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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 2

Out Code Chp. 002


-> RTS Page for Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 2

Note: This trans is exclusive for HRP and JAC Group. :D

Ugh, fifty-six pages was a pain. But I'm happy, I did it in record time. :eyeroll

Man: H-How'd you get in here!?
T-this is an isolated cell!
A demon..?

Text on side: The demon of vengeance comes out from the dark!?

Demon: For your sin,
your death will be the price.

The blood-stained mask of the devil.
Making the most important decision.
File 2: From darkness, the demon of vengance arrives.

Shirogane: A Noh Mask spirit?

Text Box: Summary of last chapter,
Investigator Shirogane Hinako of PSI worked on a case that had to do with murders by burning. By chance, she also met Kirisaki Kirio. With Kirio's cooperation, they were able to solve the case. Additionally, he also

joined PSI from that moment.

Shirogane: Yuunagi-senpai, that sounds dangerous.

Kirio: Nah. It's just strange, isn't it, Hinako-san?
We have to bear it for now. The person with the Noh Mask is a suspect.

Box: PSI studies paranormal affairs,
we are a police organization that studies irregular or supernatural events,
we are a facility that has the right to enforce various powers on official business.

Yuunagi: For three days now, there have been an outbreak of stories from within a Juvenile Detention Home.

Yuunagi: It happens during the night, within the facility.
Each prison cell is big enough to hold four and a half tatami mats.
The only keys that can be used to open the cells are far from reach.
The expression of the Noh Mask is extreme rage.
The suspect just suddenly appears out of nowhere.

Yuunagi: Then, the prisoner from within the cell is suddenly struck.
Where does the suspect suddenly disappear to?
The manner he moves it similar to a ghost's.
Exactly like a ghost...!
We should contact the facility.
The suspect should also be from within that place.

Shirogane: Why would a ghost of a Noh Mask be in that place?

Kirio: Pipe down.

Kirio: Don't you think these assaults sounds like a charade?
Besides, don't you think the facility is just as clueless as we are?

Text at side: Kirisaki Kirio
He has a naughty personality and has a supernatural body which can emit electricity. Shortly after being involved with a private investigation, he also enlisted in PSI.

Shirogane: Our assignment is to give this an explanation!

Kirio: I don't think this is the time to think like a kid.
Just forget about that kind of reasoning...

Shirogane: Kirisaki-kun!
Don't act like it's nothing.
A crime is a crime!

Kirio: You could say that, Shirogane-san.
As far as I'm concerned,

Kirio: A guy like me wouldn't get involved in it.

Shirogane: Wha...

Kirio: But for something like this,
you'd probably need my help again.

Text on side: Shirogane Hinako
An investigator of PSI. Has a strong sense of justice, and makes abrupt decisions on impulse. She's a junior high school student who goes back and forth from missions.

Shirogane: W...what was that!?
I don't understand why he even enlisted himself in PSI!

Yuunagi: Hmm... maybe it has something to do with his ability?
Being able to transmit electricity...

Shirogane: Yeah... that powerful person is just doing it for selfish reasons.

Yuunagi: ...Hinako, you...

Yuunagi: Don't you want to accept someone like him?

Text on side: Yuunagi
Kirio and Hinako's senior in PSI. Seeming to have a soft demeanor, he's actually malicious and sarcastic. He also has a very intelligent mind. His strength is his insight and he stands as support for Kirio and Hinako.

Shirogane: Eh?
Ehh... that's too...
How can he ask something like that?
In the first place, I only met him by chance from that last mission.
Homura Sizuku's revenge commissioning...
the girl who had the ability of fire.

Shirogane: Kirisaki-kun also has an ability that can kill.
Instead, he used it to help us.
...That sort of thing doesn't make him a bad guy...
I'm only questioning his ways.
I just think we should keep an eye on him.
He's selfish and he just does what he wants.
I don't like that sort of person!

Yuunagi: I see.

Yuunagi: You're really frank about your oppinions.
I like that.
But, well, I disagree about you hating him, kukuku...

Shirogane: ?
S-senpai, what are you talking about? Is it because he's a member of PSI?
Do you recognize him as one already?

Yuunagi: It's common to increase members in a group.
As far as I'm concenered, every member is just a chess piece.
That also goes for Kirisaki Kirio.

Yuunagi: A piece is a piece, the word of the chess player can get the pieces to do anything.

Box: Koudan Correctional Institute

Shirogane: I'm in charge of the mission at the moment...
Look, we have to properly examine this place.
I hate having to work with this guy.
Yuunagi-senpai is making me work with someone with such a bad personality.
Why the heck am I assisting you?

Kirio: What exactly do you mean by that?

Kirio: See, from my point of view, if you were assisting me...
I wouldn't have had to help you when you turned on the sprinklers last time.

Shirogane: Wha!?
What did you say!?
That method seemed okay at first!

Kirio: Yeah, yeah.
Did you find anything?

Shirogane: N-no, nothing at all.

Kirio: Let's look further.

Shirogane: Okay.

Kirio: Ahh, no more! We've been doing this for hours!
I don't want to do this anymore!
I'm going to go get some food. Are you coming with me?

Shirogane: Haa!? You want to abandon this job!?

Kirio: Shirogane, don't move.

Shirogane: Wh-what?
What are you doing?

Kirio: There's powder on top of your head.
It probably fell from the cieling.

Shirogane: W-what? What's that?

Kirio: Let's take a closer look at this clue!
This should have something to do with this mystery.

Shirogane: Eh..?

Box: PSI Meeting Room

Shirogane: These are the results of the analysis of the white powder.
Kirisaki-kun, it says that it's nitric acid potassium.

Kirio: It's a mineral that when in large quantities can be used for special abilities like mine.
Therefore, he also uses a special ability with this mineral.
Like this.

Shirogane: You're right!

Kirio: It's unnatural for a mineral like this to be left in excess in such a place.
It's settled, then. He also has a special ability.

Kirio: I'm positive that the ability of the criminal of this case allows him to escape.

Shirogane: This person's eyes changes when he uses his power.
What on earth are his intentions..?

Kirio: But... there were traces of the mineral left behind in the cell.
In order to just appear then disappear without a trace...
How does he do that?
I've never heard of such an ability.

Kirio: It's a teleporter.

Shirogane: That... you think he's able to just teleport to that location?
That sounds like such a great ability!

Kirio: It doesn't answer questions, though.
What we're here to do is figure out who the criminal is.
But that was a good clue.

Yuunagi: I have something interesting to add to our data.

Yuunagi: This person is somehow connected to this case.
I'm certain we'll learn something from her.

Box: PSI Examination Room

Kirio: What's going on?
I don't understand...

Yuunagi: Motiduki Mizuna.
She's the most possible suspect for this case.

Yuunagi: She used to have a boyfriend who was in the facility.
About half a month ago, a group of people being held at the Juvenile Detention Home killed him.
Even though she's been quiet about the murder,
the group of suspects are the ones being killed now.
I think wanting revenge is sufficient motivation.

Kirio: ....

??: Let me see Mizuna!
This is ridiculous, let go of me!

Kirio: !?

??: Stop messing around with me!
Mizuna, let's go! What are you doing in a place like this!?

Mizuna: Kyaa!

Police: Hey, they're in a middle of an investigation! Do you want to be taken in, too!?

??: Uwaa!
Mizuna... Mizuna! What's going on!? Let go of me!

Kirio: She has another boyfriend?

Yuunagi: What happened to his foot?
Hibiki Hayato. The ace of the Osano High school baseball team.
He's with Mizuna at the moment.
Foot is fractured.

Kirio: Hmph.
To try to help her get out of here in such a condition.

Hibiki: Mizuna! Mizunaaaa!

Shirogane: Should we just pretend we can't hear him?
So you have a new boyfriend, aside from the one who was inside the Juvenile Detention Home.

Mizuna: Um... well...

Mizuna: He's not my boyfriend.

Shirogane: Eh..?

??: That noisy guy with the broken foot, Hibiki Hayato, came for Motiduki Mizuna.
Anyway, it would be sufficient motive to kill that group because of revenge.
That's right, she should be furious at those guys...

Kirio: That's right, the criminal would probably go after this person next!
He's the only one left!
There's no mistaking it.
I should pretend to be him.
I'm going to ambush the criminal and arrest him from the cell.

Shirogane: What did you say!?

Kirio: Won't I see the criminal right when he teleports?

Shirogane: It's dangerous to go alone!
You should take better precautions! I'll go with you and assist you!

Kirio: I don't need precautions.
Also, the cells are tiny, it would be too obvious.

Kirio: Besides, I can do it myself with my electricity.
That would be enough.

Yuunagi: Hahaha! What confidence!
Should we just leave it to him, then?

Shirogane: Yuunagi-senpai!
You think it's okay for him to be that selfish!?
Ugh, I don't get it!
He just does what he wants! IDIOT!

Demon: For your sin,
your death will be the price.

Demon: !?

Kirio: Successful ambush!
Such an extremely easy victory!
Take this!

Kirio: A metal bat!? It's absorbing my electricity!
Whatever! I'll end it with this!

Kirio: !!!!
He vanished!?
T-this is...

Kirio: H-he... got away from me..?

Box: Next day. PSI Meeting Room.

Yuunagi: And so, the fist of it all is that the criminal appeared in front of you.
Surely, you arrested him?

Kirio: ....
I'm not liking you right now.

Kirio: Yeah, I think I need some help.
He was able to teleport in an instant.
I wasn't able to electrocute him.

Shirogane: What an excuse..!

Yuunagi: Well, I suppose your method was wrong.
You'll need help since you aren't fast enough to use your electricity.
For this, you'll probably need me.
It's been decided that the suspect can teleport in a second.
You can't make a single mistake in timing.
He probably won't be able to escape from a gun's trigger.
This is all too interesting, which is why I enlisted in PSI.

Shirogane: Should we get back to the criminal?

Kirio: Maa, we shouldn't be stuck just because of his ability to teleport.
We should decide on something that would beat him.

??: We're here to talk about those men again.

BOX: PSI Examination Room

Mizuna: I think Hibiki-kun's the murderer.

Shirogane: Eh?

Mizuna:I didn't want to regret not telling anyone...

Kirio: But this person is probably thankful for what Hibiki did.
To just expose him like that...

??: Motiduki-san, do you understand what you're implicating here?

Mizuna: ...Yes, I understand.
I wish to bring it to an end, and it relaxes me if you knew it was Hibiki-kun.

But I don't know where he is at the moment.

Shirogane: ....

Kirio: That guy's idiocy has no bounds.
He'll probably just pop out here again. Then I should...

Shirogane: Are you going to run swiftly and decide things on your own again?
You can't do that for something like this.

Kirio: Wha...!

Shirogane: You think I'm wrong?

Kirio: ...Tsch...

Shirogane: Really, it can't be helped.
However, I have an excellent idea.
I wonder if you'll be able to handle it?

Box: Shinjuku Television Monitor

TV: The murderer for the attacks in Koudan Juvenile Detention Home has been arrested.
The criminal is a young girl.
The victims were killed one by one by blows from a metal bat...
She's currently being held in the PSI examination room for further details...

Kirio: Will this really work?
He should move faster.

Shirogane: That attitude of yours is just bad.

Hibiki: Wh-what...!?
Mizuna was arrested..?
Those police are this incompetent!?
Even if Mizuna has nothing to do with it.
Kuku... but I have enough power to save Mizuna.
I should get a better view of the place I'm going to teleport to.

Hibiki: That's probably the examination room where Mizuna is being kept.
Now to focus on this examination room...
Think of the image very carefully...
This power of mine isn't only for running away.
I won't lose!

Hibiki: This is for Mizuna!
I'm going to protect her at all costs!

Hibiki: ...!?
I was supposed to teleport to the PSI investigation room!

Hibiki: I was sure I had the right location in mind!

Kirio: The floor was excavated. You fell into our trap.

Hibiki: !

Kirio: Game over.
Hibiki: U... uwaa!

Hibiki: Gyaaaaaaa!

Kirio: Won't he try to teleport again?

Yuunagi: This will prevent him from moving at all.
The costume he was wearing gave enough proof.
Your restraints are very tight.
But I think if you had a sense of decency, you wouldn't even try to teleport.

Kirio: ....

Shirogane: Well? Wasn't working together a good idea?

Shirogane: Our teamwork was great!

Kirio: Wh... what do you want...!?

Shirogane: But I was right about everyone working together.
Weren't we able to catch the suspect?
Teamwork, am I right?

Kirio: ...Well...

Kirio: I'm not used to this sort of thing.

Yuunagi (handwriting): A connection!

Mizuna: Hibiki-kun... why did you do this?

Hibiki: I did it for you!
I saw how much you were suffering.
I wanted to use my power to help you.
I used my power to get revenge for you...

Shirogane: You're a person with a special power.
To be able to have something like that...
A person like you shouldn't be using it for revenge!
You had to stoop so low!

Shirogane: Do you feel happy with the things you've done? You can't take any of them back.

Hibiki: ..nn...

Mizuna: Hibiki-kun...
I'm thankful that you thought of my sake, however, a sin is a sin.
I think you'll have to pay for what you did.
Farewell, Hibiki-kun.

Kirio: Oi.

Mizuna: Eh?

Kirio: You're just going to sell him out?

Mizuna: What...?
How can you say something like that?
I've done nothing.

Yuunagi: Hmm. Things don't easily get past Kirio-kun.
Motiduki-kun, this is a record of your cellphone calls.
You often kept in touch with the group who killed your ex-boyfriend before it happened.
I wonder why that is?

Mizuna: !
Th... that is...

Kirio: It was all an act, wasn't it?
You asked that group to kill him.

Shirogane: Eh!?

Hibiki: You idiots!
Stop saying such stupid things!
You would never do something like that, right?
Didn't you have a grudge against them for killing him?

Mizuna: ...Uu...

Mizuna: Ahahahaha!
How stupid can you really be!?

Hibiki: !?

Mizuna: Always going Mizuna, Mizuna! So annoying!
You even rejected an invitation to play for a professional baseball team just to stay near me!

Hibiki: I... I did that all for you...
I just wanted us to be happy.

Mizuna: And I wanted to be with you because of money.
Your devotion to me was hilarious.
You even immediately assaulted people who you thought I wanted revenge against.

Mizuna: You're only as useful as your broken leg.

Shirogane: Th... that's so cruel...

Yuunagi: Such a vulgar idiot.

Mizuna: I wonder if you'll kill more people if I asked?
You are so annoying, Hibiki!
What? Static electricity?

Kirio: You...
are so annoying.

Mizuna: Ah!

Mizuna: Ah... Ahhhh!

Shirogane: Ki... Kirisaki-kun, what's wrong..?
Are you angry because of her words? She really is cruel...
However, I think you need to calm down.
You don't need to go that far...

Kirio: Shut up.
I'm supposed to just let this pass?

Kirio: I understand revenge very well...

Shirogane: Eh..?
Hibiki-kun, you'll have to pay for what you did.

Hibiki: I understand.

Kirio: Wait.

Kirio: I've got one question.
Where did you receive your ability?
It wasn't something you were born with, right?

Hibiki: I suddenly received it when they were treating my bone fracture.
...If I'm not mistaken.
That was in Teijin Hospital in Tokyo.

Kirio: Eh?
Teijin Hospital..?

Box: Teijin Hospital

Nurse: Kirisaki-san, please rest now.

??: Okay.
Classes should be done by now.
He didn't visit today, either.
It's painful. Please visit me soon, oniichan.

Text: A young girl in a hospital room is calling for her older brother, Kirio!? What is Kirio hiding!?

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