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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Medaka Box 97

chapter 97 “smile please”

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 25, 2011 17:10 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 97

Done this because I had nothing more to translate. It needs proof to be used in actual scans
text: how will takarabe react to kumagawa counter attack?\\
do as you want!\\
if you want to see my panties look at them as much as you want!\\
A disgusting person like you can see them as much as he wants! \\
It’s not embarrassing!!\\
It is too much embarra~~~~ssing
inserted text: kikaijima and kumagawa will…!?\\
chapter 97 “smile please”\\
… is it possible remove\\these restraints?\\
yeah… probably\\
if you get half naked you will be enough pissed of to do that\\
but it seems that I will take time to remove our restrains\\
taka’s restrains\\ were loose on her skirt\\
taka was lucky that kumagawa did this for mischief\\ but I cannot understand if she was really lucky or not\\
is he a opponent that she can win against in a one Vs one fight?\\ kumagawa is able to see all the weakness of his opponents\\
what are you doing?\\
“take it”\\
“ I did not intend to enjoy myself by strip a middle school girl”\\
“or rather… do you want to call quits here?”\\ “I don’t think it was thing that a good senpai would do to you who are training to become the future student council”\\
well to be honest the reason why you attacked me is a mystery but”\\” you know, I’m accustomed to unjustified violence and innocent persecution toward me”\\
“that’s why I want you to say “I’m sorry””\\
if you apologize with that single work, I will forgive you”\\
you are really gentle, kumagawa senpai\\
this is just what I wanted\\
I cloth to clean my dirtied shoes\\
“I’m even accustomed to people who step on my good will!\\”if you will apologize now” “ I will forgive you even for this”\\
don’t underestimate me trash \\
I refuse\\
I really hate to apologize\\ and to lower my head in front of others!\\
To disgusting people like you\\kumagawa senpai!\\
Aaaah… this is bad…\\
If it continue like this taka-chan will…\\
Not yet\\ it is still not clear who will fall in this fight\\
Speaking mechanically, kumagawa misogi is only able to “see the weakness of other people”\\
Then if you are able to block his field of vision\\ in a way or another, you can…\\
“ a blind spot…”\\
if you are not able so see your opponent, you will not be able to see their weak point!\\
and in the case of someone that mastered the fact of being weak like you\\kumagawa-senpai!\\
no matter how much you trained yourself, it is a weakness!!\\
“ ‘if he is not able to see me’ “\\
“I don’t need to confirm it with my eyes that the heart of someone like you who thought of such manner to defeat me is you weak point“\\
“you did not blind”\\
“it was me”\\ “a disgusting guy like me, who could not bear to look at yourself”\\
“ so what will you do now?” “ this is an unexpected development”\\
“you are still in time if you want to apologize”\\
hiiii!\\ scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary!\\
… I will not apologize!\\ never! I will never do that to someone like you!!\\
“I see”\\” in that case I will teach you middle school girl…”
how much it is stupid to fight against a minus with useless rules\\
wait! Stop there kumagawa!\\
“oh…? Did you remove the restrains?”\\
“oh well”\\” I’m accustomed to one Vs several opponents situation too”\\
smile please\\
to help one of our friends\\ the only thing we can do is to lower our head\\
“… you got me”\\
“that was superb, middle school girls”\\ “this is your win”\\
“if I make junior girl do such a thing” “and then ignore that”\\
“leaving aside the fact that I’m a minus, I would not be a human being”\\
“ you are armed with weakpoints”\\
“ They are more effective thing when you fight against a minus”\\
“damn it”\\
“I lost again”\\
“Why I cannot win”\\”just why?”\\
are you all right taka-chan!?\\
did he poerce you someone!?\\
I was frightening, keep an hold of yourself!\\
Shut up\\ Why did you do that selfish thing!?\\
I’m so sorry!\\\\thanks!\\ I love you so much!!\\
if you do that thing for me it is troublesome!\\ die! Die! I really, really hate you!!\\
“I forgot about my uniform”\\
“that’s bad” “but only that”\\
“no matter how many time I lose, I don’t learn anything from that…”\\
well\\ I know that this could sound like a cliché but\\
you should consider that you obtained things more important than victory, kumagawa-kun\\
you did see the panties of a middle school girl after all\\
in that case you gained a victory, from the point of view of a young boy\\
“… just like I thought”\\
“those five are your subordinate”\\”anshinin-san”\\
no no, I was just passing by(lie)\\
but you know\\ there was something that I wanted you to teach to those little girls\\
how do they call it?\\ah yeah\\
the meaning of being powerless\\
“ ‘powerless…’ ”\\
“yeah, something like that…”\\
that’s right kumagawa-kun\\ you can say that those girls are normal\\
they don’t have any skill to counterpoise against\\ abnormal or minus\\
they are individual, unique and eccentric girls\\ that you can find anywhere\\
they are so normal that you would not see them in a 4 comma series*\\ and without doubt they would not ever have an appearance in the shonen jump\\
TLN: for comma are those comics formed by 4 panels\\
Similar to zenkichi-kun\\
Ah wait!\\ that boy now isn’t that normal right?\\
“…” “I don’t understand what you are saying”\\
“are you trying to deceive me by saying that they are part of the not equals?”\\
it is not like that\\ those five\\
are something more that replicas of myself\\
because I thought that it would have been a hindrance if they had skills\\ medaka-chan you raise those five\\
because I think that the better thing to do is to remove from them they similarity with me\\
“… you are right” “ it is useless for those five fight or challenge madeka-chan”\\ they were selected by anshinin-san that always want to avoid battle after all\\
“quite the irony”\\”medaka-chan challenged specials, abnormals, minus”\\
“and this time her enemies are normal”\\
that’s why I told you that that way of thinking is foolish\\
kumagawa-kun\\ and medaka-chan too\\
you say that both your enemies and allies are important to you\\ indeed it is a policy that sounds good but\\
from the point of view of those words\\ you are doing a distinction between allies and enemies\\
there aren’t enemies here\\ if we assume that they exists\\
they are people that are just like you in their hearts\\
that’s why I don’t want you to fight recklessly\\ are you really sure that not equals and those five girls are opponents that you should defeat?\\
I don’t want to hurt anyone\\
I’m sure that the executives of the student council, the flash plan, medaka-chan and me\\ we can all coexist in a say or another…\\
… I wonder if it is ok like this…\\ maybe kumagawa-senpai found out our true colours after yesterday’s incident…\\
if he report that incident to president kutokami\\ our training will become really difficult right?\\
I think that we don’t need to worry about that\\ that person will do something about us\\
I have the feeling that he will keep it for himself\\
Taka-chan don’t speak like you have understood everything\\
By the way, what is the paper bag?\\
! this? Nothing…\\
“ah”\\” good morning takarabe-chan”\\
“today you are even more cute”\\
Good morning\\kumagawa-senpai\\
“ I heard that today’s training should be sport-oriented, so prepare yourself”\\
“ gather at 4 pm in front of the fifth ground!”\\“ don’t be late ok?”\\
e-excuse me\\
this is the “cloth” that I borrowed yesterday\\
well… hum…\\ I washed it yesterday!*\\
TLN: nooooooooo tsundere power!!!\\
“…thanks” “ I was troubled because I didn’t have nothing to wear today”\\
“ you washed it for someone like me?” “did you feel bad about what happened yesterday?”\\
… it’s not like that\\ It was the least thing I could do\\
for kumagawa-senpai who decided to surrender yesterday\\
you looked really cool yesterday
text: next chapter, what did medaka prepare for the school council and the middle school students!?\\

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