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Medaka Box 99

chapther 99: “let me ask another thing please”

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 4, 2011 14:47 | Go to Medaka Box

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This needs proofread before use
chapther 99: “let me ask another thing please”
The first question has level of difficulty B\\
I did not set a time limit but\\ if you are not able to solve it in 5 minutes you can go home for today\\
… what is this\\
an encoded sentence…?\\
first question:
read and solve the following sentence and go to the indicated point\\
side text: who will understand that encoded sentence…!?\\
ah it has already begun eh?\\
I was a little late\\
Why are you here? It is Sunday and yet…\\
Well you know, you were very useful during the fight for the succession in the judo-club\\ so I thought that I can return the favour in a way or another and came here\\
If one of them is helped by you, someone who hate losing, the balance of this game would crumble\\
Kukuku! You are probably right\\
Eh what is this? A map?\\ A treasure hunting?\\
And even an extra prize?\\(eh)\\
Kukuku! This is very interesting\\
But you said that the level of difficulty is B\\ just by giving a look at it, I can say that this encoded sentence is quite difficult…\\
I solved it!!\\
Wow.. she is good\\
Her name was kikitsu-chan right?\\ she only took a minute to solve it?\\
Well it is only a code after all… someone should be able to solve it\\
But the real problem is\\ what will you do after you solved it…?\\
… it is all right! This is just the first question… the treasure hunting just started!\\
make kikitsu take the lead alone is not such a big deal…\\
ok\\let’s go everyone!\\
wha… what are you saying? The only one who solved it is kikitsu right!?\\
the other 4 did not solve this encoded sentence yet!\\
? What are you talking about hitoyoshi-senpai\\ this event is not about solving riddles but it is for treasure hunting, right?\\
plus kurogami-dono did not expressly\\ forbid coopertative play among us\\
those who can collaborate during an hunting are strong\\
even if at the end the winner will be only one\\ in order to clear the second trial and so on, at this stage it is better if you still exploit you comrades\\
it is a normal behaviour for someone who likes games like candidate kikitsu\\
according to my older brother \\ cooperative play in the base of in modern games\\
well cooperative play is difficult among the members of the council\\
especially for zenkichi and kumagawa\\ the extra prize that they choose will bring damage to the other\\
akune-kun’s extra prize is probably like that too\\
anyone\\ but akune-kun himself would desire a fight between him and kurogami-chan\\
in other words if we consider this contest between the council members and the candidates\\
in this situation the candidates will take the kead…\\
what are you doing senpai!?\\
if you don’t hurry up and come, we will leave you behind!\\
w-what? Is she telling us to come with her?\\
hey tsukkii… is it not too much to include the senpais among our comrades?\\
eh?\\ what are talking about wani-chan?\\
it is obvious that I would collaborate with my allies!\\ it is dangerous to collaborate with your enemies but\\
that’s the real pleasure behind the cooperative play!\\
… she has a splendid brain for games\\
...yeah\\ but I have to say that the ideal thing in this games is to have all the players in the same team…\\
how will react the “senpai” to this invitation?\\
tsk! Don't say such jokes! Who would accept the compassion from his enemy!?\\
right! I can probably solve this by myself!\\
“Thanks kikitsu-chan, I owe you one!”\\
I will return this favour with money kikitsy-san\\
ok it is this way\\
kumagawa-senpai, kikaijima-senpai\\ follow me, please!\\
hey kumagawa, you bastard! Do you have something called pride or not!?\\
you have fallen very low if you aim to your goal by being lead by middle school students…\\
“ahaha” “what are you talking about zwnkichi-chan”\\
“I already told to those middle school students in one occasion in the past that I don’t have thighs such as pride in me”\\
“don't worry zenkixhi-chan”\\
“ I will defend you arm bands with my life”\\
that’s the problem!\\
on kumagawa: naked apron\\
if they make you win I will lose my arm band!\\
in this kind of situation the difference in personality comes out\\
kumagawa is just that kind of man\\ and that’s a rational choice for treasurer kikaijima, who is interested in money\\
yeah but\\ kurogami-chan\\
there is a difference even between the two left here\\
hitoyoshi-kun has the disposition to oppose to the others but\\
akune-kun accepted that kikitsu-chan solved the riddle\\
he decided to solve the encoded sentence\\ then he refused the invitation in order to solve it without help\\
I have to say that this game reveal the characters of everyone taking part to it in a frank way\\
Yeah but this is still the first lap\\ let’s say that for the moment it was my objective\\
Yeah sure\\
It is not like it was the only thing you had in mind…\\
about that encoded sentence…\\ in a way or another you are able to decipher it right?\\
you can transform them in the romaji, change the order or the lines and read the character in different ways\\ if you try several methods, something will come out but it is difficult to determine if it is the right answer or not\\
then I set my attention not on the encoded sentence but on the question\\
the question?\\
yeah!\\ look wani-chan! Don't you think that in the question there is something unnatural in the sentence wrote in Japanese?\\
… well I will not say that it is unnatural but I have an uncomfortable feeling about it\\
“Read and solve” part of the sentence gives out a bad feeling\\ if you use on “read” or “solve” the sentence would be right anyway\\
that’s right!\\ It is just as you said\\
in other words that’s the key of the riddle\\
if I have to begin from the end\\
I would say that the sentence can be solved by using number 4!\\
yeah 4, in other words the sound “SHI(し)” in Japanese\\
did you not notice that? In the 128 characters in the sentence there are 28 that are pronounced “SHI” in Japanese*\\
TLN: in Japanese a lot of kanjies are pronounced in the same way. In written language you can understand what kanji is by looking at it and the spoken language by the context and the other kanjies used together with it to do the compounds\\
After you notice it, you can think about the order of the characters\\
For example among those 26 characters there are 6 that are repeated 2 times\\
Then if you draw a direct line between the two same characters you obtain something interesting\\
The other characters with the “SHI” pronunciation fall exactly in those lines\\
Like this\\
eh… “IIII”^\\
what is that…?\\
the roman digit for 4\\ in other words 4 is the solution of the code\\
eh? But the roman digit for the number 4 is…\\
that’s right… the general digit for the roman number 4 is “IV”\\
just like the dragon quest “IV”*\\
“DQ IV?” “to be honest I preferred the Bianca route in DQ V\\
ah sorry kumagawa-senpai but could you try to not change argument?\\
eh? Isn’t better Flora(Nera) route?\\ you know he gave you a lot of money right?\\
kikajima-senpai could you shut up for a moment please?
TLN: DQ V had 2 routes(three in the ds version) according to the girl you chose as the protagonist wife. Never played it just look up to Wikipedia. I played the VII on PS2 and after 40 hours of gameplay it really bored me to a great extend that I swore that I would not ever touch another DQ title in my entire life\\
jiro-chan did you ever pay attention to the clock?\\ the trust is that the digit “IIII” is only used in clocks, it is a really special roman digit\\
in simple words the place indicated by this code is…\\
the clock tower!\\
I see! That’s it!\\
I finally understood it!!\\
So he can do it if he tries\\
Oh well he could solve something like that\\
Good! I’m a little late in respect to the others but\\
But I can catch up with them in 10 minutes…\\
What is it?\\
If you have solve it go already\\akune-senpai\\
you are right\\
but there is no much time left\\
so hitoyoshi-kun\\ I suggest you to think about it while looking at the clock\\
ahaa… he gave hitoyoshi-kun an hint\\
that is what I have about akune-kun\\
anyway he is an excellent person\\
because he always thinks that “even if I did not win, I’m superior to them”\\
if you are able to renounce to the victory and to the spotlight you will hardly encounter any resistance\\
according to the situations that’s probably a virtue too but\\
it is also a fact that such virtue is connected to secretary akune’s weakness when it comes to fight\\
by the way nabeshima-senpai\\
who do you think\\ will take the first place in this race?\\
that’s for sure\\
it is true that tsutsuki-chan’s cooperative play is strong but\\ it is a grave failure that she could not make akune-kun one of her comrades\\
if I was doing collaborative play just like her\\ I persuade akune-kun to join me even if it would mean to leave all the other behind\\
… you really have a high opinion of\\ secretary akune\\
you can say it… even if he lost to abnormals and minus my opinion about him would not change\\
that boy is a genius\\ That’s why I really hate him\\
in that case\\let my ask only another thing, nabeshima-senpai\\
who are you?\\
…\\ eh?\\
how did you know that it was me?\\
the only thing that worries my in the inclination…\\
in the clock the number “IIII” is inclined in the other way\\
“ aren’t you seeing that from the wrong side?”\\
“If you see the number from the side where the map is”\\” the inclination will be right”\\
good idea kumagawa-senpai\\ Let’s try it\\
if it is correct to see the solution from the back side\\
we have to see the clock from the back side too\\ in other words we have to enter in the clock tower from the back side…\\
eh?\\ I did not expect you so soon… and there are a lot of people there\\
anyway don’t be in such an hurry, don’t you want to take a pause?\\ Why don’t you read a book together with me?
Box: juunichou yabumi\\
Affiliation: second year class 10\\
Blood tipe: AB*
TLN: that’s strange… an AB type? It is the first time in this manga…\\
Role: library’s committee chairman\\
Duty: guardian of the second trial\\
Side text: The one who stands in their was is the gorgeous library’s committee chairman…!!\\
Text below: what will ask the guardian of the second trial, juunichou yabumi…!?\\

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