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Medaka Box 98

chapter 98: the first obstacle is of difficulty B

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 28, 2011 18:41 | Go to Medaka Box

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This needs a proof before use
the next generation training program sponsored by the student council has taken the form of “making the participant skipping grade”\\ the middle school students participating to the project during the second school term, that is from September to December, for 4 months…\\
they will participate to the school activities as freshmen of the hakoniwa institute while helping the member of the student council in their jobs and learning from them\\ they will glance at their future while obtaining the curriculum they gathered in this time\\
inserted text: the five candidates to the succession
TLN: under every girl their name:
Glasses: takabe ima\\
Robot: kihouga okasui\\
Eye patch: wanitsuka shori\\
Girl that seems normal but in reality is not: yojirou tsugiha\\
Nerd: kiki tsukiki\\
big kanji: second year of sdrialization!!\\
a new\\
the new birth of the student council!!\\
chapter 98: the first obstacle is of difficulty B\\
then they are holding a meeting to measure the courage of the participants for this month \\
an orienteering under the presence of the student council president kurogami medaka\\
good morning ladies and gentlemen\\
it’s me once again\\
The student council president kurogami medaka\\
Why is she in bloomers!?\\
They don’t suit her\\
well then\\
with today your first week of training here comes to an end but\\
this is a good occasion so I will tell you only one thing\\
they said that this training will be used\\
to decide my successor\\ that’s wrong\\
from the moment I became the student council president things in this school became a complicated beyond description\\
they say that under the previous student council president hinokage there weren’t such troubles even once\\
that’s why it is stupid to speak about the successor of someone like myself\\
it is not like that it will be guarantee that you will enter in the school council even after participating in this program\\ You will only obtain my full support to enter in the council\\
I want you to don’t misunderstand that\\
What you will learn from me is upon yourself\\ any method you want to use is ok with me\\
but here I ask you only one thing\\
Do not become like me\\
… It is not a good thing to tell them in this moment\\
especially with this timing\\
only medaka-chan would use this timing to say such a thing\\
how will react the middle school students to this?\\
well then, after this clumsy introduction\\
let’s announce today’s special plan\\
well as this is the first time we will not go all out\\ It will be a so called tutorial!\\
for this time I want you to enjoy it as a game\\
today’s team will be “treasure hunt”!\\
I was thinking to make you do a treasure hunt here in hakoniwa school campus\\
Now I will give a map to each one of you\\
I want you search the treasures hidden somewhere in the campus by following that map \\
As you already have witnessed this campus is huge\\
If you search them blindly, no matter how much effort you put in it, it is not li you will be able to find them\\
I have scattered hints here and there\\
By following them at the end you will be able to find the treasures\\
Well obviously you can even search them blindly\\ if in that way you are able to find something that would be a feat\\
“…””It is more normal than I thought”\\
wow\\ that’s unexpected\\
I thought that she imagined something rougher just like she did some time ago with the kendou club as it medaka-chan after all but…\\
Probably the method you use to disciple people is different from the method you use to raise them\\
I have question!\\ what is the size of those treasures?
Their weig!\\ht?\\ how much are valuable the things inside of them!?\\
Hey tsukkii\\
Kurogami-dono hasn’t finished her explanation yet!!\\
Good\\ questions are welcomed\\
If someone else did not understand something you can ask me\\
But I cannot answer to candidate kiki questions\\
Search the hints with your own strength\\ that’s the real pleasure of a treasure hunt\\
But as it would be rude to not answer to questions asked with so much initiative\\ I will answer to anything that cannot be considered a hint\\
I prepared a really amazing thing for the treasure!\\ it is a extraordinary even among the amazing things!\\
You can have the treasure as soon as you find it\\ you you can participate the hunt with high spirit!!\\
Probably it is something emotional!\\
And the nature of the message was strong, so it must be really something!\\
I have the feeling that it must be a treasure even more valuable of the things we found in all our adventures!\\
Hum\\ But if I don’t know what I’m looking for, I cannot feel motivated\\
Indeed…\\you are right… in that case do you want me to give an extra prize to the one who finds the treasure?\\
Candidate kiki! Do you desire something in particular?\\
something I desire?\\ well…\\
I really want that arm band that you have president\\
No it is not like I intend to cause a coup d’état or something like that\\ and I’m not like kumagawa-senpai\\
Well it is just… I want something to decorate the second button of button of my uniform during the graduation ceremony\\ I was thinking about something to commemorate this training\\
Tsukkii! That’s why you are…\\
probably that’s a good idea\\
in that case if I find the treasure\\ I should take akune-dono’s secretary arm band\\
I will take kikaijima-senpai’s treasures arm band!\\
I will… hum\\ I want kumagawa-senpai arm band \\ if you really want to give it to me, I will let you give me kumagawa-senpai’s vice president arm band\\
In that case I will mechanically\\ obtain hitoyoshi-senpai’s general affairs arm band\\
Hey! They are deciding everything by themselves…\\
Surely the treasure that medaka-chan prepared cannot satisfy any expectation out there!\\
But even if it is true it is not like we will give them our arm bands!\\
Arm bands are not for commemoration… they are the pride of the student council members!!\\
Hahahahahahahahaha\\ that’s interesting! Let’s do it!\\
Well then ,it is decided that the extra prize will be our arm bands\\ use that as an incentive and put a great effort in the treasure hunt!\\
Hey medaka-chan! Don’t decide such absurd things by yourself!\\ with that decision someone of us will surely lose his arm band!!\\
in that case you can try to put obstacles in their way\\
you can participate to this treasure hunt as well and\\find the treasure before them\\
It’s a pity that I know the location of the treasure and cannot participate\\
Oh well about that\\
Try to defend the arm band of the president as members of the student council\\
“ hey medaka-chan don’t say such absurd things”\\
“It not like we can fight seriously against middle school students right?”\\
shut up!!\\
ah it seems that we have a problem of motivation again here\\
in that case let’s arrange some condition for you as well… zenkichi!\\ what do you desire?\\
my desires?\\ except for be in pace for the rest of my life?\\
ah… that’s sudden, I don’t know what to say but…\\
If I have to choose something that would be the vice president arm band too*\\
TLN: oh man, zenkichi!!! A hot woman in bloomers asks you what you desire and you say an armband?\\
It is not for memento but to make our positions stronger!\\
I think that sooner or later someone will have something to say about\\ someone like him assumed such good position in so little time\\
“my arm band is quite popular”\\
“it is difficult to be a so much hated guy”\\
“ but I’m ok with that” “apart from that”\\
“I don’t want people to think that I became vice president only because it was my turn or something like that”\\
… well if zenkichi is ok with that\\
zenkichi extra prize will be the vice president arm band\\
then what about you treasurer kikaijima?\\
that’s ok, so…\\
secretary akune\\
what do you desire something?\\
haha\\ I don’t have anything like that\\
but if you fear that I will not have motivation don’t worry about that please…\\
what about the right\\
to challenge kurogami medaka?\\
I really want to know, akune-dono\\
If you the “ destroyer ” and kurogami-dono the “monster woman” fight\\ who will win?\\
This bad… could it be that kikitsu-san wanted to bring about such development?\\
In that case this woman is more dangerous than I thought…\\
I have to do something to change argument!\\
Haha… this little girl is saying interesting thing right medaka-san?\\
She is so funny that it makes you laugh!\\
she is laughing!!\\
I see\\ that’s right\\
The truth is that I never fought once with secretary akune\\
To be honest I thought that such occasion would never present itself but\\
If it is the request from an innocent middle school girl\\ We have to satisfy it\\
w-wait medaka-san!\\ I don’t want to fight with you\\
secretary akune\\
didn’t you ever wanted\\
to win against me?\\
in normal cases I’m really happy of your attitude when you stand for me\\
but\\ it is also true that I think that you are unsatisfied by such thing\\
did you think about the reason why nebeshima chose you as her successor?\\
I will use this occasion to say this clearly to you\\ I did not have the intention to make you a member of the student council until that person recommended you\\
And think about that reason during this day\\
And try to find an answer\\
It is a while that I’m thinking about it but…\\isnt medaka-san a little strict on akune-san?\\
But it can’t be helped\\
Their relation\\it is a little different from the one she has with us\\
… ok\\
let’s make that my extra prize\\
that means that I will smoothly support kikaijima-san for this treasure hunt\\
now that I think about it kumagawa\\ you did not ask anything yet\\
What is your wish?\\
“Eh? “I can say it too?”\\
“hum… then”\\
“if I find the treasure”\\
“the girls will have to serve me”\\
“while dressing only with a naked apron”\\
after hearing such propose all the member of the student council thought\\ “That’s you will not\\
in the meantime the cadets decided that kumagawa misogi’s nickname \\
from that moment onward would be “naked apron-senpai”\\
anyway at the end\\ the first orientation training\\
“treasure hunting” begins!\\
look at the map I gave to you and take action\\ by the way the map is the same for everyone\\
the maps I gave to the member of the council is a copy\\ the type of paper doesn’t not matter so don’t worry about it\\
even if she says that we don’t have to worry…\\
this is not just a rough sketch of the campus\\ it is not like it has symbols on it…\\
ah! No wait!\\
there is something written on the otherside of the map!!\\
first question:
solve the following sentence and go to the indicated point\\
the lion had a new idea in the gorge that suture death. If outside of his field of vision the sewing needle will begin to support both the parent and child the will return home. The form that shows the straight thread that stops the finger that conducts the experiment id my death. The gun that administer the central fulcrum lion is blue, it doesn’t not surpass the ferocity of the purple finger, even the angel has not my clothes. The people want to mistake the partner they work with. After the removal of the sutures it will become something*
TLN: as it is a riddle and I don’t know what she is referring to, it difficult to understand the sense\\
solve the following sentence and go to the indicated point\\
an encoded sentence…!?\\
first question, level of difficulty B\\ I did not set a time limit but\\
if you are not able to solve it in 5 minutes\\you can go home already\\
text: what is the place indicated by the encoded sentence that can be solved only with a good wit?\\

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