of your power relies on water.

Homura: Uhuhuhu, I hear you.
I think I have a good idea.
This tower shall be blown up.

Shirogane: Wh... why would you do that!?

Homura: Until now, I've only been killing for comissions, one by one.
Ahaha, what naivety!

Homura: Beginning now, I will do better!
I will cause terror in this city!

Shirogane: T-that...
This tower will be completely blown up. So many people will die.
The explosion will hit everyone...
this city will be burnt!

Shirogane: Stop this, Homura Sizuku!
How many people will die in this explosion!!
Don't be stupid!

Homura: This place and everyone in it!
Will turn into fireworks!

Homura: Kyaa!?

Shirogane: A-an earthquake!?
What's this?
A ray of light...

??: The light is going out...!

??: What's this power outage!?
The M-Tower is open everyday
It's in complete darkness...

Yunagi: Shirogane, what's happening!?

Shirogane: I don't know either!

Yunagi: Shirogane!? Shirogane!?

Shirogane: What's that...
This darkness...
That light.
That's... no way!

Shirogane: Kirisaki Kirio..!

Kirio: This tower's electricity has been cut short.
You won't be able to use the water from the sprinklers anymore.

Shirogane: His hair turned gold... moreover, what amazing electric power!
What kind of person is he!?

Homura: You... the water... that's not fair!
Why did you do that!?

Kirio: lightning on water... to soften the explosion.
What are you doing?
Your power is absurd.
That sort of person just doing what they want.
You are...
Being involved in murder is not a good thing.
Can't you do without it!?

Kirio: Eh?
This is necessary
Before I go
It's time for your punishment, little girl.

Homura: Hiiii...

Homura: Gyaaaaaaaa!
U.. Uuu...
Kirio: From now on, just don't do it anymore.
It's a terrible thing for you.

Homura: You, listen to me...
Your power... You...

Homura: You are...
Number 0...

Shirogane: Number 0...?

Kirio: Don't call me that!
You're going to listen to me.
With that, Homura Sizuku...

Kirio: W... wait a minute!
I wasn't able to finish.

Shirogane: Kirisaki-kun...
Err... What did she mean by Number 0?
Does it have something to do with your ability?

Kirio: However, about telling your the truth here and now...
Shirogane-san, I'll leave this person to you.

Kirio: Having that person will probably give you a lot of information.
Just question her.
Shirogane: Just a minute, Kirisaku-kun...!
This, the mystery of the murders by burning were left behind.
It was my first case...

Voice: Homura Sizuka is suffering from fatigue. She's under medical care
at the hospital.
We won't be able to speak to her for some time.

??: In spite of all that trouble...

Shirogane: Chief, I feel a bit sick...

Shirogane: Why is this person here!?
Why's he wearing a uniform of PSI!?
Homura Sizuku's case is already done!
She has already been taken into custody!
He's a hindrance even though he has a similar power!

Kirio: I want to be here! I'm going to be working as your junior from now
Please take care of me, Shirogane-san!

Shirogane: What is this blockhead doing here...

Kirio: That...

Shirogane: This conceited guy!
Why's he working here!

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2008
Thanks for the trans. Now I hope a scanlation will pop up cause this looks like a promising series.
#2. by Raeious ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2008
Quote by Rena Chan;971723:
Thanks for the trans. Now I hope a scanlation will pop up cause this looks like a promising series.

You're welcome. It was actually really good (for me) and I was a bit surprised that not a lot of people are taking interest in it. :(
#3. by Mr. Death ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2008
Thaanks Acqua, I been wanting to scanalate this series.
#4. by Assymilum ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2008
Thanks a lot. :amuse

Quote by Mr. Death;971985:
Thaanks Acqua, I been wanting to scanalate this series.

Gonna be waiting... patiently... LOL. :p
#5. by Tofu ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2008
Quote by Assymilum;972057:
Thanks a lot. :amuse

Gonna be waiting... patiently... LOL. :p

Or not. I'm gonna be doing a scanlation of this in the nexy day or two.
#6. by LegACy ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2008
Great, a translation, thanks!

(Honestly, the art is putting me off, that super big eyes of the girl really give me a creep!)
#7. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2008
awesome!!! I'll get started on this right away.
#8. by ZAOTAKU ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2008
Thanks Acqua and im looking foward to it hatsu
#9. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2008
Glad that someone picks it up finally. ^_^"

I think many people actually take interest in it though, but many have a lot more things to do (at least that's why I try not to tempt myself too much with translating Out Code, because I would find problem with catching up with everything else . . . >.>")

Thanks for the translation though~ XD
#10. by Morty ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2008
Hum I got a little problem with the page 20, I don't know what to put in the bubble :

Could you have a look :) ?

Also I can share my work for the first 20 pages, because 60 pages is ... very long ^^ (and the quality of the raw is not very good, so perhaps I will stop the editing)
#11. by Raeious ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2008
Quote by Morty;973362:
Hum I got a little problem with the page 20, I don't know what to put in the bubble :

Could you have a look :) ?

Also I can share my work for the first 20 pages, because 60 pages is ... very long ^^ (and the quality of the raw is not very good, so perhaps I will stop the editing)

Yanagi: students use this to conceal their identities.
It's called the Cover Channel.

I'm sorry, I must've missed it. Or I think I scrambled the text around by accident, because I don't know where the 'how do we know who they are' came from, so please disregard that. :C

To everyone else: You're welcome. :D
#12. by Starzen ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
#13. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#14. by crazy_horse1989 ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
whoa!! 60 pages!! that`s kinda` crazy, if you ask me... :darn

but, all the more reason to thank you so much!!!! :D

*waiting patiently for the scan*
#15. by caesarpk ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2008
60 pages is quite huge amount of work, and thanks for enduring through all that! :D
This is a quite interesting series, and your first translation is quite accurate! Keep up your good work!

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