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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Soul Eater Not! 1


+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 17, 2011 18:07 | Go to Soul Eater Not!

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater Not! 1

please I did not check this, if you are going to put this into a scan proofread

Right up: soul eater not! \\ new serialization!!\\
How many stairs are there?\\ they will bring me till the shinigami in the other world...?\\
That cannot be...\\
I still cannot see the end of these...\\
Will I... arrive to school after all this...?\\
Kanji: new serialization\\
Chatper one: matriculation!
ahi~ hahi~\\
ahi~ hahi~\\
box: hello my name is harudomi Tsugumi\\
ahi~ hahi~\\
A 14 years old girl in search of love...\\
and now I...\\
I’m beaten down by this strong sunlight...\\
And I ‘m going the oasis of this great desert...\\
In the state of Nevada\\
Death city in Death vegas\\
I thought there was a oasis here but...\\
I’m thirsty\\
There was written in the pamphlet that you needed strong legs and loins to go to school but...\\
Thought I came here through a long way from Japan, I could die before arriving to school because of this long stairs...\\
Incredible! She is able to climb this stair without losing breath...\\
You are almost there, so...\\
Do your best!!\\
See you!!\\
she is... probably a student from this school...\\
as one would expect from a school were a lot of heroes are from!!\\
soo cool!!\\
I’m almost there\\
My knees are laughing...\\
Hey knee! You too, eh? You are so exhausted that you laugh no matter the legs are going to fall over?\\waha wahahahaha\\
Between her legs: wahahaha\\
In a way or another I arrived at the top of the stairs\\
Finally I’m here\\
Some jiuce and a letter?\\
From that senpai I met?
What is it?\\
“welcome to shibusen!!”\\
“Turn around”?
Mother, father, brother, can you see this? This is death city\\
And thisis...\\
The school I’m attending...\\
The shinigami school specialized in weapons and meisters...\\
What is this flavor!!\\
American flavor!!\\
Tension rises!!\\
15 last combination went well\\
Yeah, we must not forget it\\
Its weapon is talking\\ that weapon... is a human beings...\\
Where did I...\\
Pamphlet... Pamphlet...\\
The shinigami school specialized in weapons and meisters also called “shibusen”...\\
It keeps going thaks to the taxes collected around the world... this is the school that trains the so called heroes that protect the world peace, the weapons an meister who attend it\\
On shinigami: this way\\
New students... this way...\\
In other words the people working at shibusen can be regarded as international civil servants!\\
The ones called “weapon” here can transform into weapons \\
And the meister are those warrior who fight using those weapons...\\
On the paper: weapon\\ transform\\meister\\
Next... it is left...\\
It seems that famous weapons and meister can get sponsors\\
On the poster: our hero contributed in the revival of the country\\
There is fame and honor for the heroes who protect the world!!\\
On the wall: This way\\
Hmm... right?\\
This is like a maze... maybe I’m lost...\\
I’m a weapon but I cannot transform yet...\\
But I was famous in my school in japan...\\
Harutori-san are you going to shibusen? Incredible!\\
this is a great chance, good for you tsugumi!\\
it seems that people can turn in weapon thanks to their genes, and that by chance is me...\\
though I don’t have male friends, this is my chance...\\
some beautiful boys could fight over me among the other things\\
will you become my partner?\\
no, no let’s fight together\\
you are 100 years to early!!\\
I’m sorry!! I was dreaming with my eyes wide open\\
I will kill you\\
Eh? I never saw you face, are you a newcomer? If you want my autograph I will sign it for you!\\
Noooo sorry!!\\
They are also good at brawling\\
Welcome newcomers reception...\\
This is it!!\\
This is the place where my comrades are...\\and...\\
M-my-my...\\partner too!\\
Excuse me...\\my name is harudori tsugumi\\
Are you a meister or a weapon?\\
a-a weapon\\
put this on your chest\\
Hey let’s hurry it’s beginning\\
I’m so jealous...\\
It seems that we are in time\\
I’m sorry are you all right?\\
Ah... my ribbon...\\
Above? Are you sure that’s the right place? It was on the left before, right?\\
Ah\\ really?\\
I’m harudori tsugumi\\
I... forgot my name, anyway, pleased to meet you\\
Ah!! My name is Meme\ I remembered\\
Go...\\good for you\\
I escaped from that narrow castle... and though I came here to see the world were the commoners live... due to a certain selection error I mistook shibusen for a convent... in this so peculiar school there is not even a trace of commoners like I pictured in my mind... I’m a fool!\\
and even the students are different from what I imagined...\\ what... What am I doing here?\\
There is a commoner here!!\\
t-this is... incredible...isn’t this the sensation that commoner gives? She doesn’t have the aura of a shoddy person... those pigtails... it is like they are giving off a sensation of commonality...\\
that smiling face that looks cute has the harmful result to add another texture of normality to her...\\
she is applying a policy that goes against her character... I could call her the “god made commoner”\\
this is... the only thing... I was searching for...\\
What beautiful girl, she seems like a princess\\
So you are all here\\
I’m sid amd I’m part of the teaching staff\\ I gathered you here to introduce you\\
From now you will choose a partner, a meister if you are a weapon... and a weapon if you are a meister, but you must not hurry in that choice\\
You should find a partner with a good affinity here\\
a... p...\\ partner\\
In the case you cannot choose a good partner you can try to go to the bingo competition in the week end and there you could find a partner with a good feeling\\
For example\\ I met my current partner there\\ because I’m a clumsy man\\
The general arrangement are printed here, so pass this to those behind you\\
This is all for today\\
You can go\\
Those who came late today\\ tomorrow must put a lot of effort to come here in time\\
Hey... what about your partner...\\
I’m a weapon so I’m ok with any good meister but...\\
I already sleep in a male dormitory, so a female partner is good\\
A female partner could “comfort” me better\\
What a jerk, I must pay attention to the boring types like him\\
Look at that\\
I was missing her, she was going to escape\ hihihi\\
Ehi are you a meister? Do you want to join me?\\ I’m a really powerful weapon, even if I look like this\\
What the hell are you looking at?\\
It is useless I attended to a normal school till now...\\
I just came to shibusen, so I cannot be suddenly a hero...\\
I’m sorry meme-san\\
To become a hero...\\
That senpai...\\
What would her do in a situation like this?\\
Ok? Will you join with me?\\
Let’s go\\
He invited that woman to join him so...\\
He doesn’t have any use for flat-chested girl like you\\
I already know that even if you must still grow up, your chest will remain the same\\
A commoner sized breast\\
A common breast\\
Ah!? What do you want?\\
Do you want to become partner of one of us?\\ remain out of this\\
You are a vulgar one\\
Are you picking a fight you little bitch!?\\
This is shibusen where those with power gather!\\
Interesting why don’t we try that?\\
Your name was harudori-san right? you are a weapon right? hurry transform\\
Eh... but... I...\\
Still cannot transform\\
Let’s see what happens\\
What? Already a quarrel? Well this is that kind of school after all\\
Will you not stop them? Dig-sensei...\\
this is that kind of school after all\\
What about this!? I can transform all my body but my head!\\
We changed in a weapon!\\
You can do it too\\ hurry transform or else they this will end bad\\
But... even if you tell me that, I cannot transform out of the blue...\\
I heard that the commoner are strong, sturdy, lively and bright...\\
But you are not like that\\ I’m very disappointed\\
Image it!\\
The sharp blade the sleeps inside your soul!\\
From now on you are a student of shibusen!! Fight!! Affirm your own justice!!\\
He is aggravating the situation\\
“The blade that sleeps inside my soul”...\\
But for what reason I came here...?\\
That’s right... because I have to fight!! To affirm my own justice!!\\
I’m harudori tsurumi a 14 years old girl in search of love\\
A weapon!!\\
You can do that if you try\\
Hey let me see it too, please\\
Hooo. That’s\\
This is me...?\\
Let’s go!\\
Two injured\\
Go to the infirmary\\ and call medusa-sensei\\
Ok leave that to me\\
Thanks harudori-san\\
No... I was helped too\\ you must thank..\\
Thank you so much anya-san\\
Hmmm harudori-san\\I have a favour to ask\\
I... sometimes space out and lose my memory and probably I bring troubles whenever I go but do you want to become my partner?\\
Eh... me?\\ It is ok with me\\
Why should I joint with a commoner like you? On the contrary that would be only a problem\\ If I join you I could be infected by your commoner-sized breasts\\
So, have you decided?\\
Yes\\ let’s work together\\
Text: next issue centre colour!\\

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